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Imperia Deamonne



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General Information
Name La Folia Rihavein
Imperia Deamonne
Kanji インペリアデーモン
Romanji Inperiadēmon
Alias Imperia Deamonne
Princess of Aldegyr (formerly)
La Folia KnightWalker (alternate timeline)
Princess La Folia
White Haired Ojou-sama (by Katarina)
My Lady
Beautiful Ojou-sama
La Folia-chan (by Eckidina)
New Ruler
RebelNumber 1
One-Way Road
The One Who Wields the Power of God
Fairy of Moon
Goddess of Magic
The Unbound
The Oathkeeper
Matron of the Dead
Fox of the Nine Wind
Queen of War
The Blossom
Oracle of the Abyss
The Twilight Assassin
Race Human (formerly)
Class SS Cyborg
Goddess of Death
Age 18 years old (LOTM: Sword of Kings)
21 years old (LOTM: A Draw of Kings)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday 21 August
Height 1,65 meters
Weight 56 kilograms (126 ibs)
Hair Color White (as La Folia Rihavein)
Black (as Imperia)
Purple (as La Folia KnightWalker)
Eye Color Sea blue (as La Folia Rihavein)
Amber (as Imperia)
Dark Red (as La Folia KnightWalker)
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Alliance of Freedom
Multi-Universe Defense Forces
Reality Council
Kingdom of the Cosmic
New Conglomerate
Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire
Previous Affiliation KnightWalker Funeral Parlor
Team Witness
The Rogues
The Resistence
Raizen High School
Peace Foundation
La Folia's Crew
Vessel Noxus
Azul's Crew
Simulator Battle Arena Fighters
Aldegyr Kingdom
Rihavein Royal Family
Occupation Queen of the Valkryes
Goddess of Death
Nu Wa's Sucessor
Previous Occupation Princess of Aldegyr Kingdom
Raizen High School Student
Alliance of Freedom Heroine Class B
Owner of La Orphanage
Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire's Brainwashed Spy
Partner(s) Katarina Couteau, Mana Takamiya, Shigure Yukimi, Jellal Fernandes, Kotori Itsuka, Shido Itsuka, Jin Kisaragi, Asuna, Tomas Sev, Lucas Kellan, Abbie, Ichabod Crane, Jack the Freezer, Kyouhei Kannazuki, Atala Arck, Azul Jissele, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Tohka Yatogami, Yoshino, Nia Honjou, Nu Wa, Kyuuby, Sonia Nevermind, Reine Murasame, Rentaro Satomi, Sister Mary Eunice, Asuha Chigusa, Eugen Katsuragi, Majestrix, Komaru Naegi, Karen Nora Mathers, Medusa, Poison Ivy, Adam Frankenstein, The Bride, Maria Arzonia, Kyouko Kirigiri
Previous Partner(s) Eckidina KnightWalker (childhood friend)
Misogi Kumagawa (childhood friend)
Base of Operation Earth - Tenguu City (pre-Alliance of Freedom)
Fraxinus (Rise of New World Order era)
8th Multi-Universe (Alliance of Freedom)
Malevolence (DEM Empire)
Personal Status
Relatives The Fallen's Essence (creator)
Lusamine (creator)
Lucas Rihavein ("father")
Polifonia Rihavein ("mother")
Kanon Rihavein (clone sister)
Counterpart La Folia KnightWalker (alternate version)
Kanon Rihavein
Ellen Mira Mathers
Sonia Nevermind
Eckidina KnightWalker
Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant
Hobbies Wearing new typs of clothes, killing DEM nazis, teasing Mana, cooking, creating new types of foods, helping non-human children to find a new lair, listening to anthems from all nations, meditating, training her mind, crusing demons and fallen angels, studying other galaxies
Goals Protect and take care of Katarina until she can get some knowledge of life; Protect Raizen High School from Mafusa Gang and Daybrooke School; Keep Katarina away from Aki Honda; Protect everyone she loves; Have a beautiful life away from Aldegyr Kingdom; Live like a normal person in the world; To found her own mega-corporation to spread peace and love to all Earth; To pay for her sins; Take revenge and kill the Fallen's Essence;
Powers High Intelligence
Fear-Inducing Skills
Infinity Spiral
Soul removal
Nightmare inducement
Mind walkingStrong superhuman abilities
God Energy manipulation
Energy Sensing
Black Hole Ring
Controls other dimensions and warps through rifts in space
Can create extensions of herself as living beings
Control of the elements and her surroundings
Creates black matter arms and weaponizes her bones and hair
Type of Power Creation Energy, KnightWalker Nano-Machines
Weapon Black matter weapons, Staff of Chinatsu
Claws of Fox, Tails of Kyuuby, Nu Wa's Gems
English Voice Alice McGrathers
You're wrong. It's not the world that's messed up; it's those of us in it. Yes, some Cyborgs walk a path that leaves sorrow in their wake, but just like humans, we can choose a different path altogether. We have a lot to learn, both your kind and mine. We need to stop fighting, and start talking. Because when it comes to the state of the world, you can't point your finger at ghouls or humans. We're all to blame.
Imperia Deamonne

Imperia Deamonne (born as La Folia Rihavein and as La Folia KnightWalker in an alternative universe) is the secondary heroine in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and its sequel, LOTM: A Draw of Kings. She is also a recurring character in some parts of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow and is one of the secondary heroines of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files.

La Folia had a past filled with false memories and sad incidents. She believed herself to be a princess of Aldegyr Kingdom. For most of people, including herself, she is the eldest daughter of King Lucas and Polifonia Rihavein, and the elder twin sister of Kanon Rihavein. She was pursued by Magnus Craft and the Aurozia Terrorists Organization to hold her as hostage in order to acquire all the money from her Real family. However, in truth, she was merely a clone of the original Princess La Folia Rihavein made by The Fallen's Essence (an abyssal shadow made by the orginal Isaac Ray Peram Westcott) and Lusamine in order to test the effects of Human Purifier Techonology, with her entire life being manipulated by the former.

Under a pretense of the real La Folia, the clone La Folia was sent back to her parents (alongside a clone version of her original versions' twin sister, Kanon Rihavein) while her original version suffered from all kinds of assault, abuse and even tortures which eventually killed her slowly and painfully. The Fallen's Essence was closely observing the life of La Folia and manipulated her, making her a puppet to his will. Under the manipulation of the Fallen's Essence as well as the Order of Terror, La Folia suffered from the abuse from her father (possessed and driven to insanity by the Fallen's Essence) and eventually left her kingdom to quit her life as a princess. She ultimately ended up in Tenguu City, Japan, and was followed by the forces of the KnightWalker Family secretly manipulated by the Fallen's Essence, again, in an attempt to assassinate her.

During those years, the Fallen's Essence had more plans on this clone made by him, but when La Folia met with an orphaned Katarina Couteau and befriended her, the Fallen's Essence had to made a new plan on her. During her time at Tenguu City, she becomes Katarina Couteau's best friend in her childhood. She knows she is a very rich princess, but like Katarina, she had a tragic past and hates being princess since she was exiled from the world. She never talked about her past to Katarina and the latter never asked as well.

La Folia was both kind and pure, and she cared about her best friend and gave Katarina a glimmer of dawn upon her dark childhood. However, during her time in Tenguu City and the beginning of the World War III, La Folia suffered attacks several times from the hands of many villains, most notably Eckidina KnightWalkerMisogi Kumagawa, Michael Langdon and Moloch. Even so, La Folia did not lose her sanity until after her capture by her sister, under the order of the Fallen's Essence. When Lusamine and the Fallen's Essence revealed her true past in front of her, La Folia finally realized that all her past life was a total lie before sucubbed to the execution committed by her "sister", Kanon Rihavein, who became the zealous servant of the Fallen's Essence. However, during the battle full of chaos in Aldegyr Kingdom, La Folia was revived by Chinatsu as a Cyborg with superpowers whears her personality remained unspoiled. Now named as Imperia Deamonne, La Folia joined the Rogues and became allied with Ratatoskr in order to fight against the Fallen's Essence, the true mastermind of the entire events and prevent the New World Order from raising. Both she and Katarina were happy about this revival.

After the destruction of both the Fallen's Essence and Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, Imperia was among those heroes and villains who were teleported to another universe by the Reality Council to fight against Balam Alliance. During this time, Imperia was almost corrupted by Darth Hades and Leohart the Prince of Hell, but she all went through it. However, this was changed horribly during the Cataclysmatic War, when the original Fallen, who was the Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, had drove her into despair and insanity before turning her into his Abyssal so that she would destroy the Alliance of Freedom from inside. Under Westcott's mind-control, Imperia slaughtered many of her friends and battled against Katarina, which ended up with her own tragic death and the destruction of the Alliance of Freedom, driving Katarina into despair.

With her own death, Imperia's soul was freed from the Fallen's control and redeemed herself, but the loss and consequences it brought was tremendous. However, eventually Katarina regained her hope and fought against her father with her ultimate Prime Abyssal Punisher power and destroyed him before he could destroy the entire Multi-Universe with his final form, avenging Imperia's corruption and death.

She is an original character created by DestroyerSubjugator90 and Prime ShockWaveTX from CIS Productions.



