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Ike Ray Peram Westcott

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General Information
Name Isaac Ray Peram Westcott
Kanji アイザック・レイ・ペラム・ウェストコット
Romanji Aizakku Rei Peramu Uesutokotto
Alias Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Isaac Ray Perham Westcott, Ike, The Beast, The AntiChrist, The True Demon, The Devil, The True Evil, Mr. Isaac, Bad Boss, The Abnormal One, Heartless Monster, Lord Abyssal, Darzs, Cold-Hearted Milord, The Emperor, Silver-Haired Monster, Mister-Westcott, The Narcissist Sociopath, He Who Laughs, The True Monster, Dark Emperor, Lord, God of Anti-Life, His Glorious Majesty, Slayer of Zarkz, Immortal Master, ExKrieg Genocider, The Genocider, Destroyer of Mongoul, The Dominator, Supreme Leader, The Last One, The Last Westcott, The Universal Order, Black Mind, The Darkness, The Master of the Abyss, Abyssal Lord, Emperor Westcott, Horseman of War, Tyrant, God of the New World, Reaper, The Root of the Evil, Lord Isaac, Lord Westcott, Emperor of Evil, Prince of Fascism, The New Ruler, Iron Fist Master, Lord of True Abyss, Bane of the Universe, The Führer, Bohemian Corporal, Adi, God of the Abyssals, Neo Machine Mutant, Super Fallen, King Westcott, King of Destruction, Slaver Dictator, God's Nightmare, Fallen Reborn, Sir Westcott, Cutslash The Venomous, Beastleaf, Twistshroud The Ripper, Necrokill, Abigar, Abdiel, The Dark Emperor, and possibly hundreds more...
Race Supreme Abyssal God
Age 4,000,000 years old (21-years old physically)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birthday 6/6/06 - Earth Calendar, c. 95 BBY - Multi-Universal Calendar
Height 1.78 meters in base form, 1.80 meters in first Abyssal form, 1.93 meters in second Abyssal Form, 2.13 meters in third Abyssal Form, 2.20 meters in fourth Abyssal Form, 2.30 meters in fifth Abyssal Form, 2.49 meters in sixth Abyssal Form
Weight 60 Kilograms as human, 120 kilograms in first Abyssal form, 140 kilograms in second Abyssal Form, 160 kilograms in third Abyssal Form, 190 kilograms in fourth Abyssal Form, 200 kilograms in fifth Abyssal Form, 250 kilograms in sixth Abyssal Form
Hair Color White; speculated to be Dark-Ash blonde
Eye Color Dark "Dead" Blue Eyes in human form, Red eyes in all Abyssal forms
Blood Type O-
Unknown Black Blood in Abyssal form
Professional Status
Affiliation Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Balam Alliance, Black Blood, Abyssal Kingdom, Order of Terror, Fallen's Legion, KnightWalker Family
Previous Affiliation Alvarez Empire, Ireland Government
Occupation Dark Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Founder and leader of Fallen Legion
Previous Occupation Managing Director of DEM Industries, Managing Director of Asgard Electronics, Serial Killer in London, Prime Minister, True Secret Founder of the Nazi Party
Partner(s) Alisa Ray Peram Westcott, Fallen, Darkseid, Joker, Alan Yates, Sheev Palpatine, Darth Nihilus, Johan Liebert, Major, Mana Ouma, Apocalypse, Jerome Valeska, Shen, Bill Cipher, Ellen Mira Mathers, Minerva Liddell, Jessica Bailey, Yuuki Terumi, Hazama, Hades Izanami, Fallen Hana, Dragon Bludvist, Edwin Epps, It, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, Lich King, Red Skull, Akainu, Pain, Madara Uchiha, Pain, Nagato, zayel Aporro Grazs, Ulquiorria Cifer, Eckidina KnightWalker, Kagura Otsutsuki, Philip Blake, The Lich, Black Manta, Aya Tokoyogi, AM, Amon Goeth, Adolf Hitler, Aunt Ruth Chandler, HABIT, Randall Flagg, Bryagh, Frieza, Unicron, Dimentio, Ramsay Bolton, Owlman, Morgoth, Kefka Palazzo, Akihiro Kurata, Director Kakuzawa, The Evil Entity, Makuta Teridax, King Ghidorah, Overlord, Bismarck, Chiquita, Shogo Makishima, Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant
Previous Partner(s) ExKriegs, Mikaela Du Tirial, Hoppou Seiki, Adolf Hitler, Karen Nora Mathers, ExKrieg King, Elliot Baldwin Woodman
Base of Operation Deus Ex Valkyrion, Malevolence, London, 2nd Parallel Earth, Germany - Berlin, Ireland, Milky Way galaxy, DEM Empire 910th Reality, Invincible Hand ship, Aldegyr Kingdom in Prime Earth
Personal Status
Relatives Consinga Westcott (father), Elizabeth Westcott (mother), Train Westcott (1st brother), Kel Westcott (2nd brother), Nomine Westcott (3rd sister), Kuzko Westcott (uncle), Mera Westcott (aunt), Katarina Couteau (daughter), Elesis Du Tirial (daughter), Mikaela Du Tirial (lover)
Counterpart Katarina Couteau, Elliot Baldwin Woodman
Hobbies ​Conquesting worlds, killing and torturing people (women for sexual pleasure, children for hatred and men for fun), destroying worlds, enslaving entire races, committing genocide and destroying "inferior" races, using non-humans as sparring targets to test his power, ruling his empire with iron fists, manipulating others worlds, giving false hopes to his people, trolling Ellen and Eve, torturing Spirits with physical, psychological and sexual tortures all days, corrupting people, creating wars, committing mass murder, brainwashing and forcing suicide on his officers, causing conflicts between humans and aliens, causing conflicts between his enslaved factions and all Multi-Universe Heroes, playing mind games with his foes, crossing the Moral Event Horizon (sounds legitimate to him), killing his henchmen, watching spectacles and artistic expositions, killing anyone to further his agenda or in doing so because they would oppose him, causing destruction in many places, mocking his enemies whenever he can and whatever he can, destroying universes and galaxies for the sake of war;
Goals To "rewrite" the laws of the reality according to "his own image" - Use the Inverse Sephirah Crystals of the Spirits' Inverse Forms to plunge the whole Multi-Universe into endless state of chaos, destruction and finally bring the "hell" on existence in order to lead all life to extinction to have some fun, then he will never get bored again, Destroy the universe order and bring about the new world order; Plunge the whole Paradise of God into darkness and chaos for eternity after he dominated the universe;To destroy the Core of the Multi-Universe after he finished playing with the existence as the Dark God
Powers Prime Abyssal Mana
Death Sphere
Full Power Energy Ball
Laser sword
Death Spike
Emperor's Blast
Baked Sphere
Multi-Universal Destroyer
Nightmare's Awakening
Genocide Ball
Blind Star
Black Hole
Dimensional manipulation
Reality Warping
Absolute Evil
Tail Attack
Strike Beam
Death Beam
Black Light
Death Skeleton
Death Judgement
Svangeria Eye
Isaac's Eye
Freeze Storm
Omnicidal Quantum
Explosion Wave
Death Slade
Power Break
Blow of Pain
God's Tears
Guard Break
Paralyzing Gaze
Palm Energy Infusion Explosion
Universe Destroyer
Eye Laser
Type of Power Dark Energy, Black Magic, Abyssal Reiatsu
Weapon Zeta Abyssal Sword, Lightsaber, Dual Genocidal Blades
English Voice Alex Organ

I'll get all 900 centillion people on this Multi-Universe and squeeze all of them in front of the Gods as my men rape and torture their wives to death in the most painful ways. Ha ha ha ha ha! Gods are born in cradles of diamonds. They only look up to the suffering of the mortals from above while drinking wine and feeling pleasure from the mortals. And now, Gods, I will cover your wine with the blood of all of the mortals you consider inferior. I will cover your palaces with flesh! I'm a REAL God! A real God is the a divine being who put his hands in action to bring good or evil to his people! And you... ExKrieg... I'll force you to eat your own heart! Be grateful, my beloved daughter! Because, I, The Fallen, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, will take His time to punish you!
Ike Ray Peram Westcott

"Ike" Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, also known as Sir Isaac Ray Peram WestcottThe Fallen, The Fallen II, The EmperorMan in Suit or Slayer of Zarkz is a fascist Abyssal Lord character created by DestroyerSubjugator90 from CIS Productions. He is the true main Public Villain antagonist responsible for all bad events in the mass-crossover fanstoryline, LOTM: Sword of Kings.

Isaac was the Dark Emperor of the Nazi Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, one of the three Dark Empires of Balam Alliance alongside Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire, he is the leader of Deus.Ex.Machina Imperial Army, the founder of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Waffen-666, the former director of the Asgard Electronics and the founder of the pre-DEM Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. He was the leader of dark secret Abyssal cult organization manipulating his own Empire in the shadows, The Fallen Legion. He was also the main hidden antagonist in LOTM: A Draw of Kings Storyline. Isaac Westcott is the son of Consinga Westcott, the former lover of Mikaela Du Tirial, Ellen Mira Mathers' boss, Elliot Baldwin Woodman's former friend and the father of Katarina Couteau and Alisa Ray Peram Westcott.

He is one of the 10 Arch-Big Bads from LOTM: Sword of Kings, alongside Eckidina KnightWalker/Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, The Fallen's Essence, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, Ara Astaroth, Sequined Sadist, Idea of Evil,  Leohart the Prince of Hell and Darth Hades.

Isaac was the reincarnated body of The Fallen I, the first Fallen that ruled the Abyssals more than 600 centillion years ago and was the emperor of the Multi-Universe, who controlled his own tyrannical imperial army and was feared for his ruthlessness and power. Isaac is the catalyst antagonist of the entire story, as it is his actions that led to Katarina arriving on Earth and possible one of the most notable evil-doer in the history of the Multi-Universe.

Sadistic, powerful, and evil to the core, Isaac Westcott founded the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire and destroyed the Alliance of Freedom and all heroes of the Multi-Universe. He slowly manipulated the political system of the Global Pact Defense during his time on Earth, plunging the entire world in chaos until he was named Managing Director of Asgard Electronics and became the Prime Minister of Ireland -- and eventually Emperor of his new Empire -- ruling the 12 Multi-Universes through fear and tyranny, while oppressing non-humans and created the Holocaust II, a incident so evil that wiped out more than 34% of the population of all Multi-Universes who were non-humans. Isaac was an Abyss-sensitive and a Prime Abyssal Human who revived the Abyssal Race's reign of terror, recorded by history as the most powerful tyrant who had ever lived during between the AAY and BBY of the Multi-Universal Calendar, his entire life was nothing but the ambition of 4 million-years plan to plunge all 13 Multi-Universes in chaos, hunger, misery, slavery, fear, panic, despair, hatred, sadness, death and blood for power and universal-wide sadistic tendencies, resulting in universal-wide wars and the death of centillions; in order to become the new Dark God of the existence to rule the dead Multi-Universe.

Born in c. 95 BBY of the Multi-universal Calendar, on the  2nd Parallel Earth in 3rd Reality, to House Westcott, Westcott was left to die by his family who were Christians and religious to the core, he was accused by his family to be the "evil reincarnated" and was sentenced to die alone. In an attempt to send him back to "hell", he was thrown in the river to die. Westcott, however, was found by a woman and was sent to the orphanage. At the orphanage, Isaac began his evil career in killing animals and hiding the bodies under his bed. Later, he took over a bully gang by killing his leader and started bully in mass-scale, bullying children and even killing them in occasions. Westcott lived serving an untarnished career as famous Serial Killer in British Empire while learning from the evil side of humanity. He killed his family and his friends. As the managing director of Asgard Electronics, Westcott orchestrated the outbreak of the devastating World War III in the 2nd Parallel Earth. He himself headed both the factions; The Allied Forces of Maiz and The Allied of NRC. Later, Isaac revealed his identity as Abyssal God to Akihiro Kurata.

As Emperor, of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Westcott effectively wielded absolute control over the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th Multi-Universes, and virtually everyone who lived within it. During his tenure, he built one of the most powerful military forces the history of the universe had ever seen and ruled unopposed for 4 millions of years as a powerful Abyssal Lord. Westcott progressively abandoned his facade of being an enlightened leader and began to rule centillions of lives through terror by holocausts, genocides and destroying entire universes, galaxies and planets. At some point, Isaac decided to create a new Abyssal Legion in his Empire, and finally started to attack planets to kidnap human children in order to turn them into inhuman Abyssals, the DEM troops killed the parents as well. As a result, 10,000 children were kidnapped. When Westcott discovered that Eve Fullbuster's apprentice, Casper's existence, he forced Eve Fullbuster to fake Casper's death and then request that Casper assemble the most influential traitors in DEM Empire in a rebellion in order to highlight and destroy them all. Isaac's plan backfired when Casper, healed from his near-fatal injuries and espousing the teachings of the Abyssal Punisher, vowed revenge against Isaac and confronted him on the Malevolence, ultimately sacrificing himself in an act that inspired the dissident senators to create the Multi-Universe Defense Forces. As the Universal Rebellion War broke out, Isaac ironically fought against a rebellion that he started in secret. After the Empire suffered a devastating defeat during the Cataclysmatic War I, 30 years after the end of Universal Rebellion War in which the Alliance of Freedom destroyed the Universe Killer Super-weapon and Reaper Dreadnought Super Ship, Isaac steadily began to lose his absolute control over half of the 11th Multi-Universe, yet his super-army increases the pressure on societies around trillions of universes, galaxies and planets to avoid any attempt of rebellion.

Isaac had many races under his thumb in his planetary trade, but none were as significant as the ExKriegs. Gifted with natural fighting ability, strength and the ability to become stronger after every battle, ExKriegs became powerful weapons in Isaac's subjugation of planets, though Isaac noted they were never entirely loyal to him due to their pride. At some point, Isaac met a powerful ExKrieg woman named Mikaela Du Tirial, a powerful, beautiful and sadistic amazon warrior and slept with her. Months later, Mikaela was pregnant, and Isaac's future daughter war Katarina (the main protagonist of the storyline). However, Isaac discovered the ExKriegs' power, these very abilities made them a liability to the paranoid Isaac, afraid that, if left unchecked, the ExKriegs could either unite and overwhelm him, or one day provide a warrior to rival Isaac himself - The Legendary Abyssal Punisher. Due to this, and also due to a past meeting with the God of Destruction of the 5th Multi-Universe, Beerus, who asked him to wipe out the ExKriegs for him, he decided to wipe out the Planet and its inhabitants despite his attendant saying that it would be a shame to waste such powerful warriors, however, Isaac was going to destroy the entire ExKrieg race at some point. He also ended up forcing The ExKriegs King into giving him his daughter, Yuudachi, as part of their continued "cooperation", although ExKrieg King secretly intended to betray Isaac before he could ever let him have his daughter. Isaac then searched for a time where almost all of the ExKriegs would be on Mandu Planet, so that he could wipe all of them out at once. His attendant tells him that almost all of the ExKriegs would be on the Planet in one month's time, and so Isaac decides to blow it up then. Hearing the accomplishments of the low-level ExKrieg Mizagi and acting on his own fears of the Abyssal Punisher legends, Isaac resolves to eliminate all possible threats. He sends his most powerful henchman Creed Diskenth and his elites to assassinate Mizagi and his team, while Isaac himself sets a course to Mandu Planet. On his arrival, the ExKrieg King and his men attempt an uprising both to end Isaac's reign and to rescue Princess Yuudachi, but it ended disastrously with the King and his soldiers being slaughtered by Isaac as Ellen and Kurata watch.

Isaac arrived in the planet's orbit, he suspected that other ExKrieg would attempt to emulate King's approach and commit a full-scale uprising, a suspicion confirmed when he was confronted by a charging Mizagi, lunging through the fields of Isaac's men and Droids in defiance of the tyrant, and even goes as far as to fire a Final Spirit Cannon at him after giving a heart-felt speech declaring that the ExKrieg race is done working for Isaac. The tyrant retaliated by laughing maniacally with glee as he prepared a Death Ball to annihilate the planet. The attack consumes Mizagi and some of his men as it buries itself deep beneath the planet's surface resulting in a massive explosion, eradicating all life forms in the planet, Mikaela, however, watched the scene from Hun Planet, an uninhabited neighboring planet. After the planet's explosion, Isaac put high rewards for billions of mercenaries and bounty hunters around thousands of other universes to kill and bring the heads of the few remaining ExKriegs that were not on the planet at the time of genocide. Despite these stories, Isaac's destruction of the ExKriegs is a rumor that Yuudachi heard before the events of the storyline. After that, Isaac finally found his former lover, Mikaela Du Tirial and kills her, but his newly born daughter, Katarina escaped when Katarina threw through a portal to Earth, however, Isaac still left a huge scar on the eye of his own daughter. That scar would be a reason to several tragic events in Katarina's childhood.

Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, the Emperor of the DEM Empire, is nothing but a cruel and inhuman "person" or "monster" has been responsible for orchestrating multi-universal-wide wars, mass-genocides in universal scale, manipulating billions to serve his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of innocent lives, including children, women, pregnant women and beings from others universes, tyrannically and oppressing centillions of sentient beings, wiping out centillions of lives for fun, destroying billions of galaxies, planets and realities to secure and then maintain power over the Multi-Universe, and all this for no other reason than his desire to bring chaos, destruction and death upon innocent civilizations and his boundless cruelty for 4 millions of years. Even after his death, his name become a curse to all human race on the Multi-Universe, showing that Isaac was the true "monster" mentioned in the prophecy of the ancient beings and not his daughter, the Legendary ExKrieg that would bring death upon reality. Since Isaac Westcott human's soul was cursed and damaged by the Abyssal Powers to the point that he couldn't even become a ghost: he is stunted to exist be a "nothing" unable to cross over into the afterlife for all of eternity. There he would experience disembodiment in darkness, perpetual madness as if to always live with an open wound; terror without respite for all eternity.


  • Name: Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott
  • Nationality: British
  • Classification: Dark Lord of the Abyssals/Emperor of the DEM Empire/Genocidal Tyrant/Warmongering Dictator/Slaver Trader/Omnicidal Anti-Christ/Corrupt Managing Director/Fascist Insane Murder/Sadistic Planet Destroyer/Warlord Reality Destroyer/Complete Monster/Nazi Emperor/Xenophobe Master/Homicidal Amoral/Dark Messiah
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4,000,000 years old (27 physically years old)
  • Power and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, skilled in martial arts, afterimage creation, flight, the ability to manipulate and use Abyss both defensively (can use his abyss to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin) and offensively (can shoot abyss blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire realities), energy sensing, can transform to increase his power even further, psychic abilities, telekinesis (can kill people by just staring at them), can survive in space, regeneration (high-low), can survive losing limbs or even his entire lower body
  • Weaknesses: None notable
  • Destructive Capacity: Reality Universal level SSS+, able to destroy planets and realities.
  • Attack Range: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000+Kvs - Multi-Universal
  • Speed: Sub-relativistic+ Massively FTL+ 100000000000000 faster than the universe itself
  • Durability: Reality level+ Can Survive Super Novas, explosions, destruction of planets, destruction of realities and stars. Mortal Block +SSS
  • Abyssal Force: At least Class G+, likely higher (flipped the Republic Dreadnought Cruiser with one hand)
  • Abyssal Striking Strength: Class YJ+, likely higher;+ Universal Level
  • Abyssal Stamina: Super Abyssal God+SSSAAA; Can Fight for all eternity
  • Abyssal Standard Equipment: Dual Genocidal Blades
  • Abyssal Intelligence: A genius: a master of political and psychological manipulation, orchestrated a multi-universe spanning conflict as a means to gain absolute power (along with the gratitude and love of the DEM's people) in the DEM Empire through the Cataclysmatic War. Used various brush-fire wars, conflicts and various organizations and other situations through centuries of scheming to become the undisputed ruler of the dead universe. Easily manipulates and tricks even other masters of political subterfuge such as Darth Hades and the leaders of Balam Alliance.
  • Notable Abyssals Attacks/Techniques:
    •  Meteoric Burst: Using his latent energy as a booster, Isaac brings out "power beyond the limit of living beings".  
    • Universe Buster Roar Cannon: Isaac' ultimate attack. By gathering all the energy he has in his body, he releases a powerful energy beam of destruction with the power to potentially raze a entire universe.
    • Multi-Universe Big Bang: Isaac's Abyssal most dangerous power. Can create a Super Nova destroying all Multi-Universes and dimensions on existence. Stronger than Eckidina and Sephiria in their Final Abyssal Form. Isaac himself don't use this ability because it's boring.
  • Summary: Omnipotent Abyssal and extremely evil Nazi tyrant
  • IQ: 5,000! 


Design and appearance

"Well, as you can imagine, I had quite a difficult time convincing the poor fellow to see me as worthy. I was told flat-out I'd never obtain a single Artifact of the Past. And since I've never been one to take bad news well, I'm afraid I killed him."
— Isaac to Darkseid

Before the creation of the storyline, the 19 creators thought who would be the main male human villain to be placed as the main antagonist in storyline. Sheev Palpatine was chosen as the main villain because he already was an overlord galactic. So to decide, a poll was created in CIS Group to choose the main villain of the story.

  1. Sheev Palpatine - 84 votes
  2. Johan Liebert - 21 votes
  3. Yuuki Terumi - 56 votes
  4. Madara Uchiha - 12 votes
  5. Jeromy Blaire - 5 votes
  6. Isaac Ray Peram Westcott -  148 votes
  7. Creed Diskenth - 32 votes
  8. Valkorion - 14 votes 
  9. Darth Nihilus - 9 votes
  10. Fire Lord Ozai - 26 votes
5348716 orig

Isaac as the Emperor

Isaac Ray Peram Westcott as the winner. The reason is because the storyline need a anime villain as one of the main antagonists and because Isaac is the most evil anime villain of the list. In addition, Isaac is a omnicidal genocidal and an AntiChrist who wants to put the universe in state of death for fun, and also a "human" villain that represents the evil side of humanity in the midst of billions of other aliens race. He is also young enough to have romantic relationships with Mikaela Du Tirial.

According to Caique Falcão, the creator of the storyline, Isaac's Abyssal design is an amalgamation of monsters he feared in his childhood. According to Felipe Melo, the CIS Productions put Isaac Westcott as the main antagonist as a tribute to the most evil anime villain in Light Novels, and his bizarre character in a lighthearted story, which Caique claimed that Isaac is the most evil type of villain he knows (a villain that commits many types of different crimes; genocide, child murdering, planet and universes destruction, rape of children, inhuman tortures, fascism, warmongering and many others). 


Isaac in "Final Form" as Monster foretold by the Bible that Humans are the ultimate monsters

Isaac is one of the villains in the story who possesses an entire range of Abyssal transformations, each one being quite different than the others. It is implied by Ellen and Elliot in the storyline that Isaac's sixth, most powerful form is actually his original form as an Abyssal and that his "human" appearance is just a humanoid appearance, with the other five being forms that suppress and conserve his Abyss enormous power. Isaac has Seven in forms in the non-canon storyline, the last form is his fusion with the Frost Demon. According to Caique, Isaac's final form is an ironical way of representing human purposefully made to to look as a human again (while the rest of the transformation are bizarre and scary Abyssal Monster): Caique wanted to go against the expectation that villains and monsters become bigger and meaner looking the stronger they are. In Isaac's final form, he is back to his human form, which ironically is his human form. This has a profound meaning, showing that the real monsters are in fact humans.


"They call me by many names: The Fallen, The Beast, Devil, Genocide God, The Emperor, The Dark Lord, Milord, Master of all Abyss, The Deep Sea Monsters... But my name is Isaac Ray Peram Westcott. Call me the Fallen if you want."
— Isaac Westcott to Yoshino

While his name still the same name of the original character, the name "The Fallen" has a profound meaning as well.

God judging adam blake 1795

God judging Adam's "fallen" human nature

Isaac's name is a pun on all things relating to the "fallen". The Fallen is the pun of "Fallen Angel". A fallen angel is a wicked or rebellious angel that has been cast out of heaven. The term "fallen angel" does not appear in the Bible, but it is used of angels who sinned, of angels cast down to the earth in the War in Heaven, of Satan, demons, or of certain Watchers. Mention of angels who descended to Mount Hermon (not "fell" to Earth) is found in the Book of Enoch, which the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church accept as canonical, as well as in various pseudepigrapha. In Isaac case, the name "Fallen" is related to "Fallen Human", that means a cruel human left his humanity to become a "true monster". In his original name, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott has a meaning of the original world.

"Sir" means a man given a ​rank of ​honor by a ​king or ​queen. "Isaac" means "He Who Laughs". "Ray" refers to a male whose appearance is hip, fresh and shiny like x-rays or a male working/living in a radioactive environment. "Peram" means "Bag" in Latin. "Westcott" is habitational name from any of various minor places named with Old English.


"Ha ha ha! It seems you didn't know I have the greatest power in the universe. "
— Isaac Westcott facing Luke

Wescott (2)

Full body

Isaac is introduced in the story as an all-powerful galactic overlord who oversees the DEM Empire, of which the ExKriegs, Katarina's race, were members. He rules a vast empire that has control over what has been said to be at least 500 centillions of universes up until his death according to the original story. His secretary Ellen states that Isaac ruled the  75% of the Multi-Universe during the time of the Cataclysmatic War I, however, prior the war starts, he ruled  40% of the Multi-universe. Isaac creates many armies from the planets that he conquers, but most of his army are droids with only 20% of human troops of his Empire, while 37% of his army are enslaved races.

Between all of his enslaved races, the warrior race, the ExKriegs, were the strongest. Isaac had heard about the legend of the Prime Abyssal Punisher, a being with unrivaled power and the only warrior that could pose a threat to him and his minions, but tried to believe that was nothing more than a myth; however, after several ExKriegs emerged with rapidly evolving potential, Isaac began to fear that the legend of the Prime Abyssal Punisher, the legendary warrior that born 800 centillions of years ago, may one day come true. So, Isaac wiped out almost the entirety of the ExKrieg race by annihilating their home world. Isaac's actions eventually lead Katarina (his daughter and main protagonist), and all heroes and villains into conflict with him during the Cataclysmatic War. All tragic events of Katarina's life happened because of him, and, his actions "MADE" the plot of the Present Era. 

Personal Information

All personal information of Isaac Westcott, such as his hobbies, his favorites things etc.

  • Tumblr n6nb1nwgEz1sofkn4o1 r2 1280

    Conquesting worlds, one of his favorite hobbies

    Favorite Colors:
    • Black, red and white;
  • Favorite foods:
    • ​Human blood, chicken's heart, grilled human and bovine meat on the grill;
  • Favorite clothes:
    • ​Black suits with white ties;
  • Favorite vehicles:
    • ​His car, Veneno. His personal mega-ship, Malevolence;
  • Favorite hobbies:
    • ​Conquesting worlds, killing and torturing people (women for sexual pleasure, children for hatred and man for fun), destroying worlds, enslaving entire races, committing genocide and destroying "inferior" races, using non-humans as sparring targets to test his power, ruling his empire with iron fists, manipulating others worlds, giving false hopes to his people, trolling Ellen and Eve, torturing Spirits with physical, psychological and sexual tortures all days, corrupting people, creating wars, committing mass murder, brainwashing and forcing suicide on his officers, causing conflicts between humans and aliens, causing conflicts between his enslaved factions and all Multi-Universe Heroes, playing mind games with his foes, crossing the Moral Event Horizon (sounds legitimate to him), killing his henchmen, watching spectacles and artistic expositions, killing anyone to further his agenda or in doing so because they would oppose him, causing destruction in many places, mocking his enemies whenever he can and whatever he can, destroying universes and galaxies for the sake of war;
  • Favorite allies:
  • Favorite enemies:
  • Likes:
    • ​War, hatred, destruction, oppression, Nazism, fascism, imperialism, chaos, death, pain, anger, suffering, torture, suffering, sadness, children's suffering, intelligent and manipulative women (Scathach), killing pregnant women, killing infants, destroying laws, evil, suffering and hunger of his people, misery, lies, manipulations, corruption, hypocrisy, poverty, conflicts, disharmony, carnage, the suffering of heroes, misfortune, supremacy, racism, being hated, making sick jokes, black blood, ruining the lives of innocents, attempting to or successfully killing his  enemies' friends and family, polluting and destroying beautiful lands, enslavement, torturing and killing cute things, making fun of La Folia, watching people cry in pain, hunting and killing ExKriegs and non-humans;
  • Hates:
    • ​Peace, ExKriegs, aliens, Jews, Catholics, black people, capitalism, socialism, communism, harmony, love, demons, angels, Chinese people, Japanese people, religions, Gods and Devils, ninjas, Sith, Jedi, delinquents, false dark lords, Nazi wannabes, kids and teenagers who think they're Nazis or at least neo-Nazis, homosexuals, non-humans, animals, birds, God, all life, money for greed, spoiled girls, jack on men, prostitutes, heroes, self-called "Heroes of Justice"
  • Religion:
    • ​Hate all kinds of religions, even if he is the God.
  • Political Type:
    • ​Nazism, Fascism and Imperialism.
  • Age: 
    • ​4,000,000 years old but 19 or 27-years old in physical appearance.
  • Gender:
    • Male but genderless in Abyssal Forms.
  • Favorite Musics:
    • ​Rock, dark orchestra and heavy metal.
  • Favorite types of women (love interest):
    • ​Between 16-35 years old, intelligent, human, manipulative, cruel, evil, tall, sadistic, masochist (above all), white woman (racists ideology), English, French or German women.
  • Hated allies:
  • Hated enemies:

Physical Appearance

Date A Live II Screenshot 0780

Isaac's current appearance

Unlike Darth Hades and Leohart the Prince of Hell who are villains with scars, horns, pale skin and have some type of characteristics of their evil race, Isaac Westcott is the only villain who resembles more like-human. This was choose by CIS Production to say that humans are always the monsters because unlike Demons and Sith who were born to evil, humans and other alien humanoids races are the only races that choose to be evil and commit evil acts for their own pleasure without interference of any kind of Made of Evil entity.


He is around 30 years old and a tall man with smooth and long dark ash blond/white hair, pale skin and sharp dark blue eyes as if a knife was used to cut a slit on his face. He is always wearing a black suit, with black social shoes, black social pants and a white tie. He is of English origin but he speaks fluent Japanese. He is described as a very scary man by Origami.

He is described as being around 30 years old, but Origami notes that he gives off the impression of an experienced veteran. Mr. Woodman also states that he left the DEM 30 years ago due to a fallout with Westcott. Can't rule out the possibility that Westcott is using magic to keep the youthful appearance, after all, was said Elliot left the DEM Industries 30 years ago, and many of the characters in the series refer to him as a person 30 years of age. There is a possibility that Westcott is using technological-magic (Realizer) on himself to not grow old like Elliot Baldwin Woodman is doing to stay alive due to his age (between 70–80 years old).

Young Adult

Isaac is a young man with short, fair hair swept to the left and light coloured eyes. Unlike his adult appearance which his eyes are "dead", his eyes in this age are quite "alive". At this time, he is more muscular and looks more energetic since he is in his prime, during this age he was a Blood Knight who loved to fight and destroy planets with his own hands. He always wears a dark blue suit.


There is nothing to say about his appearance as a teenage but a handsome young man who is seen have a silver short hair and wearing nobility attire. During his time on school, Isaac was considered the most handsome boy his school as his silver and blue eyes were a new standard to the girls of the school. He received many love letters because of that. When he was a teenage, he was always wearing a black uniform of his school at the time of his student career.


"Don't talk like that, Seha. I'll get embarrassed. But yes, I will not lie I love people drowning in their own blood and tears, or to see the parents of a child crying as they watch their daughters being raped and dying, or see people in pain, or listen to the cry of desperate of innocent people. That's why I love humans, if humans did not exist, there would be no one for me to enjoy myself in this reality. If it is bad or good... I don't know what is it, the only that matter is how I fell. Yes... I'm sick..."
— Isaac Westcott to Seha


Isaac watching his troops attacking Gaustria city

Westcott is an evil and inhumane individual who loves war and death - he demonstrates that he is different from many other humans through the series, as he commits acts of atrocities against humanity simply for his twisted fun. He is also a mature man, but possesses the mind of an intelligent and sadistic child. Shido describes Westcott as "one that could not just be described as just cruel or brutal but rather abnormal". At his core, Westcott relishes death, suffering, despair, fear, chaos, war and destruction. He is known as one of the most sadistic characters in the series, and often tries to make his enemies suffer in despair and fear before he kills them. He also has a great sarcastic wit. When he is in his "normal mental state" (a compound man) he is sophisticated, polite and kind to the people around him in order to deceive them.

Wescotttumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io3 1280 (2)

Isaac's hug black comedy; he hug the victim and shake her with the force of an anaconda in order to blow up the head of the person with the pressure of blood

He uses dark humor at times, such as saying: "Don't lose your arms in this stupid way" soon after mutilating his subordinates; and such as "Ahh... this is so tragic and sad. My heart drowns in tears to lost a valuable Wizard" after he manipulated and used Origami hatred for Spirits and turns her into a avenger. Westcott is fully aware of his reputation for cruelty among his employees, and makes no effort to deny it. He also seems to have knowledge of how to use human feelings of hatred and anger to his favor.


Westcott manipulating Origami

Westcott is an cruel, intellectual and unloving man. He often addresses most of his subordinates by their surnames (except Ellen Mira Mathers who he called her name often in a teasing tone). He is also a man that does not talk too much. He rarely shows any sign of alarm, surprise or anguish. In normal situations, Westcott is casual and uncaring, attempting to draw a conversation and make small talk, which often infuriates those he is talking primarily among the directors of the D.E.M that are part of the board of D.E.M except Ellen. Westcott is also a kind of person who does not like to repeat the same thing twice, since he sees humans as animals who follow his orders as ordered. He's a liar who is manipulative, cold-hearted, hypocritical and dishonest to the people who trust him. Due to his power that he has over his officers and other employees on D.E.M Industries, he is very selfish and doesn't care about anyone's life and even his own. Westcott shows no sympathy for his soldiers and co-workers as long his goals are completed.

Tumblr nudqziQ98G1tbnbfbo1 1280

Isaac shwoing his plans to DEM how to conquest the 4th Multi-Universe

Isaac Westcott brutally tortures his officers if they question his orders regardless of whether if they are elite soldiers or not; which is why Westcott often install Realizers in the brains of his soldiers in order to make them into "domesticated-psychopaths". Under normal circumstances, he acts honestly and respect his subordinates (for beginners who do not know his true nature, people like Knox). He doesn't care about things like his company or innocent's lives, as long he achieves his goals, or rather, he does not care about any of these things. Isaac Westcott is able to do anything evil to achieve his goals, claiming he will destroy the whole life on the planet only to achieving "one step" closer to his wish, or kill any person if necessary. He is obsessed with making the world die current and rule the future world according to his own image. He proves to be so dedicated to his desire that he does not show any value for his life as long he not have achieved his goal; showing that he prefer to die rather than turn back.


Isaac's Abyssal skull

He has a very sadistic and nihilistic personality and seems to take pleasure in the worst possible types of torture, such when he considered various types of cruel physical, mental, emotional and sexual tortures to Tohka that only the most twisted of individuals could think of. The definition of Westcott is a complete and utter obsession with war and destruction, and greed with the powers of the Spirits' Inverse Form. By his own admission, he loves all kinds of evil that mankind can evoke over the world, and he clearly shows that he hates any form of pacifism. His insane devotion to war and destruction is evident in the great affection with which he refers to the destruction of D.E.M Industries and other government causes over the world just for his words. While he says "will be for humanity's greater good" humans will follow Westcott blindly, and are able to kill hundreds of innocents as long Isaac says this is correct. In a narrative sense, Isaac warlike and violent personality serve as a counter to the easy going, peaceful and gentle personalities of Shido and Elliot.


Westcott corrupting Prime Reaper AI-78

Westcott initially appeared to be a very kind, very respected director and was revered by many at the beginning of his entry as director of DEM Industries. Ellen Mira Mathers, obey that he loyally without questioning him, without care of how his orders are cruel. However, this was only a mask to disguise his manipulative and very dangerous nature. In fact, he cares very little for his officers and affiliates, and is willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns to achieve his goals which their lives are simply expendable. He also seems to have a one-sided view on many things as he claims Elliot Woodman betrayed a vow he made with him after he left the DEM. He even asked Elliot to come back to the D.E.M and saw Elliot's actions as a child throwing a tantrum. He frequently appears to play with his underlings for amusement, he does so by putting fear in some members and soldiers of the D.E.M for their failures. Being the director D.E.M Industries, Westcott controls his minions through acquiring respect on the fire. Westcott holds the most turbulent individuals like Roger Murdoch in line through intimidation and mind games.

Wescotttumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io3 1280 (1)

Westcott in Super Cafe

Isaac is rather ruthless and masoquist and reacts violently to criticism. Unlike most other primary antagonists who are crazy psychopaths and have bad-temper like Kurumi Tokisaki, Minerva Liddell, Eckidina KnightWalker, Edgar F. Caroll, Roger Murdoch and Ryouko Kusakabe, he actually displays a very calm, civilized and refined demeanor, using very polite, regal, eloquent language rather than the more tough-talking style of most of the other villains. Despite these traits, he is quite cold-hearted, almost to the point of being machine-like in nature. He tends to view most problems and situations in an intellectual manner, like an academic or a professor, rather than as a manner of life or death. Believing no force in the world could challenge his authority since he is the director of the most great corporation on Earth, he typically underestimate his foes for being pacifists and that their kindness ends up generating in their defeat.

S2 17 Chiquita's handiwork

Isaac's troops killing MUSF guards

Ultimately, Isaac could be viewed as yet another example of a Machiavellian inspired ruler, with ruthless determination to kill everyone on his planet. But unlike Machiavellian who is tyrant ruler, Isaac is president of a company but he is seen more like a dictator oppressing people in the shadows. And unlike tyrants who seek for more power -- Isaac plans to seek more death on humans. Many of Isaac's beliefs run consistent with nihilism, as he does not see any meaning to life. He sees his actions as a game, even if said game results in the loss of lives, his very own included. He is often described as unpredictable. He often says things to incite someone's temper but then says he is just kidding. Isaac enjoys irritating Ellen Mathers to a troll level, and he has a great deal of fun in being feared by other officers as well. On the outside, Isaac acts kind and polite. However, he keeps many secrets and tells many lies to the whole planet. He is very strategist and enjoys manipulating battles in order to make his own allies and enemies kill themselves. He immensely enjoys crushing the hopes of humans and watching their expressions become filled with despair. Even Kurumi Tokisaki has great hatred towards Westcott, and angrily regards him as a fiendish man who deserved to be destroyed.

Tumblr oap6ixM2Y11u2sk60o1 500

Isaac in his commander outfit at Great Universal War III

Westcott is a complete megalomaniac, a person whose lust for power was so strong it wouldn't be satisfied until the entire existence was underneath his thumb. Westcott displayed psychopathic behaviourisms, he wore a metaphorical mask of normalacy, sympathy and benevolence as his public managing director of Asgard Electronics image he was modest, calm, grandfatherly and humble but used Machiavellian tactics in politics. In reality Westcott proved to an underhand and master manipulator, possibly due to his time in politics. Westcott was a master of disguise and even killed his own lover and her race after used them as tools. Westcott was proven to be seductive as he was able to trick the La Folia into believing that it were the Alliance of Freedom who were evil and even turned her into his apprentice, turning La Folia against her best friend, Katarina Couteau.

In addition to being a master of manipulation, Westcott was highly intelligent, nothing short of a genius, and an incredible strategist: he was capable of effortlessly manipulating situations throughout his life to his own advantage. He was also extremely exploitative, shrewd and incredibly devious, capable of outwitting any opponent with little or no difficulty. Furthermore Westcott was a mostly callous and arrogant person, he carries many apprentices but does not care for them and only sticks with them for as long they are useful towards him and when they outlived that he merely throws them aside, an example of this would be when La Folia was rescuing Elliot and had Shiki at his mercy, Westcott persuaded her to kill Shiki which he did. 


Isaac's fleet attacking Gyptia city because of their culture

Westcott was intensely sadistic and cruel, known for even creating life forms for the sheer purpose of personally causing them pain. He smiled when Shiki was at La Folia's mercy, sneered constantly whilst fighting with Karen and Darth Maul, and laughed hysterically whilst duelling Elliot. Westcott was also developed sever paranoia when his former protege Zanke had returned from the dead he saw him as a rival and sought to kill him. When he sensed that Mitsu's protege Kalabak was becoming even more powerful, he ordered Mitsu to eliminate him. Even as a child, Westcott was demonstrated to be manipulative, psychopathic, and self-centered. This is especially evident by his frequent breaking of various rules and social norms, knowing full well that his mentor, whom he hated, would simply pay off the authorities to make the problem disappear.


Isaac torturing a student

According to La Folia, becoming cruel with any good he had as a member of Team Hiruzen gone, Isaac's agenda made him develop a god complex and valued himself while delighting in striking terror in his first impressions. Though causing conflict to ease his boredom, Isaac seems to have no interest in wars started by others, but his loves genocide of any kind.

His charisma also attracts a number of followers, many of which he would not hesitate to send on potential suicide missions if for his own personal benefit, expressing some remorse if they're unable to properly complete a task, having no sentimental attachments to any of them despite their values.


Isaac Westcott's New Order - Zero-Asian Plan

Isaac was just a irredeemable evil, aiming a twisted goal for no reason logical by using the Spirits and the Angels to plunge all Multi-Universes on existence in death, chaos and destruction, and him as the Dark God of this apocalyptic universe for eternity, all this only to make God cry. For the war's sake killed centillions for fun and destroyed entire planets, galaxies, universes, commited genocides of billions of races, forced parents to kill their own children, plunged entire galaxies in wars, enslaved trillions, forced his soldiers to rape innocent people, used pregnant woman in experiments and countless atrocities for nothing. 

Above all, Isaac is an egocentric genius who firmly believes in the Nazis' misinterpretation of Nietzsche's Übermensch (over-man) concept where a race of superhuman beings are destined to rule the normal ones, despite he follows the real Nazi ideology, Isaac believes himself to be superior to all living beings. Unlike other Nazis, Westcott doesn't believe that the Germans are the destined "master race", but rather that the superior man must yet be made. Westcott is vindictive, pitiless, selfish, greedy, cruel, and mean, but also a scientific genius, who is able to see beyond appearances and managed to see the truth behind myths believed to be superstition, in reality fragments of Asgardian origin.

Zombie-gungans-star-wars 55011522-1500x580

Westcott's troops wipe out the Gungans

Westcott was said to be a fully-fledged supporter of the Nazi Party until he became the emperor. Though he is disillusioned by the Führer's ideals, he is still morally devoid and capable of mass murder and mass genocide. Even when he was a child Westcott was a cold-blooded, destructive, and heartless killer who would do anything to accomplish his goals, including killing entire civilizations, destroying planets, galaxies and universes, taking the life of billion for his own purposes. 
Mv f

Isaac about to shoot a kid in Valkos planet

Even his subordinate officers had reasons to fear him, if they didn't do their job right, death was the only penalty he would give to those who failed him. Isaac is said to be a psychopath but he is actually ruthless sane man who killed, tortured and defiled for sheer enjoyment and pure hatred for life. Obsessed with fathering a son, he cared little for anyone or anything, had no compassion for life and was rarely depicted as anything other than a force of great evil, even demons from Triggers Hell tried to kill him many times without permission from Leohart the Prince of Hell. Westcott was a prime English man being very warmongering and power-hungry. He was also knows for his strong hatred of Americans and wanted to wipe out the America during his time on Earth. Westcott was shown to have little to no morals as he destroyed the invasion fleet leaving his Empire defenseless and wanted to exterminate the entire Earth population and control all of the human colonies.
32119079 p0 master1200

Westcott as Prime Minister

At first, Westcott appeared to be a modest, polite, well-meaning, affable, responsible, reasonable, honest, good-natured, unassuming, kind, caring, cheery, grandfatherly, loving and harmless individual. However, this was nothing more a public facade that Westcott made up to hide his true nature as a ruthless Nazi Emperor, and while as the Abyssal Lord he exposes it all: that of a murderous, arrogant, selfish, ambitious, power-hungry, uncaring, cold, cruel, sadistic, ruthless, narcissistic, delusional, psychopathic, misanthropic, terrifying, dangerous, violent, irredeemable and very unpredictable individual. And as such, there was only one goal he had in mind to accomplish: plunge the Multi-Universe in eternal state of war and the total destruction of the Multi-Universe. Cold and dominant, it is either obeyed or be obliterated with him.

Despite his arrogance, he was highly intelligent, patient, wise, calculating, cunning, deceptive, and manipulative and possessing some dark sense of humor. Westcott was also known to be treacherous, as he would kill his allies or have them killed, as he had no desire to share his power with anyone, especially his own apprentices, and would try to eventually kill his apprentice, Eve Fulllbuster. And unlike most of the other Abyssals, he prefer using mentally breaking and the Abyss over physical strengh to torture his enemies and revive them again to continue bringing pain over them for pure pleasure. Westcott was the only Prime Abyssal in the history of the Multi-Universe to achieve most of his goals and the evil-doer who brought more death and destruction upon the existence, leaving many other tyrants and villains became hostile around him.

Eclipsefullmetalalchemistbrotherhood301280x720h26498046559-mkv snapshot 09-02 2010-08-25 06-18-51

Westcott committing genocide with his own hands in Aljuir

Westcott also greatly desired to die after the conclusion of his master plan, showing his nihilism and show no real interest for life. Unlike many Darth Hades who was born as a Sith Lord (born to be evil) and Leohart who was created by Satan as a Demon (born to evil), Isaac is the only emperor of Balam Alliance that was born as a human and choose to be evil and became areincarnation of Fallen by his own free will. Like most practitioners of the dictators of the universe, isaac was susceptible to fear to the point of being paranoid. This paranoia was extensive to the point where he feared the power of other ExKriegs and had them hunted down and either killed or turned to his side as loyal servants before killing them once they had no more utility. However, his paranoia was never extensive to the point of being cowardly, as he felt little fear and was more than willing to get into direct confrontations with exceptionally powerful opponents like Basara and Seigi if necessary. Fear ultimately proved to be his weakness as it caused him to constantly plot and devise schemes against his enemies, which ultimately lead to the unexpected creation of the Alliance of Freedom and the eventual downfall of his Empire and the entire Balam Alliance, putting an end to Hades and Leohart's plans.

The Man in Suit

Despite his evil nature, he was a known patron of the arts; this was evidenced in the craftsmanship of his weapons, and in the many statue and sculptures present in his office during his time as Prime Minister of Ireland. However, he abandoned most of his love of the arts when he became emperor in favor of expanding his power. In addition, although Westcott openly acknowledged his being an Dark Sider Abyssal he also did not consider himself evil, but rather thought of himself as a savior of the Multi-Universe, Isaac believes that the existence is a nothing but a dream in a false existence created by God and wants to destroy the Multi-Universe and kill all life to force everyone wake up in the real Multi-Universe... Only to kill them in the real world again. At one point, Reality Council claimed Isaac was "even more evil than Satan, Leohart, Ragnos, Hades and Fallen I" and was the most scary and dangerous enemy they faced for more than 450 centillion years since their creation. 

Isaac Westcott was considered the most civilized man in Balam Alliance Emperors, which was the reason of why he was more dangerous than Leohart and Darth Hades. Leohart invade planets randomly without caring about policy and use the living beings as food resources, Darth Hades invade planets randomly and turn all living beings ghouls to serve him as well. Isaac Westcott, however, invade only poor planets and use policy to gain more money, territory, allies and resources. As a result, the DEM Empire is the largest empire on the Multi-Universe.

Westcott's Mental illnesses (Wikia Source)

The Complete Monsters

Meanwhile inside of the tyrant's head...

Lust Murder 

A lust murder is a homicide in which the offender searches for erotic satisfaction by killing someone. Lust murder is synonymous with the paraphilic term erotophonophilia, which is sexual arousal or gratification contingent on the death of a human being. The phrase "lust killing" stems from the original work of Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his 1898 discussion of sadistic homicides. Commonly, this type of crime is manifested either by murder during sexual activity, by mutilating the sexual organs or areas of the victim's body, or by murder and mutilation. The mutilation of the victim may include evisceration, displacement of the sexual organs, or both. The mutilation usually takes place postmortem. Although the killing sequence may include an act of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse does not always occur, and other types of sexual acts may be part of the homicide. 

Sexual Sadism Disorder

Sexual sadism disorder is the condition of experiencing sexual arousal in response to the extreme pain, suffering or humiliation of others. Several other terms have been used to describe the condition, and the condition may overlap with other conditions that involve inflicting pain. It is distinct from situations in which consenting individuals use mild or simulated pain or humiliation for sexual excitement. Sexual sadism disorder has been found to be potentially dangerous if paired with symptoms of borderline personality disorder or psychopathy which increases the likelihood of one acting on their sexually sadistic fantasies.


Psychopaths are people who exhibit a constellation of antisocial personality disorder traits which include antisocial, sadistic, narcissistic, and borderline behaviour, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships and extreme egocentricity. They also do not learn from failure and take it out on others. Psychopathy is sometimes used synonymously with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disordercharacterized by persistent impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. Different conceptions of psychopathy have been used throughout history. These conceptions are only partly overlapping and may sometimes be contradictory.


Sadism involves gaining pleasure from seeing others undergo discomfort or pain. The opponent-process theory explains the way in which individuals not only display, but also take enjoyment in committing sadistic acts.[clarification needed] Individuals possessing sadistic personalities tend to display recurrent aggression and cruel behavior. Sadism can also include the use of emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence.

There were four subtypes of sadism, which he termed Enforcing sadism, Explosive sadism, Spineless sadism, and Tyrannical sadism.

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others. Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily insulted, and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases. Paranoid individuals are eager observers. They think they are in danger and look for signs and threats of that danger, potentially not appreciating other evidence.


Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others' feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations.

Complete Monster proposal

Wescotttumblr nnkutwrD1B1sjv49ao1 1280 (4)j

"Bomb them as my gratitude!"

Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott also know as the legendary evil, The Fallen, is a Dark Abyssal Lord of the Abyssals and the Dark Emperor of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire who is the primary villain of the storyline—and by far its most evil one of them all. Born as a nasty sociopath who loved to inflict pain and sought to extend his influence wherever he could, in his various guises as Good Ruler of the Asgard Electronics and later the DEM Empire, he has been responsible for orchestrating multiuniversal-wide wars, manipulating others and then disposing of them when they have served his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people, tyrannically oppressing centillions of sentient beings, wiping out centillions of lives, destroying billions of galaxies, planets and realities to secure and then maintain power, and all this for no other reason than his desire to bring chaos, destruction, death upon innocent civilizations and his boundless cruelty and hatred. He destroyed entires universes for no logical reasons; because he wanted. He is also the psychotic Emperor of the "Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire" of the Nazi Party, is an unassuming, bespectacled, manipulative, sadistic and nihilistic tall man is defined by his love of war. His Empire itself is the Nazi Party, he founded his Empire after the manipulated Adolf Hitler and started the World War II, killing 60 million. His Empire is an organization that wipes out all life from planets, then sells the planets to the highest bidder. Having summoned the First Spirit to Earth, resulting in an explosion that killed 150 million people and allowing more Spirits to enter the human world, Westcott used the ensuing chaos to set his plans into motion in countless universes in order to capture the Spirits and make them go in insanity mode to use their powers to make himself the new Dark God of the Multi-Universe. Prior to the events of the story, Isaac slept with a ExKrieg woman know as Mikaela Du Tirial and had a daughter with her, Katarina Couteau. However, Isaac destroyed Bandu Planet, bringing the ExKrieg race to near extinction despite their loyalty and later he killed Mikaela and tried to kill Katarina when she was just a newborn but luckily she escaped through a portal. Years later, destroyed an entire population of a planet know as Amerish to repopulate the population as slaves and Abyssals in order to use the planet as the HQ of his Empire. Acting behind the scenes, Isaac had multiple newborns humans turned into Abyssals (in which were children who were taken from their parents), having them slaughter innocent people to slowly reveal himself to Alliance of Freedom. Finally taking center stage, Isaac launched an attack on the entire Multi-Universe, obliterating everything he saw and having his men slaughter every living thing in sight, including babies; destroying entire planets, destroying entire universes and galaxies; resulting in the death of CENTILLIONS to put down other military factions. Isaac confesses there is no end goal; combat and war are their own end. His actions go far away from the story's standard, such as killing Bismarck's family and forcing her to fall into darkness and torturing Nia Honjou for years, wiped said torture from her mind, then forced all of the pain back on her at once to drive her insane. He even corrupt La Folia Rihavein, Katarina's childhood friend into a insane Abyssal to make Katarina fall in despair, which resulted in La Folia's death and Katarina's death as well, and thus, destroying the Alliance of Freedom and causing despair across the existence. Throughout his reign, Isaac allows murders, rapes, tortures and helps to grow the monstrosity of corruption in his Empire so nobles do whatever they want at the expense of the lives of those beneath them. With the rebels growing in his Empire, he wastes no time terrorizing the populace of his own Empire in attacks where innocent people are butchered and men, women and children alike are raped by his squad. Isaac himself treats his "playthings" horribly with a tendency to kill them, all the while daring someone to challenge him and thus untouchable. When he actually captures a member of Rebel Alliance, Isaac subjects him to hideous torture, including crushing one of his testicles, to get him to speak. When he encounters the widow of a genuine Imperial war hero, Isaac wastes no time raping and murdering her while one of his men has her young daughter right on top of the husband's grave. Isaac shows no hesitation in killing one of his own officers when he objects to Isaac carelessly sacrificing their soldiers, and his ultimate goal is to die at the conclusion of his war, after having created one last great display of the carnage he so loves. His goal was just to make God cry, just it. Westcott the most twisted person in all Multi-Universes and is the most dark person that reality can give to us. Even after his death, his name became a taboo anywhere in the entire Multi-Universe.


"From the depths of the East of Europe. A young child will be born of rich people. He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop. His fame will increase towards the realm of the Universe. Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers. Machines will march upon dead planets. The greater part of the battlefield will be against the dictator. Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn. When the child of the universe observes nothing but death and destruction. "
— Nostradamus prediction about Isaac Westcott

Ancient Times

Isaac on a ancientboard

Isaac on a ancient board

Isaac's existence had already been provided for 500 billion years ago, 2 trillion years after the death of the original Fallen that was killed by Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher. After the death of the Fallen, several elders prophets of many universes and planets prophesied Fallen reincarnated as a human. Ultimately, the true tale of events about the Fallen became distorted with time, resulting in legends surrounding the now-dubbed Anti-Christ. The stories stated that at some point in the distant past, around 400 million years ago, Fallen witnessed the deaths of many people in the underworld, making him strong enough to reborn in life. Despite many people thought Fallen was going to reborn as a human [Isaac Westcott], others people believed that Fallen was dead for good and the Fallen that was going to be born years later was actually ANOTHER Fallen or a beast worst than Fallen himself.

Early Life


Isaac's born

Isaac Westcott was born on London, the eldest son of the House Westcott's patriarch James and his wife. He was raised in his family's ancestral home, Josh, situated in London's Lake Country, and had at least two brothers and two sisters. Isaac Westcott, with only five months was accused of being the evil reincarnated itself for his mother who was a Crest and for his father too. Isaac, then was thrown in the sewer to die, however, a woman found him on the riverbank and took him to an orphanage. 

Evil Career


Isaac with 6 years old

6 years later, Isaac Westcott was a very anti-social person and arrogant with other children. He lived looking for rats, cats and dowels, killing them slowly and painfully hidden from others people. As a 8 years old, Isaac decided to do something better than just killing animals, he decided to take control of a bullies' gang, for that, Isaac defeated a leader of bullies gang with a knife and bound him in a bag and threw him the river to pretend that he ran away from the orphanage. He also threatened the other bullies if they tell what happened they would die too, after all, the only thing they had to do was follow him. And so, Isaac made his first human victim.

The Orphanage

Teenage Xemen

Isaac with 14 years old

Later, with 10 years old. Isaac became a prodigy by his intelligence and was known as a genius in the orphanage, calling attention even of college professors. However, he was a leader of a gang of bullies who abused other children, and often other children begged to leave the orphanage, Westcott and his gang abused psychologically and physically other children for 3 years. Isaac, then decided to make the worst he could think: he realized there was a girl who found a kitten and decided to hurt her psychologically. So Isaac and his gang took the kitten and held the girl while Isaac used a knife to cut all the members of the kitten until it died, then Isaac shouted insanely as he picked up a rock and smashed the head of the kitten. 

Isaac's bully gang

The girl had fainted after a heart attack of sorrow and suffering. Isaac sat on the floor and said while smiling like insane: "This isn't enough. I want more.". After he said that, he took a knife and began to kill all his gang bullies members around him, and after that he began killing all the children while they slept. By the end of the day, Isaac had killed 67 children while they slept and then fled.

However, before his escape, he went to a house far away from the orphanage, entered the house and killed the son of a couple who lived in the house, Isaac then took the body to the orphanage garden, quartered and burned up the kid to the ashes to fake his death and that body was him. The case became known as one of the worst mass children murder in the history of mankind and shocked the world. No one knows who was the murder. Westcott, then grew killing dozens of people at night living in the homes of his victims without having any suspicion.

The Perfect Mass-Murder

Anime-boy-giz 4ever-34042718-494-564 zps63fb3a5b

Isaac with 16 years old

As a teenager, he decided to go into a high school in his hometown, London, where he was born and abandoned by his parents. He wanted to relate to people of his age and persuade them to death. Isaac was an intelligent and beautiful teenager, so he easily attract other girls, but he always remained neutral on the feminine sex. Westcott met a Japanese 16-year-old, Harbour Sakurai. They became friends and did many things together (even though she does not know who he really was). Isaac, however, wanted to kill his biological parents in his hometown that he was born, so Westcott killed his twin brother, Dante Westcott, and he cut up his brother into pieces and separated his pieces in various parts of the city. After that Isaac had passed through his twin brother without attracting attention, he began to go to the places he went, to relate to people who were his friends, dressed his clothes. Isaac then decided to play around with friends from his twin brother he killed, Dante Westcott. One night, Isaac entered his biological parents' room and paralyzed them with a stun gun. Isaac, then took the two to the basement of their house where he began to torture them in horrible and inhuman ways. After he killed them, Westcott threw the bodies into a huge hole that the basement of the house had. Westcott decided to play a little more with the feelings of Dante's friends while there were no suspicions and also took advantage from Westcott family since they didn't know that Isaac Westcott lived at the orphanage where the murders of 67 children occurred 7 years ago (the orphanage that Westcott killed all children).

Last Attack

Dioptase Colony City in Smoke large

London during the attack

Harbour was gradually falling in love with Westcott since he seemed like a nice and gentle person, and Isaac used these feelings to have fun, and then Isaac seduced her and she "surrendered completely" to him. Westcott wasn't satisfied after the death of his parents and decided to make a mass murder; he decided to create a poison named Nova 9 in a secret laboratory of his house and put the poison in the ventilation pipes and tubes waters of the entire city. July 11, 2025, Westcott exploded the ventilation pipes and put the poison in the water throughout the city. At the end of day 4 million people died and the state entered into a state of calamity and the city was surrounded by the military on suspicion that it was a terrorist attack.

The Walking Dead

Tumblr mj132wq2Ee1rmgmfco1 500

Isaac during his escape

Westcott then left the city happy after his mass murder. Months later, Harbour and many Westcott's friends (Dante's friends to be true) were hospitalized in the same room of the same hospital, because they were all together at the time of slaughter. Then, an Interpol officer entered the room where they were and asked if they knew Dante Westcott; all they said they knew and asked if he was okay. However, the police officer told them something that shocked them and left them scared to the soul, he had said that Dante Westcott's parts was found mutilated by several parts of the city after the police and the military have done a full scan on city, however, the more scare thing that left the police officer scared was that the tests proved that Dante was killed 5 months before the Carnage of Tenguu City (the name that was given to the mass murder of city of Tenguu, Westcott's homecity). They all were scared, and began to wonder: "Who was that one who was with us?". The police officer also said: "I think in this case... the dead can walk even more".

Political career


Westcott's National Military Party of the Irish Workers propaganda

Isaac began his political career at a young age after his massive attack in London, carefully hiding his true serial killer persona. On Ireland, public service was mandatory from the ages of twelve to twenty, and he began his political career in this fashion. Unlike most of the Ireland, however, he elected to stay in public service beyond the normally accepted age and entered local Irelandpolitics, working his way upward. After a five-year stint in the National Law program, he was appointed as Military Prime Minister in the reelected Alex Vizari's retinue. Isaac lost more elections than he won in his early political career, missing out on a string of political appointments. His political party is the symbol of peace, however, this symbol would soon be replaced by something worse. 

This symbol would be used by the New Republic 5 billions of years later.

Asgard Electronics

Westcott went to New York, he intended to do something even more innovative for his plans, and for this, he became a scientist. He met Akihiro Kurata, a scientist who was studying other realities, such as the Digital World, many people called Kurata a crazy lunatic. Isaac along with Akihiro, created the Realizer, a piece of magic (made with black magic) and technology. This piece of technology could give birth to robots, laser weapon, advanced medicine and many other things humanity thought was impossible, in other words, the Realizer can make things impossible in possible. 3 years later, Westcott became the Director of Asgard Electronics and Akihiro Kurata the scientist leader of the Asgard Electronics research center. In just 3 years the Asgard Electronics has become one of the largest companies in the world and put humanity into a 

Asgard Electronics first logo

new era.

The Asgard Electronics sold billions and billions of robots and weapons of war to the military and became the largest military funding on the planet. Therefore, the Asgard expanded its territories, from the west and the east. All arms of the military and police armed forces were equipped with weapons and advanced vehicles, civilians had robots as domestic servants, teleportation were created, ships space and many others, Isaac and Kurata changed the Earth for the good, at least in the eyes of humanity. They had become very rich. Isaac and Kurata, however, had other goals, Westcott wanted to travel to another reality in opening a portal to another world, in order to complete his dream, and Kurata wanted to open a portal to the Digital World and steal the eggs of the Demon King in order to merge with it and becomes the God of Multi-Universe.

Cold War


Westcott as the Military Prime Minister

Many years after Isaac ascended to Prime Minister post, he made an alliance with a terrorist organization called Hyh-Vi and had conceived of starting a civil war to bring down the Global Pact Defense and the Democracy in East and West. Initially, Isaac's plan was to use a cloned army of China to fight against the GDP and UNO in this manufactured war in secret from the government. However, Akihiro who was to create the army informed Isaac that a China clone army was impossible due to the global crisis. Taking a new suggestion in mind, Isaac scrapped the idea to use a chinese clone army and instead implemented a plan to create a drone army fight alongside the GDP and the future West forces. However, Kurata knew that he could not be the one to commission such an army. If the IGV and VSA or the United States Strategic Forces were to discover that a corporate power-broker like his alter ego, Isaac, had commissioned an army, it could lead to questions that might expose their plans to create a new World War III while using the war as a decoy to move their troops around the world to seek for Conducts to open portals to other worlds. He would have to find a proxy to act through, preferably a high-offcer in Global Pact Defense in order to give the project an additional smokescreen. That proxy would ultimately present itself in the form of Jackson Frigs.
Tumblr nfxbodRwZ91rjr992o1 500

Jackson Frigs's death by Isaac's Ninja Assassin

Jackson Frigs and Isaac had met seemingly by chance at a negotiation on Berlin. While analyzing Jackson, Kurata took note of the fact that Jacksons, who had accompanied Isaac, was extremely concerned about the political climate of the world at large. He saw that Jackson was just as aware of the GDP's corruption as others terrorist factions, but was far more afraid for the GDP's future than extremists factions were. Isaac realized that he could use Jackson's fear to manipulate the GDP, ISA and VSA into helping create the Drone army the Prime Minister required. However, before he could snare Jackson, he was interrupted by the arrival of Britnei, and let the matter drop.

At some point shortly after Jackson's resignation as the Co-Global Leader, Kurata's company approached others mega-conglomerates and requested that they create an global-executive alliance. With the funds provided by Isaac's political party, Kurata paid for the alliance. However, to make absolutely sure that the existence of the drone army never came to the attention of the world, Jackson had to die; a task that would fall to Isaac's Assassin Squad. In secret from the world, Isaac's Black Ops forces carried out the murder, killing his old friend and cementing his allegiance. The cloning project still stood even after Jackson's death, so Isaac himself carried on where Jackson left off. Until he had been silenced, Jackson had kept the project a secret. To ensure that it stayed one, Isaac erased all records of the Asgard Electronics Archives, along with thirty-nine bank datas additional systems.

