Hailfire, Johnathan Tangelo's home planet

Hailfire was the home planet of a group of immortal beings called the Hailfirians, who were separated into 4 tribes: the Atrabians, the Frigiskel, the Scaldarians, and the Shaderi.

Destroyed by Phantom and Omega in the original universe and re-destroyed by Unicron in the present Multi-Universe, this planet has mysteriously reappeared.

With the help of the Cosmic Empire, Johnathan Tangelo fights against the evil Eclipse to reclaim his planet and his throne.


Atrabir, the Atrabian city and the capital of Hailfire

Frozen castle

Verskel, the Frigiskel city

Nwn 2 mask 07

The Shaderi Caverns

Shaderi Crystal Castle Prison

Shaderia, the Shaderi city


Scaldaria, the Scaldarian city

Leaders of Hailfire

Atrabian Leader: Johnathan Tangelo

Frigiskel Leader: Patricia Veronas

Scaldarian Leader: William Muscret

Shaderi Leader: Elizabeth Tangelo
Swamps-and-wastelands.strip-mine USD20-standard-print USD48-large-print

The Lowlands

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