Imperia Deamonne

  • Name: La Folia Rihavein, Imperia Deamonne
  • Nacionality: French, Aldegyrian
  • Classification: Last Godom Cyborg, Clone, Warrior of the Cyborgs, Earth's Greatest Human Defender, Anti-Tyrant Liberalist, Amaazon Adventurer, Bio-Human, Cyborg, Demi-Goddess of the Foxes, Former Aristocrat,  Anti-Nazi Assassin, Bio-Enginnered Fighter, Wise Strategist, Truth Seeker, Anti-Slavery, Peace Seeker, Vengeful Anti-Heroine, Sister of Villain, Tech-Vampire, Magi-Tech Warrior, Revived Abuse Victim;
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18-19 years old in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline; 18 years old in Corbin Files;
  • Power and Abilities: Vector manipulation which can give her: super speed, strength, elemental manipulation (including blood manipulation), flight, gravity manipulation, and automatic forcefields that reflect attacks, infinite energy as long her Limiter allows her to continue fighting using her mana;
  • Weaknesses: Her Limiter in her neck which allows er use of her powers only has 30 minutes of battery, her connection to the Chinatsu can be jammed and the signal is worse while in tunnels or underground, Light can pierce her reflection
  • Destructive Capacity: City block level+, continent level+ by borrowing the Earth's rotational energy | Island level+ (destroyed Madagascar during her battle against Yuuki Terumi athe 9th Earth during the events of Aryana Arc, continent level+ by borrowing the Earth's rotational energy she can press all gravity of the atmosphere and create a hole in the gravtional camp of the planet to suck whole continents, nations and islands into space | Planetary level+ (powerscaling from Nu Wa, she can subjugate all life in planets), Universallevel+ by borrowing Nu Wa and Foxy's energy to subjugate all life on the universe as a matter of principles to do her work as the Goddess of Death
  • Range: Thousands of kilometers with projectiles | Thousands of kilometers with projectiles lasers, 100 meters with Staff of Eden | Thousands of kilometers with magi-tech blasts, 606 meters with Chinatsu's Level 1, likely farther </span>| Universal Range+SSS with Nu Wa energy, Omniversal Range ???+ with Foxy energy;
  • Speed: Massively hypersonic reaction time (could counter thousands of different attacks simultaneously as DEM forces were piercing her AIM field), supersonic movement speed, light speed passive shielding via reflection | Hypersonic+ (Mach 60 by powerscaling), massively hypersonic reactions | Hypersonic+ (at least Mach 93, likely higher) massively light reactions as Demi-Goddess (can travel between galaxies in 3 hours, 90 hours between universes and 450 hours between Multi-Universes);
  • Durability: Superhuman, continent level+ with reflection | Island level+, continent level+ with Chinatsu Lvl.1| Planetery level+ with Nu Wa and Foxy energy;
  • Lifting Strength: At least Class KKK+ (can easily all types of living being in a half like a paper), Stellar Class+ | Immeasurable | Immeasurable;
  • Striking Strength: Class XNS+ | Class XJ+ (superior to Katarina) | Class XFF+ (superior to 100% Final Form Aryana) | At least Class JGJ+ (can trade blows with Darth Hades) | Class XLJ+ minimum (strong than Ellen Mira Mathers) | System Solar Level (can easily kill Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant more than 300 times);
  • Stamina: SuperDeathGoddess+SSS; Can Fight for 3 centuries as long she never run out of energy;
  • Standard Equipment: Ligisti Magi-Tech pistol from Aldegyr Kingdom as a human and later possessed the Staff of Godom after Chinatsu turned her in a Cyborg;
  • Intelligence: Full knowledge of all things on Earth thanks to her forced study she was a child, mastermind of political and battle experience, incredible planner and schemer, has technical knowledge almost on par with Metron, knowledge of martial arts, capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, intimate knowledge of the workings of the multiverse
  • Notable Abyssals Attacks/Techniques:
    • - Invert blood flow: By touching a persons open wound, Imperia can reverse the bloodflow of a person, which would instantly kill them.
    • - Rip the skin of a person: By touching a person's body, Imperia can rip off their skin. 
    • - Dust explosions: If there is enough dust in the air, Imperia can cause a dust explosion by generating anti-matter
    • - Dark Wing: Under this state, she updates and overwrites her own ability to do something supposedly impossible by summoning an AIM field around an area around 3 kilometers. Through the input of AIM, she can control vectors that supposedly don't exist as well.  AIM also dispels and otherwise negates magic in the area, it also allows her to control other powers, the  AIM field are made of a material that is exactly the same as dark matter found in the borders of all universes. 
    • - Death form: In this form, Imperia can levitate by use of some unknown power, whereas before she had to use wind and gravity manipulation to do so. Her defenses also rise considerably; being able to tank an attack that could destroy all of Eurasia without his vector field. Before this powerup, the most Imperia was to be able to tank was a nuke made of LN-666 Project energy, and that was while she was using her vector manipulation powers.;
    • - Machine Ingenuity: Imperia is also quite competent with machinery and technology, evident in when she modified her cane with various gravity sensors, and small motors to help better support herself, and when she modified he  choker to reduce the battery consumption by 90%;
    • - Marksmanship: Imperia has been shown to be extremely proficient with firearms. Even with only her left hand, her weaker hand, she was able to finish off a round of practice in 70 seconds. She has commented that reloading a pistol in two seconds with one hand is too slow for her, even though she was just testing the guns;
    • - Redirection: She can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, she kills Heis by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting her finger inside her wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on her, as they will be redirected. It is because of his ability that she has an albino appearance, as her body blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing unnecessary melanin;
    • - Vector Shooting: By touching an object, she can extend the influence of her ability to other objects in contact with it. This allows her to indirectly change the vectors and turn the objects into projectiles. She did this using metal construction pillars. Imperia's vector manipulation has a variety of uses, including crushing the earth around her and to also use this to propel herself forward.
    • - Wind Control: She can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind. She can use this power to create F7 tornado's.
    • - Plasma Storm: She can even create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point.
    • - Kinetic Blast: She takes control of the planet's rotational vectors and transfers an enormous amount of that energy into one attack. This attack used up so much of the planet's rotational energy that it slowed down the the earth's rotation by about 2 minutes. Theoretically this attack should allow her to destroy all life on the planet if the planet suddenly stop its rotation, forcing ALL things on the planet fly like countless toys into one direction, resulting in the death of all living beings, but this is a highly debated topic by Ratatoskr
    • - Brain Hacking: According to Imperia, by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body she can take 'control' over them and rewrite the memories and personality of the people.
    • - Earth Stomp: Using the vectors behind her feet, she causes a little explosion made of earth and rocks to attack her opponents.z
  • Summary: Full Goddess of Death
  • IQ: ??????????


Naming Pun



Personal Information

All personal informations of Katarina, such as her hobbies, her favorite things, etc

  • Ara han elsword drawn by egg rxlal sample-d11c3a3e008d263e958116e2f66259b0

    Wearing Virgin Killer

    Favorite colors:
    • ​Black, orange, yellow, white, brown
  • Favorite foods:
    • Most of the typical American and Swedish foods, pancake, salad, biscuits, sandwich and blood (as a Cyborg)
  • Favorite cloths:
    • Combat suit, school uniform, casual dress, casual clothes, black-T shirt, German military uniforms, Virgin Killer, Sweater, God of Death outfit, 
  • Favorite hobbies:
    • Wearing new typs of clothes, killing DEM nazis, teasing Mana, cooking, creating new types of foods, helping non-human children to find a new lair, listening to anthems from all nations, meditating, training her mind, crusing demons and fallen angels, studying other galaxies
  • ​Favorite allies:
  • ​Favorite enemies:
    • Thanatos (possibly crush), Atala Arck (rival), Hoppou-Chan, Elesis Du Tirial, Ao Kunag, 
  • ​Likes:
    • Mystical beings, knowing new planets spread out space, visiting new places, studying new types of animals and species, eating fruits, builting artifacts, watching romance films, 
  • Religion:
    • Neutral over all religions as she is the Goddess of Death herself
  • Hates:
    • ​Fanatics, beer, fire, war, satanism, human experiments, assassins, mercenaries, nazis, fascists, Dark Empires, liars, serial killers, perverts (Rentaro as an exception), rapists, destroyers of worlds, slavers, corrupt politicians, greedy people, weak-minded people, warmongers, corrupt priests, dictators, evil demons, evil angels, Aldegyr Kingdom, Dark Emperors, Triggers Hell, coffee beans, lover stealers, tsunderes, Sith, selfish aliens, neo-nazis, KnightWalker Family, Moon Terminator Company, Artificial Demon Weapons, gangsters, Mafusa Gang, Order of Terror, DEM Empire, Sith Empire, Balam Alliance, troublemakers, bully, bullying, juvenile deliquents, genocidal tyrants, aristocrats
  • Political types:
    • Doest not take part in any of them (temporary as Fascist and Nazism during her time brainwashed by Isaac Westcott)
  • Favorite musics:
    • Metal and rock (despite her appearance)
  • Age:
    • ​18 years old (in 2036), 19 years old (in 2037), 20 years old (at the end of the story and her death)
  • Gender:
    • ​Female
  • Hated allies:
  • Hated enemies:


Heroine - Prime Earth

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Imperia being disturbed by all people that died by the hands of Kanon; the people she was suppose to protect but ran away

Imperia is an optimistic hard worker. As a leader type with a firm character, she herself takes the lead and pulls her allies along. She has a strong will and doesn't hesitate to take action, her notable character trait being her strong sense of belief in herself and others. Being a strategist but a music lover, she also tends to include music talk into her conversations during her time as a member of Ratatoskr.