The Drone Army 


The Drone Army

During the preparation, the Isaac choose Kurata in charge of Isaac National Party's project to create cyborgs, using human bodies as raw material. The success of this project would allow Isaac to utilize robots and cyborgs in battle. Unfortunately for Isaac, a young bounty hunter named Hiago Drazz and Drazy Gotsu tracked their operations to Warsaw, Poland and seemingly destroyed their research, delaying their plans. Isaa had now completed his three-years as Prime Minister, and his drone army was nearly at the ready by the Executive Alliance. The time was ripe for the commencement of the penultimate stroke of the Grand Plan. Throughout Isaac's career, he had thrown the world into chaos and poverty. Through careful manipulation of the GDP Council, various International criminal organizations, and the US's commercial and financial institutions were festering with hatred and resentment of the corrupt Capitalism. Disenfranchised, poor, exploited and lawless, many of these countries began to sound the rallying cry that they should break from the GDP. With a civil war virtually inevitable, Isaac rushed to make sure he was in complete control of the impending conflict. 

The Drone Army was ready and was about to be sold to all military forces in the world. The Drone was the largest an first drone army in history that was created by Asgard Electronics' Alliance. It comprised battle drones from the AE's army, Techno Federation's army and other corporations that allied themselves with Akihiro Kurata's movement. It was said to be comprised of trillions of robots.

The War 


The election

In secret, the Asgard Eletronics sold 500 millions of Battle Drones to China, Korea, NRC, Russia and UPS. During that time, a high-officer of CIA named Chris Philipes suspected he economic actions of AE and decided to personally investigate what was going on in the East of the globe. However, Chris had been captured on Middle East by AE Droids, however, he had been able—or was permitted—to send out one transmission to the GDP reporting his findings. Though he was cut off by terrorists and drones arriving to take him into Middle East custody, Chris's report on the status of the West Alliance's military buildup came through loud and clear. Over the days, an alliance between East countries was being formed, which raised fear around the world that a war was about to begin. The alliance was named as Noxus. 

The principal partners in the Noxus alliance were China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Persian, North Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaija, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. These countries recognized China domination over most of continental Europe. Although the Noxus partners never developed institutions to coordinate foreign or military policy as the GDP did, the Noxus partners had two common interests:

  • 1) - territorial expansion and foundation of empires based on military conquest and the overthrow of the post-World War II international order;
  • 2) - the destruction or neutralization of American Capitalism.

With Chris captured and his report, Isaac now had in his hands the "proof" he needed to force the GDP and Noxus' hands: the testimony of a respected CIA officer regarding a massive military buildup by what technically amounted to a "terrorist" organization. He no longer needed to convince anyone of the Noxus' intentions; here was proof that, regardless of the GDP's hand-wringing about whether to risk a war with the Noxus, the leader of Noxus Alliance was already preparing to launch a war against them.

5611627978 91a2cab5a1 b

Chris captured

During a tense night-time conference in the GDP Office Building, Isaac made facade that he would support GDP. He met with members of the GDP Council and the Loyalist Committee Regime to discuss how best to counter the threat of an imminent Noxus attack. It became clear that even with an immediate threat hanging over their heads, the Global Defense Pact Senate would still not be able to approve the use of half of the EA Droid army before the Noxus launched their offensive. By the time after GDP's King speech, he gave high values in the bank accounts of AE for Isaac and his company to support the GDP. The cheering and the chants of his name from the body of the hall went on, uninterrupted, for minutes, drowning out the few jeers of protest. By the time Isaac held up his hands in front of GDP Senate, calling for silence. The rest of it—the humble speech with which he would soothe their belated fears about the future of the democratic system, and the actual vote on GDP's Leader' s motion—was merely a formality.

At the conclusion of his "acceptance speech," Isaac asked only that once the economic crisis was over, he could retire to Brazil and live out his remaining years in peace away from the war—another heinous lie. Only one thing he said could be taken at face value: the drones were a fact, and he quickly legalized them as the GDP and Noxus' armed forces, since his company was the the organization solding drones to both factions.

War is Hell
Mechs and mercs black talons by ameeeeba-d8ly165

The Geo-front battle

The war started. The Battle of Geo-front was the first battle of the World War III. The battle occurred after Aurozia Terrorist forces captured Chris on Geo-front and charged him with spying for the GDP. GDP and UNO Elite forces attempted to rescue Chris, but were also captured. A GDP Drone Army strike team led by Marcelo Martos attacked Geo-front's strategical points after the rescue mission failed. The ensuing battle resulted in the deaths of many american soldiers. This was the first time that humans have ever faced Noxus's Super Drones. 

The GDP managed to hold their own for some time but were being beaten back by the outnumbering Terrorists droid forces. As they prepared to fight to the end, the GDP Drone army, under Yan's command, dropped from the sky in GDP Gunships and spaceships. However, the battle on the surface was not the only conflict. In the atmosphere battle, the american pilots, led by Joseph, took out valuable Noxus battleships, and in the subterranean battle, fought between drone commandos—most notably the commandos of Delta Squad—and Noxus' German forces, saw victory for the Global Pact Defense by eliminating foundries and terrorists leaders. 800,000 men and 1,300,000 Battle Drones of Noxus were placed in the battlefield.

Mika-Aqi, the leader of Aurozia Terrorist organization, after the battle lost, took the plans for the AE' Ultimate Weapon and fled to a secret hangar. Traveling to Brazil, Mika-Aqi met with Isaac Westcott and Kurata at Manaus Metropolis Center. It seemed clear to Isaac and Kurata that, while the Battle of Geo-Front was a defeat, it was but the first move in a much larger game. 

World War III


Wolf squad - Division 45 march on the deserts of the Middle East

The great project that took more than twelve years in the making—the first full-scale conflict in a thousand years, and one of the most destructive in history of mankind—began on the right foot for Isaac Westcott, the mastermind behind all of it. In his guise as Prime Minister and the Managing Director of Asgard Electronics, Isaac manipulated countless battles around the globe, resulting in the death of 100 millions of people in all countries. With an army of unquestioningly loyal soldiers and drones in one hand, and extraordinary political powers in the other, Isaac put both of his greatest assets to work in the long and bloody conflict that history remembered as the World War III, the new most devastating war of humanity. On the surface, it was seen as the GDP's effort to suppress the militant Noxus movement. In actuality, it was a war waged against the GDP and Noxus itself by its own creator.

The Noxus threat to the Global Pact Defense, a danger that no one had ever truly had to fear for over a thousand years, caused the vast majority of the America citizenry to rally around their leader, Tom Bucky, the president of Global Pact Defense and President of United States, in support of protecting and preserving America as the single and most dominant force in the world. The Presidents public support increased to high levels as the war escalated with the Noxus Alliance. The greatest fear of the government was not a war between droids armies alliance of the Noxus Alliance and the GDP, but a nuclear war.

The World in Chaos


The city that served as Westcott's electoral base Westcott; falling apart

During the war, many things changed. The police and security forces fell before a crisis of that level, the taxation increased by 78%; whole cities' energies were cut; the illiterate number increased; the number of deaths in hospitals increased due to lack of medical equipment; millionaires and entrepreneurs committed suicide before the stock market crash; people sold their homes in search of money to survive; women and children had to sell their own bodies to help their families; elderly people died from lack of remedies; the dollar rose sharply; industries increased their interest sales in 80%. The world was in chaos as thousands of people died of disease and starvation, causing innocent people to eat human flesh to survive. In addition, most of the young men and women were sent to the battlefield, where only 5% of an entire battalion returned alive with psychological trauma. The war lasted five years, resulting in the death of 536 million people, almost 11% of the world population died. In the battlefield, civilians were killed in the crossfire, bombings and executions. Most of the women and children were raped and killed by Noxus' human forces.

Causes and consequences
  • Heavy human loss - estimated that 600 million of people, including civilians and soldiers
  • Enormous destruction of property; 967,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $ in damage
  • Feeling of insecurity around the globe;
  • Heavy economic losses, 80% of the economy fell;
  • Acute shortage of essential commodities;
  • Hardships to the common man;
  • 67% of the soldiers became insane due to extremely heavy psychological trauma;
  • Emergence of super powers - Global Pact Defense and China;
  • New Cold War - between Italy and India;
  • End of imperialism and socialism

Manipulating Adolf Hitler


The Portal

The war was a success. It did not take too long to neutral countries to enter in the WWIII, further increasing the conflict and the global crisis. Money and credits of the education, basic sanitation, infrastructure were diverted to support the war. All the money was used to pay for Asgard Electronics committee that of AE Corporations Alliance that created armaments, weapons, ships and drones. Quickly, several states began to fall into chaos, anarchy, famine and poverty. As according to the plan, the forces of Noxus and GDP let the transports and troops of Asgard Electronics create bases and research centers in their nations. Kurata and Isaac divided 90,000,000 scientists and droids around the globe in order to find the "Space Stone": the space stones are pieces of a Blue Star that was 5 trillion of light years away from Earth, however, 1,3 billion of years ago, a clash between two black holes caused a supernova that changed the face of the universe , the Blue Star was affected in the supernova, and it took 500 years to dissolve, the star's pieces spread throughout the universe but thousands small fragments of the Blue Star fell on Earth when the Earth was in the Archaic Epoch. The stones has the power to twist time and space and are able to create speeds faster than the light itself, being able to open portals to other worlds.
225920-charisma2 super

Young Adolf Hitler

3 years later, Westcott and Kurata managed to find the stones and open portals to other dimensions, however, they opened was a parallel Earth in 1890. Isaac saw an excellent opportunity for a step in his dream in another war and tried to find Adolf Hitler when he was a child in German, Kurata also helped Westcott's research. Once Westcott and Kurata located Adolf Hitler in watercolor school, they installed a Realizer in his brain and their orders were: "You will be Adolf Hitler, the Leader of the Nazi Party, the future King of the Poor, the Savior of Germany. You will take Germany of crisis. You will create a team of Secret Research, and you will create the Realizer in this world". 

Rising to Power


Westcott in Adolf Hittler flashback

Isaac had planted a Realizer in the brain of Hitler to his future plans after the First World War; Adolf would became the leader of the Nazi Party, however, in this parallel world, Adolf Hitler would cause a rebellion of freedom against Capitalism that tyrannized the land and become the true Hero of humanity. And Kurata send a UFO to Hitler with a Realizer on  it to create a research team in order to create a new company, Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. So they could create the DEM in the parallel world without having the need to be seen as "visitors from another world" in the eyes of the people at that time.
Once the DEM was created after the future World War II, Kurata and Isaac would be the headers of this new company, Kurata only wanted to be scientist instead a director. After this, Akihiro Kurata, Isaac Westcott and their troops returned to their world and began to make preparations, they began to develop nuclear weapons, new types of Droids Battle of military equipment and many battle equipment and technology. Akihiro Kurata then managed to open a gap in the Digital World and sent Gizimons to collect the vital energy of thousands of Digimon so that he could awaken the Demon King in the future. Years passed, Kurata made attacks on the World Digimon killing thousands of Digimon while Isaac played with humans' nature and sold weapons of mass destruction in order to create wars and cause conflicts on a global scale. Isaac and Kurata were never presented to the public, for they knew that will causes problems.

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire


Earth during the nuclear attack

Meanwhile in the parallel world, World War II was at its end, as planned, Hitler would lose the war and would send the DEM to another country. And finally, Westcott and Kurata sent billions and billions of droids to the parallel Earth to build their new Empire-conglomerate, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. Isaac decided to threw 1 million nuclear bombs worldwide after they had left that reality, Isaac had no more interest in that world and wiped out all of humanity and life form in the planet. Some creatures of the deep seas survived and would evolve after thousands of years to see what's left of humanity structures upon the planet.



The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries

Isaac and Kurata continued with their plans to create the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries on that reality. They found that the Realizer could also delay the death of humans, then they put Realizers within them to advance their death in order to make their plans more easy to be achieved. 80 years have passed, and as planned, the DEM became an Empire after it got control over 100% of the economy of the entire planet. The DEM was so powerful that all of Europe continent became a base for DEM. Westcott created inhuman laws for all who oppose to his Empire. The empire of DEM put the whole Earth in a tyrannical and cruel system. Thousands of people died every year for trying to fight the fascist empire. Isaac put the world on hunger, chaos, war, poverty, misery state and made billions of people suffer, and all that oppose DEM were silenced, the people also was put on through control of fear. 

The first man on the moon

With the rise of the Empire, all the institutions of the old Democracy found themselves either dismantled or modified beyond recognition. There was a riot of renaming all things "Imperial" to glorify the new Emperor: overnight, the America sector was renamed the Imperial Sector, Europe itself was renamed DEM Imperial HQ, and Asia was renamed Imperial Center. The GDP of the parallel Earth became the Imperial Council, the Grand Army of the GDP and ONU became the Imperial Droid Army, with the droids and humans, which made up the majority of the GAR, reorganized into the Droid Legions, and the ISA Navy became the DEM Imperial Navy. The four decrepit intelligence agencies of the Allies were merged into DEM Intelligence. The Palace of the Global Pact Defense was rebuilt and expanded, becoming the Deus Ex Machina Palace, eclipsing all other buildings on DEM Imperial 
3899407-32716 1 0

DEM Capitol

During the first few years of the Empire, the world saw the single largest military buildup in history. A permanent class of Progenitors and regional governors was established to more efficiently govern individual sectors and regions of the Empire. Nonetheless, many members of the Imperial Military were unhappy about Isaac's plans for imperialization: One Imperial officer, in particular, the headmaster of the Imperial Academy, who lost all but one of his sons to Isaac's warmongering ways during the imperialization effort, formed a military coup against Isaac and tried to poison him with Nova 13 as a means to bring peace to the Empire, something he realized that Isaac would never pursue. The coup failed all its members and accomplices were executed in public execution in the capitol to make them an example.



DEM Empire troops commiting the Genocide of the Germans in the new Earth

The DEM Empire had a very diverse culture due to its large size. Its citizens range from nomadic clans to small village communities to world-wizened city dwellers. However, due to the corrupt government there have been multiple uprisings and great civil unrest. The villages and towns suffer from heavy taxation and many have been unable to buy enough food, resulting in widespread shortages in the remote areas of the empire. This has forced many country-living citizens to move to the capital to seek money to help their village, only to sometimes find death (or worse) because of the high crime rate. 

Tumblr o94099sUtu1vw94wmo1 540

DEM Imperialization

The arrest, torture, and public execution of the Emperor's political enemies is also not uncommon, which leads to a general atmosphere of fear. Slavery is common in the Empire but slaves are able to become free through currently unknown means. Slaves have a mark branded on them to show that they are slaves. Due to the high tax rates imposed on the states of the empire there have been many parents that have sold their children into slavery for money or a better life. 

Isaac's totalitarian regime was continually strengthening in its first years. Examples of its broad scope include an Imperially promoted aesthetic style of military-inspired simplicity. Women were excluded from much of this New Order, and atrocities committed by powerful regional governors were common. Isaac's first purge of the Deus Ex Machina Navy occurred within just two weeks into the Empire's rule. He had placed Captain Shiki to the task of carrying out the deaths of all officers suspected of holding anti-Imperial sentiments, and also promoted Felipe Wikl to Finance Minister of DEM Sector 60 and ordered for him to completely annex the holdings of defeated Global Pact Defense states for Imperial usage.

The Abyss

Artifact by tiagosilverio-d8q8223

The Abyss Artifact in Abyssal Ritual 700 billions of years ago

Over time, Isaac and Kurata created destroyers and cruisers space and began to occupy planets all over  the solar system and later the entire galaxy in 120 years. However, they found that there were forms of extraterrestrial life in the universe, forcing them to create a massive army of droids to invade that planets to put the whole universe at their command 900 centillions of Droids were created after they created factories in others planets. Years later, Isaac and Kurata discovered an Artifact From The Past located on a unknown planet out of all the galaxies. Artifacts were created by the Gods long before the universe's creation, that artifact was created by God but it was sealed because there was a terrible dark power on it, Isaac and Kurata took that Artifact and involved the Artifact with technology, and so they experiment gave birth to Inverse Sephira Crystal, a crystal with an extremely wicked and mighty power that defied the laws of the Multi-Universe, Isaac then put the crystal on his chest and felt a strong and omnipotent power and felt a God. Isaac then tested his power and destroyed a whole planet with just one finger, Kurata then called this power as Abyss, and the person who handled that power were an Abyssal.

The War of the Dark Empires

Tumblr mglk1d06sC1r2a2ywo8 1280

Isaac reading the Dark Empires data

Over the years, the army of DEM took numerous galaxies, and planets occupied were used as bases for creation of industries, entire planets turned factories, creating billions and billions of droids per day across the galaxy, the DEM had power enough to massacre any military resistance that appeared in front of them. Westcott, then opened countless portals to other realities and began sending troops to those realities, however, they were not the first to invade planets and galaxies and travel between dimensions. The Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire were in conflict because they were trying to take a lot of planets to them and enslave the populations. Conflicts were waged between the Sith Empire, Triggers Hell and DEM until one day the 3 leaders of the Empires decided make a pact of non-aggression and decided to choose the universes and realities that they would invade, Leohart and Darth Hades and Isaac Westcott agreed because they were wasting resources, and there were heroes and villains who were fighting against them in billions and billions of other worlds, and so the Balam Alliance was created.

Body Count

Chequita johnathan mar and kasper hekmatyar jormungand drawn by koh minagi kou sample-9ad0f68a959e4014387b0fff24968e04

Isaac and his army invades Turai planet

Westcott used to fight with stronger warriors in the planets he invaded to have full control over his power. Westcott realized that all that was evil and that every soul dead across the multi-universe made him stronger and more powerful. Kurata found that was one of the reasons why God and the Reality Council sealed the artifact with that dark power. 

Over the years, Westcott conquered at least 976.445.324.678.149.677.899 planets across the Multi-Universe and caused numerous wars and conflicts, killing centillions, and the body count wouldn't stop because 97% of all the dead were innocents. 


Universal Machine Alliance Vs. DEM Empire fleet

Isaac built an DEM Councils with 10 members, the council was formed with people who had the same goals and people loyal to his cause and for themselves. Darkseid, was one of them, and he offered his Apolocypse army to DEM. Many leaders of DEM has their own goals, their occupation on DEM Empire's Leader Post is just a key to complete their goals, Isaac himself thinks like that too.

The Progenitors Leaders are comprised of 20 Leaders with exemplary strength. Members of the Progenitors are given a number from 0-20. Each Leader has a tattoo with their number somewhere on them. The Progenitors Leaders is a group possess comparable strength to entire Alliance of Freedom's heroes.

Their immense amount of power and leadership status among the Leaders also grants each Leader the authority to exert command over Isaac's other forces within DEM Empire.

Training Eve Fullbuster


Isaac in Abyssal form with his first female Abyssal apprentice

During his time as the Emperor of DEM Empire, Isaac's forces kidnaps several children of their own people to use the children as human experiments. However, between thousands of among the thousands of children, there was one that was special, Eve Fullbuster, a Exkrieg half Harrian. It was not without precedent that Isaac should have chosen a Human of Indar planet for his apprentice. In ancient times, the Abyssals, taking notice of the martial prowess and evil capacity of the humans in other planets, made lucrative contacts on Indar planet, and spent exorbitant sums to hire Uliria Humans as mercenaries. Long after the Abyss culture died out, the influence of the Abyssal remained a part of Humans culture in Indar, that's why Isaac choose Indar Planet.

Humans in Indar were known to endure extreme amounts of pain, which makes them powerful human soldiers, but nothing could have prepared young Eve for the brutality of Isaac's training. Despite Isaac's harshness, Eve held the utmost respect for the man, and was fanatically loyal.

Tumblr mf9depUeqG1r8b2uso4 1280

Isaac oversees the training of his young apprentice

When Eve Fullbuster was very young—so young that she would remember few memories prior to this—Isaac Westcott took her to the Multi-Universe Force HQ, both of them disguised as tourists. Isaac Westcott's apprentice command of the abyss was sufficient to keep both himself and Eve from being sensed by the dark radiation sensors, as long as they did not enter the Planet's core itself. As the building was not open to tourists, there was very little risk of discovery. For the better part of a day, they stood there, and Isaac Westcott's apprentice pointed out to Eve the various faces of individual high-officers trained to fight the Abyssals and the DEM Empire as they entered and left the HQ, whispering into Eve's ear of the Multi-Universe Forces' ultimate destruction. Eve would long remember the thrill of seeing his foes, standing in their presence, hearing about their downfall, as they walked past, not one of them aware of the fate that ultimately awaited them.
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Isaac looking miserably at Eve

Eventually, the time came for Eve's final test. Isaac sent her out to a remote and isolated world called Brut Planet, in Galaxy 52-19, where she was hunted by assassin droids and ghouls for a month. At the end of the month, Eve found Isaac waiting at the mouth of a cave. Eve had not eaten for days, and was exhausted. Regardless, Isaac challenged Eve to a duel, in which Eve was easily defeated. Isaac stood over the broken girl, and told her that he had been preparing another apprentice, should Eve fail as she had. Enraged, Eve flew at Isaac with murderous intent. Isaac was caught off guard, but was able to disarm Eve. Even without a weapon, Eve continued to attack, even going so far as to bite Isaac's hand before being ultimately defeated. Pleased, Isaac announced that Eve's training was complete, and that she was now an Abyssal in his Abyssal Legion.

As Isaac furthered Eve's training, he came into contact with General Grievous, one of the most powerful warriors of 473rd Galaxy. Gradually, Isaac managed to lure Grievous to his side, and used him to further his own agenda.

The Emperor and the God

Beerus POI

Isaac vs. Beerus

At some point in time Isaac Westcott met Beerus himself. The two got along fairly well as they both enjoyed destroying things. However one time Westcott got carried away and caused Beerus to get angry, Beerus fought Isaac and easily defeated the tyrant. However, Isaac already knew that he was not yet a opponent for Beerus, his Abyssal Power level was not yet complete. Unbeknownst to Westcott, his sarcastic attitude annoyed Beerus, who was more humble. Beerus thought about destroying Isaac Westcott, Leohart the Prince of Hell and Darth Hades once they won the Multi-Universe war that the Balam Alliance created.

At some point Westcott's army also encountered the Galactic Patrol and the Galactic Empire and when they engaged him in combat the DEM easily defeated them, thus the Galactic patrol decided that they should avoid Westcott and his army at all costs. 


Palpatine gain eternal youth and immortality after learning about the Abyss

One day, the DEM Empire managed to enter in an unknown universe and tried to conquest it, however, one day, the DEM Empire faced another Galactic Empire know as the Galactic Empire in a common galaxy, however, it was easily defeated by the massive military force of DEM, the incompetence of the Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers resulted in death in front of the DEM war machines, and DEM technology was much higher and advanced than the Galactic Empire. The Emperor of the Galactic Empire, however, Sheev Palpatine saw a new incredible power on DEM and claimed the Abyssal power. Palpatine then left the joined the DEM Council and left his Empire to die in DEM Hands. The DEM also take some technologies, ships and weapons from Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance and some of the best technologies on that galaxy.

The End of Earth

Over the hundreds of years that Isaac was invading realities and planets, Westcott had conquested 942. 554.428.673.956.871.910.873 planets. In these planet, there were other villains who joined with him and his cause. These villains have become members of the DEM's board. Because of fascism and oppression of DEM on Earth, the population of the earth was quenched by famine and drought caused by the corruption of the DEM. So all mankind died and the DEM used the Earth as a planet to test weapons of mass destruction. This caused the Earth turned a rotten planet and unable to hold life.

Isaac's Best Friend


Elliot Baldwin Woodman young

One day, Isaac met a genius in his Empire, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Elliot was a scientist who studied the Spirits for many years. Isaac, became interested in his research and helped him in the development of research on the Spirits. They became best friends. One day, Isaac Westcott and Elliot Woodman located a Spirit flying in the vacuum of space, and they tried to capture it in sending a fleet of ships after the Spirit, however, the Spirit entered into a portal and thereafter the DEM never saw it again (the Spirit teleported itself to Earth, what caused the First Spacequake on Earth, killing 150 millions of people in Eurasia and China, and so, the main story's plot of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA starts on Earth with the KnightWalker Family). 

Through unknown means, they caused the First Spirit to appear in the Prime Earth, which caused the first Spacequake to form. Years later, Woodman found the First Spirit again in a distant planet and claims that he fell in love with the First Spirit at first sight, causing him to abandon DEM Empire and formed New Conglomerate (NC) with the goal of protecting the Spirits and the Multi-Universe, preventing Westcott from achieving his "goal".

First Spacequake on Earth

Date A Live-First Spacequake

Date A Live-First Spacequake



Isaac receive the report about Mikaela

Over the years, Westcott discovered a warrior race called ExKriegs, they were red-haired warriors, extremely cruel, strong and unbeatable. When DEM entered in 5th Multi-Universe, Westcott annexed the ExKriegs into his DEM Army since they were the most stronger warrior race on that universe. Isaac then wanted to attach them to his army of DEM because he thought that killing them would be a waste. Westcott send his troops to fight the ExKriegs because they were a very persistent race and refused to surrender to a tyrant from another planet. The battle continued until one day, however, Westcott came in person and destroyed every city and capital of the planet with just one finger, and so the Exkriegs had to surrender in the face of Isaac's power.
Blazing heart elesis by tangel tanjel-d7hpcje

Mikaela appears before Isaac

Isaac was never personally found by any ExKrieg but he sent orders to them to invade certain planets, kill the entire population to prepare these planets to sales resources. Westcott also completely filled the planets of the ExKriegs with industries, bases and droids. One day, Westcott received a report of a ExKrieg who was calling attention of the generals; she was Mikaela Du Tirial and conquered entire planets in just one week, and killing billion quickly. Westcott then called this ExKrieg to his flagship, Revolunce-Class Dreadnought, and met her in person, Mikaela was the first ExKrieg that Westcott met in person. However, Westcott was torturing subordinates at the time she met him, giving a quick impression that Westcott was insane, but Mikaela not seem to care about it because she herself was a sadist too.

Dark Love

Westcott has given several missions to Mikaela until a certain point both got along very well because of their sadistic and cold personalities, and both could understood themselves very well, unlike others who questioned their inhuman hobbies. Westcott and Mikaela tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and soldiers from other planets for fun. Along with their entertainments, they were conquering entire small planets in just a few days without any soldier of DEM, only the two of them massacred many colonies and cities for fun. They continued this for years, until Mikaela discovered a new feeling for him, she was in love with him and did not know how to deal with this feeling that she considered strange. Westcott as always, remained neutral and saw her only as murders companion. Mikaela was really excited by him and he stranged her behavior, but he did not know what she felt or how she felt about him, since she was a sadist like him, he imagined feelings about love was something dispensable for both, but unlike him who is an Abyssal, Mikaela in her core, was not as depraved and he was, she could feel love for others. However, the only person who Mikaela loved in her entire life was only him, she always hated her parents because she was raised to be a killer-machine, but her parents apparently doesn't managed to exterminate all love inside her.


Mikaela has been acting really wild and began to hate herself because that feeling began to irritate her but she also loved that feeling, and that made her more stressed about herself. Isaac has been wondering why she was acting like that but he decided to leave her alone because he thought she needed some time alone to calm down. She also realized that "certain places" in her body have been strangers when she came near him. One day Mikaela could not resist anymore, because she held that feeling for months. Then she went to the office of Westcott and entered with brute force, Westcott was in curious and made a joke if she was feeling well, but before he finished his joke, she forced him into violent tongue kiss while strangling him by the neck. And so, they slept together.

Since that night, Westcott has turned Mikaela's target. She has followed him everywhere, watching him and teasing him . She was also very protective over him, often threatening women who came to talk with him. She also seduced him anywhere, even in public places when they were alon.e Both of them have several nights together. Later, rumors were spreading throughout the DEM and all the planets conquered by DEM that the Emperor was dating a ExKrieg. Westcott went to a zone called Forgotten Zone in the galaxy; while Westcott was in Forgotten Zone destroying allies planets to the Resistance, Mikaela began to feel dizzy and weak, she began to vomit and feel bad. The doctors of DEM worried about her because she was the strongest warrior of DEM and if anything ever happens to her Westcott would kill them all. Soon the doctors discovered that she was pregnant and immediately thought about an abortion, however, Mikaela denied abortion and was happy that she would have a daughter from Westcott.

The Legend of the Warrior


The Prime Abyssal Punisher

Westcott was not aware of her pregnancy, and if he knew he would have a daughter, he would create her to be like him and her mother; murderous, tyrannical, sadistic and destructive. Months passed, and Mikaela was already 8 months pregnant, she also waited Westcott back to tell this news to him, nothing could the wrong for Mikaela because she felt very happy and began to appreciate life... however one day Westcott heard a legend of the Prime Abyssal Punisher through of Makuta Teridax, DarkseidHades Izanami and Aya Tokoyogi. He knew that legend, but he forgot all of that legend when he annexed the ExKriegs to his army, he also knew that this legend was true and know that someday that legendary warrior could be born and kill all the Abyssals, including him and finally ending his reign. Westcott knew this legend was true; because Satan and the Devil, (the founders and leaders of Triggers Hell) were imprisoned in another reality by the Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher that defeated them trillions of years ago.

Genocide of the ExKriegs

EAW Terrain Editor 2012-08-30 21-19-50-22

Isaac's fleet

Westcott then sent an order to all ExKriegs spread across the galaxy of that reality to return to their homeplanet. Once all ExKriegs back to the homeworld, Westcott also went to their planet with his personal fleet. Westcott knew that Mikaela was on the planet but he ignored. Due to this, and also due to a past meeting with the God of Destruction of the 5th Multi-Univese, Beerus, who asked him to wipe out the ExKriegs for him, he decided to wipe out the Planet and its inhabitants despite his attendant saying that it would be a shame to waste such powerful warriors, however, Isaac was going to destroy the entire ExKrieg race at some point. He also ended up forcing the ExKrieg King into giving him his daughter, Yuudachi, as part of their continued "cooperation", although ExKrieg King secretly intended to betray Isaac before he could ever let him have his daughter. Isaac then searched for a time where almost all of the ExKriegs would be on Mandu Planet, so that he could wipe all of them out at once. His attendant tells him that almost all of the ExKriegs would be on the Planet in one month's time, and so Isaac decides to blow it up then. Hearing the accomplishments of the low-level ExKrieg Mizagi and acting on his own fears of the Abyssal Punisher legends, Isaac resolves to eliminate all possible threats. He sends his most powerful henchman Creed Diskenth and his elites to assassinate Mizagi and his team, while Isaac himself sets a course to Mandu Planet. On his arrival, the ExKrieg King and his men attempt an uprising both to end Isaac's reign and to rescue Princess Yuudachi, but it ended disastrously with the King and his soldiers being slaughtered by Isaac as Ellen and Kurata watch.
Vegeta's Destruction

Isaac destroying the ExKrieg homeplanet

As Isaac arrived in the planet's orbit, he suspected that other ExKrieg would attempt to emulate King's approach and commit a full-scale uprising, a suspicion confirmed when he was confronted by a charging Mizagi, lunging through the fields of Isaac's men and Droids in defiance of the tyrant, and even goes as far as to fire a Final Spirit Cannon at him after giving a heart-felt speech declaring that the ExKrieg race is done working for Isaac. The tyrant retaliated by laughing maniacally with glee as he prepared a Death Ball to annihilate the planet. The attack consumes Mizagi and some of his men as it buries itself deep beneath the planet's surface resulting in a massive explosion, eradicating all life forms in the planet, but fortunately Mikaela was the moon of the planet, her power could make her live, walk and even breathe in space. Westcott then launched a giant black ball of abyssal energy on the surface of the planet and destroying the planet in seconds issues.


The end of Bandu

He could not hide the happiness and laughed insanely like a commemoration. Mikaela saw the destruction of the planet and also saw the power that destroyed the planet, was Westcott, even billions of kilometers of him, she realized her beloved one presence. Mikaela then fled as soon as she saw the DEM troops invading the moon to make sure there was not anyone there. Westcott sent his troops across the multiverse to hunt all ExKriegs that were not on the planet during the Genocide of the ExKriegs. After the planet's explosion, a story was fabricated to ensure the loyalty of the few remaining ExKriegs Isaac had kept in his employ as a convenience: Yuudachi, Vatus and Stroke. According to the story, a large meteor struck Planet Bandu and destroyed it that very day. Another version of the story is that it was the benevolent guardian of Planet Bandu, ashamed at the immorality of the ExKriegs, who summoned meteors to impact and destroy the planet and the ExKrieg race. 

