Handsome jack10
Handsome Jack AI
is the true main antagonist of Tales From The Borderlands. He is exactly like the original Handsome Jack but he can only be seen by Rhys as a ghost like hologram.


When Rhys attempts to use Professor Nakayama's ID drive to track the money he lost, Rhys accidentally downloaded the Handsome Jack AI into his own brain. This gave life to the new Handsome Jack as he awoke inside the mind of Rhys, Rhys is the only person that is aware of the new Handsome Jack.

The hologram clone was created by Professor Nakayama to continue the legacy of Handsome Jack and his plans to create a better world for Pandora. The hologram believes he is the original Jack, he acts exactly like the original because he has his memories, personality and his sense of dark humor, Also that he is still trying to kill everyone around him who is either threatening him or disobeying his orders.