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Imperia Deamonne

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General Information
Name La Folia Rihavein
Imperia Deamonne
Kanji インペリアデーモン
Romanji Inperiadēmon
Alias Imperia Deamonne, Imperia, Princess of Aldegyr (formerly, La Folia KnightWalker (alternate timeline), Princess La Folia, White Haired Ojou-sama (by Katarina), My Lady, Beautiful Ojou-sama, La Folia-chan (by Eckidina), Hime, Riha, Riga, Folha, New Ruler, Rebel Number 1, One-Way Road, The One Who Wields the Power of God, Fairy of Moon, Goddess of Magic, The Unbound, The Oathkeeper, Matron of the Dead, Fox of the Nine Wind, Queen of War, Zero, The Blossom, Oracle of the Abyss, The Twilight Assassin
Race Human (formerly), Class SS Cyborg, Goddess of Death
Age 18 years old (LOTM: Sword of Kings, 21 years old (LOTM: A Draw of Kings)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday 21 August
Height 1,65 meters
Weight 56 kilograms (126 ibs)
Hair Color White (as La Folia Rihavein), Black (as Imperia), Purple (as La Folia KnightWalker)
Eye Color Sea blue (as La Folia Rihavein), Amber (as Imperia), Dark Red (as La Folia KnightWalker)
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Alliance of Freedom, Ratatoskr, Multi-Universe Defense Forces, Reality Council, Kingdom of the Cosmic, New Conglomerate, Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire
Previous Affiliation KnightWalker Funeral Parlor, Team Witness, The Rogues, The Resistance, the Alliance, Raizen High School, Peace Foundation, La Folia's Crew, Vessel Noxus, Azul's Crew, Simulator Battle Arena Fighters, Aldegyr Kingdom, Rihavein Royal Family
Occupation Queen of the Valkyries, Goddess of Death, Nu Wa's Successor
Previous Occupation Princess of Aldegyr Kingdom, Raizen High School Student, Alliance of Freedom Heroine Class B, Owner of La Orphanage, Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire's Brainwashed Spy
Partner(s) Katarina Couteau, Mana Takamiya, Shigure Yukimi, Jellal Fernandes, Kotori Itsuka, Shido Itsuka, Jin Kisaragi

, Asuna, Tomas Sev, Lucas Kellan, Abbie, Ichabod Crane, Jack the Freezer, Kyouhei Kannazuki, Atala Arck, Azul Jissele, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Tohka Yatogami, Yoshino, Nia Honjou, Nu Wa, Kyuuby, Sonia Nevermind, Reine Murasame, Rentaro Satomi, Sister Mary Eunice, Asuha Chigusa, Eugen Katsuragi, Majestrix, Komaru Naegi, Karen Nora Mathers, Oriax Wheelahr, Poison Ivy, Adam Frankenstein, The Bride, Maria Arzonia, Kyouko Kirigiri

Previous Partner(s) Eckidina KnightWalker (childhood friend), Misogi "KnightWalker" Kumagawa childhood friend)
Base of Operation Earth - Tenguu City (pre-Alliance of Freedom), Fraxinus (Rise of New World Order era), 8th Multi-Universe (Alliance of Freedom), Malevolence (DEM Empire)
Personal Status
Relatives The Fallen's Essence (creator), Lusamine (creator), Lucas Rihavein ("father"), Polifonia Rihavein ("mother"), Kanon Rihavein (clone sister)
Counterpart La Folia KnightWalker (alternate version), Kanon Rihavein, Heis, Ellen Mira Mathers, Carissa, Sonia Nevermind, Eckidina KnightWalker, Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant
Hobbies Wearing new types of clothes, killing DEM Nazis, teasing Mana, cooking, creating new types of foods, helping non-human children to find a new lair, listening to anthems from all nations, meditating, training her mind, cursing demons and fallen angels, studying other galaxies
Goals Protect and take care of Katarina until she can get some knowledge of life; Protect Raizen High School from Mafusa Gang and Daybrooke School; Keep Katarina away from Aki Honda; Protect everyone she loves; Have a beautiful life away from Aldegyr Kingdom; Live like a normal person in the world; To found her own mega-corporation to spread peace and love to all Earth; To pay for her sins; Take revenge and kill the Fallen's Essence;
Powers High Intelligence, Fear-Inducing Skills, Infinity Spiral, Nigh-omnipotence, Nigh-omniscience, Omnipresence, Telekinesis, Levitation, Illusions, Lasers, Telepathy, Oneirokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Chronokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Essokinesis, Materiokinesis, Biokinesis, Atmokinesis, Regeneration, Soul removal, Nightmare inducement, Mind walking Strong superhuman abilities, God Energy manipulation, Energy Sensing, Black Hole Ring, controls other dimensions and warps through rifts in space, Can create extensions of herself as living beings, Control of the elements and her surroundings, Creates black matter arms and weaponizes her bones and hair
Type of Power Creation Energy, KnightWalker Nano-Machines
Weapon Black matter weapons, Staff of Chinatsu, Claws of Fox, Tails of Kyuuby, Nu Wa's Gems
English Voice Alice McGrathers
You're wrong. It's not the world that's messed up; it's those of us in it. Yes, some Cyborgs walk a path that leaves sorrow in their wake, but just like humans, we can choose a different path altogether. We have a lot to learn, both your kind and mine. We need to stop fighting, and start talking. Because when it comes to the state of the world, you can't point your finger at ghouls or humans. We're all to blame.
Imperia Deamonne

Imperia Deamonne (born as La Folia Rihavein and as La Folia KnightWalker in an alternative universe) is the secondary heroine in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and its sequel, LOTM: A Draw of Kings. She is also a recurring character in some parts of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow and is one of the secondary heroines of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files.

La Folia had a past filled with false memories and sad incidents. She believed herself to be a princess of Aldegyr Kingdom. For most of people, including herself, she is the eldest daughter of King Lucas and Polifonia Rihavein, and the elder twin sister of Kanon Rihavein. She was pursued by Magnus Craft and the Aurozia Terrorists Organization to hold her as hostage in order to acquire all the money from her Real family. However, in truth, she was merely a clone of the original Princess La Folia Rihavein made by The Fallen's Essence (an abyssal shadow made by the original Isaac Ray Peram Westcott) and Lusamine in order to test the effects of Human Purifier Technology, with her entire life being manipulated by the former.

Under a pretense of the real La Folia, the clone La Folia was sent back to her parents (alongside a clone version of her original versions' twin sister, Kanon Rihavein) while her original version suffered from all kinds of assault, abuse and even tortures which eventually killed her slowly and painfully. The Fallen's Essence was closely observing the life of La Folia and manipulated her, making her a puppet to his will. Under the manipulation of the Fallen's Essence as well as the Order of Terror, La Folia suffered from the abuse from her father (possessed and driven to insanity by the Fallen's Essence) and eventually left her kingdom to quit her life as a princess. She ultimately ended up in Tenguu City, Japan, and was followed by the forces of the KnightWalker Family secretly manipulated by the Fallen's Essence, again, in an attempt to assassinate her.

During those years, the Fallen's Essence had more plans on this clone made by him, but when La Folia met with an orphaned Katarina Couteau and befriended her, the Fallen's Essence had to made a new plan on her. During her time at Tenguu City, she becomes Katarina Couteau's best friend in her childhood. She knows she is a very rich princess, but like Katarina, she had a tragic past and hates being princess since she was exiled from the world. She never talked about her past to Katarina and the latter never asked as well.

La Folia was both kind and pure, and she cared about her best friend and gave Katarina a glimmer of dawn upon her dark childhood. However, during her time in Tenguu City and the beginning of the World War III, La Folia suffered attacks several times from the hands of many villains, most notably Eckidina KnightWalkerMisogi Kumagawa, Michael Langdon and Moloch. Even so, La Folia did not lose her sanity until after her capture by her sister, under the order of the Fallen's Essence. When Lusamine and the Fallen's Essence revealed her true past in front of her, La Folia finally realized that all her past life was a total lie before succumbed to the execution committed by her "sister", Kanon Rihavein, who became the zealous servant of the Fallen's Essence. However, during the battle full of chaos in Aldegyr Kingdom, La Folia was revived by Chinatsu as a Cyborg with superpowers whereas her personality remained unspoiled. Now named as Imperia Deamonne, La Folia joined the Rogues and became allied with Ratatoskr in order to fight against the Fallen's Essence, the true mastermind of the entire events and prevent the New World Order from raising. Both she and Katarina were happy about this revival.

After the destruction of both the Fallen's Essence and Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, Imperia was among those heroes and villains who were teleported to another universe by the Reality Council to fight against Balam Alliance. During this time, Imperia was almost corrupted by Darth Hades and Leohart the Prince of Hell, but she all went through it. However, this was changed horribly during the Cataclysmatic War, when the original Fallen, who was the Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, had drove her into despair and insanity before turning her into his Abyssal so that she would destroy the Alliance of Freedom from inside. Under Westcott's mind-control, Imperia slaughtered many of her friends and battled against Katarina, which ended up with her own tragic death and the destruction of the Alliance of Freedom, driving Katarina into despair.

With her own death, Imperia's soul was freed from the Fallen's control and redeemed herself, but the loss and consequences it brought was tremendous. However, eventually Katarina regained her hope and fought against her father with her ultimate Prime Abyssal Punisher power and destroyed him before he could destroy the entire Multi-Universe with his final form, avenging Imperia's corruption and death.

She is an original character created by DestroyerSubjugator90 and Prime ShockWaveTX from CIS Productions.



Imperia Deamonne

  • Name: La Folia Rihavein, Imperia Deamonne
  • Nationality: French, Aldegyrian
  • Classification: Last Godom Cyborg, Clone, Warrior of the Cyborgs, Earth's Greatest Human Defender, Anti-Tyrant Liberalist, Amazon Adventurer, Bio-Human, Cyborg, Demigoddess of the Foxes, Former Aristocrat,  Anti-Nazi Assassin, Bio-Engineered Fighter, Wise Strategist, Truth Seeker, Anti-Slavery, Peace Seeker, Vengeful Anti-Heroine, Sister of Villain, Tech-Vampire, Magi-Tech Warrior, Revived Abuse Victim;
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18-19 years old in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline; 18 years old in Corbin Files;
  • Power and Abilities: Vector manipulation which can give her: super speed, strength, elemental manipulation (including blood manipulation), flight, gravity manipulation, and automatic forcefields that reflect attacks, infinite energy as long her Limiter allows her to continue fighting using her mana;
  • Weaknesses: Her Limiter in her neck which allows er use of her powers only has 30 minutes of battery, her connection to the Chinatsu can be jammed and the signal is worse while in tunnels or underground, Light can pierce her reflection
  • Destructive Capacity: City block level+, continent level+ by borrowing the Earth's rotational energy | Island level+ (destroyed Madagascar during her battle against Yuuki Terumi at the 9th Earth during the events of Aryana Arc, continent level+ by borrowing the Earth's rotational energy she can press all gravity of the atmosphere and create a hole in the gravitational camp of the planet to suck whole continents, nations and islands into space | Planetary level+ (power-scaling from Nu Wa, she can subjugate all life in planets), Universal level+ by borrowing Nu Wa and Foxy's energy to subjugate all life on the universe as a matter of principles to do her work as the Goddess of Death
  • Range: Thousands of kilometers with projectiles | Thousands of kilometers with projectiles lasers, 100 meters with Staff of Eden | Thousands of kilometers with magi-tech blasts, 606 meters with Chinatsu's Level 1, likely farther | Universal Range+SSS with Nu Wa energy, Omniversal Range ???+ with Foxy energy;
  • Speed: Massively hypersonic reaction time (could counter thousands of different attacks simultaneously as DEM forces were piercing her AIM field), supersonic movement speed, light speed passive shielding via reflection | Hypersonic+ (Mach 60 by power-scaling), massively hypersonic reactions | Hypersonic+ (at least Mach 93, likely higher) massively light reactions as Demigoddess (can travel between galaxies in 3 hours, 90 hours between universes and 450 hours between Multi-Universes);
  • Durability: Superhuman, continent level+ with reflection | Island level+, continent level+ with Chinatsu Lvl.1| Planetary level+ with Nu Wa and Foxy energy;
  • Lifting Strength: At least Class KKK+ (can easily all types of living being in a half like a paper), Stellar Class+ | Immeasurable | Immeasurable;
  • Striking Strength: Class XNS+ | Class XJ+ (superior to Katarina) | Class XFF+ (superior to 100% Final Form Aryana) | At least Class JGJ+ (can trade blows with Darth Hades) | Class XLJ+ minimum (strong than Ellen Mira Mathers) | System Solar Level (can easily kill Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant more than 300 times);
  • Stamina: SuperDeathGoddess+SSS; Can Fight for 3 centuries as long she never run out of energy;
  • Standard Equipment: Ligisti Magi-Tech pistol from Aldegyr Kingdom as a human and later possessed the Staff of Godom after Chinatsu turned her in a Cyborg;
  • Intelligence: Full knowledge of all things on Earth thanks to her forced study she was a child, mastermind of political and battle experience, incredible planner and schemer, has technical knowledge almost on par with Metron, knowledge of martial arts, capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, intimate knowledge of the workings of the multiverse
  • Notable Abyssals Attacks/Techniques:
    • - Invert blood flow: By touching a persons open wound, Imperia can reverse the blood flow of a person, which would instantly kill them.
    • - Rip the skin of a person: By touching a person's body, Imperia can rip off their skin.
    • - Dust explosions: If there is enough dust in the air, Imperia can cause a dust explosion by generating anti-matter.
    • - Dark Wing: Under this state, she updates and overwrites her own ability to do something supposedly impossible by summoning an AIM field around an area around 3 kilometers. Through the input of AIM, she can control vectors that supposedly don't exist as well.  AIM also dispels and otherwise negates magic in the area, it also allows her to control other powers, the  AIM field are made of a material that is exactly the same as dark matter found in the borders of all universes.
    • - Death form: In this form, Imperia can levitate by use of some unknown power, whereas before she had to use wind and gravity manipulation to do so. Her defenses also rise considerably; being able to tank an attack that could destroy all of Eurasia without his vector field. Before this power-up, the most Imperia was to be able to tank was a nuke made of LN-666 Project energy, and that was while she was using her vector manipulation powers.;
    • - Machine Ingenuity: Imperia is also quite competent with machinery and technology, evident in when she modified her cane with various gravity sensors, and small motors to help better support herself, and when she modified he  choker to reduce the battery consumption by 90%;
    • - Marksmanship: Imperia has been shown to be extremely proficient with firearms. Even with only her left hand, her weaker hand, she was able to finish off a round of practice in 70 seconds. She has commented that reloading a pistol in two seconds with one hand is too slow for her, even though she was just testing the guns;
    • - Redirection: She can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, she kills Heis by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting her finger inside her wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on her, as they will be redirected. It is because of his ability that she has an albino appearance, as her body blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing unnecessary melanin;
    • - Vector Shooting: By touching an object, she can extend the influence of her ability to other objects in contact with it. This allows her to indirectly change the vectors and turn the objects into projectiles. She did this using metal construction pillars. Imperia's vector manipulation has a variety of uses, including crushing the earth around her and to also use this to propel herself forward.
    • - Wind Control: She can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind. She can use this power to create F7 tornado's.
    • - Plasma Storm: She can even create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point.
    • - Kinetic Blast: She takes control of the planet's rotational vectors and transfers an enormous amount of that energy into one attack. This attack used up so much of the planet's rotational energy that it slowed down the the earth's rotation by about 2 minutes. Theoretically this attack should allow her to destroy all life on the planet if the planet suddenly stop its rotation, forcing ALL things on the planet fly like countless toys into one direction, resulting in the death of all living beings, but this is a highly debated topic by Ratatoskr.
    • - Brain Hacking: According to Imperia, by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body she can take 'control' over them and rewrite the memories and personality of the people.
    • - Earth Stomp: Using the vectors behind her feet, she causes a little explosion made of earth and rocks to attack her opponents.
  • Summary: Full Goddess of Death
  • IQ: ??????????


Naming Pun

La Folia

"La" Folia's first name, means "the" which is used to feminine calls in Spanish. Folia (Portuguese), La Folía (Spanish), also folies d'Espagne (French), Follies of Spain (English) or Follia (Italian), is one of the oldest remembered European musical themes, or primary material, generally melodic, of a composition, on record. The theme exists in two versions, referred to as early and late folias, the earlier being faster. If adding "E" in Folia, you have "Folie" which means madness and insanity in French. Folia also means "Folha" in Portuguese which means "paper". 

Imperia Deamonne

Provroem2 big

Roman Empire

In Imperia's name, she have more naming-puns. Imperia cames from the word "Imperio" which means "Empire" or "Imperium" in Spanish, Latin and Portuguese. Imperium is a Latin word which, in a broad sense, translates roughly as 'power to command'. In ancient Rome, different kinds of power or authority were distinguished by different terms. Imperium referred to the ability of an individual to command the military. It is not to be confused with auctoritas or potestas, different and generally inferior types of power in the Roman Republic and Empire. Primarily used to refer to the power that is wielded, in greater or lesser degree, by an individual to whom it is delegated, the term could also be used with a geographical connotation, designating the territorial limits of that imperium. Individuals given such power were referred to as curule magistrates or promagistrates. These included the curule aedile, the praetor, the consul, the magister equitum, and the dictator.

Imperia Porto Maurizio BMK

Imperia city

Imperia is also a coastal city and comune in the region of Liguria, Italy. It is the capital of the province of Imperia, and historically it was capital of the Intemelia district of Liguria. Mussolini created the city of Imperia on 21 October 1923 by combining Porto Maurizio and Oneglia and the surrounding village communes of Piani, Caramagna Ligure, Castelvecchio di Santa Maria Maggiore, Borgo Sant'Agata, Costa d'Oneglia, Poggi, Torrazza, Moltedo and Montegrazie. Imperia is well known for the cultivation of flowers and olives, and is a popular summer destination for visitors. The local Piscina Felice Cascione indoor pool has hosted numerous national and international aquatics events.

Warhammer Daemon of Chaos Bloodletter

Greek's Daemon of Chaos

Imperia's last name, Deamonne, comes from "Daemon" itself. Dæmon is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek daimōn ("god", "godlike", "power", "fate"), which refers to the daemons of ancient Greek religion and mythology and of later Hellenistic religion and philosophy. Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and deities, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature, or the deities themselves (see Plato's Symposium). According to Hesiod's myth, great and powerful figures were to be honoured after death as a daimon… Daimon is not so much a type of quasi-divine being, according to Burkert, but rather a non-personified "peculiar mode" of their activity.

Her name is also derived of Daimonic, the idea of the daimonic typically means quite a few things: from befitting a demon and fiendish, to be motivated by a spiritual force or genius and inspired. As a psychological term, it has come to represent an elemental force which contains an irrepressible drive towards individuation. As a literary term, it can also mean the dynamic unrest that exists in us all that forces us into the unknown, leading to self-destruction and/or self-discovery.


La Folia Rihavein

La folia rihavein strike the blood fd3986c36290163690eef1cd8882bfbc

La Folia Rihavein

Before her first death by the hands of Kanon Rihavein, her twin sister who was trying to kill her to gain power over Aldegyr Kingdom, La Folia Rihavein was extremely attractive and beautiful woman with a 18-years old body. She had clear, sky-blue eyes that literally glow on the darkness. Aside from her eyes, her long white-silver hair was also very bright and shining and one could simply think her hair had some kind of shining product when it was her thin and soft hair that shine in the light. Because of her Rihavein blood, La Folia has a very attractive body that are biologically carried by the women of the family. 

Despite looking 18 years old, Katarina and many other character states that she gave off a feeling that of being a mature and old woman around 30-years old because of her composed, calm and soft personality that is similar to a well-gifted psychologist. From all girls in the Rogues, La Folia stands up as the most tall woman from the group.

Despite being a very soft person, she carries a medium-sized curse pistol with a knife attachment, similar to that of a bayonet, and appears to be a very skilled shooter with it. In her casual outfit, she wears a jacket-like trench coat, with a white button-up shirt and black skirt. She is seen wearing a blue pendant gemstone with red ribbons, possibly indicating her royalty status but after her escape from Aldegyr Kingdom, it only became an accessory. She also has golden chains looped around her left shoulder.

Imperia Deamonne


La Folia's new persona, Imperia Deamonne

After her first death, the appearance of La Folia Rihavein changed drastically to the point one could think it was another soul who replaced her former self. Despite the changes, the physical form still pretty much the same but with many tones of "evil". This was caused by the Cyborgs DNA from Chinatsu, the woman who revived her as a Cyborg from her own blood. Like her previous persona, Imperia is an example of a beautiful amazon but is played more to the dangerous side as she is total sadist.

In her new body, La Folia, now known as Imperia Deamonne, has a white skin of a generic Russian-woman. At times, her eyes can be both empty and glowing orange eyes. When she is fighting (killing or even torturing (as her personality changed as well)) and seems to enjoying it, her eyes literally turn off and her eyes go full empty like if she was being controlled or, for the lack of words, dead. When she is good-mood or in her casual mode, her eyes glow and can even be seen from the darkness, turning them similar to the vision of a wolf haunting.

Her hair also changed but is no much longer than before. If allowed, her hair can literally touch the floor. Now, different from her former self, she was black hair, it said to be so dark that can change to purple if seen in the light. She ties her hair in a low ponytail and has some hairpins on her bangs.

Curiously, fangs also appeared in her mouth and those can be compared to a foxy's. Now, unlike her former self, Imperia has the appearance of a 22-years old woman because of how tall she is. Tomas Sev states that she gave off a feeling that of being a "sadistic" woman, however, this at times moved to the sexual side as she can only feel sexual pleasure by torturing people. However, despite her new atmosphere, her methods are not so brutal like the sadistic villains from the story like Ara AstarothEckidina KnightWalkerThe Fallen and among others that use brutal methods of torture like mutilation, removal of organs and other inhuman methods. Instead, she seems to love beating, humilliating, burning and causing superficial damage without killing them.

Because of her change of personality, Imperia is almost everytime seen smilling. At times, she is smilling like a normal girl but somes times her smile changes to a more dark and sinister one. The reason behind this is unknown but it's implied to be a conflict between her former self and current persona. 

She wears an asymmetrical costume consisting of long black gloves, a single sleeve on her left arm, long a black feather boa that goes until her kneepits, a black-and-white miniskirt, and black shoes with high heels with a black single thighhigh on her left leg. From someone's point of of view, she seems to be one of those games bosses in video games. Because of this, many people see the current Imperia to be more villainous than the villains themselves. Imperia's costume resembles the stereotypical dress of a Chinese Mafia Lady's dress which comes from Chinatsu's DNA as she has a few traces of Chinese DNA. 

Personal Information

All personal informations of Imperia, such as her hobbies, her favorite things, etc

  • Ara han elsword drawn by egg rxlal sample-d11c3a3e008d263e958116e2f66259b0

    Wearing Virgin Killer

    Favorite colors:
    • ​Black, orange, yellow, white, brown
  • Favorite foods:
    • Most of the typical American and Swedish foods, pancake, salad, biscuits, sandwich and blood (as a Cyborg)
  • Favorite cloths:
    • Combat suit, school uniform, casual dress, casual clothes, black-T shirt, German military uniforms, Virgin Killer, Sweater, God of Death outfit, 
  • Favorite hobbies:
    • Wearing new typs of clothes, killing DEM nazis, torturing and beating her enemies, provoking her opponents, teasing Mana, cooking, creating new types of foods, helping non-human children to find a new lair, listening to anthems from all nations, meditating, training her mind, crusing demons and fallen angels, studying other galaxies
  • ​Favorite allies:
  • ​Favorite enemies:
    • Thanatos (possibly crush), Atala Arck (rival), Hoppou-Chan, Elesis Du Tirial, Ao Kunag, 
  • ​Likes:
    • Mystical beings, knowing new planets spread out space, visiting new places, studying new types of animals and species, eating fruits, builting artifacts, watching romance films, 
  • Religion:
    • Neutral over all religions as she is the Goddess of Death herself
  • Hates:
    • ​Fanatics, beer, fire, war, satanism, human experiments, assassins, mercenaries, nazis, fascists, Dark Empires, liars, serial killers, perverts (Rentaro as an exception), rapists, destroyers of worlds, slavers, corrupt politicians, greedy people, weak-minded people, warmongers, corrupt priests, dictators, evil demons, evil angels, Aldegyr Kingdom, Dark Emperors, Triggers Hell, coffee beans, lover stealers, tsunderes, Sith, selfish aliens, neo-nazis, KnightWalker Family, Moon Terminator Company, Artificial Demon Weapons, gangsters, Mafusa Gang, Order of Terror, DEM Empire, Sith Empire, Balam Alliance, troublemakers, bully, bullying, juvenile deliquents, genocidal tyrants, aristocrats
  • Political types:
    • Doest not take part in any of them (temporary as Fascist and Nazism during her time brainwashed by Isaac Westcott)
  • Favorite musics:
    • Metal and rock (despite her appearance)
  • Age:
    • ​18 years old (in 2036), 19 years old (in 2037), 20 years old (at the end of the story and her death)
  • Gender:
    • ​Female
  • Hated allies:
  • Hated enemies:


Heroine - Prime Earth

50652651 p0 master1200

Imperia being disturbed by all people that died by the hands of Kanon; the people she was suppose to protect but ran away

Imperia is an optimistic hard worker. As a leader type with a firm character, she herself takes the lead and pulls her allies along. She has a strong will and doesn't hesitate to take action, her notable character trait being her strong sense of belief in herself and others. Being a strategist but a music lover, she also tends to include music talk into her conversations during her time as a member of Ratatoskr.

Imperia is very protagonist-like and always pulling the others along cheerfully; a typical heroine that is very dependable. Katarina Couteau thinks that Imperia is positive, and thinks about others before herself, but when she goes too far, she gets a little scary. Though she has a normal person (despite being a clone of the original La Folia), Kyouko Kirigiri thinks that Imperia is not an ordinary person and consider her as Ultimate Heroine. She gives off the impression of being a simple girl you could meet anywhere and a person that's easy to befriend, yet when her friends shows to be enemies somehow, she will not hesitate to slain them without thinking twice, a feature that she inherited from Katarina after her battle against Aki Honda.

Tumblr n72c0nq2O71sn5q4io1 1280

Imperia and Kyube's Nu Wa spirit

Imperia is also brave and hard-working, with a cheerful disposition. She can be dense at times, and is described by Tomas Sev to be "easily absorbed" by things, to the point where she loses sight of her original goal. Because of her demeanor, she plays a role in keeping the atmosphere surrounding Ratatoskr as relaxed as possible. Much like Kotori, she is very devoted to her childhood friend, Katarina Couteau, and does not regret anything she asks her to do. ImPERIA also has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and frequently protests the Rogues' violent nature (until she starts to get action). Despite this, the two are close. As a older sister like figure, she is shown to be very passionate and engaging. She is able to adjust her personality to best communicate with each Rogues—such as being kind to Maeve and abrasive with Asuha. She values interpersonal relationships, youth, and believes that there is more to life that just power.


Imperia's cheerful smile

Imperia has a kind-hearted personality that makes her unable to immediately suspect people. Like the other protagonists before her (such as Azul Jissele, Tomas Sev and Atala Arc), she has a very sensitive nature and listens to other people's troubles and gives them positive advice. Being as one of Earth's Greatest Warriors, she strives to be strong and has the tendency to act like a man at times. During times when she is filled with worry or cannot think straight, she turns to training her sword to ease her mind.

Like her previous self, Imperia is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. Imperia also plays a motherly role within the group, and is often seen cleaning Fraxinus as she hates dirty things. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the Rogues's eccentricities. In keeping with her motherly role, Imperia is very determined to protect her comrades. She has gone so far as to change her throw her human appearance to be a 100% Cyborg only to protect the Rogues from Zero Numbers, whom they were trying to capture. Along with cleaning an entire ship, Imperia shows great talent not only in modeling, but playing the guitar and singing. She is very popular, not only among the Fraxinus crew, but also with many people outside of the faction. She likes cooking and has since her younger, tomboyish years.