Katarina Couteau


Wescotta084df7b1857ac27a84cd9f2fa1afec1 (3)

Westcott confroting the ExKriegs

In addition to his actions of solidifying his power base, Isaac also orchestrated the Great ExKrieg Purge, an extended campaign of trying to eliminating ExKriegs. Days later, after the genocide, Isaac Westcott ordered five captured ExKriegs to be brought before him. Though exhausted after severe beatings and starvation, and surrounded by Red Guards and battle droids, the ExKriegs were not bound. Isaac in fact handed each of them a saber, and told them that the survivor would win their freedom. Instead of turning on each other, four of the ExKriegs attacked him; he cut three of them down simultaneously, leaving only a female Human and the Verpine Beyghor Sahdett. The latter chose to turn against the former in order to save his own life, and, in awe of Isaac's unparalleled mastery of the Abyss, became the Emperor's servant. Sahdett was employed as a spy to entrap other ExKriegs survivors.
Datel v8 33 (4)

Ellen killing the ExKriegs

In the first month after the genocide, Ellen, against Isaac's orders, went to attack a Conclave of the ExKrieg Genocide survivors. Still recovering and rebuilding her skill set, Ellen only narrowly defeated the ExKriegs with the help of the Super Battle Droid Division. Nonetheless, despite Isaac's disappointment in his secretary for letting her emotions get the better of her, the Emperor nonetheless viewed Ellen's actions as useful in the long run: he anonymously passed a rumor that Ellen tracked down and destroyed the conclave. In order to ensure his false rumor kept fear running in the Multi-Universe, he also greatly exaggerated the event, claiming the conclave was composed of fifty ExKriegs and that Ellen had single-handedly killed them.

Mikaela's Parturition

Kattumblr o1mossxEwc1v57sxwo1 1280 (3)

Mikaela killing the population of Marte

Days later, Mikaela fled to a distant planet with her squad from the genocide after witnessing the destruction of her planet. Mikaela felt sad for being betrayed and manipulated, even if her race has served Isaac for many years with loyalty, he still destroyed their homeworld. Yet, in her heart, Mikaela still loved Isaac even after that. Mikaela, then noticed the advertisements scattered throughout the galaxy that Isaac Westcott had put a big reward (a entire planet, money, power, fame and a army) for those who kill or capture a ExKrieg for DEM Empire. Following Mikaela's orders, the capable soldiers of Mikaela are instructed to clear the civilization of planet Marte in order to prevent any person to report their localization to DEM Empire. During their visit to the planet, the group encounters one of Isaac's most dangerous minions, Cell, and his Cell Juniors, who betray them by Isaac's orders and make short work of Mikaela's Team.

Cell fighting the ExKriegs

When Mikaela is informed that her Team was facing a powerful enemy, Mikaela hurriedly makes preparations to pursue her friends, unaware of the dangers that await at her destination. Eventually once upon the city that her squad had destroyed, Mikaela discovers her ravaged comrades and, to some fortune, finds that one of her friends is alive but in critical condition. Vowing to avenge the four, Mikaela removes the Armband of her friend, now soaked in blood. Mikaela is suddenly assaulted by Cell Juniors, she is able to dominate over the elite-class fighters until Cell launches a Super Blast, overpowering Mikaela (however, her weakness is explained by her pregnancy) blasting her into her friend's dead bodies and leaving her for dead. Mikaela barely survives this attack and hold her tears for her weakness.


Katarina Couteau newborn

Days later, Mikaela hid in a cave and began to feel something tearing in her womb. She realized that her daughter finally would be born. Mikaela had to endure the pain of childbirth alone without anyone to help, the pain became more intense due to her injuries with her battle against Cell. After hours of unimaginable pain, Mikaela finally managed to pull her daughter out. Mikaela put her daughter in white cloths as she smiled with joy. And so, Elesis Du Tirial, and years later named as Katarina Couteau is born, and with her, the legend of the Legendary Warrior professed by ancient prophets billion years ago started. 

Wescotttumblr mglk1d06sC1r2a2ywo2 1280 (1)

Isaac looking at Cell

Cell later returns to Isaac's ship and report to Isaac that he killed an ExKrieg know as Mikaela Du Tirial and her squad in Marte Planet few days ago. However, Isaac used his Abyss Aura to find Mikaela in a planet distant from there and he felt the she was alive. Ellen warns that due to Cell's pride, he did not killed Mikaela, because naturally she is an ExKrieg and she would not die with just one attack. Ellen warns him of his recklessness and Cell's negligence angers Isaac. Cell said he would travel back to Marte Planet and he would ensure that he was going to kill her this time. However, Isaac reassures him that it will not be necessary and decided to got after Mikaela by himself.

Isaac Vs. Mikaela


Isaac's fleet arrives on Marte

Isaac and his fleet arrives in Marte, however, the military defense of the planet attack the DEM's fleet, resulting in a huge space battle, however, the DEM managed to defeat the enemy. Believing that the Council Leaders of the planet are too weak and foolish, Isaac decides he needs to take charge of the planet and put the planet in his Galactic Slave Map in order to sell the planet for the highest bidders. The planet became a battlefield, resulting in the death of billions. As the DEM troops face the military defenses of the planet, Isaac use his Abyssal Aura to find Mikaela on the planet. After he found her, he quickly flew to her localization.


Tower of El citadel

Later, Isaac arrived at Tower of El citadel, looking for Mikaela. After many minutes looking for her, he located Mikaela in the last floor of the tower. When Isaac found Mikaela face-to-face, he noticed a newly born red-haired baby and a huge portal behind her, Westcott asked who was that child, she answered his question saying that child was his daughter. Westcott ignored her and activated his black sword.

As Mikaela made her way to the middle of the room, Isaac said he was looking foward to see her and that he would show mercy if Mikaela killed their daughter and joined Isaac's side again. Mikaela told him that there were no ExKrieg left and said the Isaac she met could never kill his own family. Isaac told her he had destroyed her homeworld and laughed insanely about the matter, explaining what he felt when he saw billion of lives being destroyed in one second, which Mikaela vowed to avenge. Isaac remarked it was not the ExKrieg way to avenge a dead partner, but as Mikaela revealed that she had no partner to avenge and was doing that for her own sake, she engaged the Abyssal Lord in battle.

Wescottormungand-5 3-Kasper (3)

Isaac suffers damage

Not long after the beginning of the duel, Mikaela's strength began to fade as Isaac was blowing powerful strikes at her. He then proceeded to use his telekinesis to push her off the tower and made his way back to the top of the tower to kill the baby. Mikaela, however, survived the fall and made her way back to the top. There, she ran towards Isaac, who was raising his sword to slay the undefended baby, and she was able to knock Isaac down, kicking his face and breaking his nose.

Mikaela reacted horrified to see that Isaac's true face was a black gunk full of worms and eyes, and said to Isaac that this is the result of the Abyss power, as she saw part of Isaac's true face. She decided not to flee as she did mounths ago when she saw her planet being destroyed by Isaac, to which Isaac responded that she would die instead. 

Katarina Escape

Planet destruction by hardii-d5a0t2t

The end of Marte

The two engaged in combat once again for the last time, with the tower locking down and exploding into a burst of energy caused by the portal, Mikaela used her telekinesis to push Elesis (Katarina) to the portal, Katarina then began to cry as she watched her parents disappearing into the darkness of the portal. The portal has created a black hole that went through dimensions, this portal teleported Katarina to the Prime Earth (our Earth, our world), a planet where Isaac would never find it, even Mikaela was not aware what planet she would be sent.


Isaac's fleet ready to jump in speedlight

Isaac angrily yelled at Mikaela as she smiled. Isaac then pierced Mikaela's heart with his sword. Mikaela fell into the arms of Westcott and said she still loved him after all and slowly closed her eyes and died in the arms of her beloved. Isaac used his dark aura to blow up Mikaela's body into pieces and screamed in hatred for leaving the last ExKrieg of existence escape, and worse, the last ExKrieg was actually his daughter. The portal became a black hole and created a supernova, destroying the planet with all population and DEM troops. However, Isaac survived the explosion and flew to his ship in space. Once in his ship, Isaac ordered the captain to leave from the system, and so the rest of Isaac's fleet and jump to lightspeed and disappeared into the darkness of space.

At that time, the legend had begun. Years later, Isaac would regret for not killing that baby.


Tumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io5 500

Isaac meets Shiro

1 year later, at one point, Isaac destroyed an entire planet and the rebellious race who lived on it with a single gigantic energy ball that he fired from his index finger. Valrus witnessed this event, which caused her to become scared of Isaac's power and put her plans to assassinate Isaac on a hiatus. At one point prior to the destruction of the planet, Isaac and Frieza witnessed a conflict between Eve and the Extermination Force member Valtus unfolding and blasted Valtus away with a weak energy wave as he wished to speak with Eve. Isaac and Frieza then ordered Eve to come with them to conquer a planet that Isaac had taken a liking too. Isaac unlike many people on DEM Empire officers from Deus Ex Vectron lack any sense of patriotism to a specific planet. 
Tumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io1 1280

Isaac explaining his intentions to destroy the base

 Three months before a person know as Shiro joined the New Conglomerate he rebelled against and wiped out the garrison of the base he was stationed at to avenge the death of a young orphan girl named Malka in a planet know as Mykito. After he killed one of Isaac's subordinates, who had been responsible for her death by forcing to walk in a mine field, Isaac's bodyguards arrived on the scene and Ellen subdued him without injury. Isaac's ship then landed and he immediately met with Shiro. He deduced what had transpired and revealed something of his background, stating that Shiro's betrayal of his former comrades shocked him a little. He dismissed his surbodinate's death and admitted that he was attempting to destroy the base by selling the commander weapons, but Shiro had now done the job for him for free. A road enabling the transport of troops, oil, and weapons could now run through where the base was. Isaac then told Shiro that he owed him for killing the subordinate and had him locked in a shipping container with just enough water to sustain him, leaving the fate of the surviving orphans in doubt.


Isaac chatting with Shiro inside the container

 After several days Isaac opened the container and visited Shiro, revealing that he had sold weapons to the enemies of his village and was thus inrectly responsible for his parents' death. This provoked Shiro into trying to bite his leg, but he was too weak and grief stricken to do anything serious. Isaac then realised that Shiro had decided to either use him or turn him into an enemy. When Shiro sked about the rest of the orphans, Isaac revealed that they were safe and promised to relocate them in Polza planet, of course, that was a lie, Isaac and his troops used them as human shield. He then asked what Shiro could offer him in return, and as he had nothing of tangible value, offered to take his combat skills and labour as a bodyguard. Shiro had no choice but to accept and Isaac told him that he would work as a spy in New Conglomerate. 

Deus Ex Vectron Planet War

First Solar War


DEM Planet Genocider

The First Solar War also known was the first major war between the DEM Empire and the UCN. The war began when the DEM Empire, under the control of Isaac Westcott, sought to dramatically expand itself by invading a planet know as Amerish, and destroying the UCN, the military defense forces of Amerish. Any opposition from the USN-controlled systems would be crushed in a subsequent invasion of all other Human colonies. 

Isaac Westcott thought that a planet and a galaxy as the HQ of his empire would be great, so he searched for many planets and galaxies around the universe and decided Amerish would be a nice planet, resulting in a massive war. Billion droids were sent to the planet in order to eradicate all forms of intelligent life to colonize and transform the planet into the DEM Capital. The first stage in the DEM's expansionist plans was the reclamation of the UCN controlled world of Amerish. Initially the UCN suffered massive casualties and territorial losses on Amerish after the Orbital Defence Systems 'malfunctioned', opening up the planet to a mass invasion force, and with a pair of high ranking double agents, the DEM Nazis managed to take large swaths of territory and inflict severe UCN casualties in a savage blitzkrieg. However, due to the actions of Senator Clovis and UCN reinforcements, the invasion was eventually halted and pushed back, and the few remaining Droids of the 3rd Army were forced to fall back and regroup. The invasion lasted for 3 years. 

Second Solar War 


UCA ships Vs. DEM fleet

The Second Solar War, was a conflict between the UCA (formely know as UCN) and New Conglomerate on one side and the DEM Empire on the other side that continued 2 years after the end of the First Solar War. The war lasted from 2199-2204 (according to Amerish calender), lasting five years. As the corporation more or less held a highly lucrative monopoly over the vital worlds of industrial DEM Empire and luxurious Amerish in the Alpha Centauri system because of UCN colonial grants, it was almost inevitable that they would be prepared to secede from the UCN once Amerish began to impose taxes and tithes on the corporation's profits.

The War

The DEM corporate forces then seized control of all NC bases in the Alpha Centauri system, but the better trained and equipped NC forces managed to retreat intact and in good order to wage a guerrilla campaign that sapped the strength of the DEM Droid forces. Meanwhile, the UCA Navy fleet smashed into the system of DEM Temporary Base Planet (know as Isaac Planet 593), obliterating the entire DEM corporate navy in an hours-long pitched engagement over the planet Isaac 593 without the loss of a single vessel. In the heat of the battle, the massive orbiting space station that served as a navigation hub for directing ships in and out of the system was destroyed; while it is unknown who was responsible, both sides blamed the other. After gaining control of Isaac Planet 593, the NC Navy then linked up with scattered UCA elements and pushed onward to Amerish, leaving a small picket fleet to blockade Isaac Planet 593 and patrol its surrounding space.

The corporate soldiers on Amerish declared their intentions to fight to the death, but a devastating NC orbital bombardment convinced them to yield to the inevitable; they all quickly surrendered, without a single NC ground soldier ever firing a shot. This final defeat led to the arrests of the DEM Industries CEO and all members of the Executive Board, the seizing of the dual planets, and the corporation's profits being handed to the NC. Afterwards, no other world ever questioned the NC's mandates -in essence Amerish's will- and its right to rule ever again.


Revoluncemal (5)

Malevolence, this is the size of our solar system

The DEM Empire Corporation's epic defeat during this war, coupled with the eventual mass exile of all of its personnel officers of the 3rd Army to the hostile planet of Isaac Planet 593. 1 years after that, Isaac was on the 2nd Multi-Universe conquesting other planets. He was looking fowards to heard news about the invasion on Amerish for 8 years. He was seat in the cabin of his newest ship, Malevolence , the most HUGE ship on the entire Multi-Universe. The ship was built between the First and the Second Solar War on Amerish, the Malevolence is the size of a solar system.
Tumblr n7j0dcjkct1r8364lo1 500

Isaac angrily walking in the corridors of Malevolence. He's walking towards door that leads out of the Malevolence. Isaac can easily live in space since he is a Abyssal, so this is not a problem for him.

Isaac was waiting for news of the invasion, however, instead of hearing good news, Isaac heard the news of a tactical droid that his troops were completely eradicated. The officers and generals of the DEM Empire that were leading the operation were exiled on the Isaac 593 planet. Isaac was incredibly angry but he hid his hatred. Isaac ordered to the captain of the Malevolence to go to the Multi-Univese 6th and stop in front of Amerish. Isaac decided to finish this war once for all.

Isaac's Wrath


Isaac's Guardian punches Amerish

Days later, Isaac arrived at the Amerish planet at the speed of light. UCA and the NC made a treaty of peace and formed an alliance to fight the Balam Alliance. The defeat of DEM Empire in Amerish became a legendary event in all Multi-Universes. Centillions of lives welcomed the UCA and the NC for the victory against the DEM Empire because no army throughout the existence won the DEM Empire in a war. The victory against them DEM brought hopes for trillions of lives. This caused several military movements arose and fought against Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire in thousands of universes.

Isaac was furious to feel such humiliation and promised he would show the idiots a massacre so glorious that would be marked in the annals of all history. Isaac then, left the Malevolence and stood on the Malevolence. Isaac invoked the his Abyssal Cosmic Guardian in front of Amerish. Billion of people saw the Abyssal Guardian approaching, the military fired millions of nuclear bombs against the Guardian but nothing worked because the guardian was larger than the planet itself. The Guardian then punched on the surface of the planet, creating a giant crater on the surface of the planet. Killing 80% of the population of the planet and killing all forms of animal life in mere minutes. Days later, Isaac's troops invaded the planet and killed the survivors in cold blood. The genocide became was so horrible that many military movements ceased because they thought the DEM Empire was just playing with them. 30 billions of people died on the genocide.

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Amerish after the genocide. Now know as Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron

The surface of the planet was completely destroyed but over time, the troops of the DEM were restoring the surface of the planet. It took 2 years to clean the planet. The planet was officially renamed as Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron. Isaac troops cleared the surface of the planet from the dust and lava. Isaac then took humans couples and forced them to have children in order to repopulate the planet with a more acceptable race. Soon the newly born were used in inhuman experiments in order to transform them in Abyssals. Isaac built thousands of cities and states that it was governed through a corrupt, slaver and racist regime, many people commited suicide because they preferred to die rather than live there.

The Secreat Apprentice



In time, the Isaac became aware of Eve Fullbuster's training of Casper as her secret apprentice. While initially angry at Eve for this, he used it to his advantage - in both uncovering the treacherous members of the DEM Imperial Senate rumored to be trying to start rebellion against the DEM Empire and as an opportunity to finally dispose of Eve. Ever since the setback on Indar, Isaac was disappointed to see his apprentice wither away into a broken shell of the woman he once was. Isaac had spent years engineering Eve's fall to the Abyss Side, only to see his life's work all but destroyed because of Eve's carelessness. But with Casper now in his plans, he sent his spies to follow him on his missions for Eve. With the reports he received, he was thrilled with the prospect of taking the young Casper hopeful as his own apprentice.

1 year later, as Casper's training was on the verge of completion, Eve dispatched her young apprentice on a final series of tests to determine the level of his strength before they could confront the Isaac Westcott. Casper pursued his objectives with great anticipation at the thought of fulfilling his primary purpose in life, from defeating military fugitives to training in the ruins of the Light Temples. Due to the secret nature of his existence, Eve commanded Casper to execute anyone who saw him, with the exception of General Kalani and Ghetsis that are high-officers on DEM Empire, so as to not alert Isaac of their plans to assassinate him. As such, his targets included Imperial Nazis who had the unfortunate accident of crossing his path.


Isaac let out a evil grin as he watch Eve betraying Casper

After completing his final mission by killing Kyoko of the former DEM Council on Deus Ex Vectron, Casper returned to his master's flagship, the Executor where he believed they would assassinate the Isaac Westcott together. Unknown to Capser, however, Isaac's spies had been tracking him since his victory over the exiled hero, Genus on Geohara planet. When Casper arrived on the incomplete Executor, the Isaac Westcott utilized a holodroid to project an image of himself to reprimand Eve, just in case Eve decided to go through with her plan. With the element of surprise lost to them, Eve was forced to "betray" her apprentice after the Isaac Westcott threatened to destroy them both unless Eve complied. As Casper stared at his mistress in shock, Isaac Westcott angrily commanded Eve to kill the secret apprentice. Though she hesitated for a brief moment, Eve used the Abyss power to assault Casper before launching him out of the bridge's observation window. Isaac, likewise, expressed sadistic amusement at Eve's assault, even laughing to himself in private after the deed was done.

When Casper awoke on the Empirical six months later, he learned that he had never truly died; Eve staged the apprentice's execution and then nursed him back to full health aboard his secret medical starship. Eve convinced Casper that it was not too late to take revenge on the Isaac. But since Isaac's spies tracked Eve's every move, a distraction was required to divert her attention elsewhere. Thus, Casper was ordered to organize an alliance of rebels and dissidents. With Isaac distracted by a full-scale rebellion and universa-wide wars in billions of universes, Eve assured Casper that they would capitalize on their second chance to kill Isaac as soon as the rebels served their purpose. But Casper was deceived once more. Isaac was fully aware of the apprentice's survival and even ordered Eve to continue the charade by manipulating the young man into believing that the Universal Rebel Alliance was part of their assassination plot. In truth, however, the real goal was to gather all of the DEM Empire's enemies to one location where they could be rounded up and summarily executed in one swift stroke. When Casper completed his task to perfection, the Isaac dispatched Eve and a large Imperial force to capture the Rebel leaders on Erangizan Planet.

Wescotttumblr nawelko61M1sa8k2jo1 540 (1)

Isaac thinking in ideas to torture the rebels

Thanks to Casper's efforts, Isaac's greatest political enemies were brought to the Malevolence by Eve. Isaac took satisfaction in describing how they would all be interrogated, tortured and executed as traitors to the DEM Empire. Before she could carry out her threats, Eve's former apprentice revealed that not only had he survived his mistress' second betrayal on Erangizan, but that he had also infiltrated the Malevolence with the intention of rescuing the Rebel leaders. After rediscovering his birth name and certain memories of his past, Casper dropped his codename and abandoned his Abyssal identity in favor of the Multi-Universal Defense Forces and the Universal Rebellion to fight the Balam Alliance. Isaac ordered Eve to eliminate Casper once and for all, but much to his surprise, the former apprentice emerged victorious in a duel that left Eve in a severely damaged state. However, Isaac was actually delighted to witness Eve's defeat. 

Abyssoni48925135 p1 master1200

Eve battles Casper

Enthralled by Casper's power, Isaac's goal to replace Eve with Casper was now within his reach. Thus, the Isaacseized the chance to rid himself of his hobbled disciple's dead weight by joyfully encouraging Eve to slay the Eve Fullbuster, hoping that the young man's hatred for his traitorous Mistress was strong enough to make the killing blow. He promised Casper that the reward would be great; Eve's death would allow the young man to finally become a true apprentice at Isaac's side.

But when the Hero Kouta, who had also been taken prisoner along with the rebels, sensed Isaac's intentions, he used the Spiral Power to snatch the Isaac's abyss sword. He then charged at Isaac with the goal of striking the Dark Lord down with his own weapon. In a rage, Isaac unleashed a barrage of red lightning on the hero Kouta. Caught off-guard for a few moments, Casper could only stand and watch as Kouta was tortured by Isaac's deadly lightning, unresponsive to Schokolate desperately pleading that he help him. Casper was torn between aiding his Spiral mentor and taking his revenge on Eve. In the end, he drove away the dark thoughts of vengeance and chose the path of the light by coming to the defense of his allies by standing against Isaac Westcott.


Casper facing Isaac

Through the Spiral, Casper hurled bits of broken transparisteel and debris at Isaac Westcott, who was forced to break off his attack on Kouta to defend himself. As they engaged in a vicious dark aura battle, Casper came to the conclusion that Isaac was behind Eve's every move ever since her discovery on Isaac Planet 320. Isaac confirmed this, telling Casper that Eve never plotted alone. As their battle progressed, Casper gained the upper hand by using the Spiral Force to pummel Isaac around the throne room before apparently subduing him. Cackling, Isaac abruptly dropped to his knees and goaded Casper into striking a death blow, however, little did know Casper that Isaac Westcott was only using 00,01% of his power to play with Casper. With Kouta's urging, however, Casper resisted the seduction back to the Abyss way and spared Isaac's life.

However, Isaac's goal was never to kill Casper, but bring him to his side. Once Casper refused to kill Isaac, he noticed that his plan to secure Casper as his new apprentice was a failure and caused him to lose all control of his anger. As Casper turned to leave, Isaac rose to his feet in an uncontrollable rage and unleashed his Abyss aura on Kouta once again, declaring that he would never allow the rebel to have someone as powerful as Casper. But Casper used his own body to block Isaac's attack to provide Kouta and the Rebel leaders with enough time to escape. While his allies made their way to the Ani-Ship piloted by Hecktorias, the 1% of Isaac's power pushed Casper to the brink of desperation. In comparison to his years of suffering under Eve's tutelage, nothing that Eve ever did to Casper was as excruciating as the pain that he felt from Isaac's abyss aura, the pain of worms and larvae entering his skin, his darkest memories coming to the fore...

Before succumbing to oblivion, Casper compared the pain to an imploding burning star within his chest. Despite his desire to live, Casper knew that there was no escape or hope for survival.
Anime boy dead

Casper's death

As such, he used all of his energy to create a massive Spiral explosion that destroyed the throne room, as well as nearly killing Eve and Isaac. Casper's sacrifice had cost him his own life, but had also turned him into a martyr. His actions also enabled the Rebel leaders to escape from the Malevolence and its security droids, thus ensuring the survival of the fledgling Multi-Universal Rebel Alliance. As Eve regained her senses and limped towards the fallen corpse of Casper, Isaac Westcott also recovered and inspected the dead apprentice with a look of shock and disappointment on his face.

Isaac took no joy in the death of Casper. He had envisioned a far different future for the boy, as he once had with Eve. Casper was meant to root out the rebels so that they could all be revealed and destroyed, yet Isaac bitterly admitted that Casper's sacrifice would only inspire them to fight a full-scale war against the Balam Alliance. On a more personal note, Isaac lost what was supposed to be Eve's successor; a new apprentice who was worthy to stand at Isaac's side. The loss of someone of Casper's caliber was a major setback in his plans. But the fact that he still had to make due with an imperfect apprentice like Eve was also frustrating to Isaac. Overall, the death of Casper and the survival of the Rebel leaders bought Isaac to a wise conclusion; all of the rebels had to be exterminated or he would suffer the bitter irony of being destroyed by the very rebellion that he created.


Eve looking at Casper's corpse

Isaac Westcott, left with no alternative at the moment after Casper's death, was forced to keep Eve Fullbuster as his slave for the time being. The loss of Casper did not stop him from seeking out other candidates as he fully intended to cast Eve aside one day, just as he had done so with Adolf Hitler hundreds of years ago. The incident with Casper also served to drive Isaac and Eve even further apart than they already were. With Isaac's treacherous intentions finally revealed, Eve truly committed herself to overthrowing her master before it was too late. But to do so, she needed someone of Casper's potential to aid him in such a daunting task.

The Spirit

DAL v13 10

Nia being tortured in DEM facility

1 year later, a human girl named Nia Honjou mysteriously became a Spirit in a planet know as Taliba. While at first causing spacequakes like the other Spirits, at some point Nia was able to reintegrate herself with society. However, curious about where she came from, she used her angel and found about her former life. Following this, Nia started to use Rasiel to find information on everyone she encountered. As a result, she discovered the dark side of the Multi-Universe; the infinite genocide, galactic-wide wars, violence, despair, the Dark Empires and death across all universes, causing her to believe she could never trust anyone. Because of this Nia fell in love with the 2D world of manga and video games, since the characters in there could never harbor negative feelings towards her. However, she still wanted to live in society so contact with others was unavoidable. As a result, Nia started to treat others as if they were just characters in a video game, communicating with them but having no real interest in them as people. Around 10 years ago, she was able to get a job as a manga artist under the pen name of "Souji Honjou". 


Westcott bored as he watch Nia being being raped by two officers in order to make her go in inverse form

The Manga written by her, "Silver Bullet", ended up becoming a hit. However, 5 years after she became a manga artist, Isaac and his company discovered her existence and send Ellen Mira Mathers to capture her. Ellen managed to defeat Nia and capture her alive by catching her by surprise through a sneak attack. The fans of her manga only knew that she had disappeared and it was believed to be because of an argument between her with her editor. While in DEM's captivity, Westcott and Ellen put Nia through horrible physical, psychological and sexual torture, such as cutting her belly while alive, opening her skull, forcing gangbang in her virginity, drowning, her hands and legs got cut by a millimeters after another to make her go into her Inverse Form, so Isaac Westcott could use her Sephirah Crystal to make himself the new Dark God of the universe. However, no matter what they did she did not Inverted.

Human Mind


Isaac watches the experiment

Isaac tried to understand how human mind works after his failure in inversing Nia Honjou, so he contracted scientists to built a Artificial Dream Chamber to use the to use the greatest desires of people in reality. So, Isaac's Squad kidnapped young girls from his own Empire to Mind Rape them. Isaac used a family as a experiment; he killed the newborn son of the couple to lead the mother into insanity to wish her son was alive. He then forced the woman who had lost her baby to have a new one from her delusions until he decided he'd gotten enough information and ended the experiment, causing the woman to see the corpse of her newborn son in her arms and lose her mind and stab her eyes out, which Isaac found quite amusing. He even forced her husband to watch the scene. Isaac became curious in create artificial limbs when the eyes of the woman popped out.

Corpse Party Missing Footage OVA 03326

Isaac's scientist killing the children

Days later, the husband of the mother that was killed in the experiment wanted revenge, and so he invaded Isaac's manor, he run into a Doctor and Isaac in manor's basement. When the man urges them for more information about Isaac's experiment, he states that he has been studying to make a better artificial limb since that day, but that the materials for such were difficult to come by. He reveals that the materials are from the bones of children, and calls it "the best recycling ever." and he used bones and limbs of to children create new limbs. The husband is so appalled that he vomits and then questions what he saw them as. Isaac simply said: Toys.

A security battle droid proceeds to kill the husband who was in shock in what he just saw, someone so insane. The battle droid shot the husband, leaving Isaac satisfied.

Giovanni's defection and the subjection of Bothawui


Isaac Westcott in his car heading to Malevolence ship on Deus Ex Vectron planet in order to kill the Bothan traitors

2 years later, Giovanni aided the New Conglomerate in secret by supplying secret information about the recently completed Reality Bomb, a bomb powerful enough to wipe out a entire universe in seconds. After the identity of the traitor was discovered, Isaac dispatched Ellen to hunt down Giovanni's flagship, the Avenger Cruiser. Ellen's forces clashed with Giovanni's on Thyferra and Atzerri, until eventually defeating Giovanni and capturing the Avenger as it was preparing to jump to lightspeed. Giovanni was interrogated and tortured, revealing that Bothan members of the Spynet had supplied him with the top-secret information concerning the Reality Bomb. Isaac considered this treason on the part of the entire Bothan species, and decided to deal with the situation himself. He traveled to Bothawui in his personal shuttle, accompanied by two of his Abyssal Royal Guards, and slaughtered hundreds of Bothans. He gathered information that a ship named as Dread Star was headed to Vekta, and informed Ellen, who had already learned the same thing in a separate mission.

53676 s

DEM Book


At some point in the same year, the DEM Imperial Military at Isaac's order published the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide military manual for servitude in the DEM Imperial Military. Isaac himself signed the opening and ending sections of the book and wrote the respective speeches inside, giving a brief history and explanation for the New Order that recruits were to serve under as well as telling them that the completed lesson is just the smallest lesson of being an effective Imperial officer.

Eliminating Ellen's Sister


Ellen talking with Isaac

As the Great Universal War IV progressed according to Isaac's design, Ellen Mira Mathers' sister, Karen Nora Mathers, steadily grew in strength through her increasing connection to the Spiral power. Karen was the older sister of Ellen, she was the 45th General on DEM Empire and was one of the most powerful Wizard on the Empire. Through the Abyss, Isaac had learned of Karen's improved skills and began to suspect his secretary, Ellen Mira Mathers of violating his rule. Through a holographic transmission, Isaac accused Ellen of harboring ambitions to overthrow the reigning Dark Lord of the Abyssal by secretly training Karen as a Spiral apprentice. Ellen appeared shocked and vehemently denied the accusation, swearing that her loyalty was unquestionably to her Master and their cause. Unmoved by his secretary's apparent display of subservience, the Dark Lord commanded Ellen to prove her allegiance by severing all connections to her, mainly by ensuring her death. When Ellen  tried to vouch for her assassin by stressing her importance to DEM Empire, Isaac became enraged and simply reiterated his command. With her Master's mind clearly made up, Ellen could do nothing other than obey Isaac's command.

Karen's ship being shot by others DEM ships

Shortly after receiving his new orders, Ellen was contacted by her sister Karen, who sought assistance in her fight against the NC fleet. By then, however, Ellen had already recalled Karen's reinforcements. She declared that her latest failure would be the last one as she was no longer her apprentice and sister. Ellen then ordered the DEM commander of the fleet to destroy the DEM Providence-class destroyer that Karen was trapped on. After the destruction of the Providence-class Ellen, assumed that her sister was dead. Believing her to be dead, Ellen contacted Isaac to inform him of her apparent success. With a tone of amused satisfaction in his voice, Isaac commended his secretary for once again proving his loyalty to the Dark Lord.

That treason made Karen join the Multi-Universe Defense Forces and became a powerful Wizard there.

Destruction of 455th Galaxy


Darkseid on Malevolence

In the absence of the Senate, Isaac had established an environment where even his subordinates were capable of terrible atrocities against sentients. From the very beginning of its design, it was intended that the Malevolence be capable of destroying entire galaxies. But most DEM Imperial strategists were certain that the threat alone would be enough to keep most universes and worlds in line. Darkseid felt differently; as he saw it, the Rebels were growing bolder, and only a very public demonstration of the Malevolence's power against a Rebel target would succeed in giving them pause. His argument convinced Isaac.

