Harley Quinn is a villainess that hails from the Batman universe.

She is voiced by Arleen Sorkin and Tara Strong.

She was once the girlfriend and squeeze of the Joker but left him when he tried to murder her for correcting him.

Harley Quinn is revealed to be Bubbles' mother by Dib and when this is found out Harley decides to alley with the heroes against her former pudding to defeat him. After the Joker's 2nd death, Harley settles down and starts acting like a mother and raising Bubbles like the mother she needed to be

Harley Quinn would have two nieces that unfortunately were killed by her former boyfriend Joker. Harley does appear briefly in The Great Time Travel Adventure and warns Bender her close ally about her pudding returning again.

For the 2nd half of the Gotham Saga, Harley joins forces with the B Team against the allegiance to defend her hometown while Batman is away trying to save his son Dib.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Milo, Lizbeth, Starfire, Skipper, M.O.D.A.B

Enemies: The Joker, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Slade's ensemble


Originally she was going to be Bender's love interest and she left Joker for him, but this was tossed when Starfire entered the picture but the idea was used but with Marceline

Since Slade Strikes Back, she has retired to act like a mother to her daughter and her friends.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Harley Quinn is Menslady's adoptive sister. She is portrayed on YouTube by TheITinFIT.