Imperia is good natured and likes to take care of animals, though Imperia herself refuses to admit it, instead thinking of it as her own selfishness for leaving her kingdom, Aldegyr Kingdom, as leaving her people she was fated to rule in the evil claws of Kanon Rihavein, her twin sister, that ruined the nation in a corrupt communist regime. When the military community discovered that La Folia became a Cyborg by the hands of Chinatsu, the princess of Godom Empire, she has received unfair discrimination from others. She sometimes acts like a child and is unacquainted with the world as she used to live in the mansion with her servants when she was a child, though despite this she still works hard to become one of the greatest warriors of the world once she became a Cyborg in order to make use good of her power.

Cyborg Side


Imperia's mentally insane side

Despite her good side, Imperia has a very sinister side much like Atala Arck, the most cold-hearted member of the Rogues. Imperia is also a brutal sadistic female warrior who fights killing others with curses of her abilities for pure pleasure of seeing her enemies screaming in pain as they are slowly tortured to a near-state of death. Imperia also had the most vindictive personality among the Rogues. To Imperia, who was turned into a Cyborg, gaining the psychotic personality of all Cyborgs, patience and self‐control were the same things as torture. Imperia is also a torturer and enjoys manipulating others in order to torment them, however, only her enemies in case or people who are considered bad enough to be her targets.

She immensely enjoys crushing the hopes of her enemies and watching their expressions become filled with despair when she forces them to watch their goals being ruined. She says he wants to hear them scream and let the pain of all people they killed enter in their bodies to return back what they caused. 

Imperia is still calm and brave which makes her a patient Cyborg who enjoys fighting any opponent while displaying signs of sadism. Even when Imperia is in a tight spot, she remains calm with a pleasant smile. She also doesn't appear to trust Oriax Wheelahr, and is not afraid to be blunt to her for it. Whether things are interesting seems to be an important motive for Imperia's actions and movements. In addition, Imperia laughs often and loves to mock Shigure Yukimi and the other characters. She has no sympathy or compassion for anyone who dares to step in front of her, unless her original human personality breaks through, and is willing to kill anyone who stands in her path, no matter if they are bad people or innocent. 

At times, when she receives too much damage in a 1x1 fight, she literally loses all concept of life and death as well as right or wrong and acts by impulse and animal instinct. In this state, Imperia loses her sanity and all her memories, becoming a true psychotic monster that even the most cruel and inhuman beings learned to fear. In this state, Imperia is a violent psycopath completely devoid of compassion. She cares about nothing and no one, except possibly Katarina, though that is more of a psychotic obsession much like Vira. In the psycho side, she is a woman who doesn't like being told what to do by anyone and will cut down anyone who dares to step in front of her, including her own teammates and children just for interrupting her fun.

Imperia considers the humans to be ugly, insatiable cowards yet to be beautiful things who she wants to protect. She also mocks the Cyborgs' boundless arrogance for being immortals and wish to destroy all Cyborgs of the world.

Villain - Alternative Earth

60108922 p0

"Hell lives inside of women."

In the alternative Earth, La Folia is a sexual maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can sexual pleasure, which is helped by her abnormal healing rate. This is also shown through her persistence. Her favorite things are seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoys cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out.

La Folia also enjoys knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentions to have over 10 years of experience. Although it isn't mentioned, she presumably destroys them later.

La Folia's curiosity toward the unknown and her thirst for knowledge are the two things that define her behavior. She refers to it as love, and currently directs those feelings toward sex. Described as being black hearted, she cannot understand the feelings of others, and can be seen as a psychopath by normal standards. If it is to get ahold of more knowledge, she has no problems with employing sophistry, lying, and deceiving others.

La Folia believes that "the world is made in her own favor", and true to her words, many incidents have brought her good fortune. Because of this, she has an extravagantly self-centered personality, and is prideful as she hasn't been humbled even once.

60136268 p0

La Folia looking at the capital of her Dynasty

La Folia is a very ambitious person, as she declared that she will do anything it takes to win, and is ready to go as far as murdering someone or manipulating others in cold blood. She is extremely selfish and values her life over the lives of others, stating she has no problem sacrificing others in order to save herself. She also has a lot of pride, refusing to surrender no matter how far into the corner she's pushed, as long as the chance for victory remains. However, if it's known that she's about to lose with no way out, she accepts it calmly.

As the worst queen of KnightWalker Dynasty, La Folia claimed that she can even fool her own emotions, but this doesn't seem to be entirely the case. She appears to lack empathy and claims that she feels no guilt for bad things she's done (from rape to genocide), though considering her status as a consummate liar, it's possible that she felt at least something, and that was the death of her mother. Despite her cruel personality, it all started when she discovered her mother was exiled and killed by old officers of the Dynasty that supported her death, and soon, this mass hatred gave birth to the worst queen of all times, La Folia KnightWalker, that would become insane once she started many genocides and purges inside of her nation to avenge her mother.

Pure of Heart Proposal

52472852 p0 master1200

"The difference between you and her... I see, it's not too hard to find. "Why a teenage girl think she can trade blows with the superior beings?" You're right, you and her are who think you can put all humans under your feet. She was born as a loniest person, that's because she is the kindest person I know. She was born as a saddest person, that's why her smile is the brightest. She is a damaged person, that's why she is wisest and shows value to bounds, friendship and life. She was born on darkness, that's why she is the servant of light while fighting on the shadows. Unlike you who fight to "win", she fights to never lose and never give up until she is dead. She will cut her own limbs to kill you, even if it means she will never walk again, she will keep fighting until she see our smile. But... Katarina was crying... Sha gave up... And was trembling... I never want to see her like that again. Katarina Couteau is a strong and a ferocious warrior! I want to see her come back to herself when she wakes up from this nightmare! This time, I'll fight for you!"

In the ancient times, the elderly of more than 34,000,000 primitive's tribes spread out across countless universes, prophesied 2 warriors who would leave their war-torn planet after suffering many tortures and tragedies on their lives. One of them is the Legendary ExKrieg, the warrior prophesid to be the last ExKrieg that would defeat the forces of the ultimate evil and free the existence from the evil Dark Empires, organizations that brought destruction to the past, present and future. And the another warrior, is his friend, partner... A mere mortal born from the ashes of the darkness, a normal girl, a normal teenage... But soon this girl, who just wanted a normal life in a school, noticed she was destined to be the greatest mortal of all times... A legend that would shook the time and space and changed the history forever. La Folia Rihavein or Imperia Deamonne, is the clone of the Original La Folia, a puppet created by the The Fallen's Essence to bring reign of horror destined to die by the hands of another clone of her sister, Kanon Rihavein. The Original La Folia, was an arrogant, spoiled and if not psychotic princess inspired by the actions of Yeonsangun of Joseon, the worst tyrant of of Joseon dynasty, the original La Folia would eventually kidnap the most handsome boys of her kingdom, Aldegyr Kingdom, and rape them to death with sadism and lust for sex and power. But... La Folia Rihavein (clone) was the polar opposite, the difference is between Heaven and Hell. La Folia was firstly born with a strong will neutrality and stayed in the grey zone for years until she met Eckidina KnightWalker, a girl that was the reason of why La Folia put her hands in action to save the many lives as she could. Born as a puppet, La Folia was abused by her father, who was the king of Aldegyr, King Lucas and had only her sister as her friend, as she was shutdown from the rest of the world and spent most of her childhood in the palace living a life surrounded by the hate of her servants and false friends that went to her home to ask for money. After suffering her entire life, the princess decided to run and live like a normal girl in Japan, however, little did she know that she was being used and manipulated by the Fallen's Essence and Lusamine in larger game that would change her life forever in the future. Arriving in Japan, she met Katarina Couteau, a twisted girl who saw the worst side of society and like La Folia, she ws shutdown from the rest of the world, even so, despite her aggressive personality she still comforted the Red Haired Demon and gave a light of hope, bringing the gangster to life again. One day, she met Eckidina KnightWalker during a trip and talked with her like a friend, eventually the two became sisters but after the destruction of Fiore Kingdom, La Folia learned about Eckidina's true nature and immediately started to conspire against her by rescuing children who were stolen from their parents and were about to be used in human experiments by the KnightWalker Family, eventually creating an orphanage for the children with the money of her family. And not only that, indirectly, La Folia started many campaigns that provided basic food and resources for people suffering in war-torn countries. At age 16 she was already the perfect embodiment of woman. Strong, humble, beautiful, patient, devout; she is what mankind strives to be, yet, for all our flaws, can never reach. When Kanon Rihavein finally strikes her kingdom by turning it into a corrupt totalitarian-communist nation, La Folia was kidnapped by Peace Foundation in the hopes Kanon will join the Stabilization Union to put an end to World War III, La Folia was plunged in insanity and lost her way, but not before Chinatsu revived her as a Cyborg and became the second strongest Cyborg of the world, with power enought to fight strong evil forces like Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant and Leohart's Cult. La Folia, or Imperia, is the only member of The Rogues who respects others. She has faith that the team can save Japan when the evil Godom Empire invaded , but unlike her teammates, she has an optimistic hope for a brighter tomorrow and sees good within her fellow assassins, encouraging them to grow into kinder people. It's also one of the reasons why many male assassins and former KnightWalker officers develop an interest in her, mainly Chinatsu, who saw her as her light for salvation for her crimes, claiming her to be different unlike the others who approved Chinatsu's terrible war crimes. Despite, her kindness, she is able to kill if that means to protect innocent living beings, she learned this lession is the most hard way during her fight against Yuuki Terumi. Imperia does not do anything evil, will not tolerate any evil around her and trying to tempt her out of the righteous path will not end well for the offending party. Imperia is pure-hearted enough to resist being transformed into a beast by Darth Hades  However, it's eventually subverted. She is pure of heart, but she can be corrupted because of her dark past, a trait Leohart the Prince of Hell used to his advantage to try and get rid of her. When the Order of Terror conquested the world, she appears to be a very naive innocent girl to hide her depression of her losses. Later, it is obvious she's way smarter than she acts, but she's still an Actual Pacifist (aware that sometimes you need to use weapons to bring everyone to peace negotiations), and she can forgive everything once you join her fight for peace. Actually, everyone who sides with her are men waiting for a sex reward and spend most of their time to approach her. She's so good you could probably consider it a psychological disorder for her because of dramatic experience in the hands of Lusamine and Fallen's Essence but she is not it, she is just the perfect incarnation of the best that mortals can be. When the Cataclysmatic War began, she became the elite and angelic warrior of the Nordic Pantheon and its new queen, they're as beautiful and dangerous as a midnight winter storm. Yet their new queen, Imperia, so irresistibly desirable, so uncompromising in warfare, make the Valkyries seem nothing more than plain paper dolls. She’s the object of desire for every God, every man, and the envy of every woman. Even the Frost Giants, kings and emperors of many Dark Empires crave her for their own, often devising devious plans to trick or force her into marriage. But Imperia is proud and strong, with the cunning to escape her enemies and ruthlessly retaliate. Every rose bears thorns, but this one wields swords. Were it up to her, Imperia would have little to do with blood and blades. Her name literally means “the lady,” and none of more worthy of the title. She adores bright flowers, pleasant company, and the sweet lilt of a sad love song. She’s sensual and amorous, invoked by worshipers seeking to bear a child or find a lover. Once the Triggers Hell was defeated, she became the Ruler of the realm of Sessrumnir, a place much like Valhalla, where the souls of dead warriors spend eternity, Imperia provides comfort and bliss to the fallen. From a human to a Cyborg and finally to the Queen of Sessrumnir, Imperia is the most beautiful and strongest mortal of the Multi-Universe and she is just the very personification of good.

Achyls - Complete Monster Proposal

66849389 p0 master1200

"When she's abandoned her moral center and teachings... when she's cast aside her facade of propriety and lady-like demeanor.. when I have so corrupted this fragile thing and brought out a writhing, mewling, bucking, wanton whore for my enjoyment and pleasure..... Enticing from within this feral lioness...growling and scratching and biting...taking everything I dish out to that moment she is never more beautiful to me. I love pain... Eckidina? Fufufu. No, my sweet heart. I did not become like this because of her. The reason I became like this is because when Chinatsu turned me into a Cyborg, I had already fallen in the depths of the insanity. I was only in the holding the rope to don't fall in this abyss of insanity, that's why I was able to be friends with you all. I loved that world, you know. I miss that days... Wait? I do? Ahh... No... Now I remember... I hate those days! You always stopped me from killing and destroying everything! But Ara showed me the way! The way I call MADNESS!"

While Vira is considered the only Complete Monster inspired in a Pure-Hearted Hero, there is another villainess with the same case but unlike Vira who fell in the depths of insanity, the Future Imperia Deamonne from Rise of Qliphoth era voluntarily joined the Revelation of Qliphoth by her own free will when the war between Witch Cult and Ratatoskr versus the Black Cult was over.

With the death of Katarina and all people she once loved, Imperia gave up on the light as her Cyborg personality was twisted and somehow lazy enough to keep fighting for the greater good. Imperia had trained arduously to strengthen her own martial art style to not lose from the fight with demons. Watching demons crumble under her feet, Imperia realizes that power is the true justice of this world, becoming a genocider that uses overwhelming power and uses all means needed to defeat her enemies. However, the years of massacre and taking bath in the blood of her enemies slowly consumed her persona and she became even more twisted to the point of lying to other people she lost her sanity because of her past, when in truth, she was always like that and used her deceased friends as an excuse to keep killing demons and humans alike in different planets while keeping the façade she is an insane psychopath. After the victory of Ara Astaroth over the Paradise and all forces of the Multi-Universe, Imperia, now by the name of Achlys of the Depravity, is revealed to have been manipulating the Earth's Resistence the whole time. First awakening Kurumi Tokisaki's powers as a monstrous Inverse Spirit by letting another attack and try to rape and eat Kurumi, Achlys formed a lust towards Kurumi's alter-ego and constantly toyed with her and her friends by beating her daily while keeping her in a dungeon. Achlys manipulated conflicts throughout the story between Black Demons and the mostly peaceful Demons, resulting in camps formed to hold and exterminate all the Low Level Demons by Ara herself, thus resulting in a Demonic Holocaust. Achlys lured Kurumi to her and paralyzed Kurumi and then, demanding Kurumi "prove" her love for Achlys, raped a traumatized and terrified Kurumi before informing her Kurumi had been born solely for her and would now die for her before disposing of her. Once Achlys finished with Kurumi, she proceeded to brutally behead her and put her head in her room to keep her most "precious" people with her forever, even to the point of going to where most of the Rogues died to cut their heads too. She then joined Astaroth Empire after she got bored of just killing and dreamed in stepping in higher floors. As a Astaroian, she was promoted to Supreme General of 5 Area of the Omniverse, rulling over an entire omniverse with iron fist. As ruler, she allows murder, rape, and robbery to run rampant among the planets and entire universes. Making a deal with Vira to fully turn her in a Black Demon, Achyls creates a serum that she gives to various criminals that allows them to transform into monsters to steal souls of powerful Black Demons of the Astaroth Empire. Having the power to absorb souls, she uses that power to draw in hundreds of evil souls from the criminals she killed, wanting Maria to kill them so that the souls will be released into the Living World, giving her power. Continuing further, several years later, Achyls had forcibly spawned monstrous abominations inside eight Astaroth officers to test out her latest experiment, coldly slashed or insulted the few that actually managed to maintain any sort of sanity to accelerate the process, intended to murder every last one of them almost immediately thereafter, and when that failed, deviously placed the blame on several of her superiors instead, thereby prompting the feudal government to (attempt to) exile or incarcerate each of them. What's worse is that, by transforming the eight officers into Demon hybrids, Achyls had destroyed the officers' chances of ever being accepted back by their friends and colleagues, having been turned into the Astaroth's most feared and detested of adversaries, as well as sullying the reputations of the three exiles, all three of whom were assumed to have been dead, disappeared or were painted as co-conspirators by their friends, colleagues and superiors.

Pre-Los Reina de Corazones (100 years before prior)

As the brutal dictator of 5th Omniverse, Achyls became a sociopathic pyromaniac who ruled her universe without responsability, only unleashing total chaos upon her people and turned the capital of Astaroth Empire in that region in a total chaotic town with no laws where demons tortured mortals for fun. Having usurped Astaroth's democratic politician of the 6th Omniverse, she started a civil war, in which she had Ara's friend, Brother Blood, ripped limb from limb, Achyls also uses forced labor to mine the magnetic and explosive element of bavarium, to make super weapons for omniversal domination; it is implied she wishes to do this to satisfy his pyromaniac needs, all in order to make every single atom of the existence burn to turn all existence in a total fire pit of destruction, heat and death. It is also revealed she was behind the coup that killed Suzuya's parents, as part of a deal she made with Vira. When the Alliance was finally aware of her presence, she orders one of her men to kill themselves for failing to stop the rebels, before ordering her army to raze the liberated town of Costa Del Porto in Prime Earth to erradicate the division of Maria's army. She later has Kruel Rose tortured for not mining bavarium fast enough to the point of burning her face, resulting in Kruel's corporation start a civil war with Achyls' Empire of Astaroth Heart. When she has a bavarium missile built, she decides to test it by launching it on another town of Prime Earth while using the façade she was doing it wipe out the rebels. Exasperated by the Alliance's interfering with her plans, she beats one of her men to death and orders another attack and calls for the assassination of Maria Arzonia. The leader of a secret order of vampire killers once employed by the Achyls' Empire, discovered Achyls' plans in betraying Ara using the bavarium and the ruthless Empress had him viciously tortured and nearly murdered the man's daughter, to make him talk before Maria saved her, despite being a demon (who would later be executed as well by the former). When serving as aide to a Astaroth politician, Achyls empowered Cartels to commit crimes over the country and kidnap his own employer's daughter with no intention of returning her alive. When Selim Bradley saved her as well for causing chaos within Astaroth Empire, Achyls had him captured and tortured by the Cartel with his limbs removed, his eye and ears gone and his skin flayed before he was recovered by the vampires and placed in the Artificial Beastman project to heal him. 

Pre-Los Reina de Corazones (500 years before prior)

For centuries, Achyls continued her insane quest for domination in the hope she will one day overthrow Ara, however, when it was revealed Ara letting Achyls do as she pleases, she immediately notices Ara is toying with her and gives up on the idea after discovering Ara is way more powerful than her. Now, with 3 omniverses under her control, she relishes killing and expresses a "love" for all life by playing with life; using stripping newborn infants from their humanity and turning them into mindless slaves. Her Establishing Character Moment is building up public support for a war against the Last Light, the resistence of Angels who survived the Hell of Qliphoth so far by having her own youth brigade, just children training to be soldiers, slaughtered by her troops disguised as Angelic soldiers. Developing an intense hatred towards Idea of Evil for being under its will, she has dedicated her life to spiting and destroying its and its creations, including Black Demons. Much later, she burns down the church housing Karal Maxwell, the immortal Meta-Human son of Lucas Kellan and Isis Maxwell, who managed to survive the battle with Ara Astaroth. Desiring to keep a piece of her past with her, Achyls kidnaps the young Karal and make sure to kill every single priest and nun in the Church. After training Lucas and Isis' son through brutal trainings to turn him into her assassin, Achyls brutally forces him to kill his own pet kitten, resulting in the sanity of Karal being destroyed and turning him in a complete Black Demon just like her. To prove his loyalty to Astaroth and her, Achyls sent him to his homeplanet and had him kiling every single human in the planet for centuries, even killing pregnant women. After he returned to her, she informed she found a way to destroy the Idea of Evil by turning him the very core of Black Battery of the Blackness, she then proceeds to steal the battery until she discovers that Ara is planning to betray the Idea of Evil as well, thus forming a partnership. During their studies, Achyls had entire planets destroyed with the Black Virus to materialize the Blackness' physical state, resulting in the death of 5% of the omniverse controlled by her. Noticing the Inter-Dimensional race of new Angels and Gods from other omniverses appeared to destroy Ara and Achlys' plans, she possessed the God Mortanius and used him to corrupt the Guardians of the Pillars of Nosgoth from the 8 Orbital Omniverse by murdering Ariel and leaving her lover Nupraptor to find her body and drive the Guardians insane with his grief. This in turn corrupted the Pillars and caused the land to decay and rot with the Guardians, thus resulting in the destruction of half of the 8th Omniverse, probably leading to the highest-body count ever made so far. With the corruption of the Pillars, she possesses the Last God of the 8th Omniverse and rebuilds the fallen words order of vampire hunters, driving them to endangerment and establishing tyrannical control of Astaroth civilization. She uses this control to construct a network of Demoic-powered machines around 8th Omniverse of Nosgoth to direct the energies of the Device, an ancient Triggers Hell war weapon to further her plans to kill Idea of Evil. With Janos imprisoned and deformed to power the Device, the insane Empress plans to activate the Device and kill all non-Black Demon life in the 8th omniverse, which of course resulted in a higher-body count so far.

Los Reina de Corazones (original arc)

As the new leader of the Astaroth Empire's Five Area, Achyls became an even worse Control Freak of the highest order. Her ultimate plan is is to use Ara's technology to brainwash the world Gods, in order to expand the influence of the part of her empire over the last remaining omniverses. Achyls assembles a team of villains under the command of The Heretic, the adult clone of Karal, and orders them to capture Maria Arzonia (who still not aware of Achyls' existence due to her limited omniversal travelling) so her mind could be broken with Ara's spell as she is the only being in her omniverse who still has connections with other Gods. Later, Achyls sends Heretic to attack the Alliance's base in order to steal technology necessary for her plan, near-fatally wounding Selina Strawberry in the assault. When Heretic breaks down and begs for Achyls to love him as a mother, and wishing to have Karal's memories, she shoots him in the head for disobeying her orders regarding Karal. As the brainwashing is taking place, she orders a mind-controlled Maria to shoot her allies and friends, or at least the little she had left. Failing to control the Gods, she created a magical artifact called the Dreamstone, which had the ability to force its victims to live their worst nightmares, often driving them into a murderous rage. Achyls used the Dreamstone to spread fear and chaos across the land until she was defeated by the rebellious demon Etrigan and Merlin, but not before she mortally wounded the Future Hanekawa, resulting in her merging with Etrigan to save her life, whom he deeply in love. When Merlin was discovering that Achyls cursed him with a Death Spell, he was corrupted by greed and desired to gain immortality. Playing on the man's desperation for immortality, Achyls manipulates Merlin into spreading the Dreamstone's dark magic across his Multi-Universe, resulting in casualties on a global scale, while Achyls fed off of the negative energy of the stone's victims, becoming the second strongest Black Demon of the existence. She gets worse throughout the Omniversal Civil War, when Maria finally managed to start a war agains the tyrannical government, starting with planning on performing experiments and possibly lethal surgery on infants that she ordered Vira to capture for her, while in a red-tinted laboratory that even the most mad of Mad Scientist would be afraid to work in, over a lava lake on Nibiru, all in order to turn them into Hybrid Black Demons. Later when she faces her old apprentice, Karal, she takes great delight in murdering his brother right in front of him, and afterwards, sadistically tortures him with fire while hinting at a Fate Worse Than Death for Karal. And at the near end of the war (years before the Rogues' arrival in the future), she successfully turns half of all children in her omniverse to the Qliphoth side by exploiting their fear of death, and of course, she very nearly annihilated the entire Paradise Resistence forces, including the children and women being protected by the resistence. Later, knowing Astaroth Empire was no longer useful for her, she had her loyal Astaroth allies disposed of as well when she had no use for them anymore, and made the part she had control over Astaroth Empire into a new fascist dictatorship known as Separatist Alliance ruling by fear and using planet-destroying superweapons against anything with the idea of dissenting. As the Empress, she was known to have personally destroyed entire populations and single handedly razed entire cities that were suspected to conspire against her. Of course, with this betrayal, Ara did not let that pass and started a new Omniversal War between the two Empress with half of the Omniverse divided by the two Empress, resulting in a war with quintillions and quintillions of deaths.

Sword of Kings - Madness Sub Arc

When she is informed that Katarina and other Rogues arrived in the future via a time portal summoned by Ara, Achyls caused many worlds to be caught in war, resulting in millions of lives needlessly lost, in order to find new recruits to bring Katarina to her as she knew she was not a weak warrior. Seeing a new young boy known as Herperus, with potential being blocked by the love for his wife, Illana, Achyls murders her, a fact she eventually reveals this with sadistic glee. Under her orders, her legion lure several Alliance Warrior into traps where they are murdered. When Kararina and Maria escape with the alien Shyir Rev to his homeworld, Achyls proclaims to the inhabitants they are "under the Astaroth's protection", which involves handing the Alliance rebels over or she will set off a bomb of Black Virus that will destroy the planet. When they fight back, she allows the detonation to occur, though the people are saved, Shyir Rev sacrifices himself. Attempting to reach the 10th Earth to kill the Rogues and recover Katarina, she hires a mercenary to take control of Suzuya and board the Intercerptor, she critically injures Lucas and brutalizes Asuha before being overpowered and defeated. When she is through trying to seduce Katarina to rule beside her, Achyls tries to beat and rape her before trying to kill her for not "accepting her love." Seeing her rescue team arriving, Achyls dispatched her legion of child soldiers to stop them from reaching her, resulting in her kids killing soldiers who refused to kill childre. She even allows children being protected by Astaroth Empire to die just to stay beside Katarina. An ruthless caligula and manipulative bitch who relishes the suffering of others for the sake of pain, Achyls stands head and shoulders above most previous Black Demons villains in terms of monstrosity, with her actions even disgusting Idea of Evil.


Aldegyr Kingdom Predecessors

Valkyrie Queens Predecessors


After Imperia's death by the hands of Katarina Couteau, her spirit has reincarnated in various people and animals for more than 5 billion years on several planets of the Multi-Universe, but only people will be shown here.


Ancient Prophecy


Imperia's first prediction int the fire of the Tuba tribe

The first time that Imperia (La Folia) was firstly foreseen was almost 495 trillion years ago, billion years after the death of ExKrieg, the first red warrior from the ExKriegs race. Billion years after ExKrieg's death, the legends of his next incarnation would be born more than 503 billion years later, in other words, the prediction about Katarina Couteau's birth.

However, before Katarina's birth could have be foresaw by ancient tribe leaders spread across the Multi-Universe, Imperia was foresaw by Paje, the first leader of the Tupa alien tribe in unnamed planet located in the border of the 569th Universe from 8th Multi-Universe.

Years later, Imperia started to be foresaw by countless ancient tribes of the Multi-Universe and was the first Goddess to be adored by the intelligent living beings. She mostly seen at fire events where people danced around a fire in the middle of village. There, the ancients would offer Imperia their ordens.

Alternative Universe - Original La Folia's Birth

Wa2000 girls frontline drawn by inxst sample-3c4ec75a633c68b361867375910e3fe7

La Folia KnightWalker - La Folia Rihavein's evil counterpart

In the Multi-Universe, there are a plenty of universes, including parallel universes where there counterparts of other people, however, only people with such important role in history of their timeline can get a parallel entity as their actions and activities are extremaly important to their worlds, be they good or evil. And as such, La Folia has her own parallel counterpart too.

However, in this timeline, her story is totally different. La Folia KnightWalker (2010–2040), was the 10th queen of KnightWalker Dynasty that ruled the whole Orient of the planet in a imperialist absolute monarchy regime. She was the eldest daughter of Vans Glest KnightWalker and by his second wife, Lady Bellona. La Folia KnightWalker was considered the worst tyrant in KnightWalker Dynasty, notorious for launching two bloody purges of the low-class and elite. She also seized a thousand men from the provinces to serve as palace entertainers, and appropriated the KnightWalker Palace as a personal pleasure ground. 

