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"We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy, whaddya say?" - Hades

Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld and the main antagonist of the 1997 Disney animated feature film, Hercules. While the Hades of Greek mythology was not particularly malevolent, he is made into an evil figure in the Disney film, where he attempts to steal the Mount Olympus throne from his eldest brother, Zeus. However, unlike the original who was gloomy and rarely speaking, this Hades is upbeat and hilarious.

Hades is one of the most popular Disney villains, in addition to being one of the franchise's primary members. He is voiced by James Woods

Best Friends: Slade, Anti Cosmo, and Bender

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

Hades is like any Disney villain at first glance. He seemed to be a loyal ally to Megatron and his stand against the Disney Angels and was helping him. Despite the fact he has came closer than any Disney villain to kill Mickey.

The B Team Storyline

He is a member of Slade's team and acts as his 3rd in command after Slade and Anti Cosmo as he formed the ensemble with the two and is Slade's top agent other than Anti Cosmo. While Slade also has HIM, Hades is the primary provider of Slade's connections and is the face of providing Slade with teammates and an larger army, being charismatic and upbeat certainly helps. He is also one of the only 5 members of Slade's Ensemble to have stayed since the beginning alongside Slade, Anti Cosmo, Mojo Jojo and HIM.

Events of the Beginning, Slade Strikes Back and The V Team Island Adventure

In reality, he was working for Slade and Anti Cosmo as Slade's 3rd in command in The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back against Megatron. This loyalty was shown when he helped the Disney Angels against Skeletor and Hordak. It was revealed he hated Megatron and the others. He wanted to save Disney, not destroy it. After this, it was confirmed he teamed up with Bender, Starfire, Skipper and the Disney Angels in their endeavors against Uka Uka and the Master. He then wed Scourge and Fiona at their wedding at Slade's request and then he went with Bender, Slade and the Disney Angels to combat Jack of Blades. After the events he went to back to the underworld to continue his duties.

Hades was also essential in Slade's plans against the Joker in Slade Strikes Back. When Joker found out about Slade and Bender's quid pro quo arrangement, he threatens to rat the two out to the others, Slade decides to use a backup plan against the clown. Slade tells Hades that Joker is trying to sabotage Megatron for his own plans and tells him to tell Lugnut this due to as Slade describes Lugnut " A devoted follower that borders on the religiousness." in the event that he and Bender fail to stop the Joker.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

He returned in The Great Time Travel Adventure to help Lizbeth break out of her breakdown after what Joker did to her, He showed her what she meant to the Multi-Universe and that she was the chosen one and only one who can defeat Marceline's dad. Afterwards he wished her good luck.

Hades apparently foresaw the betrayal of Galvatron with the help of the Fates, knowing one day this would happen he planned with Slade and Anti Cosmo for when the unthinkable happens

Legends of Light and Darkness

Hades is set to return here with his other allies here. He is contacted by Slade about the appearance of the League of Darkness and a pond hearing this, he and Celes rally up the members with them to help their boss. He appears with Celes and the others to inform Hiccup and the Alpha Team that they are helping. Hades actually pops right next to them and asks them how they're doing which get Celes to pull him back. Hades then is seen with Bender, Heloise, Axel, Axl, Alie, Jack Frost, Nostalgia Chick and Anti Cosmo introducing the prisoners they saved to the cause.Hades is next seen with Slade's ensemble and The B Team as they oversee the actions that went on. He and the villains on the ship of Darkseid where he conspires with Phantom R, Marie, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes a way to escape. Hades when he sees the others get on Darkseid's ship he motivates everyone to go after Darkseid and helps Orion fight him. Hades eventually takes on the evil god and after a hard fight he wins and then asks why does he get himself with lower beings than him.

Hades is contacted by Khan with the rest of the team and he states what Khan wants regarding them. Hades asks afterwards asks about Insano's process and is pleased to hear the results. When they meet Malefor and Bowser Jr. tells them to pay respect to him, Hades tell him to shut with super fire. Hades ponders about how his old colleague from Slade's ensemble and the Children of Megatron could have returned. He realizes that it couldn't be Malefor due to the fact he wouldn't be able to control Joker and that Joker returned after he left. Hades uses his powers to give Isabella back her normal form but also gives her the opportunity to use her mermaid look if she wants.

