Jack of Blades

Jack of Blades

A mysterious, masked sorcerer, Jack of Blades was a student of the Heroes' Guild. Sadly, he chose the path of evil like some of the greats such as Anakin Skywalker.

Some believe Jack of Blades to be a demon, but others are not sure what race he is part of.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

His theme

In this story Jack has a horrible spell that allows him to drain energy and power from his opponents. He used this to kill Unicron. He also had the Black Crystal of the Decepticons, and with its power, he destroyed Megatron...or so he thought...

After his betrayal to Megatron, Jack decided that the Angels should just die and he and his troops should conquer
Jack dragon

Jack's dragon form

one world individually if they wanted to succeed in dominating the universe. Along the way, Jack poisoned Emperor X with his evil magic, turning the anime emperor back to evil. Jack also held Axel, Larxene and Xion hostage, and even tried to kill them! Fortunately, Myotismon came to the rescue and was able to stand up against Jack. Myotismon thought he defeated Jack, but Jack has a nasty habit of not dying! Jack transformed into a dragon and battled all the heroes!

After Jack used his spell to drain energy from the heroes, Emily came to save the day. She turned into Sailor Gallifrey and held off Jack. Then Angewomon and Myotismon unlocked the true power of the sword Avo's Tear and defeated Jack with the help of their friends. But Sailor Gallifrey sensed that Megatron was coming, so she and the other female Sailor Scouts used their teleportation power to teleport their friends to safety and left Jack to meet his end...

The Wrath of God of War

Or was it the end of Jack!? James Moriarty revives and freed Jack from the dead. The two talked and decided to join forces against their new enemies as partners

Allies and enemies

Allies: James Moriarty, Manfred Von Karma

Enemies: The Children of Autobots, Galvatron, Bender and the B Team, Knuckles, Kid and the P Team, the V Crusaders, the Scorpion Squad, the Striker Force, the Omega League, the Speed Crusaders, the Bodyguard Unit, the Odyssey Elite, the Hunter Force, the Action Crusaders, the League of Deathfecta, the Legion of Darkness

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Jack of Blades is headmaster of sorcery.


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