Execution of her Mother


La Folia's born

Deposed Queen Paraz, formally known as Queen Sun, served La Folia's father, Vans Glast, as a concubine until the death of Queen Nox, Glast's first wife. With no royal heir, the king was urged by counselors to take a second wife to secure the royal succession. Lad Bellona was chosen for her beauty and was formally married in 2005. Several months later, she gave birth to her first daughter, La Folia KnightWalker. The new queen proved to be temperamental and highly jealous of Glast's concubines living inside the palace, even stooping to poisoning one. In 2013, she physically struck the king one night, leaving scratch marks. Despite efforts to conceal the injury, Glast's mother, discovered the truth and ordered Lady Bellona, now known as the Deposed Queen Bellona, into exile. After several popular attempts to restore the deposed Queen to her position at court, government officials petitioned that she be poisoned - and she was.

Tyrant Princess

61464469 p0 master1200

La Folia with her mentors

The Crown Princess grew up and succeeded the KnightWalker Dynasty in 2024. During her early reign, she was a wise and able administrator who strengthened the national defense and aided poor people. She also showed signs of the violent side when she killed one of her tutors, soon after becoming the queen. She eventually learned what happened to her biological mother and tried to restore her mother's title and position posthumously. When the government officials belonging to the political faction called Zari opposed her efforts on the account of KnightWalker's will, she was displeased and looked for ways to eliminate them. Later, the princess captured the "traitors" and beheaded them in front of KnightWalker Dynasty soon after killing and torturing all loved ones of her enemies to death.

In 2030, her officers revealed to her details of her mother's death and showed blood-stained piece of clothing, which was allegedly blood vomited by her after drinking poison.

Months later, she beat to their death two of her father's concubines, for their responsibility for her mother's death. She executed many government officials who supported the execution of her mother, and ordered the grave of deceased officers to be opened and the head cut off the corpse. As a result, many civilians who supported her death were also killed in public, resulting in the death of 1,384,649 people.

In Lust

60708739 p0 master1200

La Folia executing her political enemies

 She also closed the royal university, and converted it to her pleasure grounds, for which young boys and horses were gathered from the whole KnightWalker countries to have orgies and sex groups. She bulldozered a large residential area and evicted many residents to build hunting ground. She also forced people to involuntary labor to build another pleasure ground. Many commoners mocked and insulted the queen with posters, the mockers were later raped to death by horses and beheaded alive for crimes against La Folia's name.

When ministers protested her actions, she abolished the KnightWalker Council and fired them all. She ordered her ministers to wear a sign that read: "Mouth is a door that brings in disaster, the tongue is a sword that cuts off a head. A body will be in peace as long as its mouth is closed and its tongue is deep within." When the chief ennuch Misogi Kumagawa, the servant from Kumagawa Family that served her father, entreated La Folia to change her ways, the latter killed her by shooting a bullets and cutting his limbs herself and punished her relatives down to the 7th-degree relatives. When La Folia asked the royal secretaries whether such punishment was appropriate, they didn't dare to say otherwise.

She also exiled a minister of rites for spilling drink given poured by the queen. Many people were afraid of her despotic rule and their voices were quelled, in stark contrast to the liberal era of her father. Marked by lust, murder, torture and oppression, La Folia officially became the worst tyrant of KnightWalker Dynasty.

Exile & Death


La Folia's corpse

In 2040, a group of officials - plotted against the despotic ruler. They launched their coup on 2 September 2040, deposing the queen and replacing her with her half-brother, Grand Prince Kuriou. The queen was demoted to princess, and sent into exile to Amazonas, Brasil, where she died the same year by killing herself with fire inside of a cabin. Her regin ended in 20 September 2040 with massive civil wars that lasted for more than 2 years. Later, all her followers surrounded or committed suicide, putting an end to her name and era of oppression. Because of her overthrown and war crimes, La Folia KnightWalker did not receive a temple name, where the names of all rules of KnightWalker Dynasty are written. Her bother, Kuriou, promised to the world that her name and the fact that she existed would be erased.

Prime Timeline - Early Life

The Fallen's Essence Plans


Mazaria Rihavein

Everything started 40 years ago, in Aldegyr Kingdom. 40 years ago, Mazaria Rihavein, La Folia's grandmother, gave birth to her first child, that child was Polifonia Rihavein, the mother of La Folia. 10 years later, Mazaria Rihavein died due to heart disease. However, what anyone knew about Mazaria, is that she had a sexual disease. An disease that was transmitted by one of her lovers. And because of that sexual disease, the same disease was transmitted to Polifonia Rihavein. When the Fallen's Essence arrived on Earth 20 years ago, he choose Aldegyr Kingdom as one of his targets. When he arrived in Aldegyr Kingdom, he possessed Polifonia's body and discovered that she had the same sexual disease that her mother had. Using his shadow, Fallen hid the presence of the disease from all medicine inside of Polifonia's body.


La Folia and Kanon when they were babies

One day, Polifonia Rihavein met a man from Russia, this man is known as Lucas Rihavein, whom years later would become the king of Aldegyr Kingdom, King Lucas. And so, Polifonia fell in love with him and married him.

2 years later, Polifonia was pregnant of two children, and those children were La Folia Rihavein and her twin sister, Kanon Rihavein. Without even knowing that La Folia and Kanon were infected by the same sexual disease that the mother of Polifonia had, Kanon and La Folia were born. However, after 3 days the two were born, the disease that her mother had killed them both. In despair, Lucas Rihavein and Polifonia Rihavein started to seek for help without telling anyone their two children had died in the same day. 

5 years before they were born, the Fallen's Essence appeared before Lusamine when she was just a mere scientist and offered her power and immortality. And so, I accepted his offer and started to working with him. He said to me about his plans in Aldegyr Kingdom. When the children of Polifonia and Lucas died, the Fallen's Essence appeared before them and said he could help to revive them if they offer their kingdom to one of their children in exchange. Without thinking twice, they accepted the offer.


Hades smite by kala a-d628utz

The Fallen about to kill the fetus

And so, the Fallen's Essence said to Lucas and Polifonia to not tell anyone about the death of their daughters. Once everything was done, the Fallen's Essence said to Lucas and Polifonia to send the bodies of their dead children to Russia, where Lusamine was waiting for them. When they arrived in Russia, they gave La Folia and Kanon to Lusamine in order to revive them. The Fallen then used his power to revive La Folia and Kanon. However, they had other plans for them. Since from the beginning, the Fallen's  Essence was already planning to use one of the two to be the user of the Human Purifier, a technology he brought from his world that is able to turn humans in Angels. So they did the Angel experiment with on the infants, however, no matter how they tried, it was impossible to turn normal infants in Artificial Angels.

And so, Lusamine had an idea and planned to clone both of them. And doing so, they created 40 clones of La Folia and Kanon. They tested the Human Purifier in all clones, However, just one of them was able to support the power of the Human Purifier device, and this person was one of the clones of Kanon Rihavein. She tried the same experiment in La Folia Rihavein's clones but no one was able to support the experiment. And so, The Fallen's Essence, took his time to kill all clones of Kanon and La Folia, but not before torturing physically the original La Folia Rihavein and Kanon Rihavein. He destroyed all of their sisters when they were just fetus with his own hands to make sure no one would find their illegal experiment. However, he had other plans for one of La Folia's clones. He was planning to use one of La Folia's clones to let her live to create the perfect scenario where Kanon Rihavein will execute her sister of treason, and this clone is La Folia Rihavein, whom later would become Imperia Deamonne.

Problems at Home


La Folia at her 13 years old

When La Folia had 9 years-old, she shared a good relationship with the staff in the estate as well my mother. With the destruction of Fiore Kingdom in Germany by the hands of KnightWalker Family, the Cold War III started in Europe, and so, the economy of my kingdom fell in 70%, leading the people of Aldegyr Kingdom to the most terrible financial crisis of the history. Because of that, her father, started to care only about business and money. He started drinking several doses of alcoholic beverages and eventually became violent. 

And so, her father started to beat us all day to discount his anger. Her mother was a very gentle person unlike her father who was hot-headed and so she put herself in front of them when her father was going to abuse them. 


Kanon with her servant

Since La Folia was the older sister, she had a duty to assume the role of princess and future queen of the kingdom. Unfortunately, for many negligent girls, being a princess is not wearing a white dress and parading through the balls of the royal palace. La Folia was forced to study for hours in classrooms to learn how the financial, demographic and economic system works in Aldegyr nation. She spent nights awake studying formulate mathematics while she had to endure the abuse of my father. Kanon, the only person that was La Folia's friend, was forced to stay away from her because her father didn't want a childish princess. Study was the only thing that mattered for her.

Japan Arrival


The Fallen's Essence looking at La Folia from distance as she leaves Aldegyr Kingdom

One day La Folia decided to quit it, she was planning to run away from my home and country, she always saw girls walking down the streets through the windows of her palace. At that moment, she wanted to live like them to do things like to school, chat with other people, eat cakes with my friends and get a boyfriend. She wanted to live a life like this and she knew what she was going to do was evil but I did it anyway.

However, little did know that the Fallen's Essence was the one creating that feelings of guilty and regret for being born as a princess. One day, she called for her sister, Kanon, in the last floor of oher palace and said to her that was going to travel to Japan for some time in a diplomatic mission. She asked to Kanon to assume her post while she was out. She happily accepted and promised she would never tell anyone about this trip. And so, Isheused the money of her family she bought trip to Japan to escape from her kingdom, she choose Japan because it was away from the claws of Godom Empire, KnightWalker Family and Novosic Kingdom. She thought that if she live in mega-urban city, they would have an hard time looking for her... So she choose Tenguu City.

Meeting with Katarina


La Folia meets Katarina in a park

At the same day that the young princess arrived in Tenguu City, which was, at that time, a major city in Japan, but years later would become a powerful state and the central metropolis of the country.

Knowing she was alone, without anyone to help her find a new home for her, she had to go to the Mountains of Tenguu, where the government builds home for teenages and children that do not have condiction to live alone without getting a job. There, she would but her new house, at first, she though it was a nice place as it was located very far away from the town.


Katarina hugging La Folia

During her long walk towards the mountain, she found herself in a park where, she saw a deadly Katarina seated in one of the toys eating stolen food, it was later revealed that Katarina lost her adoptive parents in an accident and suffered in the hands of society because of her scarlet hair, which many people considered as a characteristics of criminalism and taboo. Katarina threatened La Folia with a knife and said she was willing to kill her if she did not leave her territory. But the princess ignored her warning and slowly walked towards, Katarina, however, got scared because she was afraid of humans and acted sloppy when she tried to stab her, but she was so weak that even La Folia, a girl without any combat training, grabbed her arm and stopped her attack. She proceeded to hug her to say that she was not afraid of her and to express she was not dangerous. Some minutes later, Katarina opened herself for La Folia and started to talk with each other; there a new friendship was born. 

From that moment, La Folia started to live in Katarina's house and was something like her sister and mother at the same time.

Friendship with Eckidina

In La Folia's childhood, Katarina was her only family. One day, Katarina was diagnosed with an unnamed disease that appeared to have symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease, causing her to forget who her own friend was. Katarina's doctors also forbade  La Folia from addressing her as “sister” or “buddy” and she was subjected to neglect, abuse and being treated as a stranger by Katarina because of her constant memory loss. It's implied that all of this made her ambivalent, distant and majorly depressed, which is probably the reason why she didn't have any friends at that time.


Misogi and Eckidina as kids

One day, Katarina recovered herself from the disease without explanation, (little did know the doctors that Katarina's Abyssal trace inside of her healed from the disease) what made the doctors confused and shocked at the same time. When Katarina was back to normal, La Folia returned to the school.

During elementary school, La Folia met and befriended Eckidina KnightWalker and Misogi Kumagawa, both from KnightWalker Family, but La Folia was too innocent to know about the true face of the KnightWalker Family at that time.

Both of them didn't have any other friends and she was the closest person to her besides. Misogi, however, always walked beside Eckidina but never said a word towards her, what made her with a weird feeling that Misogi was somehow her servant, what he was indeed. 


Katarina shows La Folia images from Eckidina torturing a reporter for crimes against KnightWalker Family

In the years following Eckidina became the person that La Folia felt she could always lean on besides Katarina. She promised to always be there for her, which helped develop her stronger feelings towards her. She said she'll never forget La Folia even if she forgets everything else, what was probably the reason why Eckidina never killed La Folia... Until now... For the first time in her life, La Folia cried in front of another person, after making her promise she won't make fun of her, won't tell anyone and won't try to console her. 

Later, when Katarina met Eckidina for the time, she immediately yelled at La Folia to stay away from her for she knew Eckidina was the daughter of Juria KnightWalker and was the heiress of corrupt KnightWalker Family. Later, Katarina grabbed La Folia's hand and ran away from Misogi and Eckidina, leaving them in confusion. Days later, Katarina showed what Eckidina was doing behind the shadows; murders, tortures and all kinds of atrocities to other people that KnightWalker Council considered enemies. It was at that day that La Folia finally saw the true nature of Eckidina KnightWalker and her group, leading her to cut all her bonds with Eckidina and Misogi.

Fiore's Destruction

Dda88cdf6e241194e4c3a8871a9e51de41c1daa2d2 hq

Eckidina's Hlokoust Cannon about to destroy Fiore Kingdom

During the beginning of Cold War II, the war started by Cult of Scathach through countless machination over the course of human history, Eckidina KnightWalker who had 5-years at that time, was put in charge of the full invasion to Fiore Kingdom for supporting the new rebel organization KnightWalker Funeral Parlor. When Fiore Kingdom was destroyed by KnightWalker Family the world immediately turned against KnightWalker Family as well as La Folia who cut her ties with Eckidina and started to treat her like an enemy.

Since then, La Folia never saw Eckidina and her servant, Misogi Kumagawa, again but later she heard many notices about them. Many of these news were saying how "great" was Eckidina for already having the intelligence to lead entires armies. La Folia, however, ignored them and continued living with Katarina away from all atrocities of the world.


Konoha's Orphanage

La Folia's orphanage

Years later, La Folia saw the world being plunged in another war that haunted the entire world. When the taxes became expensive, many families were destroyed or killed themselves, leaving many children abandoned by their parents. Seeing this situation, Katarina and La Folia suggested creating a home for those children with the help of the government. Of course, that was only one-sided from La Folia as Katarina did not care for those things at that time. 

Using the money she brought from her kingdom, La Folia founded the La Folia's Orphanage on the West of Tenguu City in the hopes that she can make the world a better place by doing a little kind-hearted move. For 1 year, everything went according to the plan and more than 300 children were rescued from the streets. However, it took not so long for Eckidina to discover that La Folia was the lost daughter of Polifonia Rihavein and King Lucas from Aldegyr Kingdom. Under the orders of her father, Eckidina invaded her orphanage and kidnapped all children as well as killing all of the workers who worked there. Eckidina then offered the children exchange of La Folia's wealth, little knowing she had actually fled from Aldegyr Kingdom. Juria KnightWalker planned to steal of Rihavein's wealth so he could take over Aldegyr Kingdom while weaking its state. However, La Folia refused and said she could do nothing as she was no longer affiliated to Rihavein Family. Naturally, Eckidina considered that a lie and kept the children in an underground base of KnightWalker Family in Tenguu City for years until La Folia decided to give her a proper reply. 

Later, this incident caused La Folia to grow to hate Eckidina as well as the whole KnightWalker Family. In order to take down their reign, La Folia was the first spy of KnightWalker Funeral Parlor in Japan, joining in their cause to rescue the children of her orphanage.

Raizen High School

Strike the Blood La Folia Rihavein-1024x576-LM-90

La Folia talking with Katarina about joining her school

After establishing herself economically, La Folia had everything she wanted; a house for her own, her own job, a new friend... And above everything else, a normal life. During the Winter, La Folia decided she will join Katarina's school, Raizen High School, but she had her own doubts as she think she is too intelligence for normal schools, what left Katarina angry. Obviously, played for laughs.

During the first day of the class, La Folia and Katarina were late and rushed into the Ceremony of new students, making the two look down in shame. Yet, despite this sloppy first day on school, the two got along well with other classmates. Thanks to La Folia, Katarina had finally made friends and started to make contact with other people.


Eckidina finds La Folia

However, soon her lighty days became a living hell when Eckidina KnightWalker joined Raizen High School and found La Folia by chance during a normal day while they were walking down the hallways of Raizen High School. When Eckidina asked the reason why La Folia stopped hanging out with her, she immediately replied she was the "slut" who destroyed Fiore Kingdom and vowed to stay away from all KnightWalkers, much to Eckidina's disappointment as she considered La Folia a friend, even more than Misogi Kumagawa. Possibly, introducing her Even Evil Has Loved Ones moments.

Using her influence, Eckidina immediately rose to Raizen High School's Student Council and turned the entire school in some kind of dictatorship where non-white people suffered bullying and pushed to a near state of suicide. Not only that, people with low grades were transferred to another class, away from the avarage ones and were target of all kinds of abuse. Everytime things like rape and sexual abuse happened, Eckidina used her money to get rid them from all types of punishment as she loved to see the true human nature. With this, a wave of suicides and people leaving school started to happen. Luckily, at some point, Eckidina left the school when her plans started to grow and had all her attentions to the Tech of the End and LN-666 Project. However, La Folia made sure to get rid of everything Eckidina left behind, starting with reporting to the police all crimes committed there and the list of all bullies who took part in Eckidina's reign of madness.

Rise of the Rebels

KnightWalker Funeral Parlor Alliance


Kureto Hiragi appears before La Folia

After the Cold War III broke out, La Folia made an alliance with the rebel organization, KnightWalker Funeral Parlor via terrorism connections. However, the JGSDF discovered her crime and arrested her. Days later, they were preparing to make a sentence that prohibits La Folia from ever leaving her house again. While she expected as much, La Folia started to feel powerless over losing her freedom to fight the KnightWalker Family. At that moment, the meeting was interrupted by Kureto Hīragi and their underlings from Moon Terminator Company, a special division from KFP. Using his connections, Kureto was able to change La Folia's punishment to a two-month period of house arrest. Despite helping her, La Folia couldn't help but feel a creepy feeling coming from the man.

Afterward, La Folia is pulled out of the room by Katarina. La Folia questions how the JGSDF gave into the demands of a foreign organization, worse, from a brutal extremist organization like the Moon Terminator Company.

In response, Katarina smacks La Folia on the head, telling her that she should think of it as God sending an angel with a scary face to help her out. As Katarina finished scolding La Folia, they are interrupted by Kureto and his subordinates. Kureto hands La Folia a card with KFP's number, telling her to contact them if anything is troubling her again. Thus, starting her official membership with KFP.

Liberty City War

Strike The Blood screenshot 0660

Natsuki contacting La Folia

Months later, the captain of KFP from Italy, Natsuki Minamiya, contacted La Folia in Japan and informed her they were going to Tenguu City with her squad to get Azul JisseleRevy and Haru's Artificial Demon Gears as well as to take down the squad o Cyborgs from KnightWalker Family dispatched to the region to secure more livestocks. When the group arrived, La Folia greeted them and took them to a private hotel in the center of Tenguu City where the squad spent they days until Natsuki and Kamina decided to give them their AD gear. 


Liberty City War

During this time, La Folia informed Katarina to not fight with a woman with blue hair, who was Azul Jissele as she was just reckless as she is. However, the two ended fighting in a Simulator Battle Arena, however, the victory was of course from Katarina. When she arrived in her home at night, Ibuki Mioda had already contacted her to talk about their battle, resulting in La Folia punishing Katarina with a giant vibrator. As La Folia was doing her house duties, Eckidina KnightWalker, with her armada of 2 millions invaded Liberty City after the assassination of Kyouhei Kannazuki failed. Just after the war ended, La Folia was informed about the war from Kamina and later from the News of the entire world. In response to this, La Folia started to hate Eckidina even more.

Days later, after Azul and her friends won their AD gear, La Folia dispatched them to the Abandoned District of Tenguu City where she reported the Cyborgs from KnightWalker Family are capturing civilians to steal their blood. Some time later, she is informed about the massive operation of Kureto Hiragi regarding about the Tech of the End but because of her status, she was not aware of the true nature of the project.

Scathach's Master Plan

Masou Gakuen HxH Screenshot 0015j

The battle of Tokyo starts

As the KFP moved all their forces to Tokyo to strike down the Ward Walker 24, La Folia is informed that KFP has finally made their move. The only thing she could was to pray for their success. However, during the battle, Kureto started the Tech of the End project that resulted in all his subordinates and KnightWalker being devoured by alien cube to awake its true power.

As Kureto proceeded to fuse himself with the cube, La Folia feels a strange feeling from distance and looks at the sky in worry. Later, the true root of evil appears on the battle, who is revealed to be Scathach and her Cult of Scathach. With this, the final battle starts, a battle for the fate of Earth that luckily resulted in the victory of Azul and her friends, but victory came with a great price; many of her friends dead.

Days later, La Folia arrives at Tokyo and informs them she will leave KFP after their war crimes were exposed, likewise, the group considered the same option and left the faction. Some time later, in the final scenes, La Folia is seen drinking tea while Katarina is trying to cook, only to put her house on fire.

Meeting with Aki Honda

Tumblr onx3ftqFbj1r4fn5ho1 1280

Katarina dressed as butler

During the last month of the year of 2033, Raizen High School had a festival where the students choose a topic and will present it for the visitors. When then topic was decided, the class turned their room in a Restaurant and had Katarina dressed as a butler as many girls said she was even more "handsome" than many boys dressed as the latter. This festival was so intense that many people came to La Folia's class just to see Katarina dressed as butler, even making other girls falling in love with her.

However, this happy atmosphere did not take long until a student from the Daybrooke School, a prison-school made to deliquents, criminals and among other scum of society to study, appeared on their class. When Katarina saw the tattoo of Mafusa Gang in his arm, she immediately grabbed him and tried to punch him in front of everyone but luckily Tamae Okamine stopped her before she could. The student then said there is someone who wants to meet her outside of the school and made his way out with an evil grin.

Once the class was over, Katarina made her way outside of the school and saw several men inside of an abandoned warehouse. Upon arriving there, she saw Aki Honda for the first time. When she asked why she was called there, Aki Honda said she doesn't like her as she receives too much attention and for beating many of her men at nights, destroying her drug-traffic in many areas of the city, however, she added that if it continues like that, her "mother" will punish her for allowing such idiot destroy her business. Aki Honda then ordered her men to attack and torture her to made an example of her as well as cutting her head off to impale it on the roof of the school. However, like expected, Katarina easily defeated them as she had many experiences in fighting. Aki Honda then started to shake and wondered why such girl like her can exist as more than 20 large men attacked her with violence but she was without damage. 

Screensfhot 0578

Aki Honda pointing a gun at La Folia's head

When La Folia noticed Katarina was missing, she searched for her only to find her friend facing Katarina in a warehouse next to the school. Noticing Katarina was distracted with La Folia's sudden appearance, she immediately pulled a pistol and aimed it at Katarina, shooting her leg and cowardly kicking her face. When La Folia tried to help, she threatened her with the pistol and gave orders to her to watch the show as she kills her loved one. However, as Aki Honda was taking her time, Katarina grabbed a rock and smashed Aki Honda's right feet, breaking all her toes and falling to the floor. Seeing Aki Honda in pain, Katarina proceeds to angrily punch her several times until Aki Honda almost dead and many of her teeth broke. When Katarina grabbed her gun, La Folia tried to stop her but she pushed her away and yelled at her friend for trying to protect the woman who almost killed them. Yet, after many seconds thinking, Katarina gave up on killing Aki Honda as she was not worthy to be killed.

When Katarina and La Folia left, Aki Honda smashed the floor several times in humilliation for being defeated by such coward woman who cannot even kill a single person. This caused Aki Honda to hate Katarina, starting their archenemy relationship. Since then, Aki Honda dispatched many of her minions to kill Katarina but no matter what she did, Katarina always won.

Beginning of WWIII

Mafusa Gang Invasion

Many months later, La Folia promised to herself that she would keep Katarina away from Aki Honda but no matter what she did, she could not keep Katarina away from her street-fight life and started to get worried with her life as Aki Honda was after her. At some point, Aki Honda and Katarina fought again but the Mafusa leader cheated and used two men to ambush Katarina, however, she still lose and was defeated again.

63749177 p24 master1200

Eckidina showing her true colors to La Folia

One day, when Katarina saved the life of a student known as Tadokoro Megumi from three rapists, La Folia gave a new uniform for her as she was naked after she gave her uniform to Tadokoro. When they were leaving from the school, La Folia was called by Misogi Kumagawa and was forced to see Eckidina KnightWalker in her office in the center of the city where the KnightWalker Family had bought dozens of buildings.

When she met Eckidina face-to-face, she saw that devilish girl killing one of her clients for not paying her weapons. However, she was used to see corpses and ignored all of Eckidina's taunts and asked what she wanted. To her surprise, Eckidina continued to ask the same thing; her wealthy. When La Folia said she need more time, Eckidina replied she was tired of waiting and was going to kill all those children to show an example of them. Hearing this, La Folia charged at Eckidina only to be punched by her heavy Cyborg fist, sending her away. At the same time, she asked La Folia to cut all ties with Katarina as Aki Honda, one of her clients, said she was giving her trouble. Of course, La Folia did not listen to her words and was soon kicked out of her building by two security guards. When she arrived at home, she saw Katarina palying cards and tried to keep her meeting with Katarina in secret.


Mana sleeping in La Folia's house

Days later, when La Folia and Katarina were going to school, they accidentally found a girl sleeping on the floor. Actually, she was not sleeping but unconscious, this girl turned out to be Mana Takamiya, a secret agent from an alien organization known as New Conglomerate, she was sent to Earth to hunt down an evil Spirit known as Kurumi Tokisaki, a Spirit who joined Raizen High School to find the Legendary ExKrieg who will defeat the Balam Alliance and bring peace to the Multi-Universe

La Folia and Katarina then decided to bring Mana to their house where she started to live with them like a family. Days later, La Folia received another unexpected visit from a girl known as Eugen Katsuragi, who claimed to be the true sister of Katarina Couteau. When La Folia asked who was her and why she claimed to be Katarina's sister, Eugen explained all her story and everything that happened to her... From Akrak CouteauKnightWalker FamilyHaruko Couteau and Iruka Couteau. When Eugen left La Folia's house, she started to get suspicious around Eugen but somehow she believed in the pureness of her words.

Deadman wronderland by hyugahinata78-d7ryzld

Aki Honda speeching before her army to explain how much she loves crime

Some days later, the World War III was knocking on the door of the mankind. Under the manipulation of the Fallen's Essence, Eckidina KnightWalker slowly planned the steps to start World War III, one of them was to assist Mafusa Gang in their invasion to invade Tenguu City. When the night of the war had arrived, Aki Honda and her gang of 2,000,000 bombed the city with the help of KnightWalker Family while her troops made their way to burn, destroy, kill and rape everything they caught in sight while Eckidina's forces and allies invaded and bombed Tokyo, London, Washington and Chronos Empire, starting the World War III officially.

Code Geafss Akito the Exiled Screenshot 0125

Tenguu City during the attack

Seeing the city under attack, La Folia asked to Katarina to stay on the house until the rescue arrives but Katarina somehow knew it was Aki Honda's doing and went to the battle to finish her off after giving her two chances to stop with her activities. However, before she could leave, Katarina, La Folia and Mana were ambushed by two cars full of Mafusa Gangsters who were sent to capture Katarina and kill La Folia. However, their plan was a failure as they managed to defeat them thanks to Mana's combat skills.

When Katarina left, La Folia knew she could not let Katarina go to war like that. La Folia then went to rescue Katarina but were ambushed by many Mafusa Gangsters on the way. Luckily, Mana was with her and defeated them all. At one point, Aki Honda's enforcer, Tomoo, crossed their way and started to shoot at La Folia for ignoring Eckidina's warnings. However, after some plans, La Folia and Mana brutally killed Tomoo by exploding his head with a shotgun. Despite their victory, they were soon ambushed by more Mafusa Gangsters who were soon killed by Chronos Empire's forces. Later, when the invasion was already stopped with military force, La Folia was informed that Katarina was in a hospital after her brutal battle with Aki Honda that ended in the death of Aki Honda and Eugen Katsuragi (whom tried to save her sister from Mafusa Gang).