Imperia is very protagonist-like and always pulling the others along cheerfully; a typical heroine that is very dependable. Katarina Couteau thinks that Imperia is positive, and thinks about others before herself, but when she goes too far, she gets a little scary. Though she has a normal person (despite being a clone of the original La Folia), Kyouko Kirigiri thinks that Imperia is not an ordinary person and consider her as Ultimate Heroine. She gives off the impression of being a simple girl you could meet anywhere and a person that's easy to befriend, yet when her friends shows to be enemies somehow, she will not hesitate to slain them without thinking twice, a feature that she inherited from Katarina after her battle against Aki Honda.

Tumblr n72c0nq2O71sn5q4io1 1280

Imperia and Kyube's Nu Wa spirit

Imperia has a kind-hearted personality that makes her unable to immediately suspect people. Like the other protagonists before her (such as Azul Jissele, Tomas Sev and Atala Arc), she has a very sensitive nature and listens to other people's troubles and gives them positive advice. Being as one of Earth's Greatest Warriors, she strives to be strong and has the tendency to act like a man attimes. During times when she is filled with worry or cannot think straight, she turns to training her sword to ease her mind.

Imperia is good natured and likes to take care of animals, though Imperia herself refuses to admit it, instead thinking of it as her own selfishness for leaving her kingdom, Aldegyr Kingdom, as leaving her people she was fated to rule in the evil claws of Kanon Rihavein, her twin sister, that ruined the nation in a corrupt communist regime. When the military community disocovered that La Folia became a Cyborg by the hands of Chinatsu, the princess of Godom Empire, she has received unfair discrimination from others. She sometimes acts like a child and is unacquainted with the world as she used to live in the mansion with her servants when she was a child, though despite this she still works hard to become one of the greatest warriors of the world once she became a Cyborg in order to make use good of her power.

Villain - Alternative Earth

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"Hell lives inside of women."

In the alternative Earth, La Folia is a sexual maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can sexual pleasure, which is helped by her abnormal healing rate. This is also shown through her persistence. Her favorite things are seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoys cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out.

La Folia also enjoys knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentions to have over 10 years of experience. Although it isn't mentioned, she presumably destroys them later.

La Folia's curiosity toward the unknown and her thirst for knowledge are the two things that define her behavior. She refers to it as love, and currently directs those feelings toward sex. Described as being black hearted, she cannot understand the feelings of others, and can be seen as a psychopath by normal standards. If it is to get ahold of more knowledge, she has no problems with employing sophistry, lying, and deceiving others.

La Folia believes that "the world is made in her own favor", and true to her words, many incidents have brought her good fortune. Because of this, she has an extravagantly self-centered personality, and is prideful as she hasn't been humbled even once.

60136268 p0

La Folia looking at the capital of her Dynasty

La Folia is a very ambitious person, as she declared that she will do anything it takes to win, and is ready to go as far as murdering someone or manipulating others in cold blood. She is extremely selfish and values her life over the lives of others, stating she has no problem sacrificing others in order to save herself. She also has a lot of pride, refusing to surrender no matter how far into the corner she's pushed, as long as the chance for victory remains. However, if it's known that she's about to lose with no way out, she accepts it calmly.

As the worst queen of KnightWalker Dynasty, La Folia claimed that she can even fool her own emotions, but this doesn't seem to be entirely the case. She appears to lack empathy and claims that she feels no guilt for bad things she's done (from rape to genocide), though considering her status as a consummate liar, it's possible that she felt at least something, and that was the death of her mother. Despite her cruel personality, it all started when she discovered her mother was exiled and killed by old officers of the Dynasty that supported her death, and soon, this mass hatred gave birth to the worst queen of all times, La Folia KnightWalker, that would become insane once she started many genocides and purges inside of her nation to avenge her mother.

Pure of Heart Proposal

52472852 p0 master1200

"The difference between you and her... I see, it's not too hard to find. "Why a teenage girl think she can trade blows with the superior beings?" You're right, you and her are who think you can put all humans under your feet. She was born as a loniest person, that's because she is the kindest person I know. She was born as a saddest person, that's why her smile is the brightest. She is a damaged person, that's why she is wisest and shows value to bounds, friendship and life. She was born on darkness, that's why she is the servant of light while fighting on the shadows. Unlike you who fight to "win", she fights to never lose and never give up until she is dead. She will cut her own limbs to kill you, even if it means she will never walk again, she will keep fighting until she see our smile. But... Katarina was crying... Sha gave up... And was trembling... I never want to see her like that again. Katarina Couteau is a strong and a ferocious warrior! I want to see her come back to herself when she wakes up from this nightmare! This time, I'll fight for you!"

In the ancient times, the elderly of more than 34,000,000 primitive's tribes spread out across countless universes, prophesied 2 warriors who would leave their war-torn planet after suffering many tortures and tragedies on their lives. One of them is the Legendary ExKrieg, the warrior prophesid to be the last ExKrieg that would defeat the forces of the ultimate evil and free the existence from the evil Dark Empires, organizations that brought destruction to the past, present and future. And the another warrior, is his friend, partner... A mere mortal born from the ashes of the darkness, a normal girl, a normal teenage... But soon this girl, who just wanted a normal life in a school, noticed she was destined to be the greatest mortal of all times... A legend that would shook the time and space and changed the history forever. La Folia Rihavein or Imperia Deamonne, is the clone of the Original La Folia, a puppet created by the The Fallen's Essence to bring reign of horror destined to die by the hands of another clone of her sister, Kanon Rihavein. The Original La Folia, was an arrogant, spoiled and if not psychotic princess inspired by the actions of Yeonsangun of Joseon, the worst tyrant of of Joseon dynasty, the original La Folia would eventually kidnap the most handsome boys of her kingdom, Aldegyr Kingdom, and rape them to death with sadism and lust for sex and power. But... La Folia Rihavein (clone) was the polar opposite, the difference is between Heaven and Hell. La Folia was firstly born with a strong will neutrality and stayed in the grey zone for years until she met Eckidina KnightWalker, a girl that was the reason of why La Folia put her hands in action to save the many lives as she could. Born as a puppet, La Folia was abused by her father, who was the king of Aldegyr, King Lucas and had only her sister as her friend, as she was shutdown from the rest of the world and spent most of her childhood in the palace living a life surrounded by the hate of her servants and false friends that went to her home to ask for money. After suffering her entire life, the princess decided to run and live like a normal girl in Japan, however, little did she know that she was being used and manipulated by the Fallen's Essence and Lusamine in larger game that would change her life forever in the future. Arriving in Japan, she met Katarina Couteau, a twisted girl who saw the worst side of society and like La Folia, she ws shutdown from the rest of the world, even so, despite her aggressive personality she still comforted the Red Haired Demon and gave a light of hope, bringing the gangster to life again. One day, she met Eckidina KnightWalker during a trip and talked with her like a friend, eventually the two became sisters but after the destruction of Fiore Kingdom, La Folia learned about Eckidina's true nature and immediately started to conspire against her by rescuing children who were stolen from their parents and were about to be used in human experiments by the KnightWalker Family, eventually creating an orphanage for the children with the money of her family. And not only that, indirectly, La Folia started many campaigns that provided basic food and resources for people suffering in war-torn countries. At age 16 she was already the perfect embodiment of woman. Strong, humble, beautiful, patient, devout; she is what mankind strives to be, yet, for all our flaws, can never reach. When Kanon Rihavein finally strikes her kingdom by turning it into a corrupt totalitarian-communist nation, La Folia was kidnapped by Peace Foundation in the hopes Kanon will join the Stabilization Union to put an end to World War III, La Folia was plunged in insanity and lost her way, but not before Chinatsu revived her as a Cyborg and became the second strongest Cyborg of the world, with power enought to fight strong evil forces like Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant and Leohart's Cult. La Folia, or Imperia, is the only member of The Rogues who respects others. She has faith that the team can save Japan when the evil Godom Empire invaded , but unlike her teammates, she has an optimistic hope for a brighter tomorrow and sees good within her fellow assassins, encouraging them to grow into kinder people. It's also one of the reasons why many male assassins and former KnightWalker officers develop an interest in her, mainly Chinatsu, who saw her as her light for salvation for her crimes, claiming her to be different unlike the others who approved Chinatsu's terrible war crimes. Despite, her kindness, she is able to kill if that means to protect innocent living beings, she learned this lession is the most hard way during her fight against Yuuki Terumi. Imperia does not do anything evil, will not tolerate any evil around her and trying to tempt her out of the righteous path will not end well for the offending party. Imperia is pure-hearted enough to resist being transformed into a beast by Darth Hades  However, it's eventually subverted. She is pure of heart, but she can be corrupted because of her dark past, a trait Leohart the Prince of Hell used to his advantage to try and get rid of her. When the Order of Terror conquested the world, she appears to be a very naive innocent girl to hide her depression of her losses. Later, it is obvious she's way smarter than she acts, but she's still an Actual Pacifist (aware that sometimes you need to use weapons to bring everyone to peace negotiations), and she can forgive everything once you join her fight for peace. Actually, everyone who sides with her are men waiting for a sex reward and spend most of their time to approach her. She's so good you could probably consider it a psychological disorder for her because of dramatic experience in the hands of Lusamine and Fallen's Essence but she is not it, she is just the perfect incarnation of the best that mortals can be. When the Cataclysmatic War began, she became the elite and angelic warrior of the Nordic Pantheon and its new queen, they're as beautiful and dangerous as a midnight winter storm. Yet their new queen, Imperia, so irresistibly desirable, so uncompromising in warfare, make the Valkyries seem nothing more than plain paper dolls. She’s the object of desire for every God, every man, and the envy of every woman. Even the Frost Giants, kings and emperors of many Dark Empires crave her for their own, often devising devious plans to trick or force her into marriage. But Imperia is proud and strong, with the cunning to escape her enemies and ruthlessly retaliate. Every rose bears thorns, but this one wields swords. Were it up to her, Imperia would have little to do with blood and blades. Her name literally means “the lady,” and none of more worthy of the title. She adores bright flowers, pleasant company, and the sweet lilt of a sad love song. She’s sensual and amorous, invoked by worshipers seeking to bear a child or find a lover. Once the Triggers Hell was defeated, she became the Ruler of the realm of Sessrumnir, a place much like Valhalla, where the souls of dead warriors spend eternity, Imperia provides comfort and bliss to the fallen. From a human to a Cyborg and finally to the Queen of Sessrumnir, Imperia is the most beautiful and strongest mortal of the Multi-Universe and she is just the very personification of good.


