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Name: He-man

Race: Eternian

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Protecting the innocent

Dislikes: Important secrets being threatened

Biggest strength: His courage and determination

Biggest weakness: You're kidding, right?

Occupation: Adoptive brother of Angewomon

Quote: "I have the POWER!"

Voiced by: Cam Clarke

The prince of Eternia, He-man was also responsible for protecting Castle Grayskull and its secrets from the evil Skeletor. Things went awry, however, when the villains gained the upper hand and attacked Eternia. Even the strength of the all the Masters of the Universe, the Great Rebellion and the power of Grayskull weren't enough. And tragically, though evil was pushed back, He-man and his sister, She-ra, were the only survivors.

Now He-man has become very protective of his sister, not wishing to lose anyone else in his family. He is also not below doing all he can to protect his adoptive family as well, not wishing to lose anyone else he cares about.

He also meets Ezio.


He Man - What's Going On - High Quality (Four Non Blondes)04:35

He Man - What's Going On - High Quality (Four Non Blondes)


LITERAL TRAILERS Stop-Motion Animated Toy Soldiers War Chest Trailer-003:02

LITERAL TRAILERS Stop-Motion Animated Toy Soldiers War Chest Trailer-0


Grayskull Power Supreme Wave - with help from She-ra, He-man summons a strong wave of the power of Grayskull

Grayskull Power Shield of Light - summons a bright protective barrier of Grayskull energy


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