So Isaac approved in advance the destruction of a galaxy—and thereby the mass murder of its entire population. He knew it would be used on an inhabited galaxy. But he did not know in advance that it was to be the 455th Galaxy. Darkseid alone made this decision, facing down even Eve Fullbuster to do so. If Isaac knew about Eve's intent from that point onward, it would only be because Eve made a report to him after the decision was made, but before the Malevolence entered the 455th Galaxy system and carried out its mission, an act that, by current estimates, caused the deaths of 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,940,000 sentient beings.


Malevolence creates massive black hole at the center of the galaxy, a larger black hole that the center itself (black hole core), causing the galaxy to be swallowed by the black hole.

Isaac's private feelings on the tragedy were a mystery, but publicly he adopted his benevolent persona, announcing that he was saddened by the loss of such a noble galaxy, and adding that had 455th galaxy entrusted itself to DEM Imperial protection, it would still be thriving. In other words, the destruction of 455th galaxy might not have been necessary had others rebel leaders simply bowed under as he was supposed to. 

It was later announced by Isaac's proxies that he himself had ordered the destruction of 455th galaxy after the DEM Empire had obtained "irrefutable evidence" that this galaxy of pacifists, which had not even possessed a standing armed force, had supposedly been creating bioweapons to help the Multi-Universe Defense Forces. The possibility that some of these bioweapons had been taken off-world to Rebel cells was dangled in front of the compliant press, to keep the terrified Core Universes in line and justify a permanent state of emergency. As a result, the DEM Empire put more time and resources than ever before into crushing the Multi-Universe Defense Forces, flushing out Rebel strongholds throughout the multi-universe and conquering universes that had allied themselves with the Alliance.

Tower of  the Abyss

Isaac was curious about life after death, so he tried to revive someone evil, a evil from the past, a evil that died billions of years ago, The Original Fallen who tried to plunge the entire Multi-Universe in death. However, the original Fallen was killed by the Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher. Isaac then build the Tower of Abyss, or "Resurrection-System" is a Magic-Tech Item that allows any person to restore life upon someone who is deceased at the cost of someone else's life in planet know as Vila.

For universal protection purposes, the construction of the tower has been forbidden by the Reality Council since ancient times. Many Dark Empires from the past tried to revive others dark lords that died many centuries ago. However, Isaac ignored this and create a cult of Dark Fanatical Cultists working to DEM Empire wishing to revive The Fallen. The cult kidnapped children and adults alike and forced them into slavery so that they could construct the tower for them. Isaac offered many people of his own Empire as sacrifice. 

Battle for the Tower

Originally, the Tower was designed by Leohart the Prince of Hell himself to bring back deceased people back to life 90 billion years ago. Isaac sent Shogo Makishima to the tower to be in charge of the operation. Isaac sent, Shogo Makishima, Ryouko Kusakabe, Jessica Bailey, Nui Harime, Jupiter, Saturn and Minerva Liddell to the operation. Days later, Shogo sent Jupiter and Saturn to capture a person know as Euclywood in order to use her as a sacrifice for Fallen's resurrection in a planet distant from there.



Euclywood was once a minion of Isaac 200 years ago on DEM Empire, however, during a battle against the NC, Euclywood's squad was killed by the NC and only her survived Euclywood admired Shogo for his deeds, however, she never saw his real atrocities. Euclywood fell in love with Shogo 200 years ago, and she still love him. However, she will never accept to let Shogo use innocent as slaves.

The group accomplishes this, however, Euclywood manages to break free of her restraints and starts fighting with Shogo's underlings. At the tower, after Euclywood escaped, the New Conglomerate invaded the tower with a small group of heroes. Eucliwood defeats Nui Harime and Minerva Liddell, Shogo goes to his chessboard (adorned with pieces that represent all the people in his "game") and knocks the two underlings' pieces over, symbolizing their defeat. He is aware that Jupiter and Saturn have betrayed him because they saw Shogo's atrocities in the middle of the battle, however, Shogo is untroubled, and instead orders the impatient Jessica Bailey and the rest of DEM Alpha Team to make their move in his "game".

Shogo then uses the speaker to communicate with everyone in the tower, telling them it’s time to begin the "Abyss' Game", stating that the objective of said "game" is to prevent him from using Euclywood as a sacrifice for Fallen's revival by defeating the Alpha Team. Shogo continues to knock down pieces on his chess board as the battles in the tower come to an end, until Euclywood defeats Ryouko Kusakabe and reaches him. As Euclywood prepares to fight him, Shogo states that, regardless of his own loss or victory, she will be a sacrifice for Fallen. Shogo then announces that there is seven minutes left until the Tower's power is ready to shot magic on the atmosphere, and invites Euclywood to take full advantage of said minutes, attacking her with his Darkness Magic upon finishing his thought. Euclywood manages to overpower all of Shogo's attacks and slice him with her sword, bringing him to the ground. 


DEM Security Battle Droids of the tower facing Euclywood

As Euclywood claims she'll just force Shogo to wait for the Tower's shot the magic on the atmosphere to destroy them all. Euclywood refuses his invitation to kill him, and the amazon hug Shogo to express her feelings for him, Shogo intends to be sorry for everything he did and hug her as well waiting for the tower beam. The tower shot the magic completely destroying the outer structure, but leaving everyone inside it unharmed. Surprised to be alive after the blast, Euclywood looks around and notices that the true inner structure of the tower is, in fact, a gigantic absorption abyssal crystal. Shogo laughs maniacally, claiming to have succeeded in Isaac's goal, and explains that tower itself provided the tower with the required 2.7 Billion of souls necessary to bring Fallen back to life. Shogo killed the slaves after they finished the tower, he used the souls of the slaves as energy to the tower. Euclywood is then forced into the R-System crystal to be sacrificed to Fallen, however, Karen Nora Mathers, Ellen Mira Mathers' older sister, suddenly appears and pulls her out. She then prepares to fight Shogo, who gladly accepts the challenge.

Shogo's death

Karen's arrogance and further damage done to the tower greatly infuriates Shogo, who, in his fury, prepares to cast one of his strongest Abyss spells. Paying Euclywood no mind, Shogo launches his black hole spell towards them, however, Scarlet Witch appears and shields the two with her body, much like Euclywood had intended for herself, and dies as a result. Shogo then proceeds to berate Scarlet for her action, calling it useless. Such an action prompts Karen to angrily hit Shogo. Karen, eventually, much to Shogo's disbelief, manages to resonate with the tower by absorbing the crystal in her body, resulting in Shogo being on the receiving end of a brutal. Shogo is punched with a strength so heavy that his body flew through the tower's floors. Shogo fell dead on floor number 1 of the tower. Shogo Makishima is finally dead. Unable to contain the Magic Power, the Tower vanishes into thin air, after Euclywood is rescued by Karen and the NC squad. The tower is destroyed and the insane goal of Isaac in reveving Fallen is ruined.

Wescotttumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io3 1280 (4)

Isaac explain to Ellen why he send the localization of the tower

Isaac is revealed to have been the one who set the events on the Tower by sending the localization of the Tower to the NC, however, he wasn't expecting Karen Nora Mathers to be alive. Ellen asked why he send the localization of the tower and he said that he wanted to test Shogo Makishima's skills as an Abyssal. However, he was disappointed with Shogo's performance and others officers on the tower. 

Isaac discarted the plan to revive Fallen because he thought Fallen could overthrow his reign.


Wescotta084df7b1857ac27a84cd9f2fa1afec1 (2)

Westcott visiting the extermination camp where Bismarck was

Isaac had trillions of slaves, but none of them were so special like Bismarck Bodewig who was his top enemy on the war. Born to the slave Charllote Dunos, Bismarck was the daughter of a rapist DEM officer, her mother, Charllote Dunos was raped by a officer of DEM Empire in a Death Camp, and she and her mother were brought to the planet of Deus Ex Vectron to be the slaves of Honest.

They soon ended up as the property of Isaac, and Bismarck exhibited exceptional piloting and engineering skills and a reputation for being able to build and repair anything even at a young age. Bismarck spent her early teens imprisoned at the Vernichtungslager (Extermination Camp) in Deus Ex Vectron. While in Vernichtungslager, Bismarck served in the Sonderkommando; the squad of slaves who were forced to help their Nazi masters run the gas chambers, ovens, and fire pits of the camp. One day, her sisters were sent to the gas chambers, and from there Bismarck saw her sisters die slowly alongside hundreds of people. 

LGPaladin Gunner

The NC invasion on the Death Camp

The only member of her family to survive the Holocaust II (the genocide that continued the Holocaust in World War II) caused by DEM, Bismarck learned first hand how brutally human beings could treat those they considered different, be they black people, homosexuals, aliens, people with mental disabilities, people with powers and many others type of races and ethic.

After the invasion of the New Conglomerate, she encountered the officer Julio and Schimi, and she helped them to free the prisioners of the death camp. Her mother, Charllote, however, was killed by a Battle Droid during their escape. Reluctantly leaving the death camp, Bismarck accompanied Julio and his group to the NC's capital of Rhen Var and participated in the Battle of Rhen Var, helping to free NC's homeworld from the armies of the Trade Federation, one of the many affiliated organizations of DEM Empire. While Julio was killed during the battle, Julio's student Schimi  followed Julio's wishes and took on Bismarck as her student. Bismarck and Schimi had a number of adventures during the NC's decade of training to become a officer of NC to fight the ruthless Balam Alliance, but as the DEM Empire threatened to tear the Multi-Universe Forces, Bismarck was reunited with her NC Squad when she was assigned to protect the 579th Universe from the 6th Multi-Universe. Bismarck was know as Chess Mistress by many factions since her presence always led to NC for victories on the battlefield. The DEM Empire, Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire had massive losses.


DAL v8 03

Ellit Baldwin Woodman (older) and Karen Nora Mathers meeting Bismarck

During the Great Universal War IV, which raged for the next three years, Bismarck was granted the rank of Supreme General and became known to the public as the "Heroine with No Fear." Taking on Nommu as her student, Bismarck fought alongside Schimi and her fellow student in scores of battles, and her friendship with Elliot Baldwin Woodman deepened. For many years, Elliot used a Realizer to stop his aging, since he was human and is not like Isaac Westcott who is an Abyssal and have eternal life.

Throughout the Great War, Bismarck's anger and sense of loss pushed her ever closer to the Abyss and her visions of Schimi and Nommu dying made her desperate to find a way to save their lives. Isaac used that opening manipulated Bismarck into becoming his General in DEM Empire with the promise of saving everyone she loved. Isaac promised the young woman to open her mind to the Abyss knowledge of sustaining or creating life, which—as he claimed—was the only way to avoid Nammu and Schimi's death. Isaac was able to secretly lure Bismarck by making him his spy. The relationship between Bismarck and Isaac was completaly unknown by everyone.


Dan Vs. Isaac

Dan, a high-NC officer ordered Bismarck to remain in the High Council chamber to try and calm her raging emotions, while he, along with others 4 heroes went to kill Isaac Westcott in his base in a planet know as Mytods. Isaac, however, send his localization to the NC to create the "stage". He was alone in the base and had no guards. Isaac greeted the heroes cordially, as though nothing had changed, though he knew that the endgame had begun. The four heroes boldly ignited their swords, and Dan declared that Isaac was under senteced to death for crimes against the life, and all Multi-Universes, Isaac was the Number One enemy of all existence. A crimson blade ignited, and within seconds the heroes realized they had been tricked, that they were pawns that had been manipulated for the last years. Shrieking a bestial Abyssal war cry, Isaac lunged forward and killed 2 heroes before they could defend themselves. The last hero held against Isaac for a few seconds before he was slain by the Emperor's blade. Left alone with Dan, the Dark Lord fought him in a ferocious one-on-one duel. However, little did know Dan that Isaac was using only 00,01% of his power.

After several minutes of intense dueling, Isaac was overpowered and disarmed by Dan. Bismarck felt she had to save Isaac so he could teach him how to revive Nammu and Schimi in case if they die. Bismarck then arrived and Isaac 'pleaded' with her, convincing the young woman that Dan was trying to assassinate him instead of arresting him like a war prisioner. When Dan declared that the threat of the Abyssals would never return on the Multi-Universe and that Isaac had lost. Dan proclaimed that he would put an end to Isaac, but Bismarck argued that it was not the Hero way. As Dan raised his lightsaber to deliver the killing blow, Bismarck choose to protect Isaac, slaying Dan with her sword. Isaac then summoned his hellhound to eat Dan alive, the hellhounds started to eating Dan slowly as he agonizes in pain. Isaac showed sadistic smile while watching the scene.

New General

With Dan eliminated, Isaac regarded Bismarck and gave her a kiss in her face. At last the young woman was where the Emperor needed her to be; isolated and unable ever to go back to the NC now that she was an accomplice—no matter how unwittingly—in the revered Dan's murder. Desperate to save her friends' lives, Bismarck had effectively sacrificed an ally and compatriot, perfectly fulfilling the Nazi Emperor covenant that commanded the slaughter of one who was close. With no other place to turn, she finally yielded to Isaac's temptations, asking only that a way be found for Nammu and Schimi to live.

So for the second time he openly promised Bismarck that her friends (her new family) could be saved from death. This was strictly a deception, meant to turn Bismarck away from the NC fold. In the end, whether or not there truly was a way to save her friends was unimportant. Bismarck went down on bended knee before Isaac and pledged herself to the Abyss. Isaac had already convinced her that the Multi-Universe Defense Forces were conspiring to take power, so it was easy to nudge her  into the right frame of mind, reminding her that the heroes would not stop until Isaac Westcott, Darth Hades and Leohart the Prince of Hell were dead, and if he were gone, what hope did Schimi and Nammy have? For her sake, the heroes had to die to the last being. To this end, he placed under Bismarck's command the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Waffen-666, a special extermination trooper unit to attack the New Conglomerate HQ. After that, Isaac ordered Bismarck to kill the New Conglomerate leaders in Booku planet.

Future war by steve burg-d2y3q9p-992x496

Bismarck attack NC HQ

In cutting down the most vulnerable members of the NC to whom he had once sworn allegiance, Bismarck would tie herself firmly to the DEM cause. The slight chance that she could try to return to her old happy life would become nonexistent. It would especially serve to sever Bismarck's ties to her friends; no matter how much she loved them, there would be no way they could understand, much less forgive, her actions. She might even lose the will to live, and could then be dealt with effortlessly at a time of her choosing. Isaac's new General performed splendidly; through the night and into the early morning Bismarck led her troops through the NC corridors in an orgy of carnage.

New Conglomerate's Defeat

Wescotta084df7b1857ac27a84cd9f2fa1afec1 (5)

Westcott drinking coffee as he watch the scene through the monitor

Bismarck then traveled to Bookus planet, the planet where the NC leaders were and invaded the NC Building alone. From his desk, Isaac was excited to see the Council members turn to face Bismarck as she arrived; he was watching the scene by the cameras of the building he hacked. The expressions of the NC leaders, changing from surprise to bewilderment and finally to fear, were clearly visible, Isaac felt pleasure in that. Then, Bismarck started to kill the leaders in cold-blood. Isaac saw the rest of the Council rouse themselves and desperately try to run, screaming. Fortunately, Elliot Woodman was not at the time of slaughter.
Deadman-wonderland-massacre thumb8

The leaders of NC killed by Bismarck

There was a reason for his satisfaction; 12 years before, Isaac had remarked to Ellen how happy a day it would be when he no longer needed to worry about the New Conglomerate and their ilk. One by one, Bismarck killed the Council members. Isaac gave new instructions to Bismarck, telling her to send a order to disband the organization by the building, where no one could saw who was the person who sent the order. NC did as instructed, and a coded signal was sent out over every HoloNet repeater in all Multi-Universes. When received, every squad was disbanded and all operations ceased. The New Conglomerate, having served its purpose, was disbanded, and the Great Universal War IV, the most destructive conflict in the last thousand years, had ended, causing a great damage to Multi-Universe Defense Forces. The Balam Alliance started to win the war from there. However... later... these actions would force the Reality Council to teleport all Heroes and Villains to the same universe, founding the Alliance of Freedom and the Brotherhood of the Abyss. The NC wasn't completaly destroyed as long Elliot Woodman lived.

Wescotttumblr nnkutwrD1B1sjv49ao1 1280 (4)lj

Isaac petting Bismarck as he tries to hide the sadistic smile to see her mutilated

Hours later, Nommu went to Booku Planet to see Bismarck, however, Bismarck attack Nommu in the belief that she had betrayed her. Later, Schimi clashed went after Nommu on Bookus Planet. Arriving at the NC building, Schimi found Nommu dead. Bismarck and Schimi fought in a final duel that lasted for 2 hours, however, Bismarck was left limbless at the end of their battle. The battle between Schimi and Bismarck had ended much differently. Schimi had succeeded in grievously wounding her former friend, leaving her for dead. Hurrying to Booku with speed only the Emperor of the galaxy could afford (and with vigor that surprised even himself), Isaac found his young general badly alive. Bismarck lost half of her body and her right arm. Isaac showed sign of affection as he fondly her while his droid troopers prepared a medical capsule for the return to Malevolence ship.

Yet, it was hard to Westcott to hide the sadistic pleasure of seeing her body mutilated. Even as he made his way to the body, Isaac wrestled with anger and indecision. Part of him wanted to leave what was left of Bismarck to burn to ashes in the rising lava for her failure. As he walked, however, he reasoned that, after having spent almost 2 years in preparation for turning Bismarck, to let her die would be a waste.

A New Cyborg

RevolunceKZ2Dropship3d POSTi

Isaac's shuttle

In the shuttle's rear compartment, Bismarck lay in her capsule as if in state, flanked by Super Battle Droids. Isaac sat before him, using all his powers, every potion and device his medkit contained, to keep Bismarck stabilized, and wrestled with his own feelings. What if Bismarck should die? he thought. Though he had nearly left Bismarck to die back on Bookus planet, Isaac held, perhaps, the merest sliver of affection for her that he had never held for anyone. The reason for this is Bismarck's one-of-a-kind potential. To find another being even half as powerful and intelligent could take many years, and even then it would probably never happen.
Revoluncethe malevolence by lord nalthren


 Back in the Malevolence, at the Surgical Reconstruction Center, Isaac commanded that Bismarck be rebuilt using prosthetic replacements and limbs of children (the experiment he made with children's limbs and bones), a long and painful process that Isaac made sure Bismarck would be kept conscious for, in order to make her stronger through pain.

Upon being completely rebuilt, Bismarck asked her master what had become of Nammu and Schimi. How much of the story Isaac knew is unknown, but he apparently believed Bismarck herself had killed her friends (family) which worked to his own advantage by breaking Bismarck's spirit once and for all; Bismarck's transformation to DEM General was now fully complete. 

Propaganda of the confederacy by funkydude527-d4y6jhqfcfe

Propaganda used by Bismarck's faction

Bismarck fell into a rage and destroyed the operating theater, and even attempted to reach out and kill Isaac. However, she proved unable to do so; her injuries had reduced her power in the Spiral Force as they had her physical capabilities, and it would need to be similarly rebuilt. Her knee-jerk reaction failing to destroy Isaac, Bismarck quickly ceased her efforts, realizing that Isaac was all she had left, the only one who would accept her. Isaac was pleased: one of the most powerful Generals of all time was born in pain and suffering, and it was his subordinate.  

Bismarck was no longer the kind-hearted person she was before and and turned into a genocidal monster with a heart cold as ice. Her actions killed the two people she wanted to protect her and betrayed everyone who trusted her as a comrade. Bismarck lost her sense of morality and did not know what was the difference between right and wrong and turned out to be a complete nazi sociopath carrying blood of millions on her hands. Bismarck was finally "dead", and was serving the man who killed her entire family and destroyed her life. Months later, Bismarck was the leader of her own faction, The Rogues.

Isaac's Happy Christmas

Wescotta084df7b1857ac27a84cd9f2fa1afec1 (4)

Isaac with Chiquita

2 years later after Bismarck's corruption, Isaac thought he needed vacation in a planet under his thumb called Baltizmores, a very sophisticated planet. At the imperial hotel, Westcott is reviewing Ellen's report about the war, however, he said to forget about the war and reported that he will go to Baltizmores Planet, on Arubi Island to spend his christmas party (that planet was in the summer, even if it's Christmas). He somehow seems happy that New Central Intelligence of the Multi-Universe Forces managed to track him. 

He called Chiquita, Ellen, Eve and Bismarck to spend the holidays with him, they agreed to go with him. However, Isaac discovered that his enemies already had sent a spy between the forces of his bodyguards, but he decided to keep quiet about it. Much later, Isaac try to spy on Ellen and the girls bathing, only to be ambushed by 3 female underlings who were spending the vacations with him, and ends up getting caught into a pillow fight, before he could give more orders to the Arbatel ship to track down the spy. He ends up falling asleep next to his target. This time, he watches the spy swimming in a straight line, and asks the <Arbatel> to deploy Bandersnatch Droids to follow him, the spy was young boy between 12-13  years old. The New Central Intelligence of the Multi-Universe Forces (NIMUF) used a kid so the DEM did not suspect. However, he is once again disturbed by the 3 underlings, and even though he says that he has important things to do, the trio and some girls grab his body and throw him inside a hole in the beach to play with Emperor. 

10461 1280x800

Isaac's underlings

The sculpture made under Isaac's face was a sadist act between a King and his servant, who happened to be Eve, Eve found that quite interesting but that only made Isaac angry. That was the first time in his life that he felt like spitting on someone else. 

After that, he wakes up, and tries to communicate the <Arbatel>. He asks the Arbatel's captain if he was able to confirm that boy was a spy. The Captain said that the boy was a spy from NIMUF and was captured by the Bandersnatch Drones few minutes ago. Isaac is pleased in heard that because he finally confirmed the boy was a spy and that he got the person who destroyed his vacations. Isaac then proceeds to order the guards capture the girls who played with him for fun and burning them alive in front of the sunset as he danced a Hawaiian dance around the fire.

"Goosh, Goosh"


Buppa in front of the spy

Days later, Isaac went back from his vacations with his girls. The spy boy was imprisioned in the prison of his ship. Isaac arrives at his Imperial mansion in Deus Ex Vectron and decided to rest in his mansion for a day. The next day, Isaac alongside 2 battle droids, takes the spy kid to the mansion of a mobster of the DEM underworld called Buppa. Buppa is extremely obese and inhumanly large crime lord as well as well as a pedophile who harbors an interest in abusing children, mainly boys. For many years, several boys were brought to him, his motive to find pleasure. 

Arriving is his mansion, the guards tried to kill the visitors but when they saw the visitors were Isaac Westcott and his security droids, the guards immediately knelt down before Isaac and asked for forgiveness, however, Isaac ordered his droids to execute the guards for lack of respect to the Emperor. Isaac then met Buppa sitting in a jacuzzi being caressed by several prostitutes. Buppa gets up and makes a sign of respect towards Isaac Westcott. Westcott then say he isn't mad but he said he killed his guards for disrespect.

The boy's annus is teared apart as Buppa rapes the boy... Jesus...

Buppa said this isn't a problem and asked why the Emperor is in his mansion. Isaac said he brought a boy he would "love".

Buppa, in his bathrobe, is approached by the 2 battle droids who bring him the spy boy they caught interfering with their operations and Isaac's vacations. Buppa then takes the boy behind a curtain and anally rapes him to death, splitting apart the length of his body up from his anus as he says "Goosh Goosh" while raping the boy to death while 3 Buppa's henchmen watch the gore scene. Isaac laughed like a crazy because he thought that "Goosh Goosh" was hilarious. Buppa then arrives at the "climax" moment, causing the boy's spine be destroyed and thus killing him. Isaac tried to stop laughing while the battle droids looked confused. Buppa ordered the guards to remove the boy's body and sat on his chair. Buppa thanked the Emperor for the "meal" and says it was an honor to serve the Emperor in some way. However, Isaac was the person who thanked him because he found that quite funny and said he would be back to request others favors. Isaac then leaves the mansion.

Goosh, Goosh +18
Goosh Goosh

Goosh Goosh

Kurumi Tokisaki

Wescotttumblr mrh51j3QaZ1sds20io5 500 (2)

Westcott sense Kurumi Tokisaki and Mukuru's power increasing

1 year after, Isaac sensed that 2 Spirit know as Kurumi Tokisaki and Mukuru were attacking his bases across the universes to find the Spirit that Isaac Westcott is torturing for years, Nia Honjou. Kurumi Tokisaki is searching for Nia to discover who was the First Spirit that teleported to the Prime Earth years ago to prevent the First Spacequake from happening on Earth. Later in Isaac's Office, Isaac mediated and sensed the increasing power of Kurumi Tokisaki and Mukuru. Ellen entered and was told to prepare the Isaac's shuttle which Isaac took to Kuliana Planet in order to confront the Spirits. Upon arriving, Isaac chokes two guards of Kurumi legion members and rode a speeder to the royal palace where he confronted the Spirits in the throne room. Isaac  enters the throne room easily choking two guards to death and exchanges a few words with Kurumi Tokisaki and Mukuru. Isaac declared Kurumi a enemy since she was trying to take off Nia Honjou from his hands and started to battle Kurumi and Mukuru.
Kurumi 23

Kurumi fighting Isaac

Isaac summoned two of his swords to combat them. Although the Spirits sisters briefly managed to overwhelm Isaac by having Mukuro push him off the platform, it was only temporary as Isaac's telekinesis pulled them over as well. Gaining the upper hand, Isaac drove his opponents back, and the duel ended in the plaza outside the palace. After using the Abyss Aura to temporarily incapacitate Kurumi, Isaac dueled Mukuru alone, but in mere seconds Isaac impaled Mukuro in the chest with his two dark swords, killing her as he laugh insanely. After Kurumi witnessed the death of her sister, Isaac explained to her that Spirits are nothing but toys and do not deserve loved ones.

Kurimi 210

Kurumi arrives on Earth, in Italy, destroyed by the KnightWalker Family.

Kurumi angrily ignited both her pistol and a time-sword, and charged at Isaac. After a brief, but vicious duel between the two, Isaac disarmed Kurumi and brutally battered her against the floor and walls with telekinesis. Defeated, Kurumi said she will never forgive him, but Isaac deviously ignored and launched a barrage of agonizing aura at the Spirit. However, Kurumi managed to go teleport herself to another reality when Westcott was torturing her. Days later, Kurumi went to Earth, setting the plot of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Suicide  episode.

The Sentence is Death!



Westcott driving his car towards V. Barbaras

In the same year (18 years after he killed Mikaela Du Tirial and let his daughter escape) when the DEM Progenitors Leaders heard of unrest in the city of V. Barbaras in Deus Ex Vectron due to a raise of a rebel group that has murdered some of their officers there, Isaac is sent to root them out. Isaac personally went to the city and requested the DEM Helghast Guard as his personal guard to escort him among the refugees heading to Albion to escape the plague that was killing civilians in Deus Ex Vectron planet. On the way, the group is attacked by rebels who are out for revenge against Isaac Westcott for slaughtering their loved ones when their city decided to restock their food supply rather than donate to the military forces.

Isaac's Heghast troops capture rebels

Ultimately, Isaac expressing content that none among his faith died in the fight, the rebels failed and those that survived were lined up so the Emperor can give them a lecture that dispatching their rebel people is part of DEM doctrine. When one of the rebels vows that God will punish Isaac for his actions, the Emperor snapped and smashed his hand on the man's skull for speaking such blasphemy against his God, Isaac himself as the God, of course. Isaac then regained his composure before ordering his disciples to breaking arms and legs of the rebels and execute the remaining rebels with death by breaking wheel before resuming their journey.

Torture Chamber


Torture chamber

Once in V. Barbaras, making residence in the Tower of Conviction, Isaac ruled the city with an iron fist. Though the rebel group have taken to practice their "loyalty" to the mountains surrounding V. Barbaras, Isaac focused torturing those among the poor and starving population who he saw as threats to his Empire. When he was about to enter on the tower, a unknown woman carrying her baby approached Isaac and requested to help her baby who was dying, Isaac accepted to save her baby and invited her to join him, the woman then joined Isaac's group. Once on the tower, Isaac's doctor gave water to her baby as he invited her to go to his special chamber. Once there, the woman saw several civilians being tortured to death and tried to escape but Isaac's guards stopped her and forced her to sit in a chair of thorns while torturers started to put hot-rock in her feet. Later, Isaac sent her baby to the torture chamber as well and forced the woman to watch her son being carbonized alive. 

Isaac's soldiers "enjoying" the fun

Later, he forced her to eat soup with rest of her son as Isaac snuggles her, that lead the woman into insanity. Isaac summoned his hellhounds to eat her alive. The captain asked why he did that, he said he was bored due to his trip.

An Example is Made

After the rebel group was finally discovered with its surviving members captured, Isaac assumed Kiritina, a rebel member to be their leader and considers torturing her for information on Elliot Woodman. But when Isaac sees her aura, he assumes her to be a Anti-Abyssal Witch and has her placed in an iron maiden and executed her. Some days later, Isaac ordered his troops to set an example for what happens to a state that rebels against the DEM Empire, Isaac's army invaded a state and defeated the rebel state and captured the leaders of the rebels.

After everything is finished, he sent the army to violate the city until they were satisfied, the result was mass pillaging, murder of hundreds of innocents, rape of women and children as well as the burning of the entire state. He forced the leaders to watch, and kept them alive while he tortured his families in front of them. Some time after this he went to another state. His forces defeated the enemy state faster than anyone expected. During this conquest he summoned his Abyssal Dragon and made it eat 1,000,000 of its people alive in seconds, and broke heroine Huno's sanity and pride, forcing her to strip naked in front of his troops and tied with a leash like a dog. Isaac Westcott then destroyed all rebel groups on his Empire, and that was lesson to all civilians to never say a word against DEM.

Wild Hunt

Westcott then returned to the Empire revealing to DEM Council he was going to give a mission to a group called Wild Hunt lead by Syura. Isaac decides to give a demonstration of the people he found by making them slaughter the Death Row Prisoners and introducing them to the DEM Council but thinks to himself that it's "Playtime". Shortly after that, Isaac ordered the Wild Hunt to investigate the Umatora Theater in the Capital as there is a play that criticizes the Empire. The producer of the theater denies the accusation and tries to bribe the Emperor but he declines the money in a heartbeat declaring the Death Sentence on them, quickly leading to the entire team being raped and killed by Wild Hunt in which Isaac himself took pleasure in watch as well as showing his twisted side by calling this action an investigation. After his devilish act, Isaac joyfully tells Syura that he is going to be the leader of the Wild Hunt, and gave the mission to Syura; to search and kill all traitors and rebels inside the capital of the DEM Empire. Syura accepted the offer with pleasure.


Isaac brutally crushing Tomuro's testicles

Syura, along with Isaac Westcott and other advisers of the Empire, discussed the danger that the rebel army outside of the planet poses to the Empire before being interrupted by the arrival of the great Black Diamond. Syura noted that the reasons that Isaac can remain calm when he's facing the rebel army was because of his infinite power and the power of the Progenitors Leaders. Days later, Syura made ​​an ambush attracting 2 rebels know as Han Solo and Tomuro Takashi to DEM Royal Palace to a secluded area. After this, Syura teleported the two to the palace of Empire, where several battle droids and Hades Izanami were awaiting them. Even with the resistance of the two, Han Solo and Tomoru were captured. After Han Solo was almost raped by Eddie Gluskin (fortunately, Ellen Mira Mathers stopped the insane killer) Isaac tortured Tomuro to speak where was the hideout of the UNI Rebel, however, Tomuro refused to say and Isaac decided to destroy his masculinity by crushing and cutting his testicles. 

After that Isaac left the room saying he would come tomorrow to continue the torture. More later, Isaac showed to Syura the crimes committed by the Wild Hunt that were discovered by the community, Isaac said to Syura that he was no longer in command of the Wild Hunt. In an act of rage to overcome Isaac and take the throne of Emperor, Syura went to the torture room and decided that torture would continue until Tomuro tell the location of the hideout of UNI Rebels. But nevertheless, Tomuro tells the location of the hideout of UNI Rebels and then Syura ordered the release of Tomuro so he could point out the location of the UNI Rebel's hideout using a hologram map of the Empire. However, Syura was trapped by his neck by Tomuro's strings and swiftly, breaking Syura's spine and killing him. 

However, the Wild Hunt doesn't ceased and Isaac himself took the leadership to manipulate the Wild Hunt on the shadows. Days later, a Master of the Imperial Fist, wanted to avenge the death of the people raped and killed on the theater few days ago, however, their efforts were in vain as the Wild Hunt killed them all except the sole female member who they had plans of stripping her nakes and walking her around like a dog in public. The Imperial Fist Members were all stripped and hung upside down in the middle of the streets while Wild Hunt were enjoying themselves eating stolen fruit. 