Eugen's Funeral and Chronos Empire


Sephiria meeting La Folia, Mana and Katarina

Days later after the invasion of Tenguu City, Katarina found herself in a state of coma after her battle with Aki Honda. During those days, La Folia spent hours beside her. When she woke up from her coma, they are visited by Sephiria Arks KnightWalker who introduced herself as the Empress of Chronos Empire. When she revealed to La Folia and her friends that she was actually a Meta-Human, she teleported them to outside of the hospital and had a private conversation with Katarina about Eugen.

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La Folia speaking with Eugen's parents

Finally confessing everything she did, Katarina blames Sephiria for the death of Eugen as she was using her a spy, an equivalent to a Child Soldier. When Katarina angrily left, La Folia and Mana followed her without saying a word and bowed before Sephiria.

When the day of Eugen's funeral arrived, La Folia and her friends met Eugen's adoptive parents who were affiliated to Sephiria and explained her story to the group. Again, Katarina critized their position towards Eugen, but this time, La Folia knocked her down with a martial art's technique, leaving her unconscious. Following this, La Folia listened to their story and could show sympathy towards them as it was Eugen's dream. After a long conversation, Eugen's parents left her home while asking La Folia to give their apologies to Katarina.

World War III

Jack the Ripper of 21st Century


Sonia and Soda being dispatched to Raizen High School

Seeing he was losing power because of his lack of time to devour souls through rituals, the Fallen's Essence, the mastermind of World War III and the de-facto father of La Folia, contacted his minions from Ultimate DespairSonia Nevermind and Souda Kazuichi and reported that he is getting weak because of his lack of "energy". Under his orders, Souda made a plane which could enter in Japan without being noticed by the radars while Sonia made her way to Tenguu City. Arriving in Tenguu City, the Fallen's Essence orders her to kill many people as possible while using a type of ritual to sent their souls direct to his core (equivalent to a belly) to regain power.

Days later, Sonia joined Raizen High School to hide her identity as a serial killer. Because she was never shown to the public, no one, not even La Folia, was awared that she was actually the Princess of Novosic Kingdom. At school, La Folia made a buddy relationship with Sonia to the point of considering her a soul-mate as they were too similar. However, it was nothing more than a façade as Sonia was actually a serial killer whom gained the title of "Jack the Ripper of 21st Century" for mutilating young girls.  Because of her intelligence, many people never suspected she was the killer and the nature of her crimes called the attention of Kyouko Kirigiri, the world's greatest detective. When Kyouko arrived at the school, she contacted La Folia at times as she was the person was more familiar with the students of the school.

When the case was solved, La Folia and Katarina were informed that Raizen High School was closed, much to their unhappiness but as long the case was solved, they were happy to see everything returned to normal. Many days later, La Folia still never suspected that Sonia was actually the serial killer.

Rise of Anti-Christ

Some hooded figure

Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure

After the massacre of Jack the Ripper was seemly over, La Folia went on to her life which was heavily influnced after the death of Tama Sakai.

However, La Folia's identity as an Aldegyr Princess had already known by some people due to the Fallen's Essence who exposed the true identity of La Folia, and one of them was someone who was keeping KnightWalker Funeral Parlor under his survelliance for a long time before its collapse.

One day, on a smog day, La Folia asked Adam Jessen to make some false visitor card for KnightWalkers in order to sneak into the KnightWalker Family and find a way to defeat them, but she was soon attacked by a hooded figure and passed out. After she woke up, La Folia found her wallet was stolen alongside her ID card as well as those fake KnightWalker Visitor Cards. She and Katarina called the police but received no answers.

The mysetrious unknown figure had later killed a Catholic messenger who carried a message from the Church to warn Eckidina. Later, the person attacked Pope Matthai Reese and stole the Grand Grimoire inside St. Peter's Ballisca before leaving La Folia's purse in the Ballisca. As the Unknown Figure went to find Eckidina in order to grant her a chance of partnership, La Folia was framed.

Later, Vento of the Front tried to attack La Folia with her minions in order to arrest her, but was confronted by first Katarina Couteau and then Acqua of the Back. After proving La Folia's innoncence, Acqua then left with Vento calmly, and La Folia had her purse back but could not find her fake Visitor Card anywhere. Soon, La Folia and her friends met at a restaurant to discuss this sudden event, worried to the possibility if the mastermind behind this would work with Eckidina, and Rentaro deduced that it was a sign of a new evil rising after the death of Aki Honda. 

Later, in order to fix the consequences caused by this rash decision, Acqua invited La Folia and Katarina to attend a charity fair and see magician shows, not knowing that this was exactly the Unknown Figure wanted.

Michael Langdon


La Folia upon meeting Michael Langdon for the first time.

During the charity fair, La Folia, who accepted the offer, arrived in Roman City Hall alongside Katarina, Mana and Asuha. During this time, La Folia found Katarina gloomy and tried to cheer her up, revealing that there would be a magician show, but Katarina bluntly said she hated magicians.

As La Folia tried to cheer Katarina up, a young bishop with dark hair arrived at the scene and smilingly conversed with La Folia and Katarina, introducing himself. He told them that his name was Michael Langdon, Bishop of New Orleans, and would be one of the hosts of this fair. Feeling his friendly demeanor, La Folia talked happily with Michael, whereas Katarina saw Kyouko Kirigiri in the scene and went for the detective.

As they were talking, Michael threw an invitation to La Folia, Mana and Asuha, and he invited them to New Orleans before giving her a compliement on her beautiful eyes. Just as they were chatting happily, Katarina interrupted them and asked for leaving. Seemly worried, Michael asked if Katarina was not feeling well, but La Folia said that Katarina was well. Just then, Lidvia Lorenzetti arrived at the scene and told Michael that the show was about to start. Michael asked the guests to stay for the magician show, and everyone except Katarina agreed to this offer.


Michael Langdon

However, unbeknowest to La Folia or her friends, Eckidina, Misogi, Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba had snuck into the backstage, kidnapped the magician and replaced him with their own. Also, the Unknown Figure was hiding among the crowd as well. Before the show started, La Folia and her friends then stayed with the audiences as Michael and Lidvia gave their presentations before introducing the magician (disguised by Misogi) and his assistant (disguised by Junko).

Then, the magician invited Katarina to go on stage and performed a trick, which impressed Katarina at last. After Katarina returned from the stage happily, Mana was suspicious on the assistant of magician and told La Folia that she felt that the magician and his assistant were familiar to her. Just then, Junko secretly unmasked herself before giving a wink to the audience, and Mana was shocked by this. Mana then informed Acqua the news, but before she could do so, Mukuro attacked her from behind.

Soon, Junko and Misogi killed the mayor of Rome on stage before revealing their true identity, and La Folia, Mana, Asuha, Michael, Lidvia and many others were trapped because Mukuro had already locked all of the doors.

Mana confronts Kotori

Mana was shocked when she saw the magician's assistant was Junko.

In sheer chaos, Katarina managed to find a way out with the help of Kyouko, but she changed her mind when she realized La Folia was in danger. After making a plan, Katarina went back to save La Folia, and Kyouko went to Acqua (who was already outside) to lead him into the City Hall.

As they arrived, Eckidina, Junko and Mukuro were holding La Folia at their gunpoint in order to threaten Katarina, and La Folia faced Junko with no fear despite the latter kept mocking her. Unable to see La Folia from being harmed, Katarina went out to save La Folia, followed by Kyouko and Acqua.

Junko Stabbed

Junko "killed" by Michael (but later revealed that she had survived her wounds).

Junko immediately stopped pushing La Folia and made Katarina as her hostage, but suddenly, Michael Langdon appeared and stabbed Junko with several spears, apparently killing her. Eckidina and Misogi managed to escape, but the Despair Sisters were taken away by the police, with Mukuro in the prison and Junko in the morgue.

Later, La Folia and her friends talked about the horrifying experience at that night, and Katarina was determined to find Eckidina and let her pay. Joking that she never liked magicians, La Folia chatted a little with Michael, and then Michael sealed their friendship with Katarina and her friends. After that, Michael left the scene with a smile.

Time Travel


Sister Mary Eunice met La Folia on the town's street before she took them to Corbin's cabin.

Later, Katarina led Mana, La Folia and Asuha to set up a hunt against Eckidina and wanted to capture her. They found Misogi who was thrown out from the hotel and apparently abandoned by Eckidina. Misogi asked Katarina and others to pay for his bill. As La Folia was suspecting this, both Eckidina and the Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure appeared not far behind them.

As Katarina was about to attack the Unknown Figure, Eckidina revealed that it was all a trap before releasing the Traveler's Spell using the Grand Grimoire, sending Katarina and La Folia into a time tunnel, and they arrived at the town of Sleepy Hollow, in 2013. Unable to find Katarina anywhere (who somehow landed in another place), La Folia, Mana and Asuha were desperate to find Katarina, but received no results, and soon they all had a time paradox. Just as this time, a nun appeared not far away from them offered them help after introducing herself as Sister Mary Eunice.

Lancer and scathach fate grand order and fate series drawn by shimo s kaminaka sample-3f2088db12a484a9e2698940d092dc8ao

Katarina's aged new appearance in Sleepy Hollow.

Soon afterwards, Sister Mary Eunice then took La Folia and others to the cabin of August Corbin, where they met Katarina (who was led by Reverend Alfred Knapp) once again. La Folia was surprised at Katarina's change in her appearance, not knowing that it was caused by the time travel as well as Katarina's hidden power, which Sister Mary Eunice sensed after Katarina's presence.

Feeling the possible danger within Katarina, Sister Mary Eunice planned to forge the legendary Spear of Virtue in order to enhance Katarina's strength and strain her power in case it lost control. As Katarina and Mana were sleeping, Sister Mary Eunice called La Folia and Asuha out to help her forge the spear. During this time, Sister Mary Eunice took a drop of La Folia's blood and successfully forged the Spear of Virtue.

-美国恐怖故事--第二季-第1-00 32 54--20170502-125310-1-

Sister Mary Eunice expressed her worry to La Folia about Katarina's unknown power.

Just then, Sister Mary Eunice worryingly revealed to La Folia that she was suspecting on Katarina due to her hidden power the nun sensed, and she also hinted about Mana's true identity. La Folia was surprised to hear that since she realized that there was so much she did not know about Katarina despite living for so many years. Sister Mary Eunice then revealed to La Folia that Katarina's power must be in control, or it will cause a horrid consequence that would endanger everyone on Earth. On the next day, Sister Mary Eunice showed Katarina the forged Spear of Virtue after discussing about this mysterious turn of event. Just at this time, Corbin arrived back from duty, but was injured due to the attack caused by his evil former friend, Atticus Nevins, who was chasing an ancient artifact. La Folia immediately called an ambulance, but she suddenly heard the Unknown Figure's voice coming from the phone, causing her nearly dropped the phone in fear before she regained her conciousness almost immediately.

Battle in Sleepy Hollow

Tumblr mztxmp3VqO1svfppko5 500

La Folia came to rescue when Nevins attacked the diner.

After Corbin was out of a hospital, he let Katarina out to meet Abbie in a nearby diner, not knowing that Nevins and his minions were coming towards the place.

However, fortunately for them, this was witnessed by Asuha who did not waste time on calling Katarina. Just at this time, Nevins struck into the diner where the diner was, trying to capture Corbin and Katarina, but La Folia arrived in time and managed to save them from the gunfire.

After returning back to Corbin's house, La Folia revealed her worry about the future world of Tenguu City, which may "now" under the attack. After a small talk, Katarina was fraustrated when she discovered that Nevins was not the Unknown Figure and then, she and La Folia and others knew the time came for them. They had to do something to defend everyone from Nevins.


The demonic Betsy Ross in a husk created by Christine Van Bilj was sent to hunt down Katarina by Moloch.

Under Katarina's advice, La Folia and her friends managed to live together with Abbie inside Corbin's house and moved out of the fishing cabin, in order to protect Abbie, but Corbin was later captured by Nevins.

Nevins soon sent a message to Corbin's house, informing Katarina about this capturing. Katarina was shocked and sad when she realized Corbin was in danger, but with the help of Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia, Katarina eventually regained her confidence and planned a rescue operation.

Soon afterwards, La Folia and her friends became the member of a new team in Sleepy Hollow, and its name is Team Witness. After heading towards the woods, they started a search around the trees, but they found no trace of Nevins.

Suddenly, a demon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the Team, and Katarina was knocked down in comatose while La Folia led others to struggle against those demons. However, Katarina soon awoke and started to attack the demon with her Spear of Virtue, the real one which was granted by Pandora who appeared inside her dream. Katarina saved her friends and defeated the monster before it escaped, but Sister Mary Eunice suspected that the demon was someong very close to the Cranes. The demon later went into a pond before its true identity was revealed by the reflection; Betsy Ross.


Eckidina in front of Katarina

Suddenly, just as everyone feeling relieved, a portal just appeared in front of everyone, as Kyouko KirigiriRentaro Satomi and Sonia Nevermind all coming out of the portal, due to Eckidina who had travelled to Sleepy Hollow via Grand Grimoire and took them with her. After a brief exchange in their memory, the Team all realized just how horrible the situation is since Eckidina had arrived in Sleepy Hollow.

Suddenly, Eckidina appeared in front of everyone with Terra of the Left on her side, while Corbin was held as a hostage. Eckidina used Corbin to threaten Katarina, forcing her to give in. Katarina tried to save Corbin, but La Folia warned her not to fall into Eckidina's trap. Katarina, however, had to give herself in to prevent Corbing being shot down by Eckidina. However, Eckidina revealed that she had lied and took Katarina and Corbin away. La Folia tried to stop her, but Terra of the Left used a portal to send the remaining people away.

La Folia was sent back to Corbin's cabin alongside all others except Katarina. Then, La Folia was shocked to heard that Jenny Mills escaped from the cabin and went to somewhere unknown. La Folia was devastated and exhausted, she then went into a deep sleep. Inside her dream, La Folia was chased by the Four Horsemen of the Apocaplypse before she met Katrina Crane, who informed her that the Horseman of Death will come back after an army of evil leads his way, before hinting that the dark witch, Serilda of the Abaddon, will be the first to come.


Michael informing the Team Witness about the Old Prison

After awakening, La Folia told the Team Witness everything she heard from Katrina. With Sonia's help, they quickly seeked out that Moloch was the source of all evil but it never meant they don't need to delve the identity of the hooded figure with Grand Grimoire. Just then, Michael Langdon, who had escaped from the Old Prison occupied by Eckidina as her lair.

Before Michael told everyone the informations about the Old Prison, La Folia told her friends about the dark witch implied by Katrina in her dream. Knapp informed that it was the Order of Blood Moon's leader, known as Serilda of the Abaddon, who was burned at the stake thanks to Katrina's efforts but vowed to return. Knapp told La Folia that Serilda and her coven's ashes were contained in the Munition Tunnel, a series of tunnels under Sleepy Hollow.


Poison Ivy in the Old Prison, now covered in her plants

Michael left with teleportation to seek out situations. While searching for Michael, Sister Mary Eunice found Adam Frankenstein and the Bride, who was also teleported to Sleepy Hollow but escaped and met Michael by accident. After persuading Adam to join him, Sister Mary Eunice summoned an army of holy spirits. Then, a plan to save Katarina and Corbin shall be instigated, with Sister Mary Eunice led the Team Witnesses and holy spirits towards a secret entrance within the woods. While walking inside, Sister Mary Eunice started to tell La Folia about the Munition Tunnel. Then, she made a plan. Sonia, Kyouko and Rentaro will take the map of the Tunnels and escort Corbin out of the prison, while Adam and the Bride shall be diversions. Michael and Knapp will try to stop Serilda from her resurrection. The rest of the team would break Katarina out.

Soon, La Folia and others broke into prison, where they encountered Poison Ivy and Dr. Frankenstein, who had been captured by Nevins but escaped from prison. Under their combined force, Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia broke Katarina and Corbin out, killing Nevins in the process, but Serilda had been brought back and would reach her full power.

Unbeknowest to Team Witness, Eckidina had just lured Abbie to a trap while their greatest enemy lurked right inside their team...

All For Nothing

Serilda 2

Serilda resurrected.

After Dr. Frankenstein was found dead in his final confrontation against Eckidina, with his last note leaving to Adam in order to apologize, a grieved La Folia returned back to Sister Mary Eunice since the entire team was trapped in the tunnels.

Then, Moloch's avatar appeared to stop his enemies. Sister Mary Eunice merged with other spirits to form her angel form in an attempt to drive Moloch back to Purgatory, and Michael who had arrived had escorted Katarina to safety, while Knapp escorted Corbin to leave.


Michael revealing his true colors

During her escape, La Folia found Serilda revived from her death. La Folia fired at Serilda, but the latter grabbed her bullet with one hand and grinded it into dust. Serilda the captured La Folia and sent her in front of Moloch. After being sent into Purgatory, La Folia unexpectedly met Michael Langdon, who revealed his true nature as the Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure to her. By showing the visitor card he stole from La Folia, Michael not only revealed that he was the one who framed La Folia, but also planning his malevolent plan all along to put everyone into danger. Then, Michael attempted to shoot down La Folia, who was in sheer disbelief. However, he spared La Folia and put her under his mind control.

Under Michael's mind control, La Folia was forced to confront the rest of Team Witness inside the dungeon alongside Misogi, who was under the possession of Moloch's minion, Ancitif. In a sadistic glee, Michael threatened Sonia to surrender herself and choose between killing Kyouko and La Folia. In distress, Kyouko demanded Michael to shoot down La Folia, but Michael did the polar opposite. He controlled La Folia to shoot Kyouko, before he escaped with Ancitif, before summoning a group of Undead Redcoats to attack the team. La Folia later regained her sense, as the whole team was surrounded. Fortunately, Pandora and Mr. Gold appeared in front of them and saved them all. Pandora then informed that Corbin was killed by the revived Horseman of Death during his attempt to keep Abbie away from Eckidina, but Ichabod Crane at the same time was resurrected as well.

After their departure with Pandora and Gold, Team Witness then found a trace of hope and they all vowed to defeat Michael and make Corbin and others he killed to rest in peace. Meanwhile, Michael sent Eckidina and Misogi back to Tenguu City and declared war on Katarina, La Folia and their friends.

Michael's Full Assault


Michael after fueling himself with power from Serilda's pendant

After fueling himself with Serlda's pendant, Michael reached his new form that turned his eyes red and his hair white, while his mentality started to turn unstable. The final battle in Sleepy Hollow awaited for Katarina and her friends.

A day after Corbin's death and Ichabod's subsquent arrest for the murder wrongfully by Andy Brooks, La Folia and Katarina found Reverend Knapp and told him about Michael's true nature, but Knapp then noticed that Ichabod passed by in Abbie's police car. Shocked, Knapp realized that the Horseman had revived with Ichabod as well, and he immediately sent Katarina and La Folia to follow the car, while he was ready for the Horseman's assault.

Inside Ichabod's tomb where he was rested, Ichabod and Abbie discovered a book of Bible buried beside Ichabod's coffin. Just then, Katarina and La Folia cut in and wared Abbie about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with one of them - Death - being the same Headless Horseman who beheaded Corbin. Abbie, however, remained in disbelief.

La Folia then ignored Abbie and asked Ichabod some question, which he answered with accuracy, all matching to Katrina's words when she talked with La Folia in her dream. Katarina and La Folia believed Ichabod, but Abbie did not believe him. Much to Abbie's chagrin, Ichabod then revealed that the Horseman did not die when he chopped off his head, because he was not human at all. Ichabod then warned that the Horseman somehow returned to Sleepy Hollow to finish what he had started.

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Ichabod discovered Washington's Bible

At the same night, Michael led the Horseman to Reverend Knapp's chapel, demanding the Horseman's head, but Knapp refused to give in and fought the Horseman to his death. The Horseman beheaded Knapp and then escaped.

Ichabod and others went to the crime scene, and Katarina and La Folia started to mourn Knapp. Meanwhile, Ichabod was led by a mysterious bird and found a tombstone where Katrina's name was carved on it. During their attempt to convince Abbie, La Folia discovered that Abbie was about to leave for Quantico to become a FBI Agent, much to her shock. Unable to convince Abbie, La Folia and Katarina went to Corbin's House and discussed the next part of their plan.

After reaching back to their house, Katarina and La Folia informed others that Knapp was murdered by Michael and the Horseman, while Abbie determined to leave Sleepy Hollow as Ichabod was taking the fall for being "mentally insane". They also informed that they found a tombstone of Katrina, but Sister Mary Eunice deduced that the tombstone was a fake, and the fake grave served as a place to hide the Horseman of Death's head. However, the conversation was interrupted when the group heard the singing voice of Michael's second in command, Melancholia, coming from the radio, serving as a signal for Michael's force. Soon, Terra of the Left appeared and took Katarina and all others (except Sister Mary Eunice who was in a mirror) away.

Team Witness VS. Terra

Terra profile

Terra of the Left

When Katarina awoken, she opened her eyes and looked around with confusion. She saw menacing plants all around her. She immediately realized that where it is. She was in Poison Ivy's greehouse, as Ivy was held as hostage. Katarina turned back and saw Terra floating above the air and held the Grand Grimoire. Poison Ivy was there as well but she was strained with magic. Terra gloated as he menacing looked at Katarina.

​By chanting a spell on the Grand Grimoire, Terra released a whirl of powerful sandstorm and hit Katarina. Then he drew his sword just as Sonia and Kyouko ran towards him, but Terra immediately blew them away as well. ​By chanting a spell on the Grand Grimoire, Terra released a whirl of powerful sandstorm and hit Katarina. Then he drew his sword just as Sonia and Kyouko ran towards him, but Terra immediately blew them away as well.

Terra grinned as Katarina drew her Spears of Virtues once again and attacked Terra. Then, the two clashed against each other, and La Folia drew her pistol to choose a chance to shoot Terra. A green aura and a red aura were clashing together in an inhuman speed and La Folia could not have a clear shot. Just then, a zombie redcoat appeared behind La Folia, and Asuha saw it and warned La Folia. La Folia then turned back to shoot the undead redcoat down before it fell down and reduced to ash.

However, before she could react, more zombies began to coming from the ground and started to attack Team Witness, causing them had no chance to aid Katarina or rescue Ivy. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy tried to summon her plants to help them, but because of the magic strained her power, she could not do it. Terra the revealed that the Grand Grimoire is still incomplete and Michael will find the remaining pages. Suddenly, several light arrows appeared not far away and Terra of the Left saw a tall and slender figure shone with bright white light were standing not far away. The figure was none other than Sister Mary Eunice in her light form. She cast a spell to Poison Ivy and eventually freed her, and then the glass above everyone broke. Adam Frankenstein and the Bride swung themselves with ropes into the greenhouse.

Tumblr mzgt9zWAZf1svfppko4 500

La Folia fired at Terra with her pistol.

Without talking, Adam and the Bride then started to slay the numerous undead redcoat soldiers as Sister Mary Eunice killed many of them with blue bolts and light, burning many of them. Casting a spell, Terra managed to push Katarina away and start choking her with magic, and Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia had notice this. Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia looked at each other, and Sister Mary Eunice immediately went towards Terra before he attack her with magical dust devils. Poison Ivy summoned a pile of trees to make a defense for Sister Mary Eunice, who was cooperating with Ivy by using light shield. While they are struggling, La Folia had snuck herself beside Terra with the help a soul warrior who was not combined with Sister Mary Eunice. Since Terra was distracted by Sister Mary Eunice and Ivy, he could not concentrate on Katarina or notice La Folia.

Then, La Folia shot at Terra's arm and made him howl in pain. Then, La Folia seized the chance and knocked the Grand Grimoire down from Terra's hand, freeing Katarina. Before Terra could react, La Folia had punched him in the face. As Terra struggled and fell dizzy, Sonia raised a glass bottle she picked up on the road and smashed the head of Terra. Terra then fell down and was unconscious.

Then, Sister Mary Eunice and Ivy were relieved from the attack, and the remaining redcoat zombies were killed as well. Sonia picked up the Grand Grimoire and put it into a bag. She then looked at La Folia who bit her lips who was wordless for Sonia's in time help. After defeating Terra, Sister Mary said that she told Abbie about the things around the files of Corbin, and she suggested that shall finish their business with Michael.

Team Witness VS. Michael


Michael prepared to attack Katarina and Kyouko

During the fight in St. Gregory's Asylum due to Serilda's attempt in murdering Ichabod and Abbie but allowed them to escape, Michael, who was wearing his cloak and hood, was thinking about the scene at the top of the (former) Trinity Church, as the Horseman and Serilda's zombies slaying people in blind rage. He then smiled as he saw the fire that Serilda caused when he saw smokes coming far away. After the fire caused by Jeremy Crane's crying had the Trinity Church burnt down about 2 centuries ago, the church was later reconstructed and had many new names, but soon they all lost in history. The church itself was abandoned as well.

Scathach fate grand order and fate series drawn by aora sample-ffab0a0037e3accae7559bc716c98171

Katarina fought against Michael

The sun was falling down and Michael was waiting it to fell, yet he was preparing for Katarina and her friends' attack, and he was delighted when he spotted Katarina and Kyouko snuck to the place behind him. Snapping Katarina's replica Spear of Virtue with his dark chains, Michael then showed his new form and tried to attack them by spilling his own blood, which all ignited and turned into fire.

Outside the church, La Folia, Sonia, Sister Mary Eunice, Asuha, Rentaro, Mana, Adam, Ivy and the Bride all hid not far away from the church, behind some gunpowder barrels. Sonia hid the Grand Grimoire inside a bag. Under Asuha's advice, Team Witness prepared to bring down the building with gunpowder barrels to destroy the zombies, but after sending ignited barrels into the church, they were all apalled finding Michael trapped Katarina and Kyouko on the Church, forcing them to put down the fire on the barrels and fought with zombie army. La Folia and others covered Sister Mary Eunice to rescue Katarina and Kyouko, whom Michael tried hard to finish off but failed to do so again and again. Kyouko jumped towards Michael with a pair of golden wings that Sister Mary Eunice added on them, and she fired at Michael before Michael released his hand from the chain, causing Katarina to fall down. Several zombies rushed towards her and attacked her, but Katarina managed to destroy them all.


Michael mocking his enemies in their illusions

On the ground, La Folia, Mana, Asuha, Sonia and others were dealing with Michael's zombies and the whole church became a battlefield. When the fire was put out, Poison Ivy summoned several vines to tie the zombies up so that Asuha could shot them down. Even so, they started to deal with more and more blood creatures keep coming from Michael's blood on the ground.

Sonia saw Sister Mary Eunice being tied up by Michael. Sonia shot at Michael and the bullet slashed his arm, causing a bit of scratch. Michael, however, was a bit of distracted by it and immediately released Sister Mary Eunice out of his will. Sister Mary Eunice was immediately freed and flew towards the spear. She picked up the snapped spear before attached them.

After casting a spell, Sister Mary Eunice successfully fixed the spear itself, which became perfectly attached into a complete one. Michael tried to stop her but Kyouko with her wings kept attacked him. They started to struggled each other as Sister Mary Eunice called Katarina to draw her attention.


Sonia confronted Michael face to face

With her strength provided by her angel form, ​Sister Mary Eunice threw the spear to Katarina, whom immediately caught it after coming out of zombies' surrounding. She jumped up towards Michael and started to attack him above the air. Michael, however, was not so easy to be defeated. He immediately cut his arm with a piece of blade to let himself bleed, and his blood flowed towards the air and formed a large spinning vortex made by blood. Michael then cast a spell to heal his own cut wound in order to prevent himself from bleeding too much.