Aldegyr Kingdom Predecessors

Valkyrie Queens Predecessors


After Imperia's death by the hands of Katarina Couteau, her spirit has reincarnated in various people and animals for more than 5 billion years on several planets of the Multi-Universe, but only people will be shown here.


Ancient Prophecy


Imperia's first prediction int the fire of the Tuba tribe

The first time that Imperia (La Folia) was firstly foreseen was almost 495 trillion years ago, billion years after the death of ExKrieg, the first red warrior from the ExKriegs race. Billion years after ExKrieg's death, the legends of his next incarnation would be born more than 503 billion years later, in other words, the prediction about Katarina Couteau's birth.

However, before Katarina's birth could have be foresaw by ancient tribe leaders spread across the Multi-Universe, Imperia was foresaw by Paje, the first leader of the Tupa alien tribe in unnamed planet located in the border of the 569th Universe from 8th Multi-Universe.

Years later, Imperia started to be foresaw by countless ancient tribes of the Multi-Universe and was the first Goddess to be adored by the intelligent living beings. She mostly seen at fire events where people danced around a fire in the middle of village. There, the ancients would offer Imperia their ordens.

Alternative Universe - Original La Folia's Birth

Wa2000 girls frontline drawn by inxst sample-3c4ec75a633c68b361867375910e3fe7

La Folia KnightWalker - La Folia Rihavein's evil counterpart

In the Multi-Universe, there are a plenty of universes, including parallel universes where there counterparts of other people, however, only people with such important role in history of their timeline can get a parallel entity as their actions and activities are extremaly important to their worlds, be they good or evil. And as such, La Folia has her own parallel counterpart too.

However, in this timeline, her story is totally different. La Folia KnightWalker (2010–2040), was the 10th queen of KnightWalker Dynasty that ruled the whole Orient of the planet in a imperialist absolute monarchy regime. She was the eldest daughter of Vans Glest KnightWalker and by his second wife, Lady Bellona. La Folia KnightWalker was considered the worst tyrant in KnightWalker Dynasty, notorious for launching two bloody purges of the low-class and elite. She also seized a thousand men from the provinces to serve as palace entertainers, and appropriated the KnightWalker Palace as a personal pleasure ground. 

Execution of her Mother


La Folia's born

Deposed Queen Paraz, formally known as Queen Sun, served La Folia's father, Vans Glast, as a concubine until the death of Queen Nox, Glast's first wife. With no royal heir, the king was urged by counselors to take a second wife to secure the royal succession. Lad Bellona was chosen for her beauty and was formally married in 2005. Several months later, she gave birth to her first daughter, La Folia KnightWalker. The new queen proved to be temperamental and highly jealous of Glast's concubines living inside the palace, even stooping to poisoning one. In 2013, she physically struck the king one night, leaving scratch marks. Despite efforts to conceal the injury, Glast's mother, discovered the truth and ordered Lady Bellona, now known as the Deposed Queen Bellona, into exile. After several popular attempts to restore the deposed Queen to her position at court, government officials petitioned that she be poisoned - and she was.

Tyrant Princess

61464469 p0 master1200

La Folia with her mentors

The Crown Princess grew up and succeeded the KnightWalker Dynasty in 2024. During her early reign, she was a wise and able administrator who strengthened the national defense and aided poor people. She also showed signs of the violent side when she killed one of her tutors, soon after becoming the queen. She eventually learned what happened to her biological mother and tried to restore her mother's title and position posthumously. When the government officials belonging to the political faction called Zari opposed her efforts on the account of KnightWalker's will, she was displeased and looked for ways to eliminate them. Later, the princess captured the "traitors" and beheaded them in front of KnightWalker Dynasty soon after killing and torturing all loved ones of her enemies to death.

In 2030, her officers revealed to her details of her mother's death and showed blood-stained piece of clothing, which was allegedly blood vomited by her after drinking poison.

Months later, she beat to their death two of her father's concubines, for their responsibility for her mother's death. She executed many government officials who supported the execution of her mother, and ordered the grave of deceased officers to be opened and the head cut off the corpse. As a result, many civilians who supported her death were also killed in public, resulting in the death of 1,384,649 people.

In Lust

60708739 p0 master1200

La Folia executing her political enemies

 She also closed the royal university, and converted it to her pleasure grounds, for which young boys and horses were gathered from the whole KnightWalker countries to have orgies and sex groups. She bulldozered a large residential area and evicted many residents to build hunting ground. She also forced people to involuntary labor to build another pleasure ground. Many commoners mocked and insulted the queen with posters, the mockers were later raped to death by horses and beheaded alive for crimes against La Folia's name.

When ministers protested her actions, she abolished the KnightWalker Council and fired them all. She ordered her ministers to wear a sign that read: "Mouth is a door that brings in disaster, the tongue is a sword that cuts off a head. A body will be in peace as long as its mouth is closed and its tongue is deep within." When the chief ennuch Misogi Kumagawa, the servant from Kumagawa Family that served her father, entreated La Folia to change her ways, the latter killed her by shooting a bullets and cutting his limbs herself and punished her relatives down to the 7th-degree relatives. When La Folia asked the royal secretaries whether such punishment was appropriate, they didn't dare to say otherwise.

She also exiled a minister of rites for spilling drink given poured by the queen. Many people were afraid of her despotic rule and their voices were quelled, in stark contrast to the liberal era of her father. Marked by lust, murder, torture and oppression, La Folia officially became the worst tyrant of KnightWalker Dynasty.

Exile & Death


La Folia's corpse

In 2040, a group of officials - plotted against the despotic ruler. They launched their coup on 2 September 2040, deposing the queen and replacing her with her half-brother, Grand Prince Kuriou. The queen was demoted to princess, and sent into exile to Amazonas, Brasil, where she died the same year by killing herself with fire inside of a cabin. Her regin ended in 20 September 2040 with massive civil wars that lasted for more than 2 years. Later, all her followers surrounded or committed suicide, putting an end to her name and era of oppression. Because of her overthrown and war crimes, La Folia KnightWalker did not receive a temple name, where the names of all rules of KnightWalker Dynasty are written. Her bother, Kuriou, promised to the world that her name and the fact that she existed would be erased.

Prime Timeline - Early Life

The Fallen's Essence Plans


Mazaria Rihavein

Everything started 40 years ago, in Aldegyr Kingdom. 40 years ago, Mazaria Rihavein, La Folia's grandmother, gave birth to her first child, that child was Polifonia Rihavein, the mother of La Folia. 10 years later, Mazaria Rihavein died due to heart disease. However, what anyone knew about Mazaria, is that she had a sexual disease. An disease that was transmitted by one of her lovers. And because of that sexual disease, the same disease was transmitted to Polifonia Rihavein. When the Fallen's Essence arrived on Earth 20 years ago, he choose Aldegyr Kingdom as one of his targets. When he arrived in Aldegyr Kingdom, he possessed Polifonia's body and discovered that she had the same sexual disease that her mother had. Using his shadow, Fallen hid the presence of the disease from all medicine inside of Polifonia's body.


La Folia and Kanon when they were babies

One day, Polifonia Rihavein met a man from Russia, this man is known as Lucas Rihavein, whom years later would become the king of Aldegyr Kingdom, King Lucas. And so, Polifonia fell in love with him and married him.

2 years later, Polifonia was pregnant of two children, and those children were La Folia Rihavein and her twin sister, Kanon Rihavein. Without even knowing that La Folia and Kanon were infected by the same sexual disease that the mother of Polifonia had, Kanon and La Folia were born. However, after 3 days the two were born, the disease that her mother had killed them both. In despair, Lucas Rihavein and Polifonia Rihavein started to seek for help without telling anyone their two children had died in the same day. 

5 years before they were born, the Fallen's Essence appeared before Lusamine when she was just a mere scientist and offered her power and immortality. And so, I accepted his offer and started to working with him. He said to me about his plans in Aldegyr Kingdom. When the children of Polifonia and Lucas died, the Fallen's Essence appeared before them and said he could help to revive them if they offer their kingdom to one of their children in exchange. Without thinking twice, they accepted the offer.


