Cinch Angry
Episode 24: It'll Be a Cinch.

(Mich arrives at the pier in Firefly Island. He confronts Cinch.)

Mich: Abacus Cinch, you're under arrest for the misuse of UNSC property!

Cinch: How is it so? You may have taken the Armor Enhancements back, but you have no real evidence of this!

Mich: Oh really? I do, actually. Say hello to my helmet cam!

(Everyone at Niko's penthouse along with Mike Toreno and Captain Lasky are watching Cinch's surprised face.)

Cinch: I'm not going to be captured! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!! (Runs off.)

(Mich chases Cinch through Broker. Cinch crashes her car and climbs onto the top of a warehouse. She ends up arriving at the ledge where she is confronted by Mich.)

Mich: Nowhere left to run, Cinch! Now surrender! You have a lot to answer to!

(Cinch looks down the ledge.)

Cinch: No. I don't. Once Mr. Faustin finds you, you'll be the one who has to answer to everything.

(Cinch fall backwards off the ledge.)

Mich: NO!!!

(Cinch hits the ground and dies. Mich arrives.)

Mich: What a bitch.

(A few minutes later, Mich is seen trying to drag Cinch's body into the river. He is interrupted by Roman.)

Roman: FUCK! What did you do to her?!!

Mich: I didn't do anything! She committed suicide!

Roman: It doesn't matter!! Now Faustin's gonna kill us!!

Mich: She's bluffing! Faustin's not gonna get us. Besides, I ain't gonna let him get us.

Roman: What about Agent Indiana?

(Mich gives Roman a stern look. Roman puts his head on wall, worried. Mich sighs.)

Mich: When I heard of Indy's death, I didn't want to believe it. He was a crazy son of a bitch, but he was compassionate. I didn't know how he died. I guess you just told me, Roman. I'll order California to get the CPA Students and Dean Cadance into Alderney. Right now, I'll deal with Faustin.

Roman: Okay. Okay. But we still need to hide the body!

Mich: Let's put it in the river.

(Roman helps Mich, but police sirens are heard.)

Mich: Go! I'll catch up.

(Roman leaves. Mich rolls Cinch's body into the river.)

Mich: (To himself) I'm sorry, Indy. (Radios California) Cal, get the girls and Cadance out of Algonquin.

California: On it.