Ivy is best friends with Gabriel. On Zeion she is a Princess. When she and Gabriel first met, Gabriel showed her how to use her darkness. After training, Ivy quickly learned. It came in handy when she first fought with Dark Gabriel. She has the powers of most of the elements, and is working on the ones she doesn't know. She got her powers from a a shining plant. She is second in command in the Element Empire seeing how powerful she is. Dark Gabriel is unlike himself when he is around her. he is very nice to her and will let her do anything to him in battle without getting mad. No one knows why or what he's up to.

Name:Ivy How she got her powers:a shining plant,walked over to it, touched it, got powers Powers:earth,water,wind,fire ice and metal

Friends: Arella, Crystal Pinkstar,Frostangel,Ikari,All gabriels Enemies: ironman, glacia freeze, ironmans stupid friends, serenity Favorite Color:Green and blue Interests:she likes to cook ,discovering new places Status:single Crush: Someone but I'm not telling you :P Home Planet:Earth

Ivy tries to stay calm but can't always and she wasn't born with her powers and she also protects her friends in any possible way she can

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