Hades smite by kala a-d628utz

The Fallen about to kill the fetus

And so, the Fallen's Essence said to Lucas and Polifonia to not tell anyone about the death of their daughters. Once everything was done, the Fallen's Essence said to Lucas and Polifonia to send the bodies of their dead children to Russia, where Lusamine was waiting for them. When they arrived in Russia, they gave La Folia and Kanon to Lusamine in order to revive them. The Fallen then used his power to revive La Folia and Kanon. However, they had other plans for them. Since from the beginning, the Fallen's  Essence was already planning to use one of the two to be the user of the Human Purifier, a technology he brought from his world that is able to turn humans in Angels. So they did the Angel experiment with on the infants, however, no matter how they tried, it was impossible to turn normal infants in Artificial Angels.

And so, Lusamine had an idea and planned to clone both of them. And doing so, they created 40 clones of La Folia and Kanon. They tested the Human Purifier in all clones, However, just one of them was able to support the power of the Human Purifier device, and this person was one of the clones of Kanon Rihavein. She tried the same experiment in La Folia Rihavein's clones but no one was able to support the experiment. And so, The Fallen's Essence, took his time to kill all clones of Kanon and La Folia, but not before torturing physically the original La Folia Rihavein and Kanon Rihavein. He destroyed all of their sisters when they were just fetus with his own hands to make sure no one would find their illegal experiment. However, he had other plans for one of La Folia's clones. He was planning to use one of La Folia's clones to let her live to create the perfect scenario where Kanon Rihavein will execute her sister of treason, and this clone is La Folia Rihavein, whom later would become Imperia Deamonne.

Problems at Home


La Folia at her 13 years old

When La Folia had 9 years-old, she shared a good relationship with the staff in the estate as well my mother. With the destruction of Fiore Kingdom in Germany by the hands of KnightWalker Family, the Cold War III started in Europe, and so, the economy of my kingdom fell in 70%, leading the people of Aldegyr Kingdom to the most terrible financial crisis of the history. Because of that, her father, started to care only about business and money. He started drinking several doses of alcoholic beverages and eventually became violent. 

And so, her father started to beat us all day to discount his anger. Her mother was a very gentle person unlike her father who was hot-headed and so she put herself in front of them when her father was going to abuse them. 


Kanon with her servant

Since La Folia was the older sister, she had a duty to assume the role of princess and future queen of the kingdom. Unfortunately, for many negligent girls, being a princess is not wearing a white dress and parading through the balls of the royal palace. La Folia was forced to study for hours in classrooms to learn how the financial, demographic and economic system works in Aldegyr nation. She spent nights awake studying formulate mathematics while she had to endure the abuse of my father. Kanon, the only person that was La Folia's friend, was forced to stay away from her because her father didn't want a childish princess. Study was the only thing that mattered for her.

Japan Arrival


The Fallen's Essence looking at La Folia from distance as she leaves Aldegyr Kingdom

One day La Folia decided to quit it, she was planning to run away from my home and country, she always saw girls walking down the streets through the windows of her palace. At that moment, she wanted to live like them to do things like to school, chat with other people, eat cakes with my friends and get a boyfriend. She wanted to live a life like this and she knew what she was going to do was evil but I did it anyway.

However, little did know that the Fallen's Essence was the one creating that feelings of guilty and regret for being born as a princess. One day, she called for her sister, Kanon, in the last floor of oher palace and said to her that was going to travel to Japan for some time in a diplomatic mission. She asked to Kanon to assume her post while she was out. She happily accepted and promised she would never tell anyone about this trip. And so, Isheused the money of her family she bought trip to Japan to escape from her kingdom, she choose Japan because it was away from the claws of Godom Empire, KnightWalker Family and Novosic Kingdom. She thought that if she live in mega-urban city, they would have an hard time looking for her... So she choose Tenguu City.

Meeting with Katarina


La Folia meets Katarina in a park

At the same day that the young princess arrived in Tenguu City, which was, at that time, a major city in Japan, but years later would become a powerful state and the central metropolis of the country.

Knowing she was alone, without anyone to help her find a new home for her, she had to go to the Mountains of Tenguu, where the government builds home for teenages and children that do not have condiction to live alone without getting a job. There, she would but her new house, at first, she though it was a nice place as it was located very far away from the town.


Katarina hugging La Folia

During her long walk towards the mountain, she found herself in a park where, she saw a deadly Katarina seated in one of the toys eating stolen food, it was later revealed that Katarina lost her adoptive parents in an accident and suffered in the hands of society because of her scarlet hair, which many people considered as a characteristics of criminalism and taboo. Katarina threatened La Folia with a knife and said she was willing to kill her if she did not leave her territory. But the princess ignored her warning and slowly walked towards, Katarina, however, got scared because she was afraid of humans and acted sloppy when she tried to stab her, but she was so weak that even La Folia, a girl without any combat training, grabbed her arm and stopped her attack. She proceeded to hug her to say that she was not afraid of her and to express she was not dangerous. Some minutes later, Katarina opened herself for La Folia and started to talk with each other; there a new friendship was born. 

From that moment, La Folia started to live in Katarina's house and was something like her sister and mother at the same time.

Friendship with Eckidina

In La Folia's childhood, Katarina was her only family. One day, Katarina was diagnosed with an unnamed disease that appeared to have symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease, causing her to forget who her own friend was. Katarina's doctors also forbade  La Folia from addressing her as “sister” or “buddy” and she was subjected to neglect, abuse and being treated as a stranger by Katarina because of her constant memory loss. It's implied that all of this made her ambivalent, distant and majorly depressed, which is probably the reason why she didn't have any friends at that time.


Misogi and Eckidina as kids

One day, Katarina recovered herself from the disease without explanation, (little did know the doctors that Katarina's Abyssal trace inside of her healed from the disease) what made the doctors confused and shocked at the same time. When Katarina was back to normal, La Folia returned to the school.

During elementary school, La Folia met and befriended Eckidina KnightWalker and Misogi Kumagawa, both from KnightWalker Family, but La Folia was too innocent to know about the true face of the KnightWalker Family at that time.

Both of them didn't have any other friends and she was the closest person to her besides. Misogi, however, always walked beside Eckidina but never said a word towards her, what made her with a weird feeling that Misogi was somehow her servant, what he was indeed. 


Katarina shows La Folia images from Eckidina torturing a reporter for crimes against KnightWalker Family

In the years following Eckidina became the person that La Folia felt she could always lean on besides Katarina. She promised to always be there for her, which helped develop her stronger feelings towards her. She said she'll never forget La Folia even if she forgets everything else, what was probably the reason why Eckidina never killed La Folia... Until now... For the first time in her life, La Folia cried in front of another person, after making her promise she won't make fun of her, won't tell anyone and won't try to console her. 

Later, when Katarina met Eckidina for the time, she immediately yelled at La Folia to stay away from her for she knew Eckidina was the daughter of Juria KnightWalker and was the heiress of corrupt KnightWalker Family. Later, Katarina grabbed La Folia's hand and ran away from Misogi and Eckidina, leaving them in confusion. Days later, Katarina showed what Eckidina was doing behind the shadows; murders, tortures and all kinds of atrocities to other people that KnightWalker Council considered enemies. It was at that day that La Folia finally saw the true nature of Eckidina KnightWalker and her group, leading her to cut all her bonds with Eckidina and Misogi.

Fiore's Destruction


Raizen High School

Rise of the Rebels

KnightWalker Funeral Parlor Alliance

Liberty City War

Scathach's Master Plan

Meeting with Aki Honda

Beginning of WWIII

Mafusa Gang Invasion

Eugen's Funeral and Chronos Empire

World War III

Jack the Ripper of 21st Century

Rise of Anti-Christ

Some hooded figure

Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure

After the massacre of Jack the Ripper was seemly over, La Folia went on to her life which was heavily influnced after the death of Tama Sakai.

However, La Folia's identity as an Aldegyr Princess had already known by some people due to the Fallen's Essence who exposed the true identity of La Folia, and one of them was someone who was keeping KnightWalker Funeral Parlor under his survelliance for a long time before its collapse.

One day, on a smog day, La Folia asked Adam Jessen to make some false visitor card for KnightWalkers in order to sneak into the KnightWalker Family and find a way to defeat them, but she was soon attacked by a hooded figure and passed out. After she woke up, La Folia found her wallet was stolen alongside her ID card as well as those fake KnightWalker Visitor Cards. She and Katarina called the police but received no answers.

The mysetrious unknown figure had later killed a Catholic messenger who carried a message from the Church to warn Eckidina. Later, the person attacked Pope Matthai Reese and stole the Grand Grimoire inside St. Peter's Ballisca before leaving La Folia's purse in the Ballisca. As the Unknown Figure went to find Eckidina in order to grant her a chance of partnership, La Folia was framed.

Later, Vento of the Front tried to attack La Folia with her minions in order to arrest her, but was confronted by first Katarina Couteau and then Acqua of the Back. After proving La Folia's innoncence, Acqua then left with Vento calmly, and La Folia had her purse back but could not find her fake Visitor Card anywhere. Soon, La Folia and her friends met at a restaurant to discuss this sudden event, worried to the possibility if the mastermind behind this would work with Eckidina, and Rentaro deduced that it was a sign of a new evil rising after the death of Aki Honda. 

Later, in order to fix the consequences caused by this rash decision, Acqua invited La Folia and Katarina to attend a charity fair and see magician shows, not knowing that this was exactly the Unknown Figure wanted.

Michael Langdon


La Folia upon meeting Michael Langdon for the first time.