Michael's blood vortex started to spin and released a mass amount of heat. Seeing this, Katarina and her friends were all surprised to see Michael's another power. Michael pushed the vortex towards Kyouko and it immediately erased her light wings and made her spinning in the sky. Michael watched it coldly as Sonia was enraged and shivered. Others who had finished cleaning the zombies were also astonished to see Michael preforming this torture. With no qualm, Michael continued to taunt Sonia. ​Sonia clenched her fist and angrily glared at Michael, and her eyes returned to red once again. Sonia watched Kyouko spinning in the sky as Michael looked at her. He then used his power to invade Sonia and Kyouko's mind and taunted them. His words could only be heard by Sonia and Kyouko. To Katarina and La Folia, his lips did not move at all, but in fact he was sending message of threats into Sonia and Kyouko's head, forcing them to surrender.


Sonia rebuked Michael.

​Sonia, however, had enough of this. Michael's taunting had pricked into her soul and she knew that nothing could ever escape from Michael's nigh-omnipotence, but she still looked up at Michael and roared out that her greatest enemy in Sleepy Hollow is Michael. Hearing this, Michael's expression became serious once again. He stretched his arm to the blood vortex. The blood vortex disappeared and Kyouko immediately fell towards the ground, screaming. Sonia was horrified. Sister Mary Eunice saw this as well and her angelic wings became much more brighten and more chromatic in color, hinting that she was alarmed. With no hesitation, Sister Mary Eunice immediately went to save Kyouko. Michael attempted to stop Sister Mary Eunice, but Katarina and Sonia blocked his way. Soon, Sister Mary Eunice had save Kyouko and landed safely to the ground.

Suddenly, a yell had appeared behind Katarina, and Sister Mary Eunice was alarmed. She looked up to the second floor of Church, finding Terra of the Left trying to attack Katarina out of nowhere. Hearing Terra's yell and Sister Mary Eunice's scream,​ Katarina turned back and saw Terra of the Left who had just stood up jumped towards her. Sister Mary Euncie fired an golden arrow to Terra, but he blocked it when he discovered this. Sister Mary Eunice's eyes widened in rage.


Michael declared his victory

Before she could react, Sister Mary Eunice felt her power was fading quickly and soon her body flashed between in her angel form and nun form. Katarina and Sonia were knocked down and Terra grabbed the book from Sonia. Terra then cast the Travelers' Spell and immediately summoned a portal, just as Sister Mary Eunice was 1 centimeter close to him and tried to grab him, but it was too late. Terra soon took a leap and disappeared into the portal. Katarina and Sonia tried to stop Terra but they were stopped by Michael's chain. The portal disappeared, and Sister Mary Eunice immediately pointed her golden blade to Michael in a fit of rage. With a devious chuckle, Michael disappeared and Sister Mary Eunice's angel form began to fade once again and she weakly fell towards the ground, landed beside Kyouko. The remaining zombies were disappeared as well. Katarina and her friends immediately went towards Kyouko and Sister Mary Eunice.

-美国恐怖故事--第二季-第1-00 30 33--20170728-170151-0-

Sister Mary Eunice lied defeated.

As they arrived, Sister Mary Eunice had struggled herself to get up, still alive. Katarina ran towards her and hugged her. Sister Mary made a joke that she could not die a second time. However, everyone else in Team Witness were frustrated. The only chance they went back to 2036 were cut off. La Folia lamented that Michael won and everything they fought became all for nothing, but Katarina encouraged all of them to fight since Michael cannot win. They then went to Munition Tunnel. Following the tunnels' path, they arrived back into the Archives where they rejoined Ichabod and Abbie later.

Ichabod Crane

La Folia and most of her teammates teleported themselves to the archive waiting for Ichabod and Abbie, while Adam, Rentaro, Poison Ivy & The Bride went to the town to find the trace of Michael. After arriving in the room, ​Abbie was surprised to see Katarina and La Folia as well as many others, but then she started to explain the Archives to Ichabod. La Folia then put her hand on the cabinet which Abbie saw it Corbin's office - after La Folia removed a white sheet that covered it, revealing it to be Corbin's file and his legacy.


The Headless Horseman returned back to town

Katarina then started to tell the whole story of her, from entering this world and meeting Corbin, Knapp and Sister Mary Eunice, to confronting Eckidina & Serilda as well as meeting Pandora who saved their life... Abbie's eyes wide opened in astonishment yet Ichabod was not surprised since Katarina had already told him about her origins from future, and he is highly believed it.

Just then, the night came and the darkness swallowed the room, hinting that the Headless Horseman of Death is arrving into the town.

Michael's Illusions


The Headless Horseman's Head

Before the battle started, Rentaro, Adam and the Bride went to the streets to make a search, while Katarina was swinging a shovel and start digging Katrina Crane's "grave" while mumbling. La Folia, Sonia, Kyouko and Sister Mary Eunice (in her angel form) were beside her. They were acting this secretly in order to prevent themselves from being arrested for grave robbing. Mana and Asuha were guarding the graveyard and La Folia, Sister Mary Eunice, Sonia and Kyouko were beside Katarina. Suddenly, a noise could be heard, and Katarina felt that her shovel hit something hard. She immediately reacted in delight and passed the shovel to La Folia. ​Katarina lowered her head and saw wooden frames. She immediately torn them apart with her bare hands. It was an easy task since it was more than 200 years old and it began to become fragile.

Soon, Katarina found a bag and lifted it in front of Katrina's headstone. She start opening the bag and soon she found a large glass jar with the head of the Horseman. Others were surprised to see this. ​Suddenly, to everyone's horror, the eyes of the Horseman's head were opened widely all of a sudden, frightened everyone nearby. Soon, the noise of a horse was heard as people all looked at the place and saw the Headless Horseman with his guns and axe appeared in the graveyard. The Horseman fired a shot at Team Witness and they dodged it. Katarina looked at Sister Mary Eunice as Mana and Asuha charged at the Horseman.

The Horseman then came down from his horse and went towards the hole, trying to find the head, but Asuha and Mana appeared in front of the Horseman and fired their shots to the Horseman, while Sister Mary Eunice in her angel form had distracted the Horseman as well with the help from Sonia and Kyouko. Shouting, Sister Mary Eunice fired a large fire ball to the Horseman and hit him instantly. The Horseman dropped his gun and start rolling on the ground, trying to put off the flame on him. Soon, the Horseman lied on the ground without moving. Both Sonia and Kyouko observed the Horseman carefully, but they were surprised to see him not burnt at all. All it seemed that he just went to sleep.


Michael transformed into his shadow form

When Sonia asked if the Horseman is dead, Sister Mary Eunice lamshaded that that was a problem since the Headless Horseman was dead to begin with. The awkward silence caused by her words was broken when the Horseman stood up again and walked towards the angel. Seeing this, Katarina handed the container to La Folia before she drew her spears and attack the Horseman. Katarina tried to pierce the Horseman's chest with one of her spears, but turned out he was immune to the attack as well, and the Horseman knocked down Katarina before swinging his axe. ​Just as Katarina was about to be strike down the Horseman, the axe suddenly frozen in the air and so did many people beside Katarina - even Katarina herself.

Most of them seemed to be not move at all, but later Sister Mary Eunice were suddenly floated towards the sky while many transparent figures of Mana, Asuha, Sonia, Kyouko, La Folia and even Katarina herself were floated as well. Katarina wanted to scream but she could not do it, somehow. The time seemed frozen all of a sudden, and the conciousness of Katarina (among others except the Horseman)​ were sucked into a black hole appeared above the sky... and it sent them to Michael's illusion world, where they found Rentaro, Poison Ivy, Adam, Ichabod, Abbie and the Bride inside as well.


Michael trapped Katarina and her friends into illusions

All of a sudden, people all heard the sound of Michael and looked at the direction. They saw Michael Langdon, but somehow his full body was shrouded in shadow. His eyes were wide opened and he floated on the air. Holding back her sudden feelings of fear, Katarina drew her spears and pointed to Michael, whose shadow body started to expand and enlarge into a 100-foot-tall monstrous being and only the upper half of his body is visible to the Team Witness while his lower half of body sunk into the ground. His eyes became fully red. Michael's face became more and more hideous and menacing. No longer like a human, and the chains had turned into tentacles as well. His shadow form shocked everyone.

Decieving everyone with the lies of reviving those they cared much about, Michael then summoned illusions made of his own mind, which all turned into people related to each of his opponents.

However, Katarina realized that Michael was trying to fool all of them after hearing the illusion pretending her sister, Eugen Katsuragi, blamed Katarina for her death at Aki Honda's hands. Therefore, she immediately warned everyone after snapping herself from the darkness.

Demons by fasslayer

Michael's Legion in all shapes and sizes

All of the sudden, the ghosts were all repelled from the spot when the Team Witness were standing. Abbie snapped out as well, followed by Ichabod and La Folia. Kyouko nodded as she walked a step towards Michael. She had saw through his lies as well. Then, Sister Mary Eunice, Adam and the Bride immediately raised their heads, and looked at Michael. Rentaro and Sonia looked at Michael as well as the "ghosts" of the Ripper victims (in Sonia's illusion) stopped closing in. Asuha started to fight back as well. The entire Team Witness had now regained their sense.

Hearing all of this, Michael's eyes widened and his face went even paler as if he was already dead. He then lowered his head in sheer anger... before a horrid and psychopathic smile appeared on his demonic face, revealing he will take over those dead people with his Legion made of his own soul. While Michael is threatening his enemies, all of the ghosts immediately spread out and immediately turned into blackened monsters. The monsters immediately grabbed the Team Witnesses' arms and subdued them. Michael's shadow became bigger and more menacing as he spread his shadow to make everything in his illusion world to plunge into the darkness.

Crimson rose tlc by umiokimura-da8bw0g

Maria's spirit appeared in Katarina's illusion to encourage her.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of Maria Arzonia's spirit who appeared briefly, telling Katarina not to lose hope, everyone got out of the illusions. Maria soon disappeared into the darkness as she returned towards Heaven. Katarina wasted no time as she start chanting the spell before the light which surrounded her had spread. Repelling the black mist, the whole Team Witness was freed from the surrounding as the black mist merged once again into a gigantic shadow of Michael. Using her awakened ExKrieg ability, Katarina destroyed Michael's shadow and forced his humanoid form in life-size to get out, and Michael soon pushed Team Witnesses out of his illusion world as Katarina began to fight him and the demons splited from the destroyed shadows.

Team Witness VS. The Horseman

07 109

La Folia fired at the Headless Horseman with her pistol.

Back to the cemetery, La Folia, Asuha, Mana, Katarina, Sonia, Kyouko and Sister Mary Eunice faced the attack from the Headless Horseman. As Katarina regained her conciousness, she heard a noise before seeing the Headless Horseman swinging his axe to her. As she was about be decapitated, La Folia who had regained consciousness had shot the Horseman with her pistol. Despite it had no use at all, it does drew the Horseman's attention, slowing him down, and thus La Folia bought Katarina some time to dodge the Horseman's attack.

The Horseman swung his axe and ran to La Folia just as Sister Mary Eunice tied him up with light chains that came out of nowhere, saving La Folia from certain death. Seizing the chance, Katarina quickly took the glass container with the head of the Horseman and then she, La Folia, Mana, Asuha, Sonia and Kyouko ran towards the Archives.

In the Archives, Abbie and Crane had just regained their own consciousness as well, while Rentaro, Adam, Poison Ivy and the Bride suddenly went back to Corbin's house and warned Abbie about Andy Brooks via telephone, but unfortunately, Rentaro forgot the turncoat officer's name.

Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman attacking

Meanwhile, as Katarina ran towards the Archives, she hit someone and they both fell. The people beside them all stopped as well. It was Rentaro who Katarina hit. He, Adam, the Bride as well as Poison Ivy was on their way to the Archives as well. Corbin's House is not far away from the Graveyard so they took 10 minutes of running to the Archives.

Just then, the door of the Archives opened and Abbie went out, just as Andy Brooks arrived. Thanks to Sonia and Kyouko's partnership, Andy was subdued before he could get the Horseman's head, while Sister Mary Eunice, La Folia, Mana and Asuha struggled against the Horseman, but Michael who just appeared escaped onto the second floor. The entire situation turned into a massive debarcle.

Death Concept Art

The Horseman after being surrounded by police cars.

Suddenly, the Horseman sensed his head and soon he walked towards the center of the road, where he picked up something he had suddenly dropped. It was an emerald necklace. Just then, a police car had arrived at the scene and stopped near the Horseman. Two police officers came out of the car and went towards the Horseman, raising their rifles at him, ordered him to "put [his] hand on his [head]".

The Horseman stood up and turned two the officers just as one of them attempted to say the word "head". The officers were both shocked when they saw his headless neck. Suddenly, the Horseman looked towards the East and saw the sun rising. He realized that his time was limited.

Just as the police officers started their next threat, the Horseman raised his machine gun and fiercely shot at the officers. They immediately hid themselves within the car. Sister Mary Eunice, Abbie, Asuha, Sonia and Mana fired their shot at the Horseman. The Bride was hugging the container which contained the skull of Horseman. The Horseman soon stopped fire its shot as the sunlight became brighter.

Seizing the chance, Abbie immediately went towards the Horseman as Sonia cuffed Andy on the car door. Ignoring Andy's warning, Abbie immediately ran towards the Horseman. ​Just then, the Horseman summoned his horse and soon escaped. It was clear that since it was dawn, he must escape the scene as quick as he could. Kyouko tried to stop Abbie, but suddenly, a black aura appeared under Abbie's feet and it dragged Abbie into the ground. She soon disappeared.

Michael's Blood Madness


Michael taunting Sonia for her failure.

After the Horseman escaped, the Team Witness located Michael on the third floor of the Archives. Katarina persuaded the police officers to let her capture Michael. Inpressed by Katarina's fighting, the police officers agreed. They immediately went back to the police car with the head of the Horseman and an arrested Andy Brooks.

After that, Katarina immediately went into the Archives, followed by La Folia, Kyouko, Sonia, the Bride, Poison Ivy, Mana, Sister Mary Eunice (in her nun form) as well as Asuha. At this time, those police officers had called the backup with a police helicopter in order to shoot down Michael. Soon, the final phase of battle shall be started.

Standing near the window and observing the Sleepy Hollow, Michael has a horrid smile on his face while holding the poisonous dart gun which contained darts with the latest toxin made by Mikan, the same kind of toxin that took the lives of many Novosic soldiers, directly and indirectly, at the 2036 Shanghai. The Horseman retreated, but Michael knew as long as he and Serilda still existed in this world, this murderous cycle shall be continue, and he will not stop until he take down Katarina personally.


Michael revealed that the Horseman shall roam the world when the next night arrived

Just then, Katarina, La Folia, Mana, Kyouko, Asuha, Sister Mary Eunice and Sonia appeared behind Michael who had realized they had come. Michael turned back and start teasing Sonia over the death of her soldiers whom she killed with the Mikan's new toxin, all while wearing a sadistic smile on his face. During the entire time he's taunting Sonia, Michael is mockingly displaying the very same gun he used to infect one of her men with.

Enraged, Sonia fired at Michael and hit the gun out of his hand. The gun fell on into the road. Michael only gives a smug smirk while calmly shaking his hand to ease the pain. Sonia claimed that she tried to kill Michael but not about vengence. Instead, it was about justice, and everything is over. Sonia aimed her gun to Michael, while Katarina, La Folia, Kyouko, Sister Mary Eunice Asuha and Mana aimed their respective weapons to Michael as well. To their surprise, however, Michael was surprisingly calm about this. To their horror, Michael not only revealed that there was another Blood Moon coming next night as long as he stayed in Sleepy Hollow, but also the Redcoat Zombies shall flood the streets. The Horseman will revisted, but this time, it will not just be one town. It will be the whole world.


Michael was injured by Luke Morales' gun

Suddenly, a helicopter arrived and its light and overwhelmed Michael. Michael was surprised and he turned back, only to find Luke Morales, with a pistol in his hand, aimed at Michael. Horrified, Michael attempted to fight back, but he had to block the light with one of his arm, making it hard for him to summon his attack. Luke then fired to Michael, who stepped back after being hit at his chest. Michael attempted to stop the bleeding in order to save his own life, but his blood kept flowing out. His blood soon tainted Serilda's pendant on his neck. Seeing the police helicopter flew away, Michael turned back to gave Katarina and others a resentful look. Angrily snarling at Katarina, Michael said, "You got me... Well played. But no one can stop the Horseman now..."

With no fear of death at all, Michael stepped back and eventually closed his eyes and fall from the broken window, while opening his arms and posed like Jesus on crucifix. Katarina tried to stop him from committing suicide, but it was too late. Michael instantly fell to his death. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Adam, who were in the second floor, saw Michael's death as his body dropped on the ground. Soon, Ichabod got out from the building and saw Michael's corpse lying on the ground, bleeding intensely. Ichabod could not speak a word just as Katarina and others went out of the building. Knowing Abbie being captured by Serilda, Team Witness decided to rescue them first.

Chidamari by invisibleninja12-d9eineq

Michael revived and started to melt into blood puddles

Looking at Michael's body, Kyouko lamented that Michael's arrogance made her involved and made himself failed in his plan to destroy God's Realm, but she also said that she would help Michael if he really wanted to make the world a better place. However, much to everyone's horror, Michael's hand that grabbed the chain had opened. The chain fell on the ground before it made a noise.

Kyouko and others were startled, but a more shocking thing occured - Michael's smile immediately fade as his eyes opened wide with menace. Then, Michael start spitting blood and roared with madness as he shambled himself to get up while still kneeling on the ground. With a roar, Michael spat his acidic blood to Kyouko as Sonia pushed her away to dodge it.

Failing to attack Kyouko, Michael then fell on the ground on his knees and stood up as his whole body start bleeding. Blood and crimson flesh start coming beneath his feet. Michael growls menacingly as he looked at his enemies as they looked at him with sheer terror. Katarina and others did not expected that Michael had revived. In fact, Michael's wound had caused a great amout of bleeding and finally made him merged with the Blood Moon Wicked, causing him to mutate even more.

Fists of Blood entire body

Michael's transformation into Blood Moon Wicked Rampage Mode

Michael grabbed his own neck as he looked at Team Witness with menace. He shouted his true feelings, revealing he was destinied to be the Pope and never required help from anyone. He also claimed that his plan was not failing. Instead, they were thriving. All of a sudden, Michael's chest exploded and released a more blood. His pools of blood start flowing and expanding as Michael's whole body was covered with thick blood. He let out a screaming while waving his arm, frightened everyone.

Knowing the final fight would be inevitable, Katarina and others soon prepared to fight against Michael as he looked at them before maniacally shouted out that he shall make the shell of society and order of time to collapse, so that everything shall turn into nothing but a raising Hell on Earth.

Finally, Michael's evil chuckle had turned into maniacal laughter as he started to looked at the sky. He yelled at the sky. Now, his disfigured face was utterly disturbing to see. Katarina realized that all of Michael's pretense had gone. All it remained was an insane and horrid MONSTER surrounded in blood.  Letting out one final moaning, Michael's body melt and sunk into his boiling pool of blood.

The Team Witnesses looked at this swelling mass that was once Michael Langdon... before they heard Michael's loud and horrible yell that boomed across the town. Claiming he shall be the king of a new world, Michael's pool of blood started to flow and attacked Katarina, Ichabod and others. Ichabod immediately went inside the archives as others followed his pace. Katarina immediately shut the door as Michael's blood hit it. The entire Team Witness was determined to reach the Munition Tunnel, in order to find out whether Abbie and Serilda was inside, as the final battle truly started.

Blood Moon Madness

59218364 p0 master1200

Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia fought against Michael's blood monster form

On their way towards the Munition Tunnel led by Ichabod, Katarina and Rentaro as well as Poison Ivy who joined them as soon as they got in the building, people were still horrified about what Michael had become. Now, due to Michael's mental state of sheer frenzy, the whole town is in a state of frenzy as well. Michael's blood start flowing into houses and they even came through the wall, terrifying many.

Kyouko and La Folia deduced that Serilda had took Abbie in the Munition Tunnel near the ashes of the witches. She was about to kill her in front of Ichabod so that Moloch would be pleased. The time is running out for Team Witness before Michael plunge the town into blood and despair, making it a piece of meat for the Headless Horseman to chop into pieces.

However, as soon as everyone arrived in the tunnel, two zombie soldiers inside the place noticed them and tried to attack them... before the whole tunnel began to shake violently. The Team Witness watched in horror as plenty of blood start flowing into the place through the tunnel's wall. The zombies were soon melt from their feet and sank into the pool of blood as if it was harmful to them. Soon, the zombies were all drowned and devoured by the blood of Michael completely.


La Folia surrounded by Michael's blood as she was pushed into despair by Michael

Under Sonia's advice, the team was divided into three groups. Among them, Ichabod, Katarina, La Folia Sister Mary Eunice (who fused with Katarina under the latter's request) went to rescue Abbie and confront Serilda, all having torches in their right hands. Serilda looked beside her and saw some crates with gunpowder and ashes of her fellow witches. She stepped back further to avoid the gunpowder. Michael's blood monsters soon interfered the fight and trapped everyone inside.

Surrounded by the blood clones of Michael, Katarina's eyes narrowed as she drew her spears at Michael. The people started to stay in a state of confrontation as Michael's deep and sinister voice started to invade Katarina's mind. While Michael was taunting Katarina, Serilda started swinging her arm and casted a spell. A black smoke had appeared above everyone's head and soon, everyone's bad memories returned back into their mind, making them depressed with silence.

Ichabod saw his friend's mutilated body once again, Abbie saw a younger Jenny crying when she was dragged away by authority when Abbie denied about seeing a demon, La Folia saw the horrid and corrupt scene in her home country known as Aldegyr Kingdom that she left when she was a child... Even Sister Mary Eunice was haunted by the fear caused by the deeds she had done while under demonic possession, locking her spirit in Katarina's mind and was unable to help Katarina. Katarina was also haunted by Michael with illusions as he confronted her personally.

Awn by walzrj sample-37648076a8376ab19bfcc91b34308217 (17)l

Katarina's vacant eyes as Michael started to corrupt her mind

Fortunately, under Sister Mary Eunice and other holy souls' encouragement, Katarina regained her sense and broke free, hurting Michael with her power. Then, Katarina broke others free from their possession and letting Sister Mary Eunice to make her orders, before Katarina injuring Serilda with the Spear of Virtue. Under Sister Mary Eunice's advice, La Folia threw her torch into the boxes with munitions, and Katarina, Ichabod and Abbie did the same.

The gunpowder exploded and obliterated Serilda along with blood monsters of Michael, seemly destroyed him. After the explosion, everyone gathered together and celebrated their success.


La Folia broke free from Michael's mind corruption.

Despite facing a chance to return back to her dimension, Katarina expressed her sadness when she was about to be departed with Sister Mary Eunice and leave Sleepy Hollow. Sister Mary Eunice said that Katarina had to come back to stop Eckidina while she comforted Katarina. La Folia then said that she wanted to beat Eckidina from her seat to release her rage.

Then, the Team Witness began to approach the exit but was blocked when Michael reemerged as a large face made of rotten flesh. Now, fueled with rage and insanity, Michael turned into an angry beast who attacked Katarina and her allies agressively while yelling in rage, while he plundged Ichabod into a flashback of his first meeting with Van Tassel Family.

The Black Wind

Michael's dark spirit after his defeat

However, Ichabod soon broke free and attacked Michael as well. Katarina seized the chance Ichabod gave her and heated up her spear. She plunged the heated spear into Michael's face, causing a large hole on it and revealed gunpowder barrels behind it. Ichabod fired a flaming arrow at the barrels, causing an explosion which subsquently destroyed Michael's monster face. However, Michael's dark spirit soon emerged from ashes, vowing to hunt down Katarina before he disappeared. After Michael's defeat, the Team Witness finally made their way towards the end of tunnel, as everything twisted in Sleepy Hollow came to an end.

Return to Home


La Folia during her sad departure with Sister Mary Eunice

After the defeat of Michael, Katarina and La Folia helped in clearing the name of Ichabod and Abbie, as Captain Frank Irving demanded an answer. Abbie made a promise that she would find the truth.

After Irving had left, Abbie and Ichabod met Katarina and La Folia in the police department. They then shared the revealing of Ichabod and Abbie's destiny to be the Two Witnesses. Katarina and La Folia expressed her wish to meet Ichabod and Abbie again. Then, they seperated in their different path.

Back into the Corbin's archives, Sister Mary Eunice summoned portals to make Sonia return to Novosic Kingdom and make all others return to Tenguu City, both in 2036. Tearfully, Katarina embraced Sister Mary Eunice as La Folia and others watched with tears in their eyes. Then, La Folia and her friends all departed towards the portal, leaving the town of Sleepy Hollow. Sister Mary Eunice then collapsed on the ground and cried in sadness.

After returning back to her house, La Folia found that Raizen High School had beed closed due to Jack the Ripper of the 21st century's murder, and she had to stay at home with Katarina and Mana. Worse, La Folia soon discovered that Michael Langdon was still alive and well, using his advantages gained from his manipulation to ascend into the throne of Pope before joining the KnightWalker Alliance, starting the tyranny in Roman Catholic Church. Michael's news of becoming the Pope shocked everyone who had confronted Michael, and they started to fight against his forces.

Aldegyr Kingdom's evil hand

Screensfhot 0051

Kanon Rihavein after many years

Many days after she was back from Sleepy Hollow's timeline, La Folia tried to live a normal life away from danger, and most obviously, away from Michael Langdon despite his victory. However, as she was trying normally, the Fallen's Essence had already starting to put his plans into motion. 

In Aldegyr Kingdom, the Fallen's Essence brainwashed the entire council of Rihavein and named Kanon as the new Queen of Aldegyr Kingdom, yet he could not brainwash the population as he planned years ago and decided it was time to make La Folia fullfil her role as she designed her to be. Kanon, wishing to lead her people officially, put the head of La Folia for 500,000,000$ and had thousands of terrorists, mercenaries, thugs and even the Peace Foundation after her. 


Chinatsu torturing students from La Folia's school

After many days, the first group to find her was Godom Empire that had sent Chinatsu and Kefka Palazzo to Tenguu City after discovering her location. To find her house, Chinatsu tortured many students from La Folia's school to tell her the adress of her target. With success, Chinatsu found La Folia's house and disguised herself as sanitary agent to deceive the girl. When Chinatsu revealed her true colors, she exploded their house with her energy but luckily Mana and Katarina protected her from the flames.

Starting the battle, Katarina and Mana prepared to fight Kefka and Chinatsu only to be surprised by their destructive power that opened an entire mountain in two. However, as the two were about to knock her out, Tomas Sev, also known as Mahesvara, arrived at the battle, preveting Kefka from harming the three girls. Seeing their enemy is Tomas, one of the most powerful men alive, the Godom duo retreats but not before putting a Godom Cyborg on space to watch over them. When La Folia and her friends are brought to Tomas' hideout, they are presented to Lucas Kellan, who explains the situation to La Folia and the reason why the guys from Godom Empire are after her.

Qualidea Code Screenshot 0302

Asuha speaking with Katarina and La Folia

When Lucas asked where they were going to live as their house was now destroyed, they immediately went to Asuha Chigusa's place and promised her everything to let them live with her as their house was blow up. Luckily, Asuha let them stay, much to La Folia's happiness.

However, when Katarina was trying to sleep at night, she saw Asuha on the kitchen and attacked her after her evil side was trying to take over.  Luckily, Mana and La Folia arrived at time and managed to defeat the enraged Katarina, putting her to sleep. Considering her condition, Asuha and La Folia left for a while to buy medicines to both Asuha and Katarina as they injured after that mess. However, during their way back home, Jin Kisaragi, one of the Chiefs from Peace Foundation found and attacked them, knocking Asuha on the ground while he put La Folia to sleep.