Westcott put his eyes on the widow

News spread all over the Capital how beautiful was a widow who visits the grave of her dead husband with her little daughter which happened to be the wife and daughter of a DEM Soldier who was killed in the war against the Multi-Universe Defense Forces outside of the planet. Later, Isaac decided to meet her when she was visiting the grave of her dead husband. The widow made a sign of respect before the Emperor. However, Isaac ignored her words and immediately desginated her as his new "Toy" while Champ, one of the member of Wild Hunt, was targetting the daughter, leading to the widow and the daughter being raped on the top of the DEM Soldier's grave. Champ killed the kid after he finished with her, however, Isaac took the woman to his personal laboratory to test a experiment. He tried to use his new baby that was inside the woman's womb in an experiment. Months after the birth of the child, Isaac applied a medicine in his new daughter to accelerate the growth of the child. The medicine worked, in just 1 month, the child had already reached the appearance of a young teenage girl between 17-18 years old. Isaac named his new daughter as Alisa Ray Peram Westcott. After that, Isaac shot in the head of the woman who served as mother of the girl. Alisa would become the leader of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Waffen-666 and one of the strongest fighters on DEM Empire.

Abyss Experiment


Isaac explain his goal to turn artifical humans in Abyssals

Many years before that, Isaac always tried to imagine if he could create artificial humans and turn them into Abyssals. Isaac decided he would try to use a artificial baby in the Abyss Experiment. After that, Isaac used the DNA of civilians to create artificial humans, Isaac created the first child and tried to fuse the child with the Abyss, however, the first test subject failed and sold the child on the black market. He then took another attempt on his second artificial child, but when the experiment failed again, Isaac killed the baby, at which point the scientists dscovered his true nature and left the DEM Empire to join forces with the Multi-Universe Defense Forces. Isaac did the same to countless others babies but the experiment failed in all aspects. Isaac then said to his droids to kill all the guinea pigs.


Plot happens in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - I Don't Need It

Tumblr nrza0wpY5M1tpciuho1 1280

Isaac see a red haired girl in his vision

Isaac was sitting in his office a DEM Commando Ship. Isaac was looking at the space when he felt something strange. The power of Abyss said to Isaac that "something" was coming to change the course of the war. So Ellen entered in his offce asked what Isaac was feeling, he said that the Reality Council was up to something. After the defeat of the New Conglomerate years ago, the Multi-Universe Defense Forces suffered a lot of damage, and it made the Balam Alliance won the majority of the conflicts across all realities. The Reality Council had no alternative except to create a plan to teleport all the heroes and villains of other realities to the same universe in the hope that they could defeat the Balam Alliance.

Isaac then said that the Reality Council planned to bring people from others realities to fight them, and said that an ancient enemy from his past was waking up, Isaac thought about the possibility that the enemy was Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher from the ExKrieg race. Ellen was scared to hear what he said and said it was impossible because all ExKriegs had been killed years ago. Isaac never said to her that he had left a ExKrieg escape, his daughter, Elesis Du tirial, also known as Katarina Couteau, during his battle with Mikaela Du Tirial. Westcott then ordered all troops from DEM spread across trillion of universes to retreat and come back to DEM HQ Universe that served as the universe-base of the DEM Empire. 

Revoluncemidlothian 2

Isaac's ship entering the portal

He said that something big was going to happen and decided to leave the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell deal with the problem. Isaac then returned to the universe of DEM Empire, however, before his return, he reported to Ellen that she could active the Reality Bomb to destroy the universe they were. After that, the ship entered a giant portal and the Reality Bomb exploded, destroying that whole universe in a few seconds, killing centillion of lives an destroying all galaxies, planets, stars and material of that reality. Isaac then said he would end this comedic show.

From this point, everything will be spoilers from future episodes. Don't continue if you don't want to be spoiled


10533547 695226870512348 1527668081262104262 n

Westcott creates Marina

Days later, Isaac noticed that hackers from the Multi-Universe Defense Forces were trying to hack the system of DEM. To prevent that, he created Marina Arusu, Marina was program by Westcott to watch Multi-Universe Defense Forces by hacking its program of their ships and weapons. He has also nicknamed by Marina; she called her creator as "daddy", "father" and "dad". Marina shows her loyalty to Isaac in the very end. 

Isaac then send Marina to MUDF (Multi-Universe Defense Forces) system to hack it. Marina does manage to take 90% of the authority of the MUDF by deactivating all ships, weapons, bases and portals. She then takes control of <Aqiral> ship, charges the main cannon and prepares to shoot at MUDF HQ Planet in order to wipe out all leaders of the MUDF. However, MUDF's defense system know as Maria Arusu (which is considered to be Marina Arusu's good counterpart and was created by Elliot Baldwin Woodman who is Isaac's counterpart) head towards Marina. Marina makes multiple copies of herself so that the artificial soldiers will fight against them while Maria go to the Mother Room. In the Mother Room, Marina pretends to befriend Maria with trying to shake her hand as a sign of friendship, and then takes the last 10% of her authority. She is then being able to create her Astral Dress. However, Elliot used Karen Nora Mathers within the system of MUDF, thus creating a artificial battle inside of MUDF, something similar to a battle in internet. Maria then defeats Marina with Karen’s support.


Marina fading away after her crystal breaks while her sister, Maria Arusu hugs her so that she does not have to die alone

Marina’s Astral Dress then goes wild and becomes a giant black ball that quickly regenerates when attacked. It also causes a problem at the outside as <Aqiral> ship is now losing flight power and slowly falling toward Coran, the capital of the MUDF. Maria then goes on ahead as she is the only one that can enter inside the ball. Moments later, the other soldiers that went inside of the system alongside Karen arrive and they destroy the ball together. Karen then rushes towards where Maria and Marina are. In the meantime, Maria and Marina share each other’s memories and "understand each other". When Karen arrives, both Maria and Marina wish for Karen to kill them so that <Aqira> system can fully restart, preventing it from falling towards the capital and kill many people. After much resistance, Karen finally uses her sword to break Marina’s crystal and thus she dies. After Maria disappears, Karen and the others then are able to get back to the real world as the crisis is already over.

Wescotttumblr nnkutwrD1B1sjv49ao1 1280 (2)

Isaac leaving the control room of DEM after he watched Marina's death

Later, it is revealed that Marina performed good deeds before her demise. She sent Maria’s mail message to Karen’s phone (in which Maria thought would be unreachable), and even installed Maria onto his phone so she could live. It was discovered that Westcott manipulated his own artificial daughter, driving her to death while he destroyed the Simulator Reality of the Aqiral System. Marina's wish was to be loved, because of that she followed Isaac's orders until to the end of her life, so Isaac could recognize her as his daughter and be loved, however, she received only death after she had become unnecessary when she failed in her mission. Isaac, easily tried to clone her but he discarted her.


Plot happens in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Lest's Bring The Hell


DEM transports leaving the 2th Multi-Universe while carrying Nia Honjou and heading to the 9th Multi-Universe

After Isaac sent his order to retreat, he ordered his Research Team to bring Nia Honjou, also know as the Second Spirit, the Spirit that Isaac was torturing for years back to the 9th Multi-Universe. Spirits are people who become reincarnations of Spiritual Beings of the past, and Nia Honjou, is the reincarnation of the Second Spirit; the second most ancient Spirit of history.

Isaac's actions are told by Marceline to Kurumi Tokisaki. Marceline explain to Kurumi that the "Man in Suit" is plotting something big.

- Marceline: Yes, the DEM Empire captured and imprisioned the Second Spirit somewhere in the 2nd Multi-Universe. However, they are moving the Second Spirit to the 9th Multi-Universe. And not only that... suddenly, without warning, all DEM Empire forces scattered through all Multi-universes are returning to the 9th Multi-Universe. They are abandoning the lines of battle and returning to the 9th Multi-Universe without warning. This doesn't makes sense because the DEM Empire is the Dark Empire that is winning more battles in all Multi-Universes. There's something strange going on out there. The DEM is planning something... All factions that were fighting DEM Empire also found it strange. The DEM retreated while they were winning the war in quadrillion of universes. 

Kurumi then open a portal to the 9th Multi-Universe to stop the DEM Empire from sending the Second Spirit (Nia Honjou) back to the 9th Multi-Universe and leave Earth's reality. This is the moment when Eckidina KnightWalker and Misogi "KnightWalker" Kumagawa starts the World War III on Earth, the main plot of the Season 1 of Saga AA.

Heroes Academy (Final)


Tumblr static 2gjough4kkisog0o8gsooooo8

Isaac's disguise

Isaac received news about a academy created to rise heroes to fight against the Balam Alliance in Myuukyria planet in 2nd Multi-Universe. The heroes are kids from many universes born with talents and powers and are intelligent and powerful enough to defeat Abyssals. Isaac then had a ideia and planned to use that kids for his own profit. For this misssion, Isaac went to the planet and called Ellen to help him in this mission, however, this time, Isaac will do things with his own hands. However, Isaac used a disguise. He changed his appearance to hide his true appearance.

Isaac first appeared walking out of a taxi at the airport of Kibou city, the Heroes Academy city. He leaves a wallet rigged to explode in the car as a "tip" for the driver. Isaac then walked into the airport and waited for his officer, while narrating his plan to the viewer and his officer. The officer know as Ellen Mira Mathers.


Heroes Academy city

Once in the limo, Ellen then asks Isaac on why he contacted her. Isaac explained that the two of them have been scouted by Heroes Academy and that they will be attending school there as teachers, of course he sent droids to kill two teachers to join the academy as teachers.

After they left the car, Isaac shot the driver because he saw Ellen's DEM clothes. The two are later seen at the school ceremony, right behind the gates, as Isaac narrates the story of his plan. Ellen asks Isaac if narrating is his current obsession, with Isaac saying that it is, but that he already got bored of it as he draws a picture of a swastika.

The Ultimate Hero


Isaac torturing the trustee

Sometime after the entrance ceremony, Isaac kidnaps one of Academy's trustee and torture] her, presumably killing, her by scooping her eye out with a spoon covered with saliva; torturing the trustee with something easily familiar and seemingly harmless to her to make the torture more interesting.

With Ellen assisting him, Isaac manages to reach the room where the ultimate hero of all time was being held in the Academy Underground laboratory. As Ellen killed the guards, Isaac, while eating takoyaki, tells Ellen to clean the mess she's made and finally arrives in front of the room. Ellen states that the door has a retinal scanner. Isaac claims that he has "borrowed" what they need and picks the trustee's eyeball from his takoyaki, granting the DEM leaders access to the room. There, they saw the most powerful hero of all time, Kaguya Otsutsuki.


Kaguya in the Academy prison as a the ultimate bio-heroine created by science to fight the Balam Alliance

Isaac showed his excitement and complimented Kaguya before he started to manipulate her by showing his intention to kill her using a knife. However, Kaguya easily blocks Isaac's attack and pins his down to the floor, while she effortlessly slams Ellen to the wall. Isaac then shares Kaguya about his interests with war, which Kaguya immediately claims is rather illogical claiming she want peace and not war. Isaac then tells the experimented heroine that the logic is irrelevant to her. Kaguya then assesses that he has super analytic abilities and asks Isaac why he would place himself in a situation where he would obviously lose.
Episode 13 - Screenshot 72

Isaac talking Kaguya in the prison room

Isaac revealed that the reason why he loved war so much because of his intelligence, he got bored with the universe's laws and only war that could save him from that boredom. Isaac claims that war triggers all universe's true nature at once; death, chaos, destruction, suffering, sorrow, fear, panic, despair, hate, anger, lust, evil and pain, he also say that people's smile and happiness are fak masks hiding their wild nature. He also recognizes Kaguya's analytical ability persuaded her to join his side. When Isaac started to really enjoy his current situation of being "punished" by a hot lady, the alarms are activated and Kaguya is prompted to knock him out with her feet.
Episode 20 - Screenshot 193

Isaac in the hospital

Isaac regained his consciousness inside the school's hospital, where Ellen told him that she managed to make excuses for his injuries, claiming that he tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. Ellen then tells him that after Kaguya knocked him out, she informs Ellen that she will be "waiting" for the two of them. Isaac excitedly jumps out of his bed and decided to meet with her despite his injuries.

After he left the hospital, he passes by Twilight Sparkle and shows an immediate interest in her claiming that their meeting is yet another fateful encounter.

The Animator

Isaac immediately pressured Twilight into revealing her name and talent as Ellen watches on. Twilight was embarrassed at first but reacted angrily when Isaac referred to her beloved scientist talent as "something like animation" and when he expressed disappointment at the revelation. As part of her defense for animation, she invited the two "teachers" to her room so they could watch her animation - albeit in an incomplete form at the time. The teachers reacted strongly to her animation and was deeply touched by it. It was so moving that Isaac decided to smash Twilight's animation collection with his bat because other cartoons simply pale in comparison to Twilight's one.
Twilight Sparkle MLP EG RR (Contraparte Humana)

Sci-fi Twilight looking at Isaac in her room

Twilight happily explained her techniques when Isaac expressed his interest in them. She explained how she made use of every technique she knows in order to affect the viewer's brain directly by using Zyrion movements, Tech-Colors and brain-sounding. She stated that some of them are known as "brainwashing techniques", but it's ultimately up to the user that decides whether it's used for harmful purposes or not. Twilight then told Isaac of her desire to make the universe a better place with her animation by wiping out the evil side in people and put an end with the wars that were tearing all Multi-Universes apart. Isaac joyously expressed his interest in the same goal to a shocked Twilight.


Twilight later left a note in her original room for her classmates about a week after her meeting with Isaac and was then nowhere to be found. It was revealed that she moved into one of the school trustees' facility with the help of Isaac, and continued to work on her animation comfortably. Her classmates were worried about her disappearance about a week ago and confided in GoGo Tomago. GoGo went to check her room, guessing that Twilight might return to her room to gather her stuff, but was then abducted by Ellen - who was gathering the remaining items.


Ellen about to capture GoGo

On the other hand, Isaac was busy bringing a container full of Blue Bull for Twilight as well as checking on her status. While they were conversing, Ellen returned to the facility with the rest of her animation collection and the kidnapped GoGo. Twilight then explained her situation to the worried GoGo. As the two classmates were reunited, they all celebrated the moment by watching her animation at Isaac's suggestion.

While GoGo was moved by the animation, Isaac made use of the time to analyze the animation instead. Ellen and Isaac left the two alone at 6:50 PM, and went on to kick-start mutual killing game in Heroes Academy to create a "terrible inhuman video". Isaac made his way to Kaguya's room and took her outside on the school grounds. He then brought her to where the Heroes Academy Council would participate in the first Mutual Killing Game. 

The Tragedy


The killing game

Isaac, in his desire to spread despair, forced the Student Council into the first known mutual-killing game. At first, they refused to kill each other, but Isaac provided motive for one of them and a few others to kick off the killing spree by using videos of their loved ones being tortured to death, some of them were carbonized alive, decapited and raped by DEM soldiers because they refused to kill each other. However, after many minutes of horrible psychological torture, one of them finally got a chaisaw and started to kill each other in gruesome ways by using weapons that Ellen left in the room before the game started; guns, knives, swords, bat and many others types of weapons.

For most of the game, Kaguya stood on the sidelines and observed the students killing each other, but at the end, she was finally noticed by one of the members. Kaguya killed off the assumed sole survivor, and a security camera caught her. Isaac then says to Kaguya that he will not bore her with war's nature. Isaac's goal was to bring Kaguya to his side by showing her the pleasure of war.


The protest

Following the massacre, Isaac sent out e-mails about Heroes Academy conducting illegal experiments in humans and used the security footage to make it look like Heroes Academy had created a murderer to test Kaguya's (the most powerful hero in the universe created by the science) abilities. The events were broadcast to the Reserve Course, greatly upsetting them - in their view, the academy had apparently spent the exorbitant fees they had paid to create "murderers".

The reserve course then rebelled and protested, beginning the Parade, not knowing that they were being led and agitated from the shadows by Isaac and his organization, DEM Empire, without a conflict. This social unrest soon became a movement that spread outside the academy's walls, with people everywhere protesting against the wealthy and the Academy's Council. 


Tumblr static h7ot4gkezls0gokg0sw4cc8w

Isaac explaining to Twilight

Twilight continue working on her animation for Isaac, unaware that she is being manipulated. Isaac explains to her why he is making a jigsaw puzzle, he finds that when you turn the order you spent so long making into chaos, it becomes war-inducing, Twilight begins to look concerned by this.

A while later Twilight begins to become worried about GoGo, feeling as if Isaac has changed her somehow. As she continues with her animation she finds a video clip depicting the events of the Final Killing Game and is automatically sick upon watching the horrifying scenes. GoGo admits she watched the video and explains Isaac's intentions, she then begins to try and seduce Twilight although she only becomes more afraid and confused because of her "insane-lesbian" personality. Isaac soon kicks her away and by this point Twilight tries to escape, GoGo stops Twilight by grabbing her foot and Isaac insists that he needs her by lending him her strength, he explains that she can run although that he may use her friends in her next mutual killing game, effectively blackmailing her, she has no choice but to continue helping him, confined to his lair.



Hours later, Inori Aizawa and Menewa Cortan, Twilight's classmates, found the entrance to Isaac's lair and immediately descend the stairs, noticing Twilight upon reaching the room in which she is situated, who is too afraid to keep any sort of conversation when Inori asks her if she's okay. She continuously chants that she 'didn't do anything' although becomes more and more agitated.

However, Isaac and Ellen arrive on the room. When Menewa is shot by Ellen, being forced back by the blast, Twilight immediately runs away screaming and manages to escape before bumping into Ryouko Kusakabe, the teacher of her class. She exclaims that Inori and Menewa may die and that she wants to help them too but feels she can't as she is just an non-fighter. Ryouko consoles her, she holds is face and asks her if she can watch her animation after the ordeal is over, this calms Twilight.

Aa296d7ba34c98a5b914090d4b423fb20c1b92ec hq

Isaac introducing himself

Meanwhile in the room, Inori started to ask why Ellen and Isaac were doing that but the Dark Emperor intervened the conversation between Inori and Ellen. Then he introduced himelf as the mastermind of the whole mess of Heroes Academy Planet. As he already put his interest in Inori before their first encounter, Isaac had planned to make her watch the brainwash that he and Twilight created. However, Ryouko came and created a diversion by throwing a fire extinguisher, allowing Inori and the collapsed Monawa escaped from Isaac's grasp.


Isaac introduces himself to Ryouko in his real appearance

After the two students left, Isaac told Ryouko that he let Monawa and Inori escaped because he came up with a better plan. After that, Isaac gets tired of his Teacher Disguise form and disabled his Disguise Skill and went beack to his normal form. After he introduced himself and Ellen to Chisa, he explained that the students of Heroes Academy will be dyed with fear and hatred that day by brainwashing them using the War Video. To show the results of the brainwashing, Isaac called an already-brainwashed Reserve Course student and ordered him to commit suicide. As he slowly killed himself by cutting his own neck, Isaac excitedly told Ryouko that she will fallen into "war" state just like him too. Isaac and Ellen tied and forced Ryouko to watch the brainwashing war video. He need to go somewhere else and ordered Ellen to do whatever she wants to the teacher.

39940153 p0 master1200

Westcott looking down on Twilight and thanking her for her "hard work"

Isaac, along with a bunch of brainwashed Reserve Course students gathered on a bridge as they accompanied Isaac in biding his farewell to Twilight who escaped from his secret hideout. He thanked Twilight for making the complete version of War Video, because of her "hard work", he is going to brainwash all students and heroes on that planet and plunged that universe into despair by using its own heroes to work for DEM Empire as nazi dictators. Isaac clamed the panicked Twilight down by telling that the creation of War Video is not her fault at all and instead, telling her to run because running away from the problem is Twilight's fear.

As just a he said, Twlight ran away to escape from his grasp and his brainwashed heroes. However, just as Isaac was smiling at the Twilight running, someone from New Conglemerate discovered his activites and started to fight his minions. Isaac looked behind and saw Karen Nora Mathers again, Ellen's older sister and one of his most formidable enemies. After Karen defeated all his minions, Isaac prepared to fight with just 00,02% of his power to give an advantage to her. In just 5 seconds, Isaac used his hands in her neck to knockout her, quickly ending that short fight. Isaac laughed at her sayin' no matter what New Conglemerate do to stop him, it's useless.

27574187 p3 master1200jj

Isaac coercing Karen

He is disappointed that he was unable to defeat her through exploiting her weakness instead. He then revealed this weakness, showing a picture to Karen on his phone of her staring lovingly at a picture of Elliot Woodman, whom was Isaac's former friend. He threatened to show that to NC council and explain of Karen's feelings for him, but Karen begged him not to and while Isaac agreed, he demanded she attest to his innocence instead proclaiming that he did not murder the Heroes Academy trustee's and that DEM Empire was not related to Heroes Academy's incident. When she agreed to this half-heartedly he pressed his feet aggressively to her head and demanded she beg him to do, having Karen, one of his worst enemies, under his complete control. So, Karen surrounded and asked him to not tell it to NC council, Isaac then left the school grounds, the DEM droids follow with him, shielding him from the rain with an umbrella. He stated that Karen was only the 'appetizer' in his plan and that he had no further use for her, leaving 2 battle droids beating her to put her to sleep to make sure she would do nothing suspecious.

Later, Isaac kidnapped all students of Heroes Academy by launching a powerful invasion on the planet, blocking the star system with Block Ships and interrupting communications with other planets. As a result, the planet became a new DEM territory under control of a secret military force that not even the Multi-Universe Defense Forces were able to notice. Most of the heroes inside of the academy were forced to watch the War Video, turning them into insane serial killers. 5 months later, Isaac put all students inside of chambers, where he would defile them with his energy to turn more than 22,000,000 heroes in Abyssals, in his apprentices, to create a perfect army of Abyssals; The Fallen Legion.

Westcott's Impact upon the Multi-Universe


DEM's gas chambers

Nazi ideology and the actions taken by the regime are almost universally regarded as gravely immoral. Isaac, Nazism, and the Holocaust II have become symbols of evil in the modern universe. Elliot Woodman remarks that the era "exerts an almost universal appeal because its murderous racism stands as a warning to the whole of universe".

Many civilians followed the war closely, mainly through the HoloNet and propaganda. Throughout the entire conflict, citizens were overwhelmingly loyal, and dissent was nearly unheard of. This was due in part to simple patriotism but more a product of the pressure to show support. Therefore, any attempts to question Elliot's laws were harshly frowned upon by the majority, as there was a significant fear that without Elliot and the Alliance of Freedom leading the Multi-Universe Forces to fight the Balam Alliance, it would have no chance against the Dark Empires. The Multi-universe was going to be destroyed, without doubt, without the Alliance of Freedom.

5263117902 7ec98a503e

Satlha system, one of the many solar systems destroyed by DEM

On the other hand, the DEM Empire and their devilish swastika was the symbol of the enemy. Along with the adventures of the Alliance, news reports related the atrocities committed at the hands of the wicked genocidal nazis. Conversely to the famous Alliance of Freedom, wherever the DEM Forces went, the Multi-Universal Forces were sure to be defeated, sowing fear across all universes and making more citizens put their faith in Elliot Woodman. They believed the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries to be unstoppable. Indeed, the DEM Empire was.

For 4 million years, DEM Empire destroyed countless planets, killed and enslaved countless races and destroyed many universes. The number of killed by DEM is completely insane and is something that is impossible to tell. An estimated 900 Centillion (57% of the 13 Multi-Universes' population) people died because of DEM Empire, and their genocidal insanity is legendary to this day. Even 5 billions years after their defeat, billions of people around the universe keep dark memories when they were slaves of the DEM. These memories tormented them every night.  


Dac race genocide

Isaac's empire was a heartless tyrant group combining a complete lack of empathy, xenophobia and twisted ideas of genocide and extermination of all life with omnicidal tendencies, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire stands as a unique faction in the entire universe and 5 billion years after their defeat, their name, and their logo had become a curse to the life itself. The DEM Empire caused the largest universal-wide conflict ever during its day, still had consequences that lasted through the ages. It resulted in a distrust of droids and humans by many, in the devastation of many planets, the extintion of many races, led many people to insanity, in the destruction of billions of realities.

Caamas TFUCG

Caama after DEM genocide

Even though Westcott's final death prevented his spirit from returning to the mortal plane, his legacy would endure long after his ultimate defeat. His entire reign as the Dark Lord of the Abyssals led to the existence's ruin and the deaths of centillions. The loss of the Emperor did not stop the remnants of the Empire from continuing the Cataclysmatic War for almost another decade, and the Abyssals continued to persevere through several incarnations that were separate from Isaac's Order. The New Abyssal Order also managed to survive despite the Empire's defeat, even though it was largely amended to exclude many of Westcott's tyrannical policies. There were even people who craved for yet another one of his returns.

Endor Holocaust

Endor Holocaust

But one thing was promised after the end of that war. The DEM Empire was destroyed for good for all eternity and Westcott still alive hunting the nightmares of all generations of living beings.

In the DEM Empire, in order to ensure interests in universal security, the use of speciecide (or as they put it to replace "genocide", orchestrating strategic extinctions) was condoned under extreme cases, and was even noted in the official field manual for the Imperial Military, the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide. However, it was a lie as DEM Empire always usually commit genocide. DEM Empire managed to be one of the strongest empires of the history using slaves from other planets and was always one of Isaac's favorite methods to get powerful.

As stated, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott was the most heinous living being who walked in the face of all life and will be remembered for at least more than 500 trillion years after his defeat. However, with Katarina, the last ExKrieg dead, no one will be able to stop Fallen from being reincarnated in the future. Many people still think Fallen will reincarnate in another person, and this time nothing will stop him.

Predecessors and Successors

The Fallen was an immortal villain who reincarnated in many eras throught the history of the Multi-Universe, Isaac Westcott was just one of many of his reincarnations. 

The Fallen I - predecessor

The Fallen II - predecessor

The Fallen III - predecessor

The Fallen IV - predecessor

The Fallen V - predecessor

The Fallen VI - predecessor

The Fallen VII - predecessor

The Fallen VIII - predecessor

The Darkness - successor (speculated)

Saga AA - Eckidina Arc

Isaac Westcott is set to appear as an Abyssal Shadow in Eckidina Arc, the second season of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA. He will be the true main antagonist (Bigger Bad) of Angel Sub Arc, the first sub arc of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc and the main villain for rest of Katarina Arc, Godom Arc and Despair Arc. Isaac is later introduced as a secondary antagonist in the 5th Sub Arc - Eckidina's Rise, being responsable for the entire plot of Saga AA controlling Order of Terror to spread his reign across other worlds since he can't break into the Prime Earth.

  • 1st Sub Arc - Angel Arc: Bigger Bad
  • 2nd Sub Arc - Unit-CM 130 Arc: Supporting Antagonist
  • 3rd Sub Arc - Mafusa Gang's Revenge: Supporting Antagonist
  • 3.5th Sub Arc - Phoenix Sub Arc: Minor Antagonist
  • 4th Sub Arc - Madness Sub Arc: Minor Antagonist
  • 5th Sub Arc - Aryana Sub Arc: Supporting Antagonist
  • 6th Sub Arc - Godom Arc: Secondary Antagonist
  • 7th Sub Arc - Despair Arc: Bigger Bad
  • 8th Sub Arc - Diabla Arc: Big Bad
  • 9th Sub Arc - Order of Terror: Big Bad
  • 10th Sub Arc - Battle for Earth Arc: Secondary Antagonist

Major Battles


Isaac final form destroying a Multi-Universe

Pre-Sword of Kings

  • Isaac Vs. Beerus
  • Isaac Vs. Mikaela
  • Isaac Vs. Kurumi
  • Isaac Vs. Mukuro

Sword of Kings

  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. The Rogues
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Jellal
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. La Folia
  • Isaac (ShadowForm) Vs. Lusamine
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Katarina
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Asuha
  • Isaac (Shadow  Form) Vs. Atala
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Jin
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Saeko
  • Isaac (Shadow  Form) Vs. Sephiria
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Kyouhei
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Roy
  • Isaac (Shadow Form) Vs. Artemishia
  • Isaac (Shadow Final Form, 50%) Vs. Azul
  • Isaac (Shadow Final Form, 100%) Vs. Katarina (ExKrieg 1 Full Power)

A Draw of Kings

  • Isaac (First Form) Vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) 
  • Isaac (Third Form) Vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue) 
  • Isaac (Second Form) Vs. Dark Tohka
  • Isaac (Second Form) Vs. All Spirits
  • Isaac (Final Form) Vs. Alliance of Freedom and Brotherhood of the Abyss
  • Isaac (Final Form) Vs. Katarina (Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher Form)

Physical and Natural Abilities


  • Authority: It may not seem like an awesome power, but his authority is one of his worst weapons. He has control about any kind of authority on Earth (being the only person in the world able to create Realizer). Westcott is considered one of the most important people in the world by the fact that he is the only person who can manufacture Realizers. With his authority he can do whatever he wants with any human on Earth, he can commit any evil act without punishment. Isaac Westcott see other people just like dogs that will do his orders without question.
  • Magical-Technology: Isaac Westcott only creates magical technology, however, he never used it in a direct combat or in a fight. He uses it just in case he really needs to, during the transformation of Dark Tohka he used magic to teleport to somewhere.
  • World/Humanity: Westcott is the only person in the world who knows how to build Realizer Combat Units and the Realizer to fight against the Spirits, becoming one of the most important people in the world. Wescott is a very important for military leaders from around the world person, Westcott sells Combat Realizer Units to armies of all countries, anything that gets in the way of Isaac Westcott turns a blind an enemy of humanity, but that will not happen if he allows.
  • Gifted Orator: The main asset of Westcott is his ability to inspire his troops with enthusiastic speeches and Bloodthirst. It can take almost any situation and turn it into a speech that will strengthen the morale of his soldiers and Wizards for their next operation or mission. Westcott very rarely speaks, he makes long speeches when he is really excited enough to raise his diabolical joy to exterminate an entire population or cause a conflict that destroys the laws of peace.
  • DEM Wizards: Wizards are trained (or brainwashed) to be psychopaths who loyally obey him, so they would give their life because he ordered. His wizards are fanatical soldiers and almost soulless an are loyalty blind, acting as if they were robots following orders that could be inhumane.
  • Armed Forces: Westcott has control over all military forces on the planet, they obey any order Westcott. Any kind of weapon of mass destruction can be freely used by Isaac Westcott if he said if if he says that is for "humanities' greater good". He also has his own the military force of D.E.M.
  • Fear and Torture: These "weapons" are used by Isaac almost in everything he does or says. Also one of his fetishes. Most of his soldiers had been formed the basis of the fear, as seen in episode 4 of the season 2, when James was showing fear in returning to D.E.M with empty hands. Westcott tortures his soldiers in the cruelest ways possible for their failures, such as psychological torture, starvation, ripping their nails off, cutting their tongues, breaking the bones of their bodies, ripping out their teeth, sticking their eyes, making them eat insects, depriving them of oxygen and rape.
    • However, neither he often tortures his underlings, often it's a quick but painful enough to feel the experience of a terrible pain before the death. He often makes subordinates who are part of the faction "Anti-Isaac" feel the experience of feeling of death, especially at the time when several members of the Board of D.E.M had their arms cut by Ellen.
  • Realizer Possession: The Realizer is a small piece of technology that is put inside the human brain, when the Realizer is activated, the person will become a "zombie" and automatically becomes "dead and alive" at the same time. The device serves to sudden death, but also serves to communications. This ability is used by Isaac when he enters the James A. Paddington's body to communicate with Elliot Woodman. When Isaac entered in James, he was mentally unstable, the only thing that was moving was James' mouth while Isaac was talking to Elliot Woodman. Once Isaac and Elliot conversation was finished, the Realizer destroyed the entire James' nervous system.
  • Technopathy: A system that is used for combat, but also can be used for defense. This system is connected to the voice of Isaac. This occurs when Isaac active Shielded glasses at the torture chamber while Ellen killed Shido.
  • Brainwash Realizer: Isaac Westcott uses these Realizers to brainwashing his soldiers. The devices are used to make his servants act like crazy monsters willing to commit crimes against humanity at any cost.
  • Emergency Call: A device that is connected to Ellen's brain, the Realizer is used to call Ellen in situations where Isaac needs Ellen helps in something.