During the charity fair, La Folia, who accepted the offer, arrived in Roman City Hall alongside Katarina, Mana and Asuha. During this time, La Folia found Katarina gloomy and tried to cheer her up, revealing that there would be a magician show, but Katarina bluntly said she hated magicians.

As La Folia tried to cheer Katarina up, a young bishop with dark hair arrived at the scene and smilingly conversed with La Folia and Katarina, introducing himself. He told them that his name was Michael Langdon, Bishop of New Orleans, and would be one of the hosts of this fair. Feeling his friendly demeanor, La Folia talked happily with Michael, whereas Katarina saw Kyouko Kirigiri in the scene and went for the detective.

As they were talking, Michael threw an invitation to La Folia, Mana and Asuha, and he invited them to New Orleans before giving her a compliement on her beautiful eyes. Just as they were chatting happily, Katarina interrupted them and asked for leaving. Seemly worried, Michael asked if Katarina was not feeling well, but La Folia said that Katarina was well. Just then, Lidvia Lorenzetti arrived at the scene and told Michael that the show was about to start. Michael asked the guests to stay for the magician show, and everyone except Katarina agreed to this offer.


Michael Langdon

However, unbeknowest to La Folia or her friends, Eckidina, Misogi, Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba had snuck into the backstage, kidnapped the magician and replaced him with their own. Also, the Unknown Figure was hiding among the crowd as well. Before the show started, La Folia and her friends then stayed with the audiences as Michael and Lidvia gave their presentations before introducing the magician (disguised by Misogi) and his assistant (disguised by Junko).

Then, the magician invited Katarina to go on stage and performed a trick, which impressed Katarina at last. After Katarina returned from the stage happily, Mana was suspicious on the assistant of magician and told La Folia that she felt that the magician and his assistant were familiar to her. Just then, Junko secretly unmasked herself before giving a wink to the audience, and Mana was shocked by this. Mana then informed Acqua the news, but before she could do so, Mukuro attacked her from behind.

Soon, Junko and Misogi killed the mayor of Rome on stage before revealing their true identity, and La Folia, Mana, Asuha, Michael, Lidvia and many others were trapped because Mukuro had already locked all of the doors.

Mana confronts Kotori

Mana was shocked when she saw the magician's assistant was Junko.

In sheer chaos, Katarina managed to find a way out with the help of Kyouko, but she changed her mind when she realized La Folia was in danger. After making a plan, Katarina went back to save La Folia, and Kyouko went to Acqua (who was already outside) to lead him into the City Hall.

As they arrived, Eckidina, Junko and Mukuro were holding La Folia at their gunpoint in order to threaten Katarina, and La Folia faced Junko with no fear despite the latter kept mocking her. Unable to see La Folia from being harmed, Katarina went out to save La Folia, followed by Kyouko and Acqua.

Junko Stabbed

Junko "killed" by Michael (but later revealed that she had survived her wounds).

Junko immediately stopped pushing La Folia and made Katarina as her hostage, but suddenly, Michael Langdon appeared and stabbed Junko with several spears, apparently killing her. Eckidina and Misogi managed to escape, but the Despair Sisters were taken away by the police, with Mukuro in the prison and Junko in the morgue.

Later, La Folia and her friends talked about the horrifying experience at that night, and Katarina was determined to find Eckidina and let her pay. Joking that she never liked magicians, La Folia chatted a little with Michael, and then Michael sealed their friendship with Katarina and her friends. After that, Michael left the scene with a smile.

Time Travel


Sister Mary Eunice met La Folia on the town's street before she took them to Corbin's cabin.

Later, Katarina led Mana, La Folia and Asuha to set up a hunt against Eckidina and wanted to capture her. They found Misogi who was thrown out from the hotel and apparently abandoned by Eckidina. Misogi asked Katarina and others to pay for his bill. As La Folia was suspecting this, both Eckidina and the Unknown Grand Grimoire Figure appeared not far behind them.

As Katarina was about to attack the Unknown Figure, Eckidina revealed that it was all a trap before releasing the Traveler's Spell using the Grand Grimoire, sending Katarina and La Folia into a time tunnel, and they arrived at the town of Sleepy Hollow, in 2013. Unable to find Katarina anywhere (who somehow landed in another place), La Folia, Mana and Asuha were desperate to find Katarina, but received no results, and soon they all had a time paradox. Just as this time, a nun appeared not far away from them offered them help after introducing herself as Sister Mary Eunice.

Lancer and scathach fate grand order and fate series drawn by shimo s kaminaka sample-3f2088db12a484a9e2698940d092dc8ao

Katarina's aged new appearance in Sleepy Hollow.

Soon afterwards, Sister Mary Eunice then took La Folia and others to the cabin of August Corbin, where they met Katarina (who was led by Reverend Alfred Knapp) once again. La Folia was surprised at Katarina's change in her appearance, not knowing that it was caused by the time travel as well as Katarina's hidden power, which Sister Mary Eunice sensed after Katarina's presence.

Feeling the possible danger within Katarina, Sister Mary Eunice planned to forge the legendary Spear of Virtue in order to enhance Katarina's strength and strain her power in case it lost control. As Katarina and Mana were sleeping, Sister Mary Eunice called La Folia and Asuha out to help her forge the spear. During this time, Sister Mary Eunice took a drop of La Folia's blood and successfully forged the Spear of Virtue.

-美国恐怖故事--第二季-第1-00 32 54--20170502-125310-1-

Sister Mary Eunice expressed her worry to La Folia about Katarina's unknown power.

Just then, Sister Mary Eunice worryingly revealed to La Folia that she was suspecting on Katarina due to her hidden power the nun sensed, and she also hinted about Mana's true identity. La Folia was surprised to hear that since she realized that there was so much she did not know about Katarina despite living for so many years. Sister Mary Eunice then revealed to La Folia that Katarina's power must be in control, or it will cause a horrid consequence that would endanger everyone on Earth. On the next day, Sister Mary Eunice showed Katarina the forged Spear of Virtue after discussing about this mysterious turn of event. Just at this time, Corbin arrived back from duty, but was injured due to the attack caused by his evil former friend, Atticus Nevins, who was chasing an ancient artifact. La Folia immediately called an ambulance, but she suddenly heard the Unknown Figure's voice coming from the phone, causing her nearly dropped the phone in fear before she regained her conciousness almost immediately.

Battle in Sleepy Hollow

Tumblr mztxmp3VqO1svfppko5 500

La Folia came to rescue when Nevins attacked the diner.

After Corbin was out of a hospital, he let Katarina out to meet Abbie in a nearby diner, not knowing that Nevins and his minions were coming towards the place. However, fortunately for them, this was witnessed by Asuha who did not waste time on calling Katarina. Just at this time, Nevins struck into the diner where the diner was, trying to capture Corbin and Katarina, but La Folia arrived in time and managed to save them from the gunfire.

After returning back to Corbin's house, La Folia revealed her worry about the future world of Tenguu City, which may "now" under the attack. After a small talk, Katarina was fraustrated when she discovered that Nevins was not the Unknown Figure and then, she and La Folia and others knew the time came for them. They had to do something to defend everyone from Nevins.

Under Katarina's advice, La Folia and her friends managed to live together with Abbie inside Corbin's house and moved out of the fishing cabin, in order to protect Abbie, but Corbin was later captured by Nevins. Nevins soon sent a message to Corbin's house, informing Katarina about this capturing. Katarina was shocked and sad when she realized Corbin was in danger, but with the help of Sister Mary Eunice and La Folia, Katarina eventually regained her confidence and planned a rescue operation.

Soon afterwards, La Folia and her friends became the member of a new team in Sleepy Hollow, and its name is Team Witness

Return to Home

Aldegyr Kingdom's evil hand

Peace Foundation's move

Execution & First death


Battle against Heis

Era of Science

CM's Experiments

Battle with CM's servants

Lusamine's Redeemed Soul


Invasion to CM's facility

Mafusa's Rise

The Black Tao

Gangster Invasion

Fighting Elesis Du Tirial

Godom War

Protecting Ratatoskr

Nuclear War

Leohart's Presence

Tokha Yatogami's Arrival

The Seven Sins


Portal to Hell

Battle of the Fates

Aryana's Invasion

Travel to 2nd Earth

Fighting AI-78

Imperia Vs. Aryana (2nd form)

Escaping to Prime Earth


Ultimate Mobsters

Yoshino's Arrival

Despair Video

Mukuro's Revenge

New World Order

Nia's Arrival

Diabla's Birth

The Master Plan

Order of Terror

Order of Terror

Ratatoskr's Rebellion

Civil Wars

Illuminati Cult

LN-666 Project


Fighting Rentaro

Battling Demonio and Aryana

Defeating Fallen's Essence

Eternal Peace

Work for the Death

Fight for the Multi-Universe

The True Battle

Sith Threat

Sith Capital

The Light in the Darkness

Fighting Darth Malak

Battle for the 4th Multi-Universe

Commanding the Fleet

Oracion Seis

The Quizins

Hades' Move

Protecting the Core

Fighting Hades' servants

Triggers Hell

9 Gates of Hell

The Morrigan's Return

Eckidina's Escape

Kurumi's Warning

Hell on the World

Meeting with Nu Wa - Demi Goddess

Meeting with Thanatos

Paradise under Attack - Active Face!!

Prime Earth - The Center

Fighting Leohart

Leohart's Curse

Balam Ending

Trip to Deviria

Kingdom of the Cosmic

Monster Princess


Sexual Tension

The Prince of the Zombie's Lust!