Peace Foundation's move


La Folia tied by Saeko

Under Peace Foundation's captive, La Folia tied up and arrested in PF's secret HQ in Tenguu City, where the ship from PF was sent to deliver to Aldegyr Kingdom. During her time as prisioner, she tried to convince the PF that her sister cannot be trusted after everything she did to Aldegyr Kingdom when she assumed the role as the Queen; estabilishing a communist dictatorship. However, Jin refused to hear her and continued to believe once he complete his part in the contract, Aldegyr Kingdom will join forces with Stabilization Union to defeat KnightWalker Alliance and put an end to World War III before it can destroy all mankind.

After being taken by Jin, she was put in a room in the ship of PF and had Saeko Busujima watching over her. To humilliate her, Saeko forced La Folia to go undress, putting her only with sleeping clothes. When questioned why they are doing this, Saeko replied they are not doing this pure nationalism but for peace and then the PF officer gave a long explanation of how peace is achieved; through power and oppression. However, naturally, La Folia said the opposite and that peace is only achieved through love and harmony, if someone use power to do so, they are only tyrants like all the others.

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Kanon attacking the PF forces

Hours later, the PF had arrived in Aldegyr Kingdom and completed their duty with the new Queen; to bring her lost sister to be executed in order to gain the total support of the people. However, much to La Folia and the PF's surprise, Kanon was there, waiting for them. Instead of following the deal, Kanon decided that it was good time to test her new Angel powers and uses the PF officers as sparring targets, impaling and cutting them in half with her angelic powers given by Sonia Nevermind and the Fallen's Essence.

After witnessing her nature, La Folia calls Kanon inhuman and asks why she changed to much. Kanon replies that she never changed and it was her nature all the time. La Folia then is arrested by Aldegyr forces while Jin and Saeko are arrested by the guards to watch the execution of La Folia Rihavein at midnight.

Execution & First death

Lusamine pokemon pokemon game and pokemon sm drawn by kanade b7d3679e4b9582c83f526010ebeefd2a

Lusamine smiling after meeting his daughter

While Kanon and her government were preparing the execution of La Folia, Kanon's royal guards threw La Folia in the Rihavein Prison, where all politicial enemies of Kanon were imprisoned. While the chaos swallowed Aldegyr (since the people refused to accept La Folia's death), a blonde woman knocked on the glass of La Folia's cell and introduced herself as Lusamine. At the same time, the Fallen's Essence arrived and said it was a conscidence to see Lusamine there. Seeing that skeletical shadow, La Folia immediately started to shake in fear but then he mocked La Folia for not being awared of her true origins.

Lusamine then explains the true history of La Folia, firstly saying she was nothing but a clone of the original La Folia Rihavein, the wicked woman then reveals a terrible truth about her past that made her go insane in a matter of time, saying that she was a clone of the original deceased La Folia and was made with the purpose of dying to take Kanon to a higher-step. When La Folia lost all her senses of life, Lusamine and the Fallen's Essence left, leaving La Folia to destroy herself in depression and shock.

When the hour of the execution was almost arriving, one of the security guards proceeded to open her cell and physically abused the now depressed-La Folia for abandoning her kingdom many years ago. This incident caused La Folia to be pushed even more to insanity as she immediately felt guilty for abandoning her nation, leaving thousands of people to die from diseases and starvation. However, while the guard was beating her, Aryana Westcott  arrived and brutally killed the guard in front of her. Yet, Aryana was not there to comfort her but atorment her even more in the hope she could see the pure-hearted La Folia fall on the abyss of darkness.

Strike Tho00oe Blood screenshot 0547

Kanon becoming an Angel in front of her people

When the hour of the execution arrived, La Folia was tied up in a cross on the middle of the royal arena of Rihavein to be exposed to all people of Aldegyr Kingdom, or better, only for those who were against her while her supporters were arrested or killed. Kanon then arrives and becomes an Angel right in front of her people to show her "divine" presence. Before killing La Folia, she made a long speech about her persona, her home, family and peace... A very long one. However, thanks to this speech, the Rogues (the group formed by Tomas Sev, Lucas Kellan, Katarina Couteau, Mana Takamiya, Shigure Yukimi and Asuha Chigusa to rescue La Folia)  had enough time to invade Aldegyr Kingdom.

Despite their efforts, Katarina arrives on the last second and sees Kanon killing La Folia right in front of her eyes with a laser beam at the same moment La Folia noticed the presence of her best friend on the other side of the arena. Thus opening a huge hole in her chest. Seeing her friend dead in her arms, Katarina go into Berserk mode and loses control of her mind, causing her to turn into a giant monster similar to a alien creature with long red hairs, Katarina then drops the lifeless body of La Folia on the same place where she died and charges at Kanon to slowly kill her.



Chinatsu starting the ritual

While the Berserk Katarina and the Angelic Kanon fought against each other in a deadly battle that resulted in the destruction of half of the city, Chinatsu and Kefka Palazzo, the Cyborgs from Godom Empire that destroyed her house back in Tenguu City, arrived at the arena where she was executed and found her body. Kefka considered that was too bad as Chinatsu took some interest in the girl.

However, much to Kefka's surprise and shock, Chinatsu seemed to not be affected by her death and considered in reviving her as a Cyborg. When Kefka heard this, he immediately reacted saying it was a forbidden action in turning a human into a Cyborg without putting this person in Godom's ranks. However, Chinatsu ignored the Godom laws and cut her arm, making her blood fall on the mouth of the lifeless mouth of La Folia.

Because of her blood that is full of nano-machines, La Folia's organs were slowly replaced with iron and metal, as well as rewrite her memories of her former self (curiously, only her name and appearance is what was changed in her memories, her true memories of her childhood, times in school, days with Katarina and among others continued untouchable.


La Folia, now reborn as Imperia

Suddenly, La Folia's body started to bright and her lifeless body being brought back to life while unleashing a powerful energy. Seconds later, La Folia, now reborn as Imperia Deamonne, woke up from her death and noticed she was different, not to mention that she did not know what had happened to her. Chinatsu then explains everything she did to La Folia, or better, Imperia and that her memories of her past were drastically changed. After remembering she was killed by Kanon, she asked Chinatsu where was Katarina as she could swear she saw her seconds before her death, Chinatsu states that she is currently Kanon and will go help her as long she wishes for it. And just like she thought, Imperia tested her new powers and immediately "ordered" Chinatsu to help her save Katarina. In pleasure, Chinatsu felt happiness to see Imperia's new personality was incredible and powerful.

Battle against Heis


Heis, the new persona of Kanon

After discovering the location of where Katarina and the Rogues were fighting Heis, who actually is Kanon Rihavein after giving her body and mind to the darkness, Imperia saved the life of Saeko Busujima by destroying Heis' finish blow that was about to kill the samurai woman. Just then, Imperia, Chinatsu and Kefka arrived at the battlefield and saw all Rogues mutilated and defeat... The scene was a total massacre, their fight with Heis was not a battle but a total section of torture. 

Saying her allies injured, Imperia decided she would take the fight to Heis as she left the Black Army of Heis to Chinatsu and Kefka. Because of her arrogance, Heis did not use her total power and was easily injured by Imperia, who avoided several destructive attacks and had her entire body carbonized at one point. Seeing that Imperia was stronger, Heis considered her a threat and powered-up to her true form. During her transformation, Katarina arrives at the battlefield with Jellal and Mana. When they first met Imperia, they considered her an enemy as she was with Chinatsu and Kefka, two of the people who tried to capture La Folia and blowed up their house.

However, despite Imperia's new appearance, Katarina could identify her as La Folia with the help of Chinatsu, resulting in a heartwarming moment. Suddenly, Heis unleash her energy and causes the total destruction of her kingdom, turning all creation in some kind of black liquid that came from her black energy. Seeing that all Rogues were defeated, Katarina and Imperia asked his allies to take the injured and take them out from Aldegyr Kingdom. Listening to their requests, Imperia and Katarina stood in front of Heis alone as she reached her final form and started their battle again. However, as their battle occurred, Katarina was contacted by her inner demon that was responsable for turning her into Berserk monster and sold 8 years of her life in exchange of power. Katarina then asks Imperia to leave her fight Heis as she did a contract with her demon. Naturally, Imperia accepts it and watches the intense battle between Heis and Katarina. However, she immediately stopped watching when the Fallen's Essence appeared on the battlefield and yelled at him to go there to fight her. Of course, he refused and retreated with Heis as he still needs the planet of Earth to gain power.

13 days of halloween day 8 lich by montoonpirate-d9egncd

The Fallen's Essence becoming a dragon

However, before he left, he said he was going to destroy Aldegyr Kingdom as it was no longer useful and what is left from their battle must sell out his existence to the world. Before the Fallen's Essence could destroy Aldegyr Kingdom in his Dragon Form, the unknown ship of Fraxinus appears and rescue them before he could destroy Aldegyr Kingdom. Yet, the destruction of Aldegyr was inevitable and the entire world shook in destruction. 

While in Fraxinus, Imperia encountered Chinatsu, Mana and others people she never met before, such as Kotori Itsuka, who explained the reason behind Katarina's powers. When Kotori said everything she knew about her past, including her alien origins, Imperia showed full support and stated that no matter what she is, demon, angel, vampire or alien, she still her "sister" and will never forget the efforts she did to save her life.

Fraxinus then arrives at Godom Empire where Chinatsu said she was going to stay. During her derpature, Imperia thanked Chinatsu for saving her life. No. For reviving her as a Cyborg. Of course, Chinatsu refused her thanks and said she did nothing to receive such kind words.

3 months later, Imperia is seen in Asuha's house watching Katarina training with Jellal as other members of the Rogues are eating, creating her so peaceful moment she always wanted. When Katarina asked her how was her new body she said it was strange and bizarre, but no matter, what she had became she is happy to be alive.

Era of Science

CM's Experiments (off-screen events)

Kayearth defeated by Emiya

Imperia finds a corpse of a police officer

Following the ending of all incidents involving the La Nueva Familia de Arzonia in Europe, the The Fallen's Essence began to move again by making Sonia Nevermind build a robotic body for his new incoming ally, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130.

When CM was revived and Manufacturing Progressive Sciences founded, Imperia was charged with the mission to find out the truth behind the strange moves of Fallen. For the next few weeks, CM and his allies began to kidnap people from all around the world and use all kind of humans in brutal human experiments before sending their bodies back to where they were originally kidnapped to hide all evidences of MPS' existence. 

Due to the high-technology of MPS, Imperia and the Rogues were lost and confused in their mission as the massacre continued without a solution. When CM tried to test Ratatoskr's true strength, he had the spy inside of Fraxinus tell the exact location of Ratatoskr and launched an all-out assault in Tenguu City while pretending to be only visiting an airport owned by KnightWalker Family. After agreeding with Kotori to search for strange activities in Tenguu City, Imperia and the Rogues went out to patrol the city when the cruel Nnoitra Jiruga, attacked the Ultimate Detectives, Kyoko Kirigiri and Gwen. The explosion of his attacked caused the Rogues to know their location and engage in combat with CM's forces.

No longer after, Imperia was forced to fight her own sister, Heis, who showed up after sensing the power of Imperia on the other side of the planet. The two fought a hard battle but everything ended when the ship of CM arrived and picked up all of the Fallen's Essence allies. Imperia had to watch her enemies escaping while Katarina and the others were watching over the now-dying Sonia Nevermind.

Battle with CM's servants

Nshot 0161 (8)

Akrak Couteau, the first direct threat of MPS to the Rogues

Due to how dangerous the MPS had become, Imperia and all the Rogues agreed to keep watching over CM from distance and find the location of his operation to launch a counterattack after their defeat in Tenguu City. However, the sudden rise of Akrak Couteau forced them to change their attention to Mexico where Akrak was working with the MPS' droid forces to keep the country in check.

When Akrak, following the orders of Jeremy Blaire, used her Hands of Apocalypse to destroy Cancun, Imperia and the Rogues joined the officer of Peace Foundation, Cole MacGrath, to find where the father of Lucas Kellan, Yen Kellan, the man who created the Hands of Apocalypse, was being forced to work to Akrak. Arriving in the secret walker base of MPS, the group tried to rescue Yen but their mission proved to be another defeat when a coward attack of Peace Foundation to the base ended the life of Yen Kellan.

68049747 p0

Ara talks with Ruvik

In a quest for revenge against MPS and stop Akrak from using the Hands of Apocalypse, Imperia and her friends secretely sneaked into the base of Akrak, Morte, in Amazonas and attacked the enemy forces from inside. Imperia then formed a team with Atala Arck to defeat the incoming mercenaries of Akrak and distract them while Lucas, Tomas and Katarina searched for Akrak inside of the building.

In her own combat area, Imperia together with Atala fought Ruvik, an artificial human with powers of a Meta-Human created by Akrak. However, after a few minutes fighting the immortal monster, the duo managed to defeat him and immediately retreated from the base that was about to be bombed by their reinforcements, the ships of Ratatoskr and Chronos Empire.

When Imperia and all her friends were outside of the base, they were caught by surprise by Vira Hermes and her army of Black Demons who were after of one of the Artifacts made by the Revelation of Qliphoth, an artifact that was in the possession of Ratatoskr. While Imperia didn't know the details, it was something that Ratatoskr stole from Akrak's Morte base. When the assault was over, Imperia and the Rogues were teleported to the ship where they prepared to say goodbye to their friends of Cultus Pythonissam, Chronos Empire and Catholic Rebels. After that session, Imperia prepared herself to another battle in Rio de Janeiro, the place where Ratatoskr was going to search next.

Rio Incident

Invasion of Qliphoth

Mafusa's Rise

The Black Tao

Gangster Invasion

Fighting Elesis Du Tirial

Godom War

Protecting Ratatoskr

Nuclear War

Leohart's Presence

Tokha Yatogami's Arrival

The Seven Sins


Portal to Hell

Battle of the Fates

Aryana's Invasion

Travel to 2nd Earth

Fighting AI-78

Imperia Vs. Aryana (2nd form)

Escaping to Prime Earth

New World Order

Nia's Arrival

Diabla's Birth

The Master Plan

Order of Terror

Order of Terror

Ratatoskr's Rebellion

Civil Wars

Illuminati Cult

LN-666 Project


Fighting Rentaro

Battling Demonio and Aryana

Defeating Fallen's Essence

Eternal Peace

Work for the Death

Fight for the Multi-Universe

The True Battle

Sith Threat

Sith Capital

The Light in the Darkness

Fighting Darth Malak

Battle for the 4th Multi-Universe

Commanding the Fleet

Oracion Seis

The Quizins

Hades' Move

Protecting the Core

Fighting Hades' servants

Triggers Hell

9 Gates of Hell

The Morrigan's Return

Eckidina's Escape

Kurumi's Warning

Hell on the World

Meeting with Nu Wa - Demi Goddess

Meeting with Thanatos

Paradise under Attack - Active Face!!

Prime Earth - The Center

Fighting Leohart

Leohart's Curse

Balam Ending

Trip to Deviria

Kingdom of the Cosmic

Monster Princess


Sexual Tension

The Prince of the Zombie's Lust!

True Love?

DEM Empire Genocide

Inferior Beings

Striking DEM Forces

The Rape Camp - Women Slavery

Gas Chambers Factory

Supreme General Grievous

Tohka's Crisis

Fighting Eckidina KnightWalker's Abyss

Invading Deus Ex Vectron

Dark Tohka

Queen of the Valkyries

Fighting the Nazi Horses

One Woman-Army


The Fallen's Words

New Apprentice

The Truth

Slaying the Friends

The Multi-Universe Final Stand

Destruction and Evil

Battle in the Core of the Multi-Universe

Imperia Vs. Katarina - Long Goodbye

Death and Final Act


Secret Funeral




Mana Takamiya - Evelynn Astaroth 

Lucas Kellan

Tomas Sev

Kotori Itsuka

Kyouhei Kannazuki

Rentaro Satomi

Oriax Wheelahr

Tohka Yatogami

Jin Kisaragi

Saeko Busujima

Azul Jissele

Yuuchiro Hyakuya

Atala Arck

Asuha Chigusa

Jellal Fernandes

Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Karen Nora Mathers

Shigure Yukimi

Sephiria Arks KnightWalker

Kyouko Kirigiri

Maria Arzonia


Ratatoskr's Crew

Akrak Couteau

Hiruko Couteau

Iruka Couteau

Lucy Sheev KnightWalker




Millian Gravik 


Isis Maxwell


Karma Maxwell


Sonia Nevermind

Aki Honda



Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott

Ellen Mira Mathers

Hades Izanami


Eckidina KnightWalker

Misogi Kumagawa

Darth Hades


The Fallen's Essence

King Hamdo

Emperor Tathagata Killer


Kefka Palazzo

Kanon Rihavein


Man in Suit


Embler Mclain

Ryouko Asakaru

Nu Wa

Siver Keis

Celica Arfonia


Matt Butcher

Future Maria Arzonia

Cole Macgrath


Gaius Phoenix

Kruls Valnir

Michael Langdon

Terra of the Left

Acqua of the Back

Vento of the Front

Ichabod Crane

Abbie Mills

Junko Enoshima

Prime Reaper AI-78

Jack the Freezer

Black Diamond


Ara Astaroth

Eugen Katsuragi

Vira Hermes

Leohart the Prince of Hell

Legendary ExKrieg 

Eve Fullbuster

Bismarck Bodewig

Petelgeuse-Rommane Conti

Darth Riv

Darth Jadus

Darth Nihilus

Aryana Westcott

Abyss Zurg

Will of the Abyss



DEM Mana Takamiya





Juria KnightWalker


Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant



Yato Stinger

The Darkness

Echidna StinWalker

Rinslet Couteau

Matt Butcher

Yuri Barnes

Wáng Hongyu

August Corbin

Sister Mary Eunice

Richard Sampson

B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130

God - Spectra

Sequined Sadist

Idea of Evil

Krol Barbaro

Queen Mal

Physical and Natural Abilities


  • Gifted Orator: Like many of the determinators character, La Folia's main asset is her ability to inspire her troops  and friends with enthusiastic speeches. She can take almost any situation and spin it into a speech that will strengthen the Rogues' morale for their next operation. 
  • Master Strategist: La Folia is an effective planner and strategist, developing complex plans to achieve her goals and aims. She accounts for the personalities and usual mannerisms of allies and enemies alike and never takes anything for granted - notably, she considers Michael Langdon to be high-priority threats simply because she knows little about her capabilities.
  • Marksmanship: La Folia is shown to have some marksmanship skills with her Rihavein Pistol, a magi-tech pistol from her kingdom she brought with her when she was a child. Her shooting level should be around the training of an ordinary police officer and is below the levels of KnightWalker soldiers.

Cyborg standard skills

As a Cyborg, Impria is naturally far stronger and more powerful than a human. Being a Second Progenitor (the 3rd strongest Cyborg of the entire world), she is incredibly strong even among noble Cyborgs and she is stronger than those of lower ranking Cyborgs from Horsemen of Apocalypse. However, she is weaker than the higher-ranked Progenitors, such as Eckidina KnightWalker and Uryuu Ryonnosuke. As a Cyborg he has immortality and regenerative abilities. He also has enhanced sences. Unless he is facing a large number of strong opponents, she uses her bare hands to fight.

Strongest Cyborg of Earth's Current Time - 1 to 5

  1. Eckidina KnightWalker
  2. Imperia Deamonne
  3. Chinatsu
  4. Atala Arck
  5. Artemishia
The threge aras by anomynousness-d8fameko

Imperia planning her next move

As a Progenitor Cyborg, she has the ability and permission to turn humans into Cyborgs as she pleases. Although she suggests turning Asuha into a Cyborg at one point, she has yet to be seen exercising this ability. Cyborgs typically detest increasing their numbers as the Cyborg DNA inside of them refuses to create "children", be they by sexual reproduction or transformation of humans into Cyborgs. One of Imperia's natural skills is her intelligence that increased monstruously since she became a Cyborg.

Whether she is about to go into combat, issuing orders to those who are in combat, or is personally involved in combat herself, Imperia's general approach is the same: she remains aware of all actions that allies and opponents make, even things that seem insignificant at the time or that she doesn't yet understand; she keeps track of where everything is located in relation to everything else, even features that lack obvious practical use; she studies the behavior of all combatants, gradually learning how they react in any given situation. By then focusing on this vast amount of information – which she usually does by closing her eyes – Imperia can quickly think ten moves ahead of her opponent(s) and devise over a hundred strategies, from which she instantly picks the most effective. Such strategies are often highly elaborate and use multiple layers of misdirection, where she takes small victories just to eliminate extraneous factors, pretends defeat in order to re-position opponents, and engineers conditions that will lead opponents to defeating themselves. The Fallen's Essence regrets that Imperia's ability to see through deception and correctly put together seemingly unrelated pieces of information is "wasted" in service to the Ratatoskr.

Cyborg Lvl.1

Even in Level 1, Imperia is the strongest female warrior of Earth from the Rogues, even more than Katarina Couteau she is not immortal like Imperia when she decides to serious in a fight, surpassing even Tomas Sev, Oriax Wheelahr and Lucas Kellan. Despite only being a mortal, Kotori notes that her power enters the domain of Gods, potentially even surpassing it but this later proves wrong when Vira showed up and easily defeated her. Yet, after the end of World War III, Imperia got even more stronger thanks to Ara's blood that she drank, absorbing a "small" portion of her powers and energy. In Sith Saga, she is seemingly the reputed Cyborg who cannot be defeated by a Sith Lord or Demon. At one point, Katarina states that Imperia exceeds her terms of battle power and intelligence, which is why she refused the day of becoming the leader of the Vessel Noxus and passed it to Imperia instead. Imperia states that she doesn't need a spaceship to travel from one planet to another because she can do it in less time by flying, implying that she is extremely fast, even for cosmic standards, and can survive the vaccuum of the space as she is a Cyborg and don't need to breath. 

  • Tumbfrr n0o9oqsTb31sn5q4io1 500lo

    Imperia's energy sphere

    - The ability to take flight through the manipulation of energy. Combined with her ability to survive the vacuum of space and her tremendous speed, Imperia's flight leaves any spaceship useless to travel from one planet to another.
  • Energy Blast - The most basic form of energy attacks.
  • Energy Sense - The ability to sense energy and power levels.
  • Power Impact - Imperia fires an energyblast in the form of a fireball. It starts out relatively small but expands massively upon impact. 
  • Energy Barrier - Imperia's energy is powerful enough to serve as a barrier against attacks considerably weaker than it.
  • Invisible Strikes - With a glare, Imperia is able to land a fury of blows so fast, it seems like she's not moving at all.
  • Vacuum Survival - Imperia is able to survive in the vacuum of space as she proved able to travel through the vastness of space from one planet to another, finding it the quickest way to continue her duties in New Conglomerate.

Cyborg Lvl.2

  • Gigantic Impact - Imperia's version of the Eraser Cannon in her version of Cyborg Unleashed Level 2. The impact is a technique similar to Katarina's Pillar of Agony but has a orange and red color and will the impact of the wave on the floor will turn everything in ashes in an area of 20 meters.
  • Blaster Meteor - While in her Cyborg form, Imperia unleash several energy meteors from her body and causes giant explosions able to make entire buildings to fall.
  • Resist Cannon - A cannon of nano-machines that will devour her enemy slowly and painful. The nano-machines who hit the enemy will use their metal teeth to cut the skin, meat and bones from her enemy like piranhas. This technique is among her most cruel abilities used to torture.
  • Gigantic Shout  - Imperia unleashes a powerful shout that has the strength of a storm.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - Kale fires a yellow energy wave at her enemy, cutting them in half.
  • Combined Energy Wave - Imperia can absorb the energy of deceased opponents through her nano-machines that will transfer their power to her body to increase the power and damage of her Full Power Energy Wave energy.

Cyborg Lvl.3

  • Continuous Energy Bullets - A combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate.
  • Energy Fist - She fuses her fist with her energy, creating God-like strength to destroy entire cities. In her Nu Wa Spirit energy, she is able to destroy entire moons like this.
  • Crush Cannon - A move in which Iperia launches several of her signature red energy blasts at the opponent in rapid succession.
  • Energy CY Blast - Imperia's special move, she fires a stream of powerful red ki wave at her opponent, injecting acid in their bodies and slowly melting them. Used for torture.
  • Warp – A transportation technique used to travel anywhere she wishes in an area of 10 kilometers. Similar to Jellal's but more advanced.
  • Divination – Imperia is capable of using her staff to look anywhere in an area of 500,000 kilometers.
  • Strike of Revelation – A chop to the neck used by Imperia to knock down enemies with great durability.
  • Time Area - Creates an energy sphere smilar to the Energy Blast but actually summons a sphere of dark energy. The sphere has a radius of 30 meters and stop the time inside of it as well as the lifespan of all beings in it.
  • Matter Manipulation – Imperia possesses matter manipulating powers, able to create an arena, food stands filled with food, portraits of Katarina, audience stands, and even a breathable atmosphere (which would require manipulation on the molecular level).
  • Requiem of Destruction — Imperia she traps the opponent in a dome of green energy and detonates it.
  • Earthling Hole - Summons a Black Hole of small gravity push in the atmosphere of the planet. The Black Hole has the size of a plane and will suck everything around it  a radius of 200 kilometers, twisting the space of Earth but causing no real damage to the planet's oxygen and time.

Chinatsu legacy abilities

Abilities that were transfered from Chinatsu's blood to Imperia's body. Because of the DNA Cyborg from Chinatsu that is too powerful for normal humans, her energy is far more attached to the blood, resulting in the transference of some abilities to her "daughter".

  • Gigantic Blast - Imperia creates a cluster of green or red Ki blasts in both hands (up to five in each hand) and fires them at her opponent. With her precise energy control, she can also have them home in on her opponent.
  • Final Weapon - Imperia releases her aura strongly enough that fires powerful laser-like flashes omnidirectionaly.
  • Snatch - An ability that allows Imperia to "rob" physical objects, thus grabbing them, and also the physical abilities of others, thus weakening them while gaining more strength and speed. However, this ability has a limit to how much Imperia can rob a person's strength, in order to not damage her own body with overwhelming power. Using a form of snatch, ImPERIA is also able to steal body parts from hER opponents. Such as a heart or an arm in the blink of an eye.