Natural Abilities

Thanks to being a mutant prodigy of the strongest race in space, Isaac possess incredible natural abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: Isaac possess the capability to match the likes of Katarina in physical strength, and after his four million years of training, easily overpower any God in a contest of brute force.
  • Superhuman Durability: Even without Abyss and whilst cut in half, Isaac was capable of surviving the destruction of a universe.
  • Oxygen Independence: Isaac can breathe without atmospheric air, enabling him to survive in space, which is why he is not afraid to attack a planet with the Death Ball with him in the planet. Reality Council describes Isaac as being able to survive anywhere.
  • Bio Suit creation: Isaac possess the natural ability to grow natural armor that they can shed at any time.

Abyssal Skills

  • Immortality: This ability is rather ambiguous, as Abyssals has stated that immortality is a myth. However, what it most likely refers to is the human souls inside the Abyssals, it has been speculated that, when damaged by blow that would have killed or incapacitated the Abyssal such as exceedingly holy weapons, the damage is instead directed to the Abyssal reservoir of souls. Because this ability does not really grant the Abyssal true immortality, it can be considered as pseudo-immortality. 
  • Ultimate Regeneration: Abyssal's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other being's. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. 
  • Superhuman Accuracy: The Abyssal has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so-called 'third eye'.
  • Superhuman Strength: The extent is unknown, but the Abyssal can physically rip humans and any other species apart with ease. 
  • Superhuman Speed: The Abyssal can move faster than the eye can see, the Primes can move more faster than the light.
  • Superhuman Agility: The ability to defy gravity to an uncertain limit. He is also seen leaping impossible distances and can walk up vertical surfaces. He also has the ability to levitate.
  • Intangibility: The ability to pass through solid objects.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Manipulation of shadows into physical form, which he can then use however he wishes.
  • Invisibility: The ability to become completley unseeable.
  • Blood Manipulation: The ability to control blood with the mind.
  • Soul Manipulation: The ability to manipulate souls.
  • Shapeshifting: The Abyssal can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hellhounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and various other forms. 
  • Smoke Manipulation: The ability to control smoke to an unknown extent.
  • Necromancy: The ability to control darkness and death.
  • Teleportation: The ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else. 
  • Telekinesis: Abyssals uses telekinesis to impale their opponents.
  • Mind Reading: Abyssals are able to hear the thoughts of others when he chooses.
  • Precognition: The ability to see into the immediate future.
  • Familiar Summoning: The ability to summon familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has drank in a variety of forms that either emerge from his body or swarm around him as an army numbering in the thousands. These familiars can also include animals such as horses and the weapons and abilities that the familiars possessed in life, but the Abyssal can only use this ability when Control Art Restriction System Level Zero is released. The familiars can come in two ways, one is similar to a ghoul, mindless and constantly moaning in pain, while the other is the soul manifesting exactly how it was when it was alive, personality, powers, and all. It's unknown if vampires have control of how they want their familiars to manifest, or if the soul loses its personality traits.
  • Blood Drinking: The ability to drink a person's blood, absorbing their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin, as a Abyssal e does with Luke Valentine's blood after his hellhound had eaten Luke's body. Abyssals can also draw in blood from thousands of people over vast distances.
  • Combat Experience: In addition to their superhuman abilities, the Abyssal also possesses centuries of combat experience. While he usually relies on crushing his opponents with sheer power and force, he does at times use strategy. When a Abyssal fought Megatron, the Abyssal used shadow duplicates to distract him, allowing the Abyssal to close the distance between them and deliver the death blow.
  • Omnipresence: This grants the Abyssal the ability to exist wherever and however he wishes to. The Abyssal can also exist in multiple places at once using this power, and he can appear in astral realms. It also makes him completely immortal; Any alterations to his person by outside forces can simply be willed away, including fatal injuries.


  • Flight – The ability of flight through the manipulation of Abyss.
  • Abyss Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Eye Laser – Precise laser-like beam shot from the eyes. Mild potency, but fast and able to nullify lesser attacks and small projectiles, as well as destroy weaker opponents and obstacles.
  • Floating Attack – Eye Lasers used in the air.
  • Invisible Eye Blast – An invisible abyss blast shot from the eyes.
  • Death Beam – Also known as Fallen Beam, this is Isaac's favored killing technique. He extends one arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger. It is able to be fired very quickly while maintaining precise aim.
  • '
    Namek&#039;s Destruction - Destroy the Planet!

    Death bullet

    Death Bullet
     – A single small burst of energy that is usually used as part of the Crazy Finger Beam technique.
  • Full Power Death Bullet – A powerful finger blast shot from the index finger.
  • Finger Beam – Two beams shot at the same time from the index fingers on each hand. 
  • Crazy Finger Beam – An incredibly fast burst which explodes at a location Isaac points to. He uses this ability many times in rapid succession after transforming into this third form to quickly attack Nui.
  • Barrage Death Beam – A rapid-fire version of the Death Beam.
  • Death Counter – A technique where Isaac fires an incredibly fast long-range Death Beam. The attack fires like a gatling gun.
  • Death Laser – An alternate version of the Death Beam.
  • Golden Death Beam – The most powerful version of the Death Beam. A Death Beam able to destroy entire continents in seconds. It can also open portals to other dimensions because of its power.
  • Emperor's Death Beam – The most powerful version of the Barrage Death Beam.
  • Death Comet – When Isaac is unable to control his anger, he starts firing massive spheres of energy that demolish the Vectron countryside.
  • Whirlwind Blow – Isaac uses this attack against three Siths by lightly blowing, which produces strong winds that forms a tornado. Since he is shown to only use this once and in his weakest form, it may hint Isaac only uses this attack on feeble opponents.
  • Force Positioning – Isaac stands perfect still and focuses on defense. 
  • Punishing Rush – A simply torture attack where Isaac grab the enemy's arm and rip it off and then slap the opponent's face with his army to humilliate.
  • '
    Namek&#039;s Destruction - Destroy the Planet! 2

    Death Ball

    Death Ball
     – Isaac creates a spark of abyss lights on the index finger and, once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small moon. When ready, this Death Ball is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent.
  • Fingertip Ball – A small energy sphere used to threaten Moori.
  • Supernova – A more powerful version of the Death Ball used by both Isaac and his apprentice Eve Fullbuster. Used by Isaac when he destroyed Planet Bandu and the second time against Deus Ex Vectron. In fact, Isaac used this ability many times in his lifetime to destroy more than 670 quintillion planets.
  • Destroy The Planet! – A variation of the Death Ball that Isaac uses in an attempt to destroy Planet Diveluke following Mana's transformation to God Magician.
  • 100% Death Ball – An enormous pink energy sphere covered with electricity which is thrown at Danny while he is underwater during their battle on Vectron. Though Danny is able to punch it into space, it still hits another planet, destroying it faster than any other planet destroyed by Isaac in the story.
  • Golden Death Ball – The more powerful version of the Death Ball.
  • Dark Death Ball – A more powerful version of the Death Ball used by Frost Demon Westcott. 
  • Death Storm – A variation of the Exploding Wave used by 2nd Form Isaac. 
  • Death Fork – The first part of the HAIL Isaac rush. Westcott flies at the opponent, impales them with his hand, and then tosses them away. Issac than drinks the blood from his hands to steal the essence of the life of his enemy.
  • Featherlight Touch – Isaac touches the opponent with minimal effort, killing weaker enemies.
  • Transformation – This is Isaac's ability to morph himself from a weaker state to a more powerful one. These transformations were originally a containment of his true power, with his actual form being what's commonly referred to as "Final". In all, Isaacdemonstrated three transformations and four altered states, overlooking his muscle enhancements at 50% and 100% power.
  • Kiai – One of the techniques Isaac against Katarina. At 50% power, it was enough to stun Katarina for several minutes.
  • Shockwave From the Fingertips – A barrage of Kiais shot from the fingertips.
  • Telekinesis – Isaac has strong psychokinetic powers, allowing him to freely levitate objects, such as boulders and Artifacts of the Past so that he does not have to carry them himself. He can even lift or move large objects through the air and blow up objects as big as mountains with only his mind.
  • Psycho Beam  – One of Isaac psychokinetic techniques. An ability that leave him insane for 5 minutes and can surprass all limits of living beings.
  • Blue-light2

    Isaac destroying a universe

    Psycho Blast
     – Using his telekinesis, Isaac lifts and throws rocks at his opponent.
  • Imprisonment Ball – A special attack used on Katarina, where he captures his opponent in a ball of energy they cannot break out of. Isaac can manipulate this ball as much as he wants, but it explodes as soon as it touches any surface other than Isaac himself, creating a nuke explosion. 
  • I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life! – Isaac shoots a small energy sphere into the opponent, lifts them up with telekinesis, then detonates the opponent by clenching his fist. 
  • Isaac Head Smash – IIsaac flies at the enemy head first and smashes them with his head which is covered with Abyss energy, it can destroy giant rocks.
  • XGtuS

    Westcott AT Shield

    Powering Rage
     – A defensive technique used to block Saitama Serious Punchs. 
  • Death Wave – A powerful long blade-like energy beam Isaac creates with two of his fingers and that can slice through anything and even cut a planet in half.
  • Emperor's Edge - A strong red and gold variation of the Death Wave used by Westcott against Mikeaela.
  • Psychic Move – Isaac creates invisible Abyss blades and swipes them at the opponent, knocking them back and creating a crater.
  • 50% Power – A rush attack used by Isaac in his final form against Katarina. Isaac first appears behind his opponent and knocks them off their feet with a low kick, and then he catches the opponent by their neck using his tail and brings them closer to himself so that he can elbow them in the ribs.
  • Death Break – A rush attack used by Isaac in his 100% Power form.
  • Death Raid – A powerful Heavy Finish used by 100% Power Isaac several times during his battle against Prime Katarina.
  • Palm Strike – A kick to the stomach used against Mikaela as part of his Death Break. Use to impale his enemies.
  • Right Cross – A powerful punch used by 100% Power Isaac against Beerus. When he punches his enemy, a cross appear in spot where he hit and give birth to several worms in order to eat the enemy from inside.
  • Nova Strike – An attack where he places a purple sphere of energy around himself and charges at the enemy. 
  • Death Saucer – Similar to the normal Destructo Disc, Isaac's are faster, a different color (purple), and can be controlled remotely. It can cut anything in half, even stars.
  • Dialga utilizando distorsión (2)

    Death Cannon

    Death Cannon
     – A more powerful form of Death Beam shot from the palm of the hand. 
  • Red Energy Blast – Isaac fires a red energy wave at his opponent n the speed of sound. Able to kill entire armies.
  • Punishing Blaster – Isaac fires a pink energy wave at the opponent and leave his enemy in horrible pain; used to torture.
  • Killer Ball – A explosive ball that creates a nuke-like explosion.
  • Death Blaster – A regular blast similar to blast rifles.
  • Hug Maneuver – A technique that 100% Isaac uses against Leohart.
  • Ruthless Blow – An attack used by Isaac where he impales his opponent with his right hand and took the enemy's heart.
  • Bad Ring Laser – Isaac creates a ring in form of energy and shot it at his enemies. 
  • Earth Breaker – A final desperation attack used by Isaac to detonate the universe he is on. Isaac uses all atoms of the universe as a support to destroy all creation.
  • Power Up – Isaac charges his energy in 25% for 5 hours.
  • Kick Combo – Isaac attacks his opponent only with his feet.
  • Sonic Warp – Isaac does rapid movement that looks like he teleports.
  • Roar – Used in anger before attacking Mikaela. His roar is used to leave his enemy deaf.
  • Pump Up – He creates a black aura around him and destroy all life around him.
  • Full Power – One of his Blast 1 in his final form.
  • Regeneration – Isaac can regenerate his body easily using his energy, since his body is actually non-physical (similar to a ghost), Isaac can simply replace his lost limbs with his shadow without losing power.
  • Freezing – Isaac creates a storm of snow from his mouth and freeze his opponent. It can also freeze entire cities.


While other beings in the Multi-Universe usually transform to increase their power, Isaac's power is naturally so great that originally his body could not properly contain it, and so Westcott developed series of physical transformations to limit his actual strength to prevent from being destroyed by his own power. He originally had four forms, with his fourth being his true form and first three designed to restrict and conceal his power from his enemies. Westcott says even upon transforming to his second form has a hard time controlling himself due to the immensity of his current strength. That would suggest that the second and third forms are mere physical augmentations that allow Westcott to build enough strength to revert to his true form. This also serves to torment his opponents by giving them a false sense of hope.

Later on, after a long period of intense training, Isaac became able to instantly transform from his first form straight to his true form. To which, he obtained proper control of his true form's power, allowing him to access it unhindered. He also attained a new transformation which greatly increased his power instead.

  • True Form - Fourth Form
  • 100% Full Power
    • Mastered Final Form
    • Nightmare Transformation
  • First Form
  • Second Form
  • Third Form
  • Fifth Form
    • Evil Energy absorbed
    • Villainous Mode
    • Demon God Possessed
  • Zeta Fallen Form 1
  • Zeta Shadow Fallen Form 2
  • Zeta Essence Fallen Form 3
  • Legendary Nightmare Form
    • ​B2-Fallen Killer Kampfdroid Unit-000

Abyssal Powers


Isaac's black hole

  • Death Sphere – A weaker but faster charged variant of the Death Ball.
  • HAIL Westcott – Isaac Westcott summon Abyssals and droids from the shadows and can summon the forever by reviving them.
  • Isaac Invisible Blast – A variation of Isaac's Fissure Slice.
  • Death Spike – A powerful long range energy blast similar to a sniper shot.
  • Emperor's Blast – A technique where Isaac  around to fire a large powerful short range blast, meant to attack opponents trying to flank around him and attack his backside. 
  • Evil Baked Sphere – A dark explosive wave utilized by Villainous Mode Isaac. When the ball hit the ground creates a black hole.
  • Nightmare's Awakening – An ability utilized by Isaac where he uses a occular technique a put his enemies in a illusion, similar to Sharrigan but the nightmare from his enemy are real and if they're killed inside of their minds they lose their lives in the real life too.
  • Bomb Shield – A melee attack where he punch his enemy and creates a powerful shield for 10 seconds using the energy of his enemy.
  • Fly Away – Isaac shoots a large wave of purple energy across the stage left to right.
  • Isaac Cutting Beam – Isaac's variation of the Mugetsu. It is a beam with a white color and a purple hue, which can switch the direction while firing it.
  • Death Junk – From below, Isaac shoots energy blasts into a formation, which strikes the opponent in groups of two. 
  • Heat dome

    Death Junk

    Nightmare Blast
     – From above the opponent, Isaac shoots energy blasts into a formation different from that of the Death Junk, which strikes the opponent. 
  • Wormhole - Isaac uses a wormhole in order to transport his spaceship to Coruscant in order to invade it.
  • Black Hole: Isaac summon black holes able to destroy entire galaxies. He steal the power from the core of the galaxies to create his own black hole. Nothing can escape from the black hole.
  • Neuron Star: A gigantic and dangerous star that can push all stars and planets around it and destroy everything in 10 minutes. It can suck even the own material of the space itself.
  • Blue Sun: A dangerous variation of the sun, the blue sun will burn EVERYTHING in 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Parcers. 10000000+ more hot than the normal sun and burn everything to the ashes in 5 seconds.



Hand Cannon

  • Hand Cannon - A powerful Hand Cannon in Isaac's left army able to destroy tanks like toys.
  • Crack Bomb – Isaac fires an explosive from the cybernetic part on his shoulder.
  • Grenades – It's just a normal attack where he launches grenades at his opponents using his own hands.
  • Spaceship – Vehicle utilized by Isaac and his soldiers during interplanetary travel.
  • Battle Droids – Isaac has the most advanced type of droids serving him.
  • Blaster Rifle – A regular E-1 Blaster Rifle used by DEM Empire forces.

Common Traits with Fallen I


Fallen's Abyssal Circle

While each of Fallen's reincarnations has a form unique to himself or herself, there are many traits common to or prevalent among the group. (Some of these, in turn, can be found in other so-called "Abyssal" lifeforms.)

A.T. Field

All of Fallen's reincarnations have souls and, hence, A.T. Fields. Their A.T. Fields are much more powerful than those of energy-based lifeforms, giving them various paranormal, especially, abilities. Common utilizations include barriers ("force fields"), levitation, and metamorphosis.


Blood is observed for many of Fallen's reincarnations. It is red in all instances save for Fallen II, whose is blue. It is unclear why, or how, Abyssals whose forms seem to preclude the possession of circulatory systems possess blood. On one level, it might be considered a visceral reminder of their intrinsically human nature.

Blood Type

Most register "Blood Type Blue". "Orange" is seen on some rare occasions. What "Blood Type" actually refers to is unclear.


Eva-01 cores

An Abyssal Core

The CORE is a spherical red organ containing the soul and S² Engine, which is the core of the Prime Abyssals. As long this core is active, the Abyssal can't be destroyed. The only type of energy able to destroy this core is the ExKrieg, in other words, Isaac is a Prime Abyssal that means only the Prime Abyssal Punishe is able to destroy this core, what lead him to destroy the ExKriegs. Isaac can't be killed from any type of being unless he is the Prime ExKrieg.

Energy Projection

Westcott can use the latent energy that his body produces to fire large energy blasts from the eye in his chest with great destructive power. He also combines his energy projection with his physical attacks, resulting in shockwaves and blasts capable of destroying city-sized areas. The invader has stated that the resulting blasts are so powerful that the weak will find their bones fried and vaporized instantly.

S² Engine / Fruit of Death

Possessed by all of Fallen's childdren. The source of their theoretically limitless motive energy. Despite the name, the S² Engine appears to be organic in nature.

Fighting Style

  • Highly Experienced Combatant: Westcott is an extremely skilled fighter with 4 million years of combat experience and not a single loss in combat, making him an extremely dangerous and powerful fighter. As such, he tries to end fights quickly and doesn't hesitate or hold back, presumably as a strategy to avoid giving chances to his enemies.
  • Trump Cards: Westcott has several techniques which he uses when he wants to finish a fight quickly or thoroughly destroy an opponent.
  • Sonic Burst: It is Isaac's trump card which he resorts to when he wishes to settle a fight quickly. He uses his latent energy to boost his body to speed and power beyond its limit, at the cost of putting immense burden on his body and even shortening his lifespan.
  • Omniversal Genocider: The most dangerous ability ever created in the history of the Multi-Universe and can only be used by high-universal warriors. The ability use all atoms and gravity of the space to create a black hole using the using the multiverse itself. The black hole will eat other multiverses near to the black hole.
  • Augmented Strength: Along with his other attributes, Isaac's strength grows to preposterous levels. Westcott, in this form, lifts an immense part of his ship and throws it against Katarina making it pierce through several layers of the massive fortress. One of Isaac's kicks had so much strength behind it that it had enough force to send Eve rocketing through space, all the way to the other side of the solar system of DEM Empire HQ.
  • Augmented Speed: Isaac's speed is also shown to increase drastically with the activation of Sonic Burst. He moves so quickly he appears as just a purple streak and causes the ship around him to melt.
  • Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon: While in his sonic burst form, Westcott can launch a massive beam of energy from his mouth which is much larger than his average Energy Beam. The color is also different, instead of being only blue, it has golden tones to it. Westcott states that he needs to concentrate and release the entirety of his latent energy to perform this technique. The beam is powerful enough to be able to destroy a Multiverse, it's weaker than his prime technique Multi-Universal Destroyer.

Time Manipulation

Isaac, like many warriors of the, is gifted with super strength and super speed to an extremely high amount. His blows are easily able to draw blood from the likes of Leohart and Hades (despite they only fought once in the past), even knocking out the latter. Though the most extraordinary thing about him is the sheer speed he possesses: to make effective use of his Time he needs to strike before 0.1 (later 0.5) seconds can pass. As shown against Tohka Yatogami, he can easily land a barrage of strikes before that time passes, showing he can move far faster than the speed of light. Westcott has been shown to have small wounds disappear within minutes.


Despite the name, it does not involve actually moving forward into the future, so much as freezing time. Westcott is able to freeze time for 0.1 seconds, enabling him to effectively reduce an opponent's reaction time or land hits on opponents that have attacked first and thus have minimal defense. There does seem to be an interval in between uses of this technique however.

Westcott's prowess with the Time-Leap had improved immensely. He could now sustain it for minutes and engage in lengthy conversations with his targets which he could also 'unfreeze' from the technique while leaving the rest of the existence frozen.


Westcott gained a entirely new ability which he showed off during his rematch with Beerus. He was able to phase through all of Beerus's attacks without taking any damage, leaving Beerus unable to hurt him. This ability is related to, yet distinct, from his Time-Leap. It was said his body was in another dimension and nothing can hit him from there.

Inverse Spirit

Westcott's goal involves making the Spirits go into their Inverse in order to extract their Qlipha Crystals from their bodies. Then, he bonds with the crystals to gain their ability to summon their Demon Kings.

So far Westcott has gained the following Demon Kings:

  • Weapon: Book
  • Original Owner: Tohka Yatogami

It can transfer information about a subject directly into his mind if he just thinks about it, as shown when Westcott found out about Katarina's past during A Draw of Kings, and he can freely share this information with others just by simply touching them. It can also summon shadow-like creatures from its pages that follow his every command.

However, since Tohka's Inverse Form was in an incomplete state, because of Katarina's intervention, only a part of her Qlipha Crystal was extracted. Because of this Westcott's <Satan> is also in an incomplete state, implying that the Demon King is not as powerful as it was, and/or does not have all the powers it had when Tohka was using it. <Beelzebub> also has a connection to Nia's angel <Sandalphon>, which the latter uses to further weaken the Demon King.

So far the Demon King owned by Westcott, Satan, has shown to have the following ability:

  • Ashufiriya (幻書館 (アシュフィリヤ), Genshokan, lit., "Phantom Library"): Traps the target(s) into the book and transports them into an adjacent world created by <Satan>. According to Tohka, the world is created by various scenarios made by people's dreams and imagination. The people imprisoned assume the roles of fairy tale and manga characters, though several alterations might be made to the source material. While trapped within the fantasy world, other Spirits are unable to use their Angels.

Occular Ability


"᧩᧪᧫᧬᧭᧮" from Abyss Language "Ceifador" is a biologic and legendary eye that only Prime Abyssals can use, howover, it appears only in certain individuals of the Abyssal clan. The Ceifador is recognised by its reddish colour, giving a special appearance for the users of this eye, characterised as holders of "eyes as red as blood".

The Ceifador confers illusion casting abilities. The Ceifador also gave the users the ability to manipulate the user's blood, or more accurately the iron in the blood, allowing the user to not only manipulate their blood, but any liquid with high iron concentration. With this, it is possible to create an eight-headed dragon, powerful enough to fight the Black Diamond; Or even create human bombers, who explode after being injured and have their blood exposed.



Westcott's slave souls

Familiars are Souls absorbed by Abyssals. All Abyssals can have their own familiars but they numbers are limited. However, Isaac can absorb infinite numbers of souls, including normal livinge beings, demons, gods, angels and devils. A familiar occurs when an Abyssal completely drains a victim of blood, thus taking their soul and leaving a zombi behind. Simple humans, can be familiars and can manifest into the real world as their host Abyssal allows.

Draining the blood of another creature and turning them into a familiar appears to be, or be related to, going from a simple Abyssal to a True Abyssal. Ingesting a significant amount of souls, thus accumulating a significant amount of familiars, may also be related to becoming a Transcendent, nearly unkillable Abyssal such as Isaac. 

Familiars don't seem to have any inherent uses to an Abyssal aside from substituting their own souls in place of the Abyssal's soul when that vampire is fatally wounded, thereby allowing the vampire to come back to life. A particularly dangerous Familiar, such as another Abyssal or a well-armed human, could be used as a weapon against opponents.

Katarina's Familiars

In LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Pigs of War (Final) Katarina becomes a half-Abyssal and showed signs of using a familar ability in her body, she doesn't know how to summon them however. Her familiars are Westcott's familiars since she has the same abilities, same race and is related to Isaac's soul.

Standard Equipament

Dual Genocidal Blades


He carries the Artifact of the Past, DGB, two blades known for being coated in an immensely deadly poison that can kill those cut by it within seconds, as the poison itself has no antidote. He is shown to be very proficient with his weapon, have excellent swordsmanship skills. The sword's trump card was revealed during the final battles against the Alliance of Freedom, the blade give temporary immortality for 1 hour and powers-up the energy of the user in 15%. It can cut anything, including stars in half if the user is in his prime.

Power Level

Westcott was born a mutant with abnormally great power in comparison to the rest of his race, humans, what made him the strongest Abyssal in history. Even though the rest of Westcott's race are strong, Westcott's power has always been in a completely different league. He is also recognized as a prodigy of such innate talent and natural growth that he became known as the most powerful warrior in the existence with no real training. Westcott's first form could calmly destroy planets. 

Combat Strength

Form Combat Strength
Base State 50,000,000
First Transformation 500,000,000,000+
Second Transformation 600,000,000,000+
Third Transformation 780,000,000,000+
Fourth Transformation 900,000,000,000+
Fifth Transformation 345,000,000,000,000,000+
Sixth Transformation 800,000,000,000,000,000+
Villainous Mode 850,000,000,000,000,000+
Frost Demon 912,000,000,000,000,000+
Demon God Possessed 960,000,000,000,000,000+
True Form - 100% 950,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+
Final (with Eve's soul) Form - 100% 970,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000++
Abyssal God (non-canon)  ????????+

New Conglomerate Rating

Aryana's rating determined by the New Conglomerate.

Ability Type Fitness Intelligence Justice Endurance Speed Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability

DEM Empire Rating

Aryana's rating determined by the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire.

Ability Type Sadism Intelligence Insanity Endurance Speed Body Count Effectiveness Fighting Ability

Allies & Servants

DEM Allies

Notable DEM Allies who worked alongside him.

  1. Ellen Mira Mathers
  2. Aryana Westcott
  3. Hades Izanami
  4. Aya Tokoyogi
  5. Makuta Teridax
  6. Cyrus
  7. Emperor Palpatine
  8. Mana Ouma
  9. The Major
  10. Darkseid
  11. Black Diamond 
  12. Dr. Miserix
  13. Nekron
  14. Madara Uchiha
  15. Ultron
  16. Apocalypse
  17. Kaguya Otsutsuki
  18. Thanos
  19. Superman (Injustice Universe)
  20. Harbinger
  21. AntiChrist
  22. Parallax
  23. Yhwach
  24. Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant 
  25. Völdermort Creighton
  26. Chiquita

Earth Allies

  1. Eckidina KnightWalker
  2. Emperor Tathagata Killer
  3. Lusamine
  4. Junko Enoshima
  5. Dark Yoshino
  6. Michael Langdon
  7. Sonia Nevermind
  8. Dark Misogi
  9. Kanon Rihavein
  10. Sasha
  11. Carissa


  1. Towa
  2. Muuha
  3. Van Krauus
  4. Isos 
  5. Silas
  6. Omega
  7. Krruel
  8. Elsa Granhilte
  9. Bismarck Bodewig
  10. Arc
  11. Artemisia Bell Ashcroft
  12. Marina Arusu
  13. Minerva Liddell
  14. Prime Reaper AI-78


Kattumblr nsysiv2OCG1tpciuho1 r1 1280 (1)

Isaac kissing Mikaela's neck

It is unknown what, if any, romantic or physical relationships Isaac had during his lifetime besides Mikaela Du Tirial and Harbour, and to what extent. Since his youth, Isaac was focused only on the acquisition of power, and wore the identity of a Prime Minister like a mask in order to advance his career and reach a position of power in the Asgard Electronics and would eventually use his mask to manipulate Adolf Hitler. As a young man and ambassador, he evidently found it useful to make it appear that he was in an amorous mood when it suited him, for he was known to the people closest to him, such as Harbour and Mikaelam as a ladies' man. Always focused on the Grand Plan and wipe out the Multi-Universe, Isaac appeared, in his words, "always eager to make friends," using flirtation as a tool to advance his agenda of gaining political power.

The Widow

Rumors persisted that Isaac had a sexual relationship with the Widow that was visiting the grave of her dead husband, and many went so far as to declare her the "Queen of the Empire." However, Isaac actually raped her and forced her to have his child to give birth to another "guinea pig"; Alisa Ray Peram Westcott. Isaac himself killed her after she was no longer useful.