True Love?

DEM Empire Genocide

Inferior Beings

Striking DEM Forces

The Rape Camp - Women Slavery

Gas Chambers Factory

Supreme General Grievous

Tohka's Crisis

Fighting Eckidina KnightWalker's Abyss

Invading Deus Ex Vectron

Dark Tohka

Queen of the Valkyries

Fighting the Nazi Horses

One Woman-Army


The Fallen's Words

New Apprentice

The Truth

Slaying the Friends

The Multi-Universe Final Stand

Destruction and Evil

Battle in the Core of the Multi-Universe

Imperia Vs. Katarina - Long Goodbye

Death and Final Act


Secret Funeral



Physical and Natural Abilities


Cyborg standard skills

Cyborg Lvl.1

Cyborg Lvl.2

Cyborg Lvl.3

Chinatsu legacy abilities

Nu Wa Spirit

Fighting Style

Occular Abiltity

​Power Level




Combat Strength

New Conglomerate rating

DEM Empire rating

Order of Terror rating

Ratatoskr rating

Valkyries rating


Saga AA

The Corbin Files

  • La Folia VS. Vento of the Front
  • La Folia VS. Eckidina KnightWalker
  • La Folia VS. Misogi Kugawama
  • La Folia VS. Junko Enoshima
  • La Folia VS. Mukuro Ikusaba
  • La Folia VS. Moloch
  • La Folia VS. Atticus Nevins
  • La Folia VS. Moloch
  • La Folia VS. Serilda of Abaddon
  • La Folia (under Michael's mind-control) VS. Katarina
  • La Folia (under Michael's mind-control) VS. Sonia
  • La Folia VS. Terra of the Left
  • La Folia VS. Redcoat Zombies
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon (shadow)
  • La Folia VS. Michael's Legion
  • La Folia VS. Headless Horseman
  • La Folia VS. Michael Langdon (rampage) - Final Battle in The Corbin Files

Sith Saga

Triggers Hell Saga

LOTM: A Draw of Kings

Love Interest





In General

  • 58420262 p0 master1200

    "My wish is to live like a normal person."

    Protect and take care of Katarina until she can get some knowledge of life;
  • Protect Raizen High School from Mafusa Gang and Daybrooke School;
  • Keep Katarina away from Aki Honda;
  • Protect everyone she loves;
  • Have a beautiful life away from Aldegyr Kingdom;
  • Live like a normal person in the world;
  • To found her own mega-corporation to spread peace and love to all Earth;
  • To pay for her sins;
  • Take revenge and kill the Fallen's Essence;

Saga AA

  • Destroy the KnightWalker Family;
  • Help the KnightWalker Funeral Parlor defeat the KnightWalker Family;
  • End the Cold War III;
  • End the World War III;
  • Defeat Lusamine;
  • Destroy the KnightWalker Alliance;
  • Overthrow USSR;
  • Defeat Aryana Westcott and her forces;
  • Kill CM 130 and all his servants;
  • Kill all scientists from Manufacturing Progressive Sciences;
  • Defeat Ara and Leohart's Cult;
  • Kill Diabla and erase Eckidina's essence from reality;
  • Kill Misogi Kumagawa;
  • Destroy the LN-666 Project;
  • Protect the Earth from the Ragnarok and Apocalypse

Sith Saga

  • Free all planets under the control of Sith Empire;
  • Destroy the Deckers;
  • Free Elder World from Sith's Families;
  • Kill Darth Bane;
  • Kill Darth Nagah and free the 45696th Galaxy;
  • Destroy the Subjugator mega ship;
  • Destroy the Alternative Sith Timeline;
  • Help Nu Wa rebuilt the Pillar of Gods;
  • Protect Alliance of Freedom;
  • Protect the Vessel Noxus;
  • Banish Darth Valrus to his Dead Realm;
  • Destroy the Dark Council;
  • Slain Thanatos' minions;
  • Help the people of Mandalore to free themselves from Sith control;
  • Free the 4th Multi-Universe from Sith control;
  • Kill Darth Hades and his minions;
  • Protect the Light of the Multi-Universe;
  • Destroy the Executor and prevent the darkness from consuming the omniverse

Triggers Hell Saga

DEM Saga

Under the Fallen's brainwashing

  • Kill Katarina Couteau;
  • Kill Mana Takamiya;
  • Destroy Fraxinus and Alliance of Freedom's fleet;
  • Use the Sephirah Crystals of the Spirits to corrupt the Core of the Multi-Universe;
  • Help Isaac Westcott destroy the Multi-Universe;
  • End all life and creation to turn all existence in nothing to ensure "peace"


Legends about Imperia

Theme Song

Official Song

Qualidea Code OST - Time to Go03:16

Qualidea Code OST - Time to Go

Cyborg song

Akame Ga Kill! - Le chant de Roma アカメが斬る!- OST04:47

Akame Ga Kill! - Le chant de Roma アカメが斬る!- OST

Demi-Goddess song

Smite - God Selection Theme03:31

Smite - God Selection Theme

DEM Imperia Song

Calamity (天変地異 Tenpenchii?) owari no seraph soundtrack season 203:41

Calamity (天変地異 Tenpenchii?) owari no seraph soundtrack season 2

La Folia KnightWalker Song

Fairy Tail Grand Wizard Bluenote Ost - Extended05:33

Fairy Tail Grand Wizard Bluenote Ost - Extended


  • We make war so that we may live in peace.
  • If at some point in life, you made a mistake or keep failing over and over again, and you can't help but think it's useless and you're a good for nothing; Remember, you're only taking a detour. And I'm sure further along your path will come a day where you think, "It was a good life experience". That's why it'll be fine.
  • You're absolutely right. I can't do anything alone. Everyone has their flaws and imperfections, but that's what drives us to work together... To make up for those flaws. Together, we make the perfect main character.
  • People's lives don't belong to anyone. Anyone, except themselves. But people have a path. The path of how to use that life.
  • I will illuminate this battlefield just as I shine in the heavens.
  • I might fall seven times, but will rise up eight!
  • We will only eliminate those who deserve it. That happens to be you.
  • You only exist so long as I do.
  •  thank you for your dawns, too bad it must end like this.
  • How many sun deities does it take to change a lightbulb? Apparently at least five.
  • I like to imagine my enemies fear looking me in the eye, but we both know where they truly gaze.
  • It's been some time since I was last on Earth. Eh, looks much the same.
  • Another group of immortals in need of a lesson, is it? Very well, I shan't spare my brethren a little "Education"!
  • I'll expose the darkness from within you!
  • You are never truly alone in the dark!
  • Someone told me this: "Nothing is "forever" in human relationships". That might be true, but it sounds awfully lonely. But I realized today... If there really is no such thing as "forever"... Then having someone important is the happiest thing one can attain in life.
  • Success is harder than failure for many things in this world.
  • People's lives don't belong to anyone. Anyone, except themselves. But people have a path. The path of how to use that life.
  • Freedom is something that you need to actively acquire. It's not something that's given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and to prepare yourself for what's to come.
  • The country? The skies? You can have them. I’m busy just protecting what’s right in front of me. I don’t know what’ll happen to me in the future, but if something has fallen at my feet, then the least I can do is pick it up.
  • If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn't your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy.
  • We weep for the blood of a bird, but not for the blood of a fish. Blessed are those with a voice. If the dolls could speak, no doubt they'd scream, "I didn't want to become human.
  • There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. There is only the inevitable.
  • You're gonna carry that weight.
  • Pride is an eminent trait, but too much will cause arrogance. That is when it becomes disgusting.
  • People don't kill people, really. Monsters do. Monsters like war, hungry nobles, and greedy kingdoms. And monsters like me, not you.
  • That’s just the way it is. Change is inevitable. Instead of resisting it, you’re better served simple going with the flow.
  • Smiles are what connect people! It allows them to communicate through their souls! Souls that are connected... Will never lose to power that only relies on control!

Quotes about Imperia

List of characters killed by Imperia


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Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com44aYing TR Kill Streak 2-c.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com55eYing SP Ability1 2.ogg
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Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com668Ying TR Kill Streak 3.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com99eYing SP Intro 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com774Ying TR Victory 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.com885Ying TR Health Low 2.ogg
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Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comaa4Ying SP Joke 1-a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.combb3Ying TR Taunt Directed Cassie 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comee1Ying SP Taunt 3-a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.compaladins.gamepedia.comccfYing SP Intro 2.ogg


La Folia Rihavein

Imperia Deamonne


  • Imperia's design is influenced by Eastern culture and religion with exception of her La Folia Rihavein counterpart which is influenced by Nordic Culture.
  • All characters from LOTM: Sword of Kings represents something in Mythology, Imperia's symbolism is based off the Nine-tailed fox, a species of creature depicted in the Shan Hai Jing as having the voice of a human infant. It can be eaten by humans, and those who eat it will be protected from evil. As such, Imperia has the power of Kyuuby (9 Tails in Japanese) given by Nu Wa at the end of Saga AA.
    • During her time brainwashed by The Fallen, she was turned to the dark side and her counterpart was more based in Da Ji, the Nine-Tailed Fox from Chinese Mythology as a part of her contraversial figure; 
    • 450px-SkinArt DaJi Default