Nu Wa Spirit

  • Truth-Seeking Ball - Upon activating her occular ability, Imperia can manifest nine Truth-Seeking Balls, granting er all five Nature Transformations as well as Yin, Yang, and Yin–Yang Release. She can use the balls both offensively and defensively, and attacks by infusing them with her chakra, causing them to glow green. She can rapidly spin them to create a massive vortex and combine them into a giant golden sword of chakra powerful enough to cut an entire star in half. Imperia is able to divide them into smaller orbs and launch them as a rapid-fire barrage. She also demonstrated the ability to transform one of the balls into an elaborate golden cage after infusing it with her energy.
  • Invert blood flow: By touching a persons open wound, Imperia can reverse the bloodflow of a person, which would instantly kill them.
  • Rip the skin of a person: By touching a person's body, Imperia can rip off their skin.
  • Dust explosions: If there is enough dust in the air, Imperia can cause a dust explosion by generating anti-matter.
  • Dark Wing: Under this state, she updates and overwrites her own ability to do something supposedly impossible by summoning an AIM field around an area around 3 kilometers. Through the input of AIM, she can control vectors that supposedly don't exist as well.  AIM also dispels and otherwise negates magic in the area, it also allows her to control other powers, the  AIM field are made of a material that is exactly the same as dark matter found in the borders of all universes.
  • Death form: In this form, Imperia can levitate by use of some unknown power, whereas before she had to use wind and gravity manipulation to do so. Her defenses also rise considerably; being able to tank an attack that could destroy all of Eurasia without his vector field. Before this powerup, the most Imperia was to be able to tank was a nuke made of LN-666 Project energy, and that was while she was using her vector manipulation powers.;
  • Machine Ingenuity: Imperia is also quite competent with machinery and technology, evident in when she modified her cane with various gravity sensors, and small motors to help better support herself, and when she modified he  choker to reduce the battery consumption by 90%;
  • Redirection: She can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, she kills Heis by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting her finger inside her wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on her, as they will be redirected. It is because of his ability that she has an albino appearance, as her body blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing unnecessary melanin;
  • Vector Shooting: By touching an object, she can extend the influence of her ability to other objects in contact with it. This allows her to indirectly change the vectors and turn the objects into projectiles. She did this using metal construction pillars. Imperia's vector manipulation has a variety of uses, including crushing the earth around her and to also use this to propel herself forward.
  • Wind Control: She can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind. She can use this power to create F7 tornado's.
  • Plasma Storm: She can even create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point.
  • Kinetic Blast: She takes control of the planet's rotational vectors and transfers an enormous amount of that energy into one attack. This attack used up so much of the planet's rotational energy that it slowed down the the earth's rotation by about 2 minutes. Theoretically this attack should allow her to destroy all life on the planet if the planet suddenly stop its rotation, forcing ALL things on the planet fly like countless toys into one direction, resulting in the death of all living beings, but this is a highly debated topic by Ratatoskr.
  • Brain Hacking: According to Imperia, by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body she can take 'control' over them and rewrite the memories and personality of the people.
  • Earth Stomp - Using the vectors behind her feet, she causes a little explosion made of earth and rocks to attack her opponents.
  • Green Orb - Imperia can create a green orb to use for various purposes, such as controlling humans by sending it into their body, reading their minds, absorbing energy from a distance and detonating the orb if needed. She is also able to project herself in order to deliver messages, and can manifest her green sphere through her projection. By gathering energy in her forehead, she could sense an individual to determine their appearance, and was able to act more quickly and precisely than she could by seeing with eyes. 
  • Death God- Her most vicious and yet natural ability. As the Goddess of Life and Death, it is her duty to keep balance between the two natural forces of the universe but because of her personality she refuses to do it because it is heartless to destroy an entire civilization simply because the natural order demands it, yet once Nu Wa teached her the way, Imperia slowly got used to the idea of destroying lives without a shred of remorse. However, she does not do it for pleasure but to keep life growing in a new generation as it is just normal for mortals to die to give place to a new generation that will continue their legacy. In her Death God ability, Imperia gains an ability VERY similar to the one used by Ara Astaroth in her Anti-Christ form. "Death God" is ability to destroy anything with one or two balls of blue magical energy. This includes immortal beings and entire universes, since it eliminates every single trace of any entity, both material and immaterial. This power is the strongest and most deadliest technique in the story as it is used by Ara in her Anti-Christ form. However, despite its power, The Fallen's final technique proved to be worse as he has power to destroy entire Multi-Universes.

Occular Abiltity

63757581 p0

Imperia's Kumiho

Becoming one with Nu Wa's Spirit allowed her to gain the powers of one of the most dangerous Spirits of the mythology, the Kyuuby also known as Kumiho. 

A kumiho is a creature that appears in the tales and legends of Korea. Deriving from ancient Chinese myths and folklores, a fox that lives a thousand years turns into a kumiho, like its Japanese and Chinese counterparts. It can freely transform, among other things, into a beautiful woman often set out to seduce boys, and eat their liver or heart (depending on the legend). There are numerous tales in which the kumiho appears, several of which can be found in the encyclopedic Compendium of Korean Oral Literature.

The Kumiho is an occular ability possessed by Nu Wa and her descendants as she was the creator of the creature (not including Da Ji who serves Ara Astaroth). It is characterised by red pupils and irides which contain a orange beast, predator pattern.


45298499 p0

Imperia's Foxy Goddess

The Kumiho allows the user to control attractive and repulsive forces. With the complete Kumiho, the user is able to enter Kumiho Fox Mode, which grants the user enhanced physical capabilities as well as a number of Truth-Seeking Balls, comprised of all five nature transformations and Yin–Yang Release. By infusing the balls with Kumiho energy, it is possible to utilise additional powerful techniques. The Kumiho is also capable of moving entire worlds towards other celestial bodies, as well as powering a gigantic golem. Its ocular power is capable of reviving a planet in the event it was destroyed by forcing Mother Nature to grow fast like a disease, almost making the planet green again in a matter of 5 minutes.

Despite its power, the user needs to enter in the eye's transformation that keeps the appearance but add many animal aspects to the user. In Kumiho form, Imperia keeps her hair down, has white streaks added, and wears a white-and-black bow. Her eyes now have heterochromia, with one being red and the other yellow to show her status as the Foxy Goddess. She wears a sheer top with detached sleeves, a white skirt, toeless ankle wraps, and has multiple pieces of cloth tied with jingle bells.

Incredible, this form has many tones of Korean clothes as well as the mythological powers of the latter. In addition, once the user enter in this form, he or she loses completely his or her memories of her past, thus creating a new kind of benevolent Goddess entity.

​Power Level




Combat Strength

New Conglomerate rating

DEM Empire rating

Order of Terror rating

Ratatoskr rating

Valkyries rating


Saga AA

  • La Folia Vs. Eckidina
  • La Folia Vs. Tomoo
  • Imperia Vs. Heis
  • Imperia Vs. Katarina
  • Imperia Vs. Heis (2nd round)
  • Imperia Vs. Ruvik
  • Imperia Vs. Burckhardt
  • Imperia Vs. Asmodeus
  • Imperia Vs. Jessica Bailey
  • Imperia Vs. Vira
  • Imperia Vs. Sasha
  • Imperia Vs. Kalus
  • Imperia Vs. Elesis
  • Imperia Vs. Astaroth King
  • Imperia Vs. Travon
  • Imperia Vs. Petelgeuse
  • Imperia Vs. Heis (final round)
  • Imperia Vs. Brainwashed Jellal
  • Imperia Vs. Demonic Cassie
  • Imperia Vs. Ara Astaroth
  • Imperia Vs. Future Michael Langdon
  • Imperia Vs. Vira (2nd round)
  • Imperia Vs. Black Tomas
  • Imperia Vs. Future Maria
  • Imperia Vs. Zelkron
  • Imperia Vs. Future Aryana Westcott
  • Imperia Vs. Ara Astaroth (final round)
  • Imperia Vs. Prime Reaper AI-78
  • Imperia Vs. Aryana Westcott
  • Imperia Vs. Brainwashed Chinatsu
  • Imperia Vs. Godom Unknown Figure
  • Imperia Vs. Tathagata Killer
  • Imperia Vs. Izuru Kamakura
  • Imperia Vs. Monokuma's Robot
  • Imperia Vs. Demonio
  • Imperia Vs. Dark Nia
  • Imperia Vs. Dark Yoshino
  • Imperia Vs. Misogi Kumagawa 
  • Imperia Vs. Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant
  • Imperia Vs. the Fallen's Essence

The Corbin Files

  • La Folia VS. Vento of the Front
  • La Folia VS. Eckidina KnightWalker
  • La Folia VS. Misogi Kugawama
  • La Folia VS. Junko Enoshima
  • La Folia VS. Mukuro Ikusaba
  • La Folia VS. Moloch
  • La Folia VS. Atticus Nevins
  • La Folia VS. Moloch
  • La Folia VS. Serilda of Abaddon
  • La Folia (under Michael's mind-control) VS. Katarina
  • La Folia (under Michael's mind-control) VS. Sonia
  • La Folia VS. Terra of the Left
  • La Folia VS. Redcoat Zombies
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon (shadow)
  • La Folia VS. Michael's Legion
  • La Folia VS. Headless Horseman
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon (rampage) - Final Battle in The Corbin Files

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Anti-Christ Saga

  • Imperia VS. Vanifer
  • Imperia VS. Evil Christine (Kaysie Fusion)
  • Imperia VS. Black Fairy
  • Imperia VS. The Dark Ones
  • Imperia VS. Nimue
  • Imperia VS. Michael Langdon (First Round)
  • Imperia VS. Cesare Borgia
  • Imperia VS. Leonard Lemon
  • Imperia VS. Bella Belladonna
  • Imperia VS. Olivia Oleander
  • Imperia VS. Nether Sorensen the Demon Prince
  • Imperia VS. Michael Langdon (Sorensen Fusion)

Sith Saga

LOTM: Star Spangled Crown - Moloch Saga

Triggers Hell Saga

LOTM: A Draw of Kings

Love Interest




In General

  • 58420262 p0 master1200

    "My wish is to live like a normal person."

    Protect and take care of Katarina until she can get some knowledge of life;
  • Protect Raizen High School from Mafusa Gang and Daybrooke School;
  • Keep Katarina away from Aki Honda;
  • Protect everyone she loves;
  • Have a beautiful life away from Aldegyr Kingdom;
  • Live like a normal person in the world;
  • To found her own mega-corporation to spread peace and love to all Earth;
  • To pay for her sins;
  • Take revenge and kill the Fallen's Essence;

Saga AA

  • Destroy the KnightWalker Family;
  • Help the KnightWalker Funeral Parlor defeat the KnightWalker Family;
  • End the Cold War III;
  • End the World War III;
  • Defeat Lusamine;
  • Destroy the KnightWalker Alliance;
  • Overthrow USSR;
  • Defeat Aryana Westcott and her forces;
  • Kill CM 130 and all his servants;
  • Kill all scientists from Manufacturing Progressive Sciences;
  • Defeat Ara and Leohart's Cult;
  • Kill Diabla and erase Eckidina's essence from reality;
  • Kill Misogi Kumagawa;
  • Destroy the LN-666 Project;
  • Protect the Earth from the Ragnarok and Apocalypse

Sith Saga

  • Free all planets under the control of Sith Empire;
  • Destroy the Deckers;
  • Free Elder World from Sith's Families;
  • Kill Darth Bane;
  • Kill Darth Nagah and free the 45696th Galaxy;
  • Destroy the Subjugator mega ship;
  • Destroy the Alternative Sith Timeline;
  • Help Nu Wa rebuilt the Pillar of Gods;
  • Protect Alliance of Freedom;
  • Protect the Vessel Noxus;
  • Banish Darth Valrus to his Dead Realm;
  • Destroy the Dark Council;
  • Slain Thanatos' minions;
  • Help the people of Mandalore to free themselves from Sith control;
  • Free the 4th Multi-Universe from Sith control;
  • Kill Darth Hades and his minions;
  • Protect the Light of the Multi-Universe;
  • Destroy the Executor and prevent the darkness from consuming the omniverse

Triggers Hell Saga

DEM Saga

Under the Fallen's brainwashing

  • Kill Katarina Couteau;
  • Kill Mana Takamiya;
  • Destroy Fraxinus and Alliance of Freedom's fleet;
  • Use the Sephirah Crystals of the Spirits to corrupt the Core of the Multi-Universe;
  • Help Isaac Westcott destroy the Multi-Universe;
  • End all life and creation to turn all existence in nothing to ensure "peace"

Theme Song

La Folia and Imperia official song

Nightcore Ghost Town ✗ Tag, You're It「Switching Vocals」

Nightcore Ghost Town ✗ Tag, You're It「Switching Vocals」

Cyborg song

Akame Ga Kill! - Le chant de Roma アカメが斬る!- OST

Akame Ga Kill! - Le chant de Roma アカメが斬る!- OST

Demi-Goddess song

Smite - God Selection Theme

Smite - God Selection Theme

DEM Imperia Song

Calamity (天変地異 Tenpenchii?) owari no seraph soundtrack season 2

Calamity (天変地異 Tenpenchii?) owari no seraph soundtrack season 2

La Folia KnightWalker Song

Fairy Tail Grand Wizard Bluenote Ost - Extended

Fairy Tail Grand Wizard Bluenote Ost - Extended


  • "We make war so that we may live in peace."
  • "If at some point in life, you made a mistake or keep failing over and over again, and you can't help but think it's useless and you're a good for nothing; Remember, you're only taking a detour. And I'm sure further along your path will come a day where you think, "It was a good life experience". That's why it'll be fine."
  • "You're absolutely right. I can't do anything alone. Everyone has their flaws and imperfections, but that's what drives us to work together... To make up for those flaws. Together, we make the perfect main character."
  • "People's lives don't belong to anyone. Anyone, except themselves. But people have a path. The path of how to use that life."
  • "I will illuminate this battlefield just as I shine in the heavens."
  • "I might fall seven times, but will rise up eight!"
  • "We will only eliminate those who deserve it. That happens to be you."
  • "You only exist so long as I do."
  • " Thank you for your dawns, too bad it must end like this."
  • "How many sun deities does it take to change a lightbulb? Apparently at least five.
  • "I like to imagine my enemies fear looking me in the eye, but we both know where they truly gaze."
  • "It's been some time since I was last on Earth. Eh, looks much the same."
  • "Another group of immortals in need of a lesson, is it? Very well, I shan't spare my brethren a little "Education"!"
  • "I'll expose the darkness from within you!"
  • "You are never truly alone in the dark!"
  • "Someone told me this: "Nothing is "forever" in human relationships". That might be true, but it sounds awfully lonely. But I realized today... If there really is no such thing as "forever"... Then having someone important is the happiest thing one can attain in life."
  • "Success is harder than failure for many things in this world."
  • "People's lives don't belong to anyone. Anyone, except themselves. But people have a path. The path of how to use that life."
  • "Freedom is something that you need to actively acquire. It's not something that's given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and to prepare yourself for what's to come."
  • "The country? The skies? You can have them. I’m busy just protecting what’s right in front of me. I don’t know what’ll happen to me in the future, but if something has fallen at my feet, then the least I can do is pick it up."
  • "If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn't your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy."
  • "We weep for the blood of a bird, but not for the blood of a fish. Blessed are those with a voice. If the dolls could speak, no doubt they'd scream, I didn't want to become human."
  • "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. There is only the inevitable."
  • "You're gonna carry that weight."
  • "Pride is an eminent trait, but too much will cause arrogance. That is when it becomes disgusting."
  • "People don't kill people, really. Monsters do. Monsters like war, hungry nobles, and greedy kingdoms. And monsters like me, not you."
  • "That’s just the way it is. Change is inevitable. Instead of resisting it, you’re better served simple going with the flow."
  • "Smiles are what connect people! It allows them to communicate through their souls! Souls that are connected... Will never lose to power that only relies on control!"
  • "Pit they ignored us... No-Rather. I think we invaded a obvious place... The MPS are not stupid enough to put their forces in obvious place as they think the enemy will invade the base coming from other non-obvious entrances. Have you ever saw bugglars invading a house by the front door?"
  • "I fought demons before in Sleepy Hollow... But this is too much. I think science can be scarier than magic."
  • "Of course you can't have my body! It's something that you will never have! Too bad for you! Just to let you know, I was not born like a normal person... I'm just like you, the difference is that was more lucky! I'm mere clone made from trash born from my previous persona."
  • "Oh my, I feel so happy that you are worried with us. But we don't need a bait to escape, because we will all leave this place in sefety when we rip you organs out of your disgusting body."

Funny Quotes

  • - Shigure: Imperia... [sigh] If you act so responsible like that, no one is going to marry you know. Men hates women who are too much intelligent, after all, they just want to *****. You're a "Shōjo" after all.
    • - Shigure: No, no, no, no! You don't understand! You see, I'm Japanese so the word "Shōjo" means "little girl" and the word "Shojo" means "virgin"!
    • - Imperia: Ooooohhhhh....
  • - Imperia: Uh... Asuha... You look good in those clothes.
    • - Asuha: It's our uniform.
    • - Imperia: Asuha, I've know you for a long time.
    • - Asuha: Same here.
    • - Imperia: Really? So, I'm happy to be in the same class as you and I can't take my eyes off you.
    • - Asuha: Same here.
    • - Imperia: And that's not all, I sniff your uniform after school.
    • - Asuha: Same here.
    • - Imperia: Really? What a coincidence.
    • - Asuha: Yes.
    • - Imperia: Then, would you like to go out with me?
    • - Asuha: I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind going out with you.
    • - Imperia: Do you mean you like to accompany me somewhere?
    • - Asuha: That's what you meant? I thought you wanted to date me. Am I wrong?
    • - Imperia: N-no, you aren't, but...
    • - Asuha: Okay.
    • - Imperia: But I'm not lesbian... Kotori.
    • - Kotori (radio): [Just keep the act!]
  • - Androxus: You will regret for keeping me lock in this ship. Remember that, Ratatoskr. 
    • ​- Kotori: Take this piece of shit to the brig.
    • - Imperia: Right this way, Sir Poop.
  • (Seeing the members courth of Global Pact Defense fighting)
    • - Tomas: This is madness!
    • - Imperia: This is politics.
  • (Atala and Azul try to kill Dr. Ziggurat, one suggesting they shoot him, the other suggesting they cut out his tongue.)
    • - Imperia: Shoot him, cut out his tongue, then shoot his tongue! And trim that scraggly beard!
  • - Katarina: You've always run away from a fight with Ara Astaroth and her minions!
    • - Imperia: Have not!
    • - Katarina: You have so!
    • - Imperia: Have not!
    • - Katarina: You have so!
    • - Imperia: Have not!
    • - Katarina: You have so and you know it!
    • - Imperia: Have not! Slander and calumny! I have only ever embraced that oldest and noblest of Aldegyr Kingdom's traditions. I submit that here now, that is what we all must do. We must fight................ to run away!
  • - Kotori: Our location has been betrayed.
    • - Sanada: Who is this betrayer?
    • - Tomas: Not likely one among us.
    • - Katarina: Where's Jellal?
    • - Imperia: Not among us.
  • - Lucas : How did you get off Heis' dimensions?
    • - Imperia: Well, I'll tell ya. I waded out into the shallows and waited there three days and three nights, and all manner of sea creatures came, acclimating to my presence. And on the fourth morning, I roped myself couple of sea turtles, lashed 'em together and made a raft.
    • - Lucas: ... You roped a couple of sea turtles... To escape from Heis' dimensions...
    • - Imperia: Yep, sea turtles.
    • - Lucas: What did you use for rope? 
    • - Imperia: Human hair. From Heis' *****... Simply because I shave. Oh wait, I'm a Cyborg. I don't have ***********
  • - Petelgeuse: My thanks, Imperia. 
    • - Imperia: You're welcome.
    • - Petelgeuse: Oh, not you. We named the dog Imperia.
  • - Imperia: I so thought you were going to die.
    • - Isis: That's so mean.
    • - Imperia: Maybe you'll die next week?
    • - Isis: Maybe you're the worst, Princess of the Sadists.
  • - The Fallen: [You call me a monster because I take pleasure in the suffering of other people. What makes you different from me? You just cruel and sadistic as I am. Worse, you torture your enemies to a near state of death.]
    • ​- Imperia: It's because sadism makes women sexier and hot. Right boys? You prefer an aggressive or innocent?
    • - Rogues Boys: ......................... Probably...
    • - The Fallen: [Really?]
  • - Leohart: I'll free this woman in exchange of this psycho girl besides you... Imperia Deamonne, I will take you as my wife and Queen of the Underworld.
    • - All: WHAT?!
    • - Katarina: I'LL NEVER LET YOU TAK--
    • (Imperia interrupts Katarina with a childish smile)
    • - Imperia: I heard the Underworld is brutal. If you let me torture the Eckidina KnightWalker from Prime Earth over and over again for all eternity I'll marry you! 
    • - Leohart: I-I must say she escaped from Hell during your chaotic invasion.
    • - Imperia: Sorry then, I'll refuse your proposal. Even if I had accepted, I would never sleep with you as Ara once told me you have to put an elastic ***** to have sex with your wives.
    • - Leohart: Ara... That bitch...
    • (The scenes changes to Ara sneezing in Undead Land)
    • - Imperia: SO IT IS TRUE! 
  • - Imperia: I guess it's not quite all over yet, is it? As you can plainly see, my abilities are countless. You'd be wise to retreat and plan your next move, that is if you're smart unlike my partner here. Just remember, all the battle plans you make mean nothing when the situation on the ground doesn't go as calculated.
    • - Atala: Hehehe...huh? Imperia! What did you mean "unlike my partner here", huh?!
    • - Imperia: Just what I said, you idiot.
  • - Atala: Watch the stitches, they'll break if you move too much.
    • - Imperia: You know what, Atala? Eat a dick.
    • (The Zero Numbers on distance are shocked to see that Imperia and Atala are the most bizarre couple of enemies they fought, ever)
    • - MPS Mercenary: What on Universe are we fighting?
  • - Imperia: No, I can't lose. I have to beat you. You're evil, and you have to be stopped!
    • - Ara: Oh, come now. If I'm really as evil as you say I am, then let God strike me down where I stand. (lightning strikes Ara, to no effect) HA! Nice try, jackass! Next time, give it your A-game!
  • - Ara: Where do you send a Jew with ADHD?
    • - Imperia: I don't know...
    • - Ara: A Concentration camp!
    • - Imperia: That was not funny!!
    • - Ara: Like your life. Boring as hell...
  • (Imperia and La Folia changing personalities in the same body while they are playing Battle Arena Simulator against Atala)
    • - La Folia: Always best to play it safe! With this armor, I'll never get hurt again! 
    • - Imperia: Sell it, sell it, SELL IT NOW!
  • Proceeded by: (Buy Consumables)
    • La Folia: Ooh, this will help! Let's go my little friends! We must defeat the evil!
    • Imperia: Who says I'm sharing with you!?
  • Proceeded by: (Retreating from fight)
    • - Imperia: Don't you think for a second I won't be back to get you!
    • - La Folia: Can't we just stay in base and bake?
  • Proceeded by:
    •  - La Folia: Once this fight is over... I know! We should make cookies!
    • - Imperia: Cookies? Cookies!? What the **** is wrong with you?
  • Proceeded by: (After being defeated by Atala)
    •  - La Folia: Don't give up friends! 
    • Imperia: NO! IT WAS THE FU******* LAG! I HATE THIS GAME!
  • - Imperia: AAAARRGGGH!! I'M SUMMONING THE APOCALYYYYYYYPSE!! Ha ha ha! Nah, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I don't have that power!
    • ​- Chinatsu: My daughter really surpassed me.
  • "This is a hot team! It is like a normal team, but with me in it!"
  • - Imperia: I've surpassed the limits of the human form and achieved ultimate understanding, but someone always has to ask "is it true you don't poop?"
    • ​- Eckidina: I feel the same.
    • - Imperia: Oh... But you still poop even as a Cyborg... Your mouth entirely is a toilet full of poop.
  • "This is gonna be as cold as a warlock's ballsack, just like he was hanging his ballsack above you and dragging it right across the forearm."
  • - Imperia: He's got guts — not a little bitch like someone I know. I like him. He's mine now. But you still want to try something? "Not today, not tomorrow." "Not today, not tomorrow"? I will cut pieces off of...(Beat) Hell's his name?
    • - KefkaKureto Hīragi.
    • - Imperia: Wow. (chuckles) That actually sounds right.
  • (When Imperia asks a Ratatoskr Officer to take care of her Nano-Staff)
    • - Imperia: Were you gentle? Were you kind?
    • - Fat Ratatoskr Officer: Uh...
    • - Imperia: Did you treat her like a lady?
    • - Fat Ratatoskr Officer: Uh... yes. Yes sir.
    • - Imperia: (dead serious) Did you pet her little pussy like a lady?
    • - Fat Ratatoskr Officer: Well, I...
    • - Imperia: (cheerful smile) I'm just messing with you! A staff doesn't have a pussy! Now get the hell out.
  • - Imperia: You hungry? I'll get you something.
    • (Oriax stares at Imperia)
    • - Imperia: What do you want?
    • - Oriax: What do I want?
    • - Imperia: Yeah, to eat. Whaddya want?
    • - Oriax: Anything?
    • - Imperia: Sure, whatever.
    • - Oriax: Really? Anything I want?
    • - Imperia: My little Meme Girl, yes. You can have anything. What do you want?
    • - Oriax: Can I have lobster?
    • - Imperia: No you can't have lobster, what the hell do you think this is?
  • - Imperia: What's your name?
    • - MPS Scientists: Kill me! 
    • - Imperia: That's a stupid name. It's dangerous. You should change it.
  • - Elesis: Out of my way, trash!
    • - Imperia: Show some manners!
    • - Elesis: What'd you say?!
  • "Insolence?! [laughs] I'm a Cyborg! We don't even know what that means!"
  • - Tathagata: I am whole! I am returned!
    • - Imperia: No. You are about to die again.
  • - Imperia: That doesn't even make any sense.
    • - Vira: It doesn't have to! We are demons from Qliphoth in bodies of sexy women, we have nazi zeppelins invading London and we speak English!
  • - Imperia: Some of you may not return. Actually, none of you will return! But don't let that get in your way.
    • ​- Katarina: What an inspirational leader...
  • - Imperia: We're outmatched.
    • - Madness: You want to run?
    • - Imperia: I learned from watching you!
    • - Madness: Funny...
  • - Maria: So what do I win?
    • - Imperia: My everlasting respect.
    • - Maria: [disappointed] Oh.
  • ​- Evil Christine: Now, Team Witness, I have 1,000 ways to make your fate worse than death, and need I introduce them one by one?
    • Emma: You need not!
    • Kaysie: (inside Evil Christine's mind) [Stop it. The time is running out. Take their heart instantly, and activate the Dark Curse right now!]
    • - Evil Christine: That's Black Fairy's job. Now, I'll choose a way to torment all of them with your abilty, My Nether.
    • Kaysie: [No way! Do as I say or else!]
    • Albert: (looked at Evil Christine in shock before turned to Kristen) Christine... I mean, the good Christine, she looked so similar to you, both in appearance and behavior.
    • - Kristen: Duh, you know why. No need to point it out.
    • - Albert: Huh? Point what out!?
    • Maria: How forgetful...
    • Imperia: That evil Christine seems to suffer from a common condition... Something else is inside her, forming another persona for her, much because of that woman Nether in her body. Wait... What is that condition, anyway, Christine?
    • ​- Kristen: That's schizophrenia, Imperia, and I'm no stranger to it.
    • - Imperia: SI-ZOU-FEY-NYA!? What a long and horrible name... I hate it.
    • - Kristen: (irritated) And therefore you mispronouced it?
    • (Michael, Sorensen, Ichabod, Abbie, Maria, Carl and the Black Fairy all facepalmed)
  • ​- Belle: Hush, I heard them... Terrible! Michael is using his Sorensen Zodiac to torment Gideon! He's forcing my son to do my biddings as a Dark One...
    • ​- Maria: Fine. I propose a break-in. We need to break into this door right now!
    • Hawley: But how could we break in?
    • Imperia: We can use Matt Bucther's head.
    • - Matt: What!?
    • - Imperia: Fufufu, sorry, Matt~
    • (Everyone looked at Matt as the latter frozen in chagrin...)
    • - Matt: Aloha?
    • (...before Aerisi and Ichabod put a helmet on Matt's head. Everyone lifted Matt and rushed to the door, with Matt's head first)
  • ​- Maria: Now, since I have the Grand Grimoire's lost pages and you have the Holy Eye Order defeated, that means we'll all have a reason to celebrate. We'll be glad and secure to celebrate Tenguu Festival with you. Come with us.
    • ​(Maria and Matt led Katarina, Imperia, Rentaro to Arzonia Family's stage section, where many audiences were watching the Arzonia Family presenting their play, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, a modern day Peking Opera. Adam was playing as the protagonist, Yang Zirong, and Yuri was playing as Luan Ping.)
    • Maria: This is a Peking opera showing based on the real-life story of an incident in 1946 during the Chinese Civil War, about a PLA officer inflitrated into the lair of bandits and brought it down. Now, here's the part in Yang Zirong executing Luan Ping, a villain in the story.
    • - Katarina: How would Yang execute Luan Ping?
    • Matt: (whisper) With gun. When Yang said his line and pull his trigger, there'll be a job for a special effects worker, who is at the backstage. That worker will punch a special firecracker with his hammer, creating a voice of boom.
    • - Maria: Oh, Matt, don't say too much. You're spoiling our play, heh-heh.
    • (On stage, "Yang Zirong" is preparing to execute "Luan Ping". As the stage required, there must be sound of gunshot so that "Luan Ping" would fall on the stage, "dead".)
    • - Adam: (onstage as Yang) In the name of people, in the name of the Party...
    • (The backstage was somehow quiet.)
    • - Maria: (think) * Jesus, Mary & Joseph! I forgot that the firecrakers was soaked with that awful rain yesterday! It can't be exploded even by hitting! *
    • - Imperia: The "execution" is ready, but what's with the sound?
    • - Matt: (embarrased) Um, Yang Zirong is using a Pistolet Besshumnyy made in Soviet Union...
    • ("Yang" took a look at his gun and started to improvise a part to make the story progress.)
    • - Adam: (onstage as Yang) Yo, I see. No bullets? (to "Luan Ping") All right, in the name of people, in the name of the Party, I'LL CHOKE YOU!!!
    • ("Yang" eventually grabbed "Luan Ping"'s neck and then "choked him to death"...)
    • - Maria: ........................!!
    • - Matt: .........................!!
    • - Imperia: Oh~~ Mr. Yang Zirong has superhuman strength!!!
    • (Katarina and Rentaro facepalmed.)
  • - Matt: Have you guys saw, Maria? I'm worried she might lost herself
    • - Imperia: She was here a minute ago... looking for a creepy narcissist [Yuri Barnes] and an retarded-rest of-abor-- [Matt Butcher].
    • - Katarina: She was looking for us!!!
  • - Shigure: Listen, Imperia. Didn't you see a shoe flying around here?
    • - Imperia: Look, I don't even have time to- (Beat) What was flying around? 
    • - Shigure: A shoe.
    • - Imperia: Oh sure, how could I not? Is it the one from Shoes Airlines?
  • - Imperia: You're so dumb because you arrived late to the brains repartition.
    • - Maria: So? What 'bout you?
    • - Imperia: Ha! Like I ever went! [cue Delayed Reaction]
  • (A very dark one with the death of her father, King Lucas, who was eaten by one of Kanon Rihavein's servants).
    • - Imperia: ...and to my dad, who Rest In Shit.
    • - Heis: Don't you mean to say "Rest in Peace"?
    • - Imperia: No, it's in shit, because a monster ate him.
  • - Imperia: If I pinch you, Kotori will come?
    • - Maria: (totally adamant) Of course yes.
    • - Imperia: And if she comes. She is going to slap me in the face.
    • - Maria: Of course yes.
    • - Imperia: And that slap is going to produce me pain!
    • - Maria: Of course yes.
    • - Imperia: But, the pain of the slap won't help you recover from the pain of the pinch. Right?
    • - Maria: (totally worried) Of course not.
    • - Imperia: Worth It. (pinches Maria anyway)
  • - Yuri: (to the others) Haha, I'm gonna get her!
    • - Yuri (to Imperia): Hey Imperia, do you know who is the son of my father and—
    • - Imperia: You!
    • - Yuri: (beat) Well, stay quiet and let me finish the whole riddle, okay? Now, who is the son of my father and mother, but—
    • - Imperia: You!
    • - Yuri: (beat) Wait until I've finished THE WHOLE RIDDLE! 
    • - Imperia: Fine...
    • - Yuri: Okay, who is the son of my father and mother but is not my brother?
    • - Imperia: (inflexible) You.
    • - Yuri: (looks at the camera) Now how can we put up with these women of Kotori's group?
  • (She throws a joke with her sad past).
    • "Why I came to Tenguu City? Because my parents didn't let me do anything! [...] If I wanted to play Jacks with the new tableware, it was "No!"... If I wanted to camp in the garden and use the salon rug as the tent, "No!"... If I wanted to lit up the TV with a match, "No!". Let me tell you that they didn't let me to make a domino game with the piano's keys... and with all the effort it took me to rip off all the keys from the piano..."
  • (Imperia steals Maria's comics, who then gets angry and chases after her with a brick in hand once her Berserk Buttons were pressed again. When Maria spots Imperia, she throws the brick but bricks hits the lamp bulb on the entrance door of the venidad, shattering it. But the brick hits something else too...)
    • - Imperia: See what you did!?
    • - Maria: ¡Es solo una bombilla! (t's just a lamp bulb!)
    • - Imperia: I'm not talking about the lamp bulb!
    • - Maria: ¿Y que? (Then what?)
    • - Imperia: Take a look!
    • (Sephiria Arks KnightWalker lies knocked out in the floor with the brick completely shattered over her body)
    • - Maria: Oh my!
  • - Richard: Let's see, Katarina... who destroyed Morte?
    • - Katarina: (Feeling she's being accused) It was not me... director!
    • - Richard: What?
    • - Katarina: (Bursting into tears) I swear it was not me, director! I wasn't even there when it was destroyed! (Starts crying)
    • - Richard: But I only asked you who destroyed Morte!
    • (Imperia raises her hand)
    • - Richard: Let's see, Imperia...
    • - Imperia: (Stands up) My dear, director. I know Katarina very well and if she says she didn't destroy it it's because it was not her.
    • - Katarina: (Still crying) Thank you, Imperia...
    • (Everyone face palm themselves)
  • - Matt: I wonder in how many parts is the human skull divided in?
    • - Imperia: Depends on how much you clubbed it.
  • (Imperia watches the boys playing football in the hangar of Fraxinus while she helps Kyouhei to replace the lamp bulb she helped destroyed during her early fight with Maria. She was holding a lamp bulb and a basketball of the female team of Ratatoskr's girls. Suddenly, Atala appear beside Imperia with a sport outfit)
    • - Atala: Just so you know, I have a bigger ball than yours.
    • - Imperia: I don't care...
    • - Atala: Don't care? I'm going to show to you.
    • - Imperia: I don't want to see it, idiot.
    • - Kyouhei: Imperia, give me the lamp bulb.
    • (Imperia was about to give the lamp to Kyouhei but turns back to reply to Atala)
    • - Imperia: My ball bounces more than yours! 
    • - Kyouhei: (starting to get angry) Imperia! Give me the lamp bulb!
    • (Imperia was about to give the lamp to Kyougei but turns back to reply to Atala again)
    • - Imperia: ...and you don't know how to play! You don't know nothing! You are dumb! Look at me, my body is delicated but I have a better physical to an female athlete.
    • - Kyouhei: (already angry) IMPERIA! Give me the lamp bulb!
    • - Atala: (comes out holding a big ball) What did you say?
    • (Imperia was about to give the lamp to Kyouhei but turns back to reply to Atala for the third time)
    • - Imperia: You don't know how to play! Shall I teach you some tricks?!
    • - Kyouhei: (very angry) IMPERIA! If you don't give me the lamp bulb I'll get inform Kotori about your behavior!
    • - Imperia: (worried) No, no, here it is (accidentally gives the baseball to Kyouhei).
    • - Kyouhei: (starts to screw until he notices Imperia gave her the ball instead of the lamp bulb).
    • - Imperia: (holding the lamp bulb) My ball is a lot better and bounces a lot more than yours!
    • - Kyouhei: Careful, Imperia, don't go breaking the lamp-
    • (Imperia throws the lamp bulb in the floor, shattering it)
    • - Imperia: (worried) Oh my.
    • "......................"
    • - Wáng: Oh, what do you know. I can't believe she actually said it.
    • (It eventually ends with...)
    • - Imperia: "Amazing Armor of Justice" my ass! More like armor of junk!
  • - Maria: Oh, Stupid Blonda! You... Did you walk all the way here wearing that weird long dress? You're very brave.
    • - Maria: Not so much weird as you naught short chinese dress. What do you think you're? A mafia mistress?
    • - Imperia: That's the point!
  • - Spectra: I see. You're more naive and innocent than I thought. It's the first time you've ever seen a naked man, huh? It's not a sin but wearing clothes on Paradise is a little strange considering people used to be naked like Adam an---
  • - Imperia: K-Kotori! You're early!
    • - Kotori: No shit. You're just late.
  • (Imperia is seen staring at Evelynn Astaroth for a long time, defying her to a beauty battle)
    • - Evelynn: What you staring at?
    • - Imperia: I'm judging you.
  • - Imperia: Hey guys. I've been stabbed again.
    • - Karen: Can you tell us who did it?
    • - Imperia: I can't say. I'm supposed to be dead.
  • - Aryana: Enjoy your last moments in this planet! In 26 minutes, this planet will explode and becomes dust!
    • - Imperia: 26 minutes? Well, enough time to watch an anime episode!
  • - Artemishia: What are you into these days...?
    • - Imperia: Cleansing the administrators of this organization in a purifying holocaust. I just want my salary.
    • - Artemishia: I must inform to Master Matt to keep distance from you.
  • - Imperia Can I ask a question too? Is is true the Qliphoth is really full of gays?
    • - Oriax: Sure, most women are homosexual. Just ask, Vira. I think she will pretty much answer this without inserting a huge di*k on your face.
  • "Hey, boss? I think I feel like Korean barbecue tonight."
  • - Imperia: The whole world's gonna end, and all because of a damn dog who stopped me from killing Tathagata Killer!
    • - Apo: ARF!
  • - Imperia: The truth is...I can't draw action manga. I hope for your collaboration in this.
    • - Rentaro: About manga you can't draw? Was it end of the century metrosexual man action?
    • - Imperia: Yeah. Only I'm troubled that the intensity of the action is not enough. And I thought a boy would be perfect for this job.
    • - Rentaro: ... What vision you have from me?
    • - Imperia: A sexual maniac who gets "hard" when you see Katarina. Now I know you secret. Come on, don't waste time.
    • - Rentaro: Damn it... I lost...
  • "Oh thank you for the thought, sweetie...but call me senile again, and I'll shove this wrinkly old foot right up your bahonkas!"
  • (Imperia is surrounded by Ara Astaroth and Vira in Argentina's battle)
    • - Vira: Time to die!
    • - Imperia: Oh look! It's Maria!
    • (Ara turns around with a big slasher smile and a perverted blush)
    • - Ara: What?! MARIA!! YOU CAME TO ME~!.... WAIT! There's no one there!
    • - Imperia: ε=ε=┌(;・_・)┘