Hades when hearing the news tell Axl and Alie to wait for Phineas, Suede, Orion and Axel to come back from a card game. Megabyte...alongside Lex, Bowser and Hades...deducts the locations and tells the heroes. Suede reminds of the mission to save the dogs while they deal with Shan Yu. Hades remembers this task and goes with the villains, He and the villains ambush Joker when he tries to kill Scamp, Annette and Angel, they capture him with the help of former villain Dingo and new ally Makoto.  After Jackal and Hyena refuse to tell, he drops them into the molten lava with Orion. Hades then welcomes Bowser Jr. and Ventress to his team and tells them he saw Dingo mope about how hard it is to really change.

He also informs Bowser regarding Slade's castle, that Oswald let with the Angels, he's still with them. Slade had the kingdom from the very beginning but when he was defeated, he had to retreat to Teen Titans Base. After Oswald left, Slade went back to his castle and ruled as he was still gone. Hades falls the three and he asks about Joker and how he could be back, Anti Cosmo explains to him. Hades finds that a giant robot like thing drowned the castle and tells Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes this. As a result the four chase down Obodiah Stane. Celes, Hades and Anti Cosmo act as Slade's mission control and guide him to Stane. Celes is one of the three chosen partners of Model X. Anti Cosmo and Slade's relationship is also revealed as he knew who Slade truly was and his history. Alongside Slade's other members Hades finds the destroyer and they all destroy it

Hades joins up with Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes to fight and put an end to Malefor and Khan with Bender and Hiccup's help. Hades alongside HIM, Dr. Doom, Ocelot, Bowser, Mojo, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes fight Hazama with Bender And The B Team as well As Discord. Hades once more acts as an reverend to the wedding before breaking into song. Hades gets the others as the team leaves for a vacation.


Hades with other members of Slade`s Ensemble find Black Star and make an allegiance with him

Future Warfare

Hades returns with Slade's Ensemble and gets involved in Slade, Bender, Castiel, Talon Laboratories and others' mission against futuristic threats.


Hades once again lends his hand to Slade's battle with Eobard Thawne as Thawne is after him, Anti Cosmo and Slade. Hades is still part of his team and is the public face of Slade's establishments as only he has the power to keep everything under control. He is given a Letter by Mojo and Sideshow Bob about what Phineas and Isabella wrote to Slade. Hades gets it to Slade, only for Joker and Thawne to ambush the three and has Hades distracted with an invasion as Thawne holds Slade down. When The Flying Dutchman brings Harry to The team, Hades assumes he wants a job though is shut down. He along with the other members of Slade's meeting to discuss their attack that Thawne committed on them and his theft of a precious item that Slade and Anti Cosmo claimed in a past adventure.

Hades travels with the team to 2010, and accompanies Slade and Anti Cosmo to find The V Team to get them to help them against Thawne. He Joins Slade and Anti Cosmo in going to their old home, Hades takes the old fashion way and meets up with the two. He helps them and their past selves defend the castle from The Joker and his allies before recruiting Eddy into their team to fight Thawne. He brings the crew back on his chariot only to see robots invading their headquarters and he joins the fight against them. Hades is sent by Anti Cosmo to rescue Slade after his arrest at Toffee and Darkwarrior's hands after fighting their forces. He manages to find Slade and Ventress then leads them out of the prison with Crowley who was how he found Slade.

Allies: Slade, Anti Cosmo, the V Team, Slade's allegiance, the Disney Angels, Starscream, Bender, Skipper, the B Team, Hiccup, the Alpha Team, Irene Addler, Black Star, the Star Alliance, Harrison Wells

Enemies: Hercules, M.O.D.A.B (sometimes), Megatron and his children, Uka Uka, the Master, Unicron, Marceline's dad, the Joker, Malefor, Darkseid, the League of Darkness, Dr. Weil, Hazama, Relius Clover, Sari Sumdac, Haythem Kenway, the Templar Order, Eobard Thawne, Dr.Alchemy, Scott the Network Head, The League of Past, Present and Future Evil