List of Victims

List of people killed or tortured by Isaac Westcott and his army (summary; only deceased or tortured)

51s-aOSWbGL. SX940

Part 1

  • 67 children in the Orphanage; 
  • 400 animals (as a child);
  • Westcott Family - 20 deaths
  • 1 bully kid at the Orphanage;
  • A girl and her puppy at the orphanage;
  • 10 kid members of his Bully gang;
  • 1 child of an unknown couple;
  • Dante Westcott;

Part 2

  • 4 million British people at London;
  • 90 million people around the globe during the civil wars he started;
  • Jackson Frigs;
  • Chris;
  • 500 terrorists from Aurozia in Geo Front battle;
  • 300 drones in Geo Front battle;
  • 900 men from GDP in Geo Front battle;
  • 100 million dead in the first week of WWIII;
  • Heavy human loss - estimated that 600 million of people, including civilians and soldiers during the first year of WWIII;
  • New Cold War - between Italy and India - 583,000 deaths;

Part 3

  • Adolf Hitler;
  • 6,000,000 Jews on the past during WWII;
  • 60,000,000 million human losses during WWII;
  • 13,000,000,000 deaths when he destroyed the his homeworld;
  • 504,000 rebels on Earth;
  • 40,000,000 Anti-DEM leaders;
  • 30,000,000 in German Genocide;
  • 900,000 poor people in China, Germany and Africa;
  • 680,000,000 people during his 120 years as a Emperor of DEM in Earth;

Part 4

  • 976.445.324.678.149.677.899 planets enslaved;
  • 900,000,000 demons from Triggers Hell;
  • 400,000,000 Siths from Sith Empire;
  • More than 400 trillion enslaved warriors from others worlds;
  • 600 million members and soldiers from Universal Machine Alliance;
  • Eve Fullbuster (tortured and abused in his training);
  • 700 octillion animals around the Multi-Universe;
  • 500 million Stormtroopers
  • 700 million Galactic Officers;
  • 900,000 Galactic patrol soldiers;

Part 5

  • 942.554.428.673.956.871.910.873 planets;
  • All humanity from 3rd Earth;
  • 150 million people in China and Mongolia in Prime Earth via First Spirit;
  • 600 billion ExKriegs enslaved;
  • 600 planets in Forgotten Zone of the universe;
  • 900,000,000 unknown alien races;
  • 700 quintillion people in Forgotten Zone;
  • Mikaela Du Tirial;
  • Mizagi and 5 ExKriegs from his crew;
  • ExKrieg King;
  • 600 billion ExKriegs killed;
  • 3 ExKriegs in his prison;
  • Fifty ExKriegs by Ellen's hands;
  • 30 ExKriegs by Cell's hands;
  • 400 billion people from an unknown race at Marte planet;
  • Marte planet - destroyed with Mikaela and her forces;

Part 6

  • 500,000,000 million people in an unknown planet;
  • Valtus;  - alive but tortured
  • Shiro;  - alive but tortured
  • 30 kids from Shiro's family;
  • 900,000,000 soldiers from UCN;
  • 500,000,000,000 soldiers from New Conglomerate;
  • 90 Spirits;
  • Mukuro;
  • Kurumi Tokisaki; - alive but tortured
  • 300,000,000 soldiers from USN;
  • Senator Clovis;
  • 500 trillion people in Alpha Centauri system;
  • 400 million people in Isaac Planet 593;
  • 30 billions from Amerish;
  • Casper;
  • 50 Rebel leaders;

Part 7

  • Nia Honjou; tortured but alive
  • 900 young girls from his empire;
  • Newborn infant from an unknown woman;
  • Unknown woman from his Mind Rape experiment;
  • DEM Doctor;
  • 500,000 infants from his empire;
  • Hundreds of Bothans;
  • Karen Nora Mathers; - alive
  • 500,000 DEM officers from a DEM Cruiser;
  • 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,940,000 sentient beings from 455th Galaxy;
  • 450,000 children at Tower of Heaven - enslaved but alive;
  • Shogo Makishima;
  • Euclywood; - alive
  • Ryouko Kusakabe; - alive
  • Scarlet Witch; - alive

Part 8

  • Bismarck Bodewig; - alive
  • Charllote Dunons - raped by his officer; deceased
  • 700,000 people from Bismarck Bodewig village;
  • 300,000 people from Mana Takamiya's city;
  • Mana Takamiya's young sister;
  • Mana Takamiya's parents;
  • 500,000,000 from Mana's homeworld;
  • 700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - all people killed in his death camps;
  • 150,000,000 people killed by CM Unit 130;
  • Dan;
  • 2 heroes from NC;
  • Nammu;
  • Schimi; - alive
  • 140,000 NC soldiers by Bismarck's hands;
  • 20 Council Leaders from NC;
  • NC Spy Boy - raped and killed by Buppa
  • 3 Isaac's underlings; burned alive

Part 9 

  • 50 rebels by breaking their member;
  • 300 DEM civilians in his torture chamber;
  • Unknown mother tortured to death;
  • An unknown infant tortured to death;
  • 300,000 civilians in a DEM village - carbonized, raped and tortured;
  • 1,000,000 people devoured by his Dragon;
  • 945 people killed and tortured by Wild Hunt under his command;
  • Tomuro Takashi; tortured by crushing his genitals - alive
  • Han Solo; - alive
  • 500 people in a Theater; sexually tortured and killed;
  • Unknown widow raped and killed
  • Unknown child of the widow raped and killed by his officers; 
  • 400,000 kids sold in the black market;
  • 900,000,000 women sold in the black market;
  • 5,000,000 infants;
  • Marina Arusu;
  • Maria Arusu;

Part 10

  • Heroes Academy's female trustee;
  • Princess Kaguya;
  • Dozens of Heroes Academy's security guards;
  • Twilight Sparkle;
  • 30 students from Heroes Academy;
  • GoGo;
  • Inori;
  • Monawa;
  • 5,000 in the Heroes Academy's protest;
  • All Heroes of Heroes Academy - 3,000,000,000 people brainwashed and turned into insane warmongers;

Part 11 - Saga AA

  • Kanon Rihavein; 
  • Misogi Kumagawa; tortured but alive
  • La Folia Rihavein; killed at first but revived
  • Katarina Couteau; - indirect action but killed her in DEM Planet 3 years later
  • Rentaro Satomi;
  • The entire mankind of Prime Earth;
  • 12 billion people from Prime Earth via World War III;
  • Tamae Okamine;
  • Chinatsu; alive
  • Emperor Tathagata Killer;
  • King Hamdo;
  • Kefka Palazzo;
  • Former Director of Sephira Gastronomics;
  • 500 politicians from Novosic Kingdom;
  • 900 politicians and military leaders from Russia;
  • Sonia Nevermind; 
  • King Lucas;
  • King Arthur Vaz;
  • Virgilia;
  • Polifonia;
  • The whole Novosic Kingdom - 2,000,000 deaths
  • The whole Aldegyr Kingdom - 30,000,000 deaths
  • Azul Jissele; - alive
  • Atala Arcks; - alive
  • Ryota Mitarai; - alive
  • Komaru Naegi; - alive
  • Saeko Busijima; - alive
  • Jin Kisaragi; - alive
  • 40% of humans in America;
  • 500,000 animal races; - 500,000,000 animals in Prime Earth
  • Michael Longdon; - alive
  • Kaori; - alive
  • Peace Foundation leaders; - 3 killed but the rest are alive;
  • Shido Itsuka; - alive
  • Tohka Yatogami; - alive
  • Monaca Towa;
  • The entire Raizen High School;
  • 120 people killed by Sonia in Tenguu City as the Jack the Ripper of 21st Century;
  • All 900,000 leaders of Global Pact Defense;
  • All 400,000 leaders of ISA;
  • All 100,000 leaders of VSA;
  • Sasha;
  • Junko Enoshima; 
  • Mukuro Ikusaba; - alive;
  • 200,000 members from Mafusa Gang;
  • 100,000,000 civilians in China;
  • 200,000,000 civilians in Chronos Empire;
  • All former 20 leaders of Order of Terror;
  • Karma Maxwell;
  • Yoshino; - alive
  • Yoshinon; - alive
  • Kotori Itsuka; - alive
  • Richard Tompson; - alive
  • Asuna; - alive
  • Shigure; - alive
  • Jellal Fernandes;
  • Tomas Sevchenko;
  • Lucas Kellan; - alive
  • Cassie; 
  • Asuha Chigusa; - alive
  • Kasuma Chigusa;
  • 500,000,000 jews and black people during his reigh on Earth;
  • 100,000,000 disabled people;
  • 200,000,000 Christians;
  • All popes, nuns and priests in Vatican;
  • Godom Empire civilians; 1,000,000 deaths
  • 50,000,000 people in Brazil;
  • Roy Mustang;
  • X-23;
  • Cryska Barchenowa; - alive
  • Eugen Katsuragi;
  • Eugen's adoptive parents;
  • Iruka Couteau and Karuko Couteau via car accident; no intentional
  • North Korea civilians; 3,000,000 deaths
  • Lusamine; - alive
  • Revy;
  • Haru Zageko; - alive
  • Ibuki Mioda; - alive
  • Tanaka Gundham;
  • Mikan Tsumiki; - alive
  • Sanada; - alive
  • Captain Wataru;

Part 12 - A Draw of Kings (Final)

  • All heroes and villains of all existence - half are dead;
  • Katarina Couteau; - alive
  • La Folia Rihavein;
  • Ichabod Crane;
  • God of the Multi-Universe;
  • All people of DEM Empire;
  • Elliot Baldwin Woodman;
  • 593,385,394,294,850,294,234,146,267,214,776,445,223,769,859,103,507,594,803,854,294,699,459,922,444,790,999,159,888,384,948,295,503,850,555,382,888,392,095,699,333,484,686,482,950,960,950,385,585,385,293,9440,590,284,960,384,321,950,940,556,595,283,975,834,869,954,212,3445,567,213,453,876,999,394,856,284,384,234,495,677,777,395,666,293,492,840,284,111,940,492,593,778,893,855,553,201,111,920,100,394,920,192,919,210,394,943,493 - full Dead county of all people he killed during his entire life; 87% of the population of all life in all Multi-Universes.

Part 13 - Aftermatch (legacy)

  • More 90,000,000 planets died thanks to diseases and chemical weapons used by his Empire;
  • 500 billion people died across the Multi-Universe as a result of his actions which affected life after his death: diseases, hunger and poverty;
  • 40,000,000 people committed suicide after witness the terror of the work camps;


  • Ireland Government
  • Ireland Military
  • Asgard Electronics
  • Westcott Family
  • Himeragi School
  • Deus.Ex.Machina Industries
  • Balam Alliance
  • Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire
  • DEM Empire Waffen-666
  • DEM Empire 3rd Division
  • DEM Empire Imperial Army
  • ExKrieg Forces
  • DEM SS
  • KnightWalker Family
  • Order of Terror
  • Fallen Cult
  • Fallen Legion
  • Black Blood


Works written by Isaac

Tumblr oefdfqLsk51txdeaio1 1280


  • The Paths to Power
  • Absolute Authority
    • The  Abyss Compendium (unfinished)
      • The Book of Hatred
      • Religion of Blood
      • The Weakness of Inferiors
      • The Creation of Monsters (unfinished)
    • The False War
    • Battle Droid Manufacturing Manual
    • The Useful Bureaucrats
  • Book of Abyss (ed.)
  • Principles of Power
  • New Conglomerate - The Blue Plague Traitors
  • Art of War


  • Security Act amendment
  • Declaration of a New Order

Works about Isaac


  • The Great Universal War 
  • The Director
  • The Mindless Dictator (Republic film mocking Isaac)


In general

  • Destruction of the universe by heathenflame-d74mylm

    Isaac as a Inverse Spirit destroying the Multi-Universe

    To become a inverse Spirit to become God;
  • To "rewrite" the laws of the reality according to "his own image" - Use the Inverse Sephirah Crystals of the Spirits' Inverse Forms to plunge the whole Multi-Universe into endless state of chaos, destruction and finally bring the "hell" on existence in order to lead all life to extinction to have some fun, then he will never get bored again;
  • To become the Dark God of the new apocalyptic reality by declaring himself as the one and only "evil";
  • To destroy the barriers of reality and bring down God's laws;
  • To kill Katarina and her friends;
  • To destroy all Anti-DEM factions of the reality;
  • Kill Elliot Woodman;
  • To drive all Spirits into insanity;
  • To make God cry;
  • Wipe out all non-humans and inferior races of existence leaving only white humans;
  • Keep La Folia as his wife or kill her;
  • Make DEM Empire the superior and dominant Empire in the Multi-Universe;
  • Destroy the universe order and bring about the new world order;
  • Plunge the whole Paradise of God into darkness and chaos for eternity after he dominated the universe;
  • To destroy the Core of the Multi-Universe after he finished playing with the existence as the Dark God

Pre-Sword of Kings

  • 20121128200810c93

    Isaac in the past

    Eliminate all children of his orphanage; (completed)
  • Kill his family for revenge for abandoning him; (completed)
  • Kill his brothers; (completed)
  • Show pain and despair to his parents; (completed)
  • Use his appearance to deceive his brother's friends to play with them; (completed)
  • Kill all population of Londo via Gas posion; (completed)
  • Become a high-politicians in Ireland to start his master plan; (completed)
  • Kill the former leader of Asgard Electronics to become the new director; (completed)
  • Use the Drone Army of Jackson to sell it to all countries on the world to start a new world war; (completed)
  • Start the World War III in the 2nd Parallel Earth; (completed)
  • Join Kurata in his master plan to open portals to another worlds; (completed)
  • Use the war to spread his reign and business; (completed)
  • Travel to the past to manipulate Adolf Hilter into becoming the next leader of Germany; (completed)
  • Manipulate the World War I in the past to change the future of World War II by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria using his brainwashed man; (completed)
  • Use Adolf to start a new Nazism Part in Germany; (completed)
  • To start his operations in the past during WWII by sending his drones to create bases all around the globe; (completed - LOTM: War Thunder)
  • Let the Allies defeat the Axis; (completed)
  • Strike back after his army in the new Earth is completed);
  • Destroy his former homeplanet after his master plan is completed on the past and destroy all mankind; (completed)
  • Destroy the USSR and USA before the beginning of Cold War; (completed)
  • Conquest the world; (completed)
  • To found a new nazi regime; (completed)
  • To turn the Asgard Electronics into a new Nazi Part; (completed)
  • Put the entire planet in a fascist regime; (completed)
  • Defeat the communism and capitalism; (completed)
  • Wipe out all inferior races leaving only white humans; (completed)
  • Enslave all black people, jews and chinese people; (completed)
  • To found the New World Worder; (completed)
  • To spread his reign across the galaxy; (completed)
  • Conquest his universe; (completed)
  • Defeat the Sith Empire and Triggers; (failed to all sides)
  • Join the Balam Alliance to form a pact of non-aggression; (completed)
  • To conquest all Multi-Universes; (conquested 5 Multi-Universes - still conquesting universes nowdays)
  • To sell all planets he can for money; (completed)
  • Start the Holocaust II to wipe out all non-human races; (still committing genocide nowdays; wiped put more than 900 quintillion races)
  • To enslave the ExKriegs; (completed)
  • To wipe out the ExKriegs to prevent the Prime Abyssal Punisher from being born somedays; (completed)
  • Destroy Amerish to use the planet as his new base; (completed)
  • To defeat all rebels of his empire; (completed)
  • Spread chaos and destruction through the universes to make him stronger than Fallen I; (completed)
  • To break into new worlds; (completed)
  • To become immortal; (completed)
  • To become the new emperor of the Multi-Universe; (almost complete)
  • To defeat Galactic Patrol; (completed)
  • Kill Beerus; (completed)
  • To defeat Reality Council; (completed)
  • To defeat New Conglomerate and kill Elliot Woodman; (destroyed NC' first generation but don't killed Elliot yet)

Saga AA

  • Ikjij

    Isaac's shadow in Saga

    Use Kanon Rihavein to destroy Prime Earth in his name; (completed)
  • Take over Kanon's body to break into the real world; (failed)
  • Manipulate Sonia Nevermind by sending his Angel Technology to Novosic Kingdom; (completed)
  • Manipulate La Folia's life to create the perfect stage to Kanon's rise to power; (completed)
  • Kill La Folia Rihavein; (completed)
  • Use Emperor Tathagata Killer to invade Japan; (complated)
  • Use Godom Empire to destroy all religions of the world; (failed but successed with Order of Terror)
  • Use Sasha and Mafusa Gang to create the Black Tal; (completed)
  • Force Katarina Couteau to drink the Black Tal to make her go insane and awake her unknown power in order to study her; (completed)
  • Take over Katarina Couteau's body; (failed)
  • Use Order of Terror and KnightWalker Family to start World War III; (completed)
  • Destroy all religions of the world; (completed)
  • Use Order of Terror to bring a new World Order; (completed)
  • Destroy Global Pact Defense and United States; (completed)
  • Help King Hamdo to found the New USSR to help KnightWalker Alliance; (completed)
  • Force the victory of KnightWalker Alliance; (completed)
  • Guide Eckidina into becoming a Inverse Spirit by explaining how the Qlipha Cyrstal of the Spirits works; (completed)
  • Let the Ratatoskr to save the Spirits to let them be more friendly with humans to kill Katarina in front of them to force them to go in Inverse Mode at once; (completed)
  • To help Eckidina torture Nia Honjou again; (completed)
  • Help Diabla destroy the world to force to her to bring the Sephira Crystal of Tohka; (completed)
  • Destroy the universe after he finished with his plans; (completed)

A Draw of Kings

  • Wipe out the Alliance of Freedom; (completed)
  • Destroy Multi-Universe Defense Forces; (completed)
  • Destroy Reality Council; (completed)
  • Destroy New Conglomerate.; (completed)
  • Kill Katarina, the Last ExKrieg; (failed)
  • Destroy the Omniverse; (destroyed 35% of the existence but failed)
  • Die after the conclusion of his master plan; (completed... But failed at the same time)

Theme Song


E Nomine- Mitternacht with lyrics

E Nomine- Mitternacht with lyrics


midnight! When the gondolas are in mourning
And the dead's lament resounds
Horror is breathing down your neck
When the clock starts striking
Cold thick fog
Is touching you gently
...midnight! [latin]
Endless craziness in the night
Endliss craziness in the night
Ghosts in the mist
midnight, dark night
Cruelty of the soul
The bell is ringing
Twelve times
midnight, dark night
Truelty of the soul
The bell is ringing
Twelve times
When your blood is freezing in your veins
When fear is constricting your throat
When you hear your heart strike with the bells
It is night...
Endless craziness in the night
Endliss craziness in the night
Ghosts in the mist
Midnight, dark night
Cruelty of the soul
The bell is ringing
Twelve times
Midnight, dark night
Cruelty of the soul
The bell is ringing
Twelve times
Midnight, dark night
Cruelty of the soul
The bell is ringing
Twelve times

OST Theme Song



The Fallen's Essence OST

Obscurus Mix II ~ GRV Music Prelude to Calamity

Obscurus Mix II ~ GRV Music Prelude to Calamity


  • "I haven't rejected the dynasty I was born into. I've rejected the name I was given."
  • "Crane, give up. I'll make you feel more comfortable after realize that you've lost everything. Your pain force you to forget everything. What is the point to cry for the dead? Do not worry, I'll cut all your friends and loved ones in front of you in millions of pieces and make you take bath in their blood while crying in despair and being electrocuted to insanity. Let's see for how long you can hold your sanity. Like I said before, sanity is like a stick in front of an abyss. If you push the stick, it will fall on the abyss and it will never come back. But the abyss is the madness itself. You can't undo it."
  • "Now you know what fear does to you. In the face of death you thought. Let me ask you, if your God would allow my madness to flourish across the universe, then wouldn’t it seem to you that any god like that would be just as mad as I? We're the DEM Empire. Do you have idea how many universes we killed?"
  • "Do you feel the hate? … It is the source of your strength. You still hate me. No matter. Today you have delivered yourself into my hands. I have the power of life and death over you, Sven. Someday, you will hold that power over another. It is the honour of the Abyss. You will devote yourself to the idea of domination."
  • "You have forgotten your place, Eve Fullbuster. By taking this boy as your apprentice, you have betrayed me. Now you will kill him, or I will destroy you both."
  • "Flesh does not easily support this great power."
  • "Why, Master Yoda, what a delightful surprise! Welcome! Let me be the first to wish you Happy Empire Day!"
  • "Of all the monsters I have created, I still regard Ellen Mira Mathers as something of a minor masterpiece. No, she was not an entirely alchemical creation, but she was my monster nevertheless. Even though she failed to live up to her full potential, there was much pleasure in transforming Ellen Mathers from a bright-eyed, tousle-headed youth into the greatest Hero killer of all time. Yes, she ultimately turned against her Master, as monsters sometimes do, but that was my fault, not her. Given the opportunity to create Ellen again, I would, and with zeal."
  • "There doesn't seem to be any power readings for the Waffen-666. So it is true. Heh hehehehe. Somehow you wimps have managed to destroy the most elite fighting team in DEM. Haha. What a farce. I only wish that I could've been there to see the look on Abyssal Albarn's face. Hahahhaha. What do ya say we get started... I know you are all anxious to resolve this dispute once and for all. I always knew that you would turn on me someday Elliot, but I never knew when. Now I see that you were just waiting for the stakes to get high enough before you played your hand. A valiant effort but in the end it just didn't work, now did it? I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed your little rebellion, because now it's over my restless little warriors. Now you die. I should've done this a long time ago. You ruined everything you little scumbag. How dare you stick your nose in my affairs? I could've been immortal. I hate you!."
  • "Even death kneels before me!"
  • "These Earth scum tricksters. They're just like weeds. You have to get 'em by the root!"
  • "Ah! Do not worry, if I ever need your services again after I kill you, I will not hesitate to clone you."
  • "Curse you, Katarina! I'll tell you the truth about your mother! The great Mikaela Du Tirial was a sick woman carrying a bloody sword! Yes, that sword inspired terror throughout the galaxy, but the feeble heart within was forever possessed by the impotent side of the life; LOVE!!"
  • "Wake up. Torture's no fun if I can't hear you scream."
  • "Human emotions is just a highly evolved form of logic."
  • "It's simple. Compare to dropping a glass, dropping it from a higher place make it broke much easier."
  • "Why you ask I killed trillions of people if you also do not count the insects that you killed? This is not the same?"
  • "The Kingdom has inverted! Now, prepare yourselves, mankind! It's time for the triumphant return of the Demon King!"
  • "Calm down, Tohka-chan. I am a person very patient, generous and kind. And because of that I will be kind enough to drown you in the blood of your lover when I plunge this reality in the hands of death. No need to thank me, it's from my nature to be kind. You may think I'm a cruel person, but it was nothing more than my generosity. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "My! Yes. That would actually be very simple. I want your powers as Spirit to turn the ways of the world upside down....In order to topple the restraints of this REALITY."
  • "I am in so far in blood that sin will pluck on sin."
  • "War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god."
  • "Honestly, I don't understand why people get so worked up about a little planet destruction when there is TRILLIONS of them!"
  • "Now you know what fear does to you. In the face of death you thought."
  • "Don't trust anyone. But sure, I wouldn't lie to someone who I want to like me."
  • "Let's play our operation."
  • "Now, within a fairy tale… struggling in fantasy."
  • "Before you begin your pathetic struggle to survive, I should warn you. Your chance of winning is nonexistent."
  • "Even peaceful people, given a gun, can go crazy. Afterwards they can't even understand what led them to do it."
  • "Yours screams remind me of the sound of your mother's bones breaking."
  • "The Fallen. That's supposed to be my name. I've been called that many times... I guess it's obvious, since it is my name. But me and the original Fallen I know... sad to say, we're pretty different."
  • "What if my problem wasn't that I don't understand people, but that I don't like them? What if I was the kind of person who was obliged to hurt you for this? I mean, physically. I think you'd have to believe afterward, if you could, that agreeing to participate and then backing out at the critical moment was a mistake. Because that's what I'm telling you, as clearly as I can."
  • "You ever tried going mad without power? It's boring! No one listens to you! The real fun of being a Emperor of a Multi-Universal Empire is to rule my people with iron fist!"
  • "Misery? What misery? I love killing people! Squishing them till their organs squirt out like chunky mustard!"
  • "All things...are meaningless... My life. Your life. This universe. This Multi-Universe. We are thoughts of superior beings. That's why was able to do all those things. This is just a dream. And when destroy this existence, I'll woke everyone... And kill them again there!"
  • "Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why you're begging for mercy, knowing that you have to die?"
  • "You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the Afterlife. Only death. And trust me, I'm the one who will sent to there and the one who will torment you day and night there!"
  • "In the end of this war, when I'm the God.. I will kill every single human being on this existence and then exterminate all those disgusting aliens. I'll come methodically after every last one of you, and I'll watch your faces twist with fear as cut the members of your loved ones."
  • "No one who has ever witnessed this form has ever escaped alive. And you... You are no exception! I won't leave a speck behind! I will erase you from this world! [...] So...Now do you see? You will vanish without a trace! Forever forgotten! Now, now. There's no need to be sad. Your friends will be right behind you."
  • "I see so you're La Folia Rihavein. Kanon Rihavein was right, you're beautiful. If you was in my Empire, I would probably clone you to use you as one of my guinea pigs in my Abyss Experiment. But yeah... HAHAHA! There are many people in my empire who would pay a fortune just to get a normal clone of your. I can turn these clones in all ways possible: Dolls, lolis, robots, sex-slaves, sex-dolls, animal-human monsters... But if you were to be mine, I prefer you to be my BDSM slave. Fufufufu."
  • "You're weak, just like the rest of your friends! They did not deserve to exist in this world — in my empire! Prepare to join them. I don't need deserters, cowards and weaklings in my army! Prepare to die!"
  • "It's time for this world to end in fire and for a new world to be born from the ashes! Ah... Not really. I just want to let this world in ashes."
  • "Names... they don't really matter, do they? Not now. Nothing matters now... except the mark you left in people."
  • "Nothing can stop me now! I can enjoy the death and suffering of all living things to my heart's content!"
  • "Go on. Show me your bones leaving your flesh, your skulls being crushed and your genitals being ripped off. I want to watch you suffering!"
  • "No one could ever defeat me easily! And yet, I can remember another time -- a day long past -- when I had no skill -- no power -- nothing --!"
  • "What is this mad obsession with freedom? Why can't people appreciate the flavor of fascism and nazism? I hate you, Alliance of Freedom. Your name is disgusting. Let me kill you."
  • "I, who am the prince of fascism, only live to see God cry! Don't think just because I'm the incarnation of Fallen I'm going to serve his needs! And now once the Inverse Qliphoth Cystal is mine, all that live shall revere me as their new God!"
  • "I don’t see what you’re so upset about. This is how we progress. Human experimentation is a necessary step. You're a scientist. Stop crying. I only used 100 infants in this zombie-virus experiment. I could have used someone who has intelligence to understand the situation. Look for the good side, you don't need to change their diapers anymore. Because now they're the shit of my lovely zombies."
  • "It is a great war... Explosions, screams and destruction. This is what life is for! This is the true nature of humans; war!"
  • "That which does not become a part of my power, shall become one with the darkness."
  • "I have often heard you humans refer to this as fate or destiny. Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the truly powerful: they create this so-called destiny with their own hands. And now, I'm strong than anyone else. I shall create your fate."
  • "I have been through death and conquered it. I have returned with my power multiplied since I became an Abyssal. The Abyss lives and manifests itself through me! I reach into the dark side now and send ripples through it to all who serve it—know that I live!"
  • "Your bravery will not ease your pain. Your family, your world, will be extinguished! Just like I did with your homeworld, Katarina Couteau. Or better saying, Elesis Du Tirial. Hmm... The fireworks were amazing. I was planning to kill you if in front of the destruction of your homeworld if I had discover about your existence early. Tsk. That Mikaela was amazing."
  • "Diabla was incredible. I don't knew such powerful person could exist. I must think about Eve and Ellen, if I revive that woman again, my plans will be easier to accomplishe. At least I killed all those disgusting humans from that Earth."
  • "Who do you think you're, false Anti-Christ? Anti-Christs are beings able to make God cry using Multi-Universal threats to draw the attention of our enemy. If you take too long to take over a single small country, you do not deserve to be on my side."
  • "Crane, give up. I'll make you feel more comfortable after realize that you've lost everything. Your pain force you to forget everything. What is the point to cry for the dead? Do not worry, I'll cut all your friends and loved ones in front of you in millions of pieces and make you take bath in their blood while crying in despair and being electrocuted to insanity. Let's see for how long you can hold your sanity. Like I said before, sanity is like a stick in front of an abyss. If you push the stick, it will fall on the abyss and it will never come back. But the abyss is the madness itself. You can't undo it."
  • "I'll get all 900 centillion people on this Multi-Universe and squeeze all of them in front of the Gods as my men rape their wives to death. Hahahahaha! Gods are born in cradles of diamonds. They only look up to the suffering of the mortals from above while drinking wine and having sex with their women. And now, Gods, I will cover of your wine with the blood of all of the mortals you consider inferior. I will cover your palaces with flesh! I'm a REAL God. A real God is the a divine being who put his hands in action to bring good or evil to his people."
  • "You call me The Genocider... I don't like it. I'm a happy man, you see? It doesn't sound right in English. Say it... correctly. Toten... kopf."
  • "Ahh... This pain is amazing... My... Hand was cut off... But why this is so amazing..."
  • Once this weapon is complete, there will be no living soul on this planet when it become dust in space."
  • "Fall dead on the floor and recognizes how much you are inferior to me."
  • "I collect endangered species. Of course, they aren't really endangered...until they meet me... and I have a slot reserved for black people and homo. Don't take that for the personal side. I'm not racist like Adolf Hilter was, I'm just following the ideology of my party. If this makes you comfortable, I'm planning to kill even all white people of the Multi-Universe one day."
  • "I suggest you all say your final goodbyes, because in a few moments, this world is going to burn in flames of this Mighty Angel, Kanon Rihavein!"
  • "It's your blood next. Then I will make this world BURN!"
  • "Put on a sweet, innocent face, and people will swallow anything you feed them. Inori fell for it. The assassin too. Oh, and how can I forget. Even you fell for it, Ryouko Kusakabe!"
  • "I am strongest Abyssal on the existence. I will make any opponent of mine surrender without fail. Even if that opponent is the God of the ExKriegs, the Prime Abyssal Punisher. So you must do your best as well. You won't bore me, will you?"
  • "Where the Fallen failed, I'll succeed. I'll kill the incarnation of the Legendary Prime Abyssal Punisher with my very own hands!"
  • "I'm afraid I blow up your homeworld. They were getting useless once my men started to rape their women and many types of sexual deseases started to appear. I just finished them."
  • "My wish engulf this reality in war... Infinite war..."
  • "Permit me to give you the world's cruelest death. Years of physical and psychological torture and then force you to watch you loved one suffer in several painful ways in front of you."

Quotes about Westcott

  • "But, now, you need to know who Isaac, The Fallen, really is. He serves no great purpose, he fights no great evil. He is great evil. Any endeavor he undertakes, he does for his own selfish gain." - Elliot Woodman
  • "He is not dead. He is living inside of you. He will be there, looking at you in the dark corner of your room. Because Fallen never dies... And he will come back again. This time, nothing will stop him." - Aryana Westcott
  • "Who was the true monster? That cold-hearted ExKrieg warrior or that civilized man in suit?" - Yuuchiro
  • "He is a monster. He is different from us. His thoughts, his ideals, and his plans are so twisted that not even the most evil dark lord of Triggers Hell can understand." - Simpson
  • "You know you are involved with a sick man who will see you die? He will stand over your body, with your blood on his hands and I promise you he will laugh... not because your life means nothing to him -- but because death, for him -- is the punch line." -  A henchman of Westcott warning new recruits of Westcott's sadistic personality.
  • "The only difference between Isaac and Hitler is that Hitler was elected." - John B.William
  • "Your life loses everything when the Man in Suit laughs himself." - Grievous
  • "He is not going to kill you because unlike Eve and Aryana who likes to kill their enemies fast, Isaac wants you to feel pain. And that's why is the most feared being in this empire. He is going to torture you physically, psychologically and sexually to death. And trust me, he will revive you again to the same thing for the rest of the day until you will blame God for being born." - Black Diamond
  • "All it take is just one second for you fall before him." - Eve
  • "One method to escape alive: cut your hand off and pray for him." - Aya
  • "There's a moment where tears almost appear in his eye. These are crocodile tears, but for all those in the room, they'll see he is apparently moved — and of course, he is. He can just do it. He can, as it were, turn it on. And I suppose for him, it's also a bit of a turn-on — the pure exercise of power is what he's all about. That's the only thing he's interested in and the only thing that can satisfy him — which makes him completely different from any other living being, because it is an evil soul. He is more evil than the devil. Because unlike Devil, Lucifer and all demons who were born to be evil, Isaac chooses to be evil and commit evil acts for his own pleasure. And he loves it." - Karen Mathers
  • "Everything he does is an act of pure hypocrisy." - Prime Reaper
  • "When Isaac was the emperor, the Multi-Universe lived a reign of wealth, order, prosperity and progress. Of course, that was a lie." - Isuke
  • "Even death can't reach him. Because he is above it." - Jessica
  • "Don’t be deluded. Westcott has made it clear that he will annihilate all Dacs before the clock strikes twelve. Just because you're human, that doesn't mean he will forgive you and even your race." - B1-Killer CM-130
  • "In a fallen world marked by human depravity and deep-seated sin, in a world where Westcott and Adolf had recruited millions of followers to commit mass murder, love must harness power and seek justice in order to have moral meaning. Love without power remained impotent, and power without love was bankrupt." - Clovis
  • "He has a black, irredeemable heart. There's nothing that can be said about him that's good. When we first saw Eve, we thought she was the heart of darkness, and nobody could be darker. But now we understand what happened to her... Just like me." - Bismarck


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Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com99eFallenLordChronos Death 1.ogg
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Since Fallen is considerd the new Gods of the Abyssals for being the strongest being on existence, he is simbolized as a Dark God figure to his Abyssal servants. Many of his servants follow Abyssalism but in Isaac Westcott's name. This is all prayers that his servants prays for him:

  • "Hail Fallen, full of mercy, the lord is with thee, blessed art thou among the dead and blessed is the wicked heart.  Holy Fallen, father of death, pray for us sinners now in this hour of our death.  Amen."
  • "Our Fallen, our savior, who dwells in darkness, hollow be your heart.  Thy name be known, your glory shown, to fools who turn against you.  Grant us your power, our daily torment, and raise us above all mortals, to let your faithful spill sinners' blood in your unending kingdom and sacrifice their souls to you.  Amen."
  • "Beloved but anguished God of our faith.  let us pray to you once again. Let us be filled with your infinite path of destruction.  Let us abuse your power once again, to create the mayhem you so deserve.  Let us create the destruction you so want.  Forgive us for using this power again, for this may be our last time.  In the name of the evil God's name, Fallen.  Amen."
  • "Our lord who art un the dark land, accursed be thy name.  Thy cult will come, thy will shall be done, on earth as is in hell.  Give us this night, our darkest blood, and condemn us our trespasses as we sacrifice those who trespass against you.  Lead us all into temptation, and deliver us all from good.  Amen."
  • "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we're all gonna die so lets fill our lust.  Lets burn the bridges and the cities too, claim all the blood for Fallen-sama and sacrificing the hearts of the heathens who wrong him so.  Be fearless to the death that follows our trail.  We will never give way to the grasp of the heathens, but send them back to the ashes from which they began.  Amen."
  • "Hail Fallen, full of glory, the power is with thee; wicked hope in this ocean of blood, and wicked is the fruit of thy fiendish heart.  Lord Fallen, destroyer of the creation, slay for us sinners, now in this hour of death.  Amen."
  • "Fallen-sama, I give to you my life and art, I give to you my soul forever.  Through you I find salvation, and through you I will find death.  For you I will live through hell, and for you I will feel pain.  In hopes that I follow well, I give my blood, my existence. Fallen bless, Amen".                
  • "Fallen, help me through this cruel world. This cold, hollow world we call home. As people laugh and smile, let them see.  See me as a shadow that lashes out. Upon my prey of innocent lives. Oh, Fallen, thy God of pain and hate. Please let these clueless, lifeless souls.  Of a human shell realize this.  This agony of torture and the smell.  The stench of their own families blood.  Please, Fallen, bring me thy strength.  The strength of thy almighty power.  Let me feel thy heat course through me.  So fast and hard it breaks me.  Breaks me until I shatter like ice.  Into slivers upon the damp ground.  My blood soaking into this Earth.  This Earth filled with so much death.  Yes, Fallen, oh God! I love thy forever.  With all of this heart that thy gave me.  I will always do as thy wish, My Lord.  Thy gave me life and now power.  Forever and ever, Fallen, let me show you.  Show you my love by causing misery to others."