Quotes about Imperia


Natural Voice

Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com00bYing TR Taunt Directed Skye 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com11aYing TR Taunt Directed Skye 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com44aYing TR Kill Streak 2-c.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com55eYing SP Ability1 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com77aYing SP Ability2 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com99cYing TR Taunt Directed Evie 2-b.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com668Ying TR Kill Streak 3.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com99eYing SP Intro 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com774Ying TR Victory 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com885Ying TR Health Low 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com887Ying TR Taunt Directed Evie 1-a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comaa4Ying SP Joke 1-a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.combb3Ying TR Taunt Directed Cassie 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comee1Ying SP Taunt 3-a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comccfYing SP Intro 2.ogg

Insane - Sadistic Voice

Discordia Ability 1a
Discordia Ability 2a
Discordia Ability 2b
Discordia Death 2
Discordia Health Low 1
Discordia Intro 1
Discordia Intro 2
Discordia Joke 1
Discordia Kill Streak 2
Discordia Kill Tower 2
Discordia laugh 3
Discordia NV Boohoo 2
Discordia Purchase Recommended 1
Discordia Taunt 1
Discordia Taunt 3
Discordia Taunt 4
Discordia Taunt 5
Discordia Taunt Directed Bellona
Discordia VGS Emote F
Discordia VGS Emote A
Discordia VGS Emote G
Discordia VGS Emote W
Discordia VGS NiceJob
Discordia VGS Other G S


La Folia Rihavein

Imperia Deamonne


  • Imperia's design is influenced by Eastern culture and religion with exception of her La Folia Rihavein counterpart which is influenced by Nordic Culture.
  • All characters from LOTM: Sword of Kings represents something in Mythology, Imperia's symbolism is based off the Nine-tailed fox, a species of creature depicted in the Shan Hai Jing as having the voice of a human infant. It can be eaten by humans, and those who eat it will be protected from evil. As such, Imperia has the power of Kyuuby (9 Tails in Japanese) given by Nu Wa at the end of Saga AA.
    • During her time brainwashed by The Fallen, she was turned to the dark side and her counterpart was more based in Da Ji, the Nine-Tailed Fox from Chinese Mythology as a part of her contraversial figure; 
    • 450px-SkinArt DaJi Default

      Da Ji

      "Emperor Zhou's desire for the Goddess Nu Wa was considered an obsession, pehaps even madness. She sent signs and missives to reject him, but Zhou would not be dissuaded. At night, he slipped into her temple and scrawled poetry across the walls espousing his undying love. This defilement could not go unanswered. Nu Wa summoned the most conniving and wicked Fox Spirit she could and thrust it upon the Emperor with intent to spiral his life into misery. Little did Nu Wa know what she had just unleashed. For thousands of years the nine-tailed Fox spirit had lived, biding its time, honing its malicious appetites. Finally in human form, it assumed the irresistible guise of Da Ji, and to Emperor Zhou, she could do no wrong. With free reign of the empire and its people, Da Ji reveled in torture and malice. She took delight in their screams of pain and she danced to playful music composed at her command, the musicians trembling for every note. So grievous did these atrocities grow that the people rose up and overthrew their ruler. they stormed the gates, toppled the throne, and pursued Zhou to his bed chamber, where the crazed emperor finally took his own life. Yet, Da Ji managed to escape and conceal herself. Now she joins the fray, not to save the universe, nor empower her pantheon, but instead to soak up every last cry of anguish from her enemies."
  • Like Mana, she's afraid of insects.
  • Imperia can be very clumsy and often makes mistakes, but she always keep her attitude beside Katarina once she knew Katarina was a incompetent person.
  • She seems to be bad at dancing despite she had many class of dancing during her time in Aldegyr Kingdom.
  • Imperia's first costume resembles the stereotypical dress of a Chinese Mafia Lady's dress.
  • Imperia's kanji; インペリア means Imperium in Japanese which means "absolute power".
  • Imperia is classified as an SS-class Cyborg, the highest Cyborg class until now.
  • Deamonne's name refers to a member of a class of divine beings in the Vedic period, which in Indian mythology tend to be evil and while in Zoroastrianism, they are benevolent.
  • Imperia is the youngest member of the Rogues squad.
  • Imperia is one of the two members of the Rogues that are a Cyborg.
  • Since she lived in a Aldegyr Kingdom for 9 years, Imperia has 10 languages from Europe as her main Languages; French, English, Swedish, Germanic, Celtic, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Romansh and Sardinian.
  • Imperia is the second human to be transformed in a Cyborg, the first is Atala Arck.
  • Despite being one of the main characters (if not the SECONDARY character of the whole series) she is one of the two final antagonists (alongside the Fallen) to be defeated.
  • Canonically, Imperia has no connection or affiliation with any type of political party, but some parts of her ideologies reference it as a way to compare her to a socialist.
  • Imperia obviously was based in the word "Imperial", although she was born in a "kingdom".
  • Imperia states that she loves Korean dramas.
  • In Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc, Imperia indirectly declares to Shigure that she isn't a virgin. However, this may be because she misunderstood due to being a foreigner, as Shigure is a Japanese and used the word Shojo (処女) for virgin, which when spoken sounds identical to Shōjo (少女) meaning little/young girl, implying Imperia meant she is not a little girl.
  • One of Imperia's dreams was to get a boyfriend once she escaped from Aldegyr Kingdom to experience the life of a normal girl, but she never had courage to even talk to one, yet she easily got around girls, easily confusing people to think she is lesbian.
  • Imperia has extremely sensitive hearing.
  • Imperia was the penultimate members of the Rogues to die, while the last one was Tomas Sev, killed during his fight with Aryana Westcott.
  • According with Gwen, if Imperia was a student at Hope's Peak Academy in USA, she would be considered as Ultimate Dictator;
    • A reference to her name "Imperia" and her high-skills of speech and persuasion.
  • Imperia suffers from a pathological fear of the shadows, laboratories, and scientists;
    • This is may reference of her the Original La Folia Rihavein's past, since Imperia is a clone of the Original La Folia, she has adopted many of her memories and feelings, which became phobias, the reason of this is because Lusamine is a scientist created her in a laboratory by cloning her in deadly human experiments and the Fallen's Essence is a shadow who killed and tortured her Original Person inside of a laboratory.
    • This is the reason why Imperia considered B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 as her worst nightmare and most wicked and evil villains she have ever faced (even more than all villains together she have fought before).
  • If she were to compare herself to an animal, Imperia would have considered herself to be a fox.
  • Originally in the original plot of LOTM: Sword of Kings, Imperia was suppose to be only a princess that was exiled from Aldegyr Kingdom because Kanon took over the throne and enslaved her people. However, her story was refurbished to introduce the Fallen's Essence, Order of Terror, Heis, Lusamine and Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant.
  • Imperia was originally set to be the a human from the beginning until to the end of the story but overpowered villlains like Darth HadesLeohart the Prince of HellAryana Westcott and The Fallen would easily overthrow her, so the first sub arc of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc, Angel Sub Arc, was created to turn her into a more powerful character to be a match to real threats.
  • Imperia, many times during the story, showed signs of love towards Katarina. Like said above, it's unknown what she felt towards her was an actual love of interest or family. But if this is interest love, that means Imperia has a fall for trouble-makers or reckless people. Which is a polar opposite of her character.
  • She's good at cooking, as stated by Katarina.
  • Ara ranked Imperia as thirteenth in her Most Important People to Kill, which lead her to her demise once she never noticed Imperia's true power.
  • Reig

    La Folia's vibrator meme

    Imperia's meme known Vibrator has become officially a meme in KnowYour Memes when the User: Lucas Barrotos, also know as DarkMattX259 posted the pic into the website, which days later became a new base for anime memes such as "Now I'm going to enjoy myself with this" or "Have you ever heard about the word "Hentai".
  • Deamonne means is the naming-pun of many things in English language, such as Diamond, Demon, Diabolic, Devilish and Death.
  • The name Deamonne took base from the name Deamoned, a character from Breath of Fire.
  • Imperia is the second character close to Katarina to die, although she was revived by Chinatsu minutes later.
  • La Folia Rihavein is the only main character to be based in a ACTUALLY original character from another show while Mana Takamiya from Date A Live or Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet never had any plot twist in their story.
  • Lsample-3d762eb8ba6b6c4446a8b8c1dfc53f4b

    Daisy Rihavein

    Originally, La Folia was suppose to have two sisters; Kanon Rihavein and Daisy Rihavein. Daisy was planned to be introduced as the leader of Magnus Craft once she was not chosen by her parents to inherits the throne of Aldegyr Kingdom. This idea, however, was scrapped once the story's developers realized that Imperia having two siblings would be inconsistent with her back story mentioned during her flashbacks.
  • Imperia is based on Sven's (Prime ShockWaveTX) childhood crush while DestroyerSubjugator90 only introduced her into the story. "When I was a child, I had the dream since I was 12, about the world being destroyed and run by nazis once I studied about World War II. I’d find my badass sister (Katarina), pick up the girl I had a crush on (Imperia), and we’d go through the land, surviving."... I'm not kidding...
    • Prime's first crush was a Asian girl, which explains why many characters on the story are related with the Korean, Japanese and Chinese culture and mythology. And is why the main reason Tenguu City, a Japanese city, was chosen to be the main setting of Saga AA.
  • Imperia has the highest confirmed kill count of any hero or in the entire series with over tens of thousands of killed victims through the story, with the all main villains having much more kills than her.
  • Imperia is one of the 5 Night Raid members on the New World Order's most-wanted list.
  • Her measurements are 81-56-83.
  • Imperia was a fan of Neil Young, and presumably saw him on tour.

Real Life inspirations

Empress Wu Zetain

A Tang Dynasty Empress Wu Zetian

Born in 625 AD, Wu Zetian reign during the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) as the only female emperor in Chinese history, largely because of Confucian beliefs that discouraged placing women in positions of power. Becoming the favorite concubine for Emperor Tai Tsung as a young teenager, Wu used her cunning skills to climb the ranks to eventually marry Emperor Kao Tsung, and then to obtain more power after he died. She began a campaign to elevate the status of women in society by ordering biographies of famous women to be written and giving other women positions of power in the political system. Eventually, her son removed himself from office in 690 AD so Wu could go on to become one of the best loved and most peaceful emperors in history.

King Tamar of Georgia

Vepkhistkaosani zichy

Just because a woman’s wearing a crown doesn’t mean she’s a queen—or even a princess. With the death of her father, Tamar of Georgia was named king. Born in 1169, Tamar was the first female ruler of Georgia, and helped the kingdom to flourish in its golden age of prosperity and peace. That’s not to say she was gentle, though: The country achieved much of its stability due to Tamar’s massively successful military ventures. What’s more, the ruler divorced her first husband and expelled him from the country despite the rigidity of Christianity during the time. On top of all that, she was even canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church. No big.

Hedy Lamarr

640px-Hedy Lamarr-publicity

Born in 1914, Hedy Lamarr not only made a major impact on the silver screen with her notorious come-hither stare, but also developed radio technology that helped the allies to win World War II.  With co-inventor George Anthiel, Lamarr invented a wireless communications system that helped America to electronically send military matters under top security. This major tech development helped lead to the creation of all wireless communication devices we use today—cell phones, fax machines, and more.

Remedios Gomez-Paraiso


She was an average high school student when the Japanese invaded the country during WWII. Soon afterwards she left town and joined a communist guerillas to help fight the invasion. She went to school for guerillas, within months she is leading an entire squadron in stealling food and other supplies from Japanese troops. Before each battle, she would don lipstick and get her hair done. Her appearance would inspire the troops, letting them know that she was calm and fearless.Her efforts in the war sent positive outlook for women in the military. Women integrated into Philippines military units for the first time.

Fictional Inspirations



Canaria Utara is the subhead of Tokyo City in Qualidea Code. Purportedly, Canaria exists to be a bother to Ichiya Suzaku. She lacks motivation, but she does try her best in just about everything. She often says "When you’re in trouble, just smile." (困ったときは笑顔, Komatta toki wa egao) For her ability, she is able to increase the powers of others through song. Canaria is a happy-go-lucky girl who is always seen smiling. It is shown that she has some romantic feelings for Ichiya.

Canaria has long blonde hair, that is darker at the top and gets lighter at the bottom. She wears her school uniform with a hat and white gloves,she is also quite busty.

Maika Sakuranomiya


Maika Sakuranomiya is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Blend S. She works at unique cafe in Tokyo called "Cafe Stile", where the waitresses play the roles of various character archetypes. Due to her naturally sadistic expressions, she is hired to play the role of the "sadist waitress", who acts dominant and cruel to the customers.

Despite Maika's kind-hearted and pure personality, she has a naturally sadistic expression, which initially caused problems for her when trying to get a job until she was scouted by Cafe Stile. Maika comes from a very traditional Japanese family, so from an early age she became bored of Japanese culture and interested in the culture of foreign countries. As a child this caused an obsession with Santa Claus, as well as with a doll of Western mascot from a chicken restaurant (the former of which she tried to capture, and the latter she considered her "first love"). This traditional upbringing also resulted in her growing up with a pure and sheltered mind, which doesn't understand or respond well to being exposed to subjective things, such as not understanding why her customers actually want her to abuse them, and going into a state of severe shock upon stumbling across a hentai dōjinshi. She also seems oblivious to the fact that Dino, her manager, has a completely open romantic interest in her.



Kate is the deuteragonist of Alpha and Omega. She is an Alpha wolf and Humphrey's love interest. She is the eldest daughter of Eve and Winston, the lead Alpha's of the pack. But she starts to fall in love with him as they make their way back to Jaspar. She is, at first, engaged to Garth, but later declares her feelings for Humphrey and they marry. She is mother of Stinky, Claudette, and Runt. Kate takes responsibility seriously, which explains why she doesn't like Humphrey's apparent disregard for the well-being of the pack.

She is voiced by Hayden Panettiere (also voice of Red Puckett in second film) in first film and Kate Higgins in sequels along with Lilly and Stinky.


Katara by graya7-d7go0sz

Katara is a young female Waterbender, born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe by her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her big brother Sokka as well as the deuteragonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender and one of the supporting characters in The Legend of Korra. Katara was not only a Waterbender, but the last and only one capable of the art in her tribe. As a child, she lived a peaceful, merry life with her family's love, until she lost her mother in a Fire Nation raid. Years after this tragedy, during her teenage years, she and her brother discovered the young Air Nomad Avatar, Aang, who had been encased for one hundred years within a sphere of ice. In need of a Waterbending teacher, the siblings and Aang left the South Pole for the Northern Water Tribe.

Katara and Sokka eventually became close friends of Aang, and after their journey to the North Pole, continued to travel with him across the world as he mastered the remaining elements, Earth and Fire. The siblings' assistance helped Aang halt the Fire Nation's ambitions of world domination, ending the century-long war, and finally restoring balance to the world. 70 years after the war, Katara is now a widow, a mother, and a grandmother but she still is a water bending teacher to the new Avatar, Korra. She is voiced by Mae Whitman, who also voiced Shanti and Tinker Bell.

Katniss Everdeen


Katniss Everdeen is the main protagonist of the Hunger Games trilogy and the Hunger Games film series. She volunteered to participate in an evil game, where 24 teens fight to the death, taking her sister, Prim's, place who was reaped for the Hunger Games. In the films, she was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, who also portrays Mystique's younger self in the X-Men trilogy. In the Japanese Version, she was voiced by Nana Mizuki, who also played Hinata Hyūga from Naruto.

Katniss has strong and independent survivalist instincts due to her difficult past and is good at thinking outside the box. She is not socially adept and has a hard time making friends due to the emotional strain on her life which has made her hard and cold. She is more concerned about feeding her family than being social, making her awkward around people. Though Katniss can be rather blunt, misanthropic, sarcastic, bitingly cynical and cold she has a very vulnerable side which she only shows around her family, and she has a natural maternal instinct as showed when she comforted Prim and helped Rue. She is not very good at acting for the camera and comes across best when she is herself. She is usually very logical except for times when her emotions get in the way. Katniss has a habit of biting her nails when she is nervous or anxious and must consciously stop herself from doing so when around others. After she became a victor she could not think of a good reason to break the habit. However after joining the rebellion she appears to have stopped biting her nails as she does not mention doing so.


Jade Mortal Kombat 1 Hot Sexy Gamer Luiz Lucas Trajano de Menezes Portal do Ultra MK

Jade is a fictional character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series by Midway Games. Debuting in 1993's Mortal Kombat II as an unplayable secret character who was a green palette swap of Kitana, Jade made her first playable appearance in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. She has since become a regular supporting character in the franchise, appearing on series merchandise in addition to alternate Mortal Kombat media, such as comic books and the feature film Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. In the games, Jade's initial background is that of an assassin in the service of evil Outworld emperor Shao Kahn, which was expanded in UMK3 and onwards to her being a friend and confidante of Princess Kitana, as well as a fellow patriot of their otherworldly home realm of Edenia that was enslaved by Kahn.

In the series reboot, Jade is a central character in the game's story mode and additionally joins forces with the Earthrealm warriors in their attempt to defeat Kahn. She is often regarded as one of the best series characters in regards to gameplay, and the character has received mostly positive general and critical reception.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII, and the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, she plays a supportive role. Tifa is Cloud Strife's childhood friend, but lost contact with him years ago. When she meets him again, she convinces him to join the resistance group she is a member of, AVALANCHE, to fight Shinra Electric Power Company.

Tifa has dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and some other appearances, her hair is shorter and reaches the middle of her back—in Advent Children because longer hair is difficult to animate. Tifa's eye color has been officially addressed as red, but they have been depicted as a brown in some appearances.

While deceptively strong, Tifa is empathic and emotionally shy. While identifying and responding to the feelings of others, Tifa does not express her feelings often and when she does she struggles doing so. Tifa has motherly qualities, acting as a support for others, and keeping the others around her optimistic.


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