Hunter Bradley
Hunter Bradley is a character from Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

He is portrayed by Adam Tuominen.

Hunter is a student at the Thunder Ninja Academy, along with his brother Blake. At first, they appeared as villains, but this was only because Lothor had them in a lie. Later, they perminently teamed up with the Wind Rangers, bringing the team total from 3 to 5, then eventually 6 when Cam joined as the Green Samurai Ranger. After Lothor's banishment into the Abyss of Evil, Hunter was promoted to head instructor of the Thunder Ninja Academy.

Hunter serves as the Crimson Thunder Ranger.

Ranger Forms

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Hunter and Shane were recruited by Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger, to team up with the other Red Rangers to stop Cinder Fall from using Serpentera.