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Heckyl is a villain turned hero from Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

He is portrayed by Ryan Carter.

Heckyl is an alien and dangerous space outlaw, captured by Sledge quite sometime ago, who was once good until he was exposed to the Dark Energem's evil. According to Wrench, after being tainted, Heckyl had laid to waste and destroyed countless galaxies. He is proven to be a serious threat, even to Sledge himself, to the point where Sledge keeps him in solitary confinment.

He is also known to have a twin-personality.

After Sledge's defeat, Heckyl takes control of his minions and prisoners until the arrival of Sledge's employer, Lord Arcanon, who takes Heckyl back into solitary confinment. After seeing the Dark Energem, he remembers his past, including the destruction of his homeworld, Sentai 6, in which Arcanon was responsible for to get the Dark Energem. After this, he and Snide were seperated. As a result, Snide joined Arcanon's side. After being seperated, Heckyl made it his mission to reform his ways and rebuild his homeworld.

At the end of Dino Super Charge, Heckyl was made a fellow Guardian by Keeper, and he and Zenowing went back in time to stop Arcanon from stealing the Dark Energem and destroying Sentai 6.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Heckyl will appear in Season 9 as the hidden main antagonist. He was released by Yellow Diamond as she planned to use him to destroy the Order of the Just. However, due to her denial of the deal he tried to make with her, Heckyl destroys her and continues to plan to destroy the Order on his own accord.

He then allies himself with Derrick "Freeze" McCracken and his friends(as a ploy), and helps set up for Freeze and Sunset Shimmer's wedding. Seeing as a chance to futher the trust of the heroes, Heckyl save Princess Flurry Heart from the space pirate Divatox, and was thus selected into the Order, without the heroes knowing what he's really planning.

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Heckyl is the main antagonist of Season 10. He, along with his other half Snide, gains control of Hargrove's Faction and ship, as well as revives Yellow Diamond's Pearl to be his informant and adviser. He then gains a job at the Dino Bite Cafe to further his ploy. All the while, he discovers Agent Michigan's fear of Sirens, as he nearly lost his friends. Therefor, Heckyl sets course to Equestria, opens a massive portal and unleashes numerous Sirens, but before he did, he had Iceage capture the Rangers (Dino Charge Rangers minus TylerKoda, and Prince PhillipTommy OliverJason Lee Scott, and Kendrix Morgan), Mane 7, and Freeze. After reverting from Snide, fearing that his identity could be compromised, Heckyl ran off and returned to the ship.

He then sends Felix to retreave the Temporal Distortion enhancement and turn it over to him. However, this failed. Before Heckyl could destroy Felix, Master Cyclonis suggested that Felix be used for bait for her plan. However, when Heckyl was meeting with Cyclonis and Felix, Sunset was spying on him and watched him become Snide. This lead to him being confronted by the heroes. He still plans on destroying the Order of the Just, despite his initial plan ultimately failing.

He later enlists the help of other villains such as Master CyclonisFelixVilgax, and even resurrecting former UNSC Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Malcolm Hargrove. He, along with Snide, is currently cryogenically frozen after former villain General Lavernius Dayton came to the heroes' aid.

Fire Rebellion: Season 12

Heckyl, as Snide, breaks out of containment and makes his ways to one of the UNSC Infinity's hangars. Once he transforms back, he steals a Pelican and makes his escape. However, he was captured again, this time by Lord Arcanon, and was locked away onboard the Staff of Charon.

However, after he and Snide split, Heckyl somehow escaped the ship before it went into space and proceeded to reform by helping the heroes defeat Ragyo Kiryuin after she began attacking Ponyville with the Primordial Life Fiber. After Ragyo escaped into space, Princess Luna allowed Heckyl to go with Freeze, Reyes, and the rest of the E-9s and chase after her as he reveals that Ragyo has Princess Celestia captive.

Fire Rebellion: Season 13

Heckyl appears as one of the main heroes. He accompanies the E-9s and the crew of the UNSA Retribution under the orders of Princess Luna and Nick Reyes.

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