      Da Ji

      "Emperor Zhou's desire for the Goddess Nu Wa was considered an obsession, pehaps even madness. She sent signs and missives to reject him, but Zhou would not be dissuaded. At night, he slipped into her temple and scrawled poetry across the walls espousing his undying love. This defilement could not go unanswered. Nu Wa summoned the most conniving and wicked Fox Spirit she could and thrust it upon the Emperor with intent to spiral his life into misery. Little did Nu Wa know what she had just unleashed. For thousands of years the nine-tailed Fox spirit had lived, biding its time, honing its malicious appetites. Finally in human form, it assumed the irresistible guise of Da Ji, and to Emperor Zhou, she could do no wrong. With free reign of the empire and its people, Da Ji reveled in torture and malice. She took delight in their screams of pain and she danced to playful music composed at her command, the musicians trembling for every note. So grievous did these atrocities grow that the people rose up and overthrew their ruler. they stormed the gates, toppled the throne, and pursued Zhou to his bed chamber, where the crazed emperor finally took his own life. Yet, Da Ji managed to escape and conceal herself. Now she joins the fray, not to save the universe, nor empower her pantheon, but instead to soak up every last cry of anguish from her enemies."
  • Like Mana, she's afraid of insects.
  • Imperia can be very clumsy and often makes mistakes, but she always keep her attitude beside Katarina once she knew Katarina was a incompetent person.
  • She seems to be bad at dancing despite she had many class of dancing during her time in Aldegyr Kingdom.
  • Imperia's first costume resembles the stereotypical dress of a Chinese Mafia Lady's dress.
  • Imperia's kanji; インペリア means Imperium in Japanese which means "absolute power".
  • Imperia is classified as an SS-class Cyborg, the highest Cyborg class until now.
  • Deamonne's name refers to a member of a class of divine beings in the Vedic period, which in Indian mythology tend to be evil and while in Zoroastrianism, they are benevolent.
  • Imperia is the youngest member of the Rogues squad.
  • Imperia is the only member of the Rogues that is a Cyborg.
  • Since she lived in a Aldegyr Kingdom for 9 years, Imperia has 10 languages from Europe as her main Languages; French, English, Swedish, Germanic, Celtic, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Romansh and Sardinian.
  • Imperia is the second human to be transformed in a Cyborg, the first is Atala Arck.
  • Despite being one of the main characters (if not the SECONDARY character of the whole series) she is one of the two final antagonists (alongside the Fallen) to be defeated.
  • Canonically, Imperia has no connection or affiliation with any type of political party, but some parts of her ideologies reference it as a way to compare her to a socialist.
  • Imperia obviously was based in the word "Imperial", although she was born in a "kingdom".
  • Imperia states that she loves Korean dramas.
  • In Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc, Imperia indirectly declares to Shigure that she isn't a virgin. However, this may be because she misunderstood due to being a foreigner, as Shigure is a Japanese and used the word Shojo (処女) for virgin, which when spoken sounds identical to Shōjo (少女) meaning little/young girl, implying Imperia meant she is not a little girl.
  • One of Imperia's dreams was to get a boyfriend once she escaped from Aldegyr Kingdom to experience the life of a normal girl, but she never had courage to even talk to one, yet she easily got around girls, easily confusing people to think she is lesbian.
  • Imperia has extremely sensitive hearing.
  • Imperia was the penultimate members of the Rogues to die, while the last one was Tomas Sev, killed during his fight with Aryana Westcott.
  • According with Gwen, if Imperia was a student at Hope's Peak Academy in USA, she would be considered as Ultimate Dictator;
    • A reference to her name "Imperia" and her high-skills of speech and persuasion.
  • Imperia suffers from a pathological fear of the shadows, laboratories, and scientists;
    • This is may reference of her the Original La Folia Rihavein's past, since Imperia is a clone of the Original La Folia, she has adopted many of her memories and feelings, which became phobias, the reason of this is because Lusamine is a scientist created her in a laboratory by cloning her in deadly human experiments and the Fallen's Essence is a shadow who killed and tortured her Original Person inside of a laboratory.
    • This is the reason why Imperia considered B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 as her worst nightmare and most wicked and evil villains she have ever faced (even more than all villains together she have fought before).
  • If she were to compare herself to an animal, Imperia would have considered herself to be a fox.
  • Originally in the original plot of LOTM: Sword of Kings, Imperia was suppose to be only a princess that was exiled from Aldegyr Kingdom because Kanon took over the throne and enslaved her people. However, her story was refurbished to introduce the Fallen's Essence, Order of Terror, Heis, Lusamine and Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant.
  • Imperia was originally set to be the a human from the beginning until to the end of the story but overpowered villlains like Darth HadesLeohart the Prince of HellAryana Westcott and The Fallen would easily overthrow her, so the first sub arc of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc, Angel Sub Arc, was created to turn her into a more powerful character to be a match to real threats.
  • Imperia, many times during the story, showed signs of love towards Katarina. Like said above, it's unknown what she felt towards her was an actual love of interest or family. But if this is interest love, that means Imperia has a fall for trouble-makers or reckless people. Which is a polar opposite of her character.
  • She's good at cooking, as stated by Katarina.
  • Ara ranked Imperia as thirteenth in her Most Important People to Kill, which lead her to her demise once she never noticed Imperia's true power.
  • Reig

    La Folia's vibrator meme

    Imperia's meme known Vibrator has become officially a meme in KnowYour Memes when the User: Lucas Barrotos, also know as DarkMattX259 posted the pic into the website, which days later became a new base for anime memes such as "Now I'm going to enjoy myself with this" or "Have you ever heard about the word "Hentai".
  • Deamonne means is the naming-pun of many things in English language, such as Diamond, Demon, Diabolic, Devilish and Death.
  • The name Deamonne took base from the name Deamoned, a character from Breath of Fire.
  • Imperia is the second character close to Katarina to die, although she was revived by Chinatsu minutes later.
  • La Folia Rihavein is the only main character to be based in a ACTUALLY original character from another show while Mana Takamiya from Date A Live or Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet never had any plot twist in their story.
  • Lsample-3d762eb8ba6b6c4446a8b8c1dfc53f4b

    Daisy Rihavein

    Originally, La Folia was suppose to have two sisters; Kanon Rihavein and Daisy Rihavein. Daisy was planned to be introduced as the leader of Magnus Craft once she was not chosen by her parents to inherits the throne of Aldegyr Kingdom. This idea, however, was scrapped once the story's developers realized that Imperia having two siblings would be inconsistent with her back story mentioned during her flashbacks.
  • Imperia is based on Sven's (Prime ShockWaveTX) childhood crush while DestroyerSubjugator90 only introduced her into the story. "When I was a child, I had the dream since I was 12, about the world being destroyed and run by nazis once I studied about World War II. I’d find my badass sister (Katarina), pick up the girl I had a crush on (Imperia), and we’d go through the land, surviving."... I'm not kidding...
    • Prime's first crush was a Asian girl, which explains why many characters on the story are related with the Korean, Japanese and Chinese culture and mythology. And is why the main reason Tenguu City, a Japanese city, was chosen to be the main setting of Saga AA.
  • Imperia has the highest confirmed kill count of any hero or in the entire series with over tens of thousands of killed victims through the story, with the all main villains having much more kills than her.
  • Imperia is one of the 5 Night Raid members on the New World Order's most-wanted list.
  • Her measurements are 81-56-83.
  • Imperia was a fan of Neil Young, and presumably saw him on tour.

Real Life inspirations

Empress Wu Zetain

A Tang Dynasty Empress Wu Zetian

Born in 625 AD, Wu Zetian reign during the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) as the only female emperor in Chinese history, largely because of Confucian beliefs that discouraged placing women in positions of power. Becoming the favorite concubine for Emperor Tai Tsung as a young teenager, Wu used her cunning skills to climb the ranks to eventually marry Emperor Kao Tsung, and then to obtain more power after he died. She began a campaign to elevate the status of women in society by ordering biographies of famous women to be written and giving other women positions of power in the political system. Eventually, her son removed himself from office in 690 AD so Wu could go on to become one of the best loved and most peaceful emperors in history.

King Tamar of Georgia

Vepkhistkaosani zichy

Just because a woman’s wearing a crown doesn’t mean she’s a queen—or even a princess. With the death of her father, Tamar of Georgia was named king. Born in 1169, Tamar was the first female ruler of Georgia, and helped the kingdom to flourish in its golden age of prosperity and peace. That’s not to say she was gentle, though: The country achieved much of its stability due to Tamar’s massively successful military ventures. What’s more, the ruler divorced her first husband and expelled him from the country despite the rigidity of Christianity during the time. On top of all that, she was even canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church. No big.

Hedy Lamarr

640px-Hedy Lamarr-publicity

Born in 1914, Hedy Lamarr not only made a major impact on the silver screen with her notorious come-hither stare, but also developed radio technology that helped the allies to win World War II.  With co-inventor George Anthiel, Lamarr invented a wireless communications system that helped America to electronically send military matters under top security. This major tech development helped lead to the creation of all wireless communication devices we use today—cell phones, fax machines, and more.

Remedios Gomez-Paraiso


She was an average high school student when the Japanese invaded the country during WWII. Soon afterwards she left town and joined a communist guerillas to help fight the invasion. She went to school for guerillas, within months she is leading an entire squadron in stealling food and other supplies from Japanese troops. Before each battle, she would don lipstick and get her hair done. Her appearance would inspire the troops, letting them know that she was calm and fearless.Her efforts in the war sent positive outlook for women in the military. Women integrated into Philippines military units for the first time.

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