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"As you raced through time, the whole world went to heck!" - HIM, Speed Demon

HIM is a powerful, flamboyant demon and the series' secondary antagonist. He is the king of darkness, and is the second closest enemy of the Girls, next to Mojo Jojo.

Many think that he is the series interpretation of the Devil himself though the only definitive case of this was in his original incarnation (Whoopass a Go-Go). Throughout the series, he is shown to be the strongest and most deranged of the girls recurring rogues gallery. Out of all the villains in PPG, the creator Craig McCracken stated that HIM was his favorite villain in the show.

The B Team Storyline

He serves Slade alongside Mojo Jojo and he is creepy as hell with his voice and appareance. He is also one of Slade's main staff as well which is odd considering he is one of the goofiest members of Slade's team. He is also one of the only 5 members of Slade's Ensemble to have stayed since the beginning alongside Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades and Mojo Jojo.

The Beginning

HIM debuts here as one of Slade's allies

Slade Strikes Back

He returns again in the same position

Legends of Light and Darkness

HIM returns a third time to help Slade and the others against The League of Darkness. HIM is first seen with Celes Chere in finding The Alpha Team as some of the members may not trust Slade wanting to help Bender due to their history. He is next seen with the other members of the team on Model W. He also makes comment on Malefor's conquering complex and admits unlike the others he pefers psychological torture. When Megabyte asks if Slade has a plan regarding Khan, HIM knowing his boss well tells him he obviously has one. HIM during Slade and Anti Cosmo's absence works under Heloise despite not knowing her well because she is the one who offered. HIM and the rest of the villains decide to investigate parts of the world as a way to cover everything. HIM recalls The Joker previously being their ally and tells Bender and Co that Joker  will proably use this against Slade and the others. HIM decides to go after The Destroyer when arriving back at Slade's Castle with everyone else par Slade, Anti Cosmo, Celes and Hades as it what Slade would want. Alongside Slade's other members HIM finds the destroyer and they all destroy it. HIM alongside Mojo, Dr.Doom, Ocelot, Bowser, Hades, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes fight Hazama with Bender And The B Team as well As Discord. HIM is ready to party after this and everyone who's everyone knows how he parties.


HIM with other members of Slade`s Ensemble find Black Star and make an allegiance with him


HIM returns with his team to bring down Eobard Thawne and his legion. HIM is one of the few still part of Slade's circle and is working at Slade's newest establishment where he lets the people in and critizes Mojo for his ranting and after Thawne's minions crash the establishment, he fights most of them with his powers holding them back to make sure Slade isn't killed and Bob can investigate. He along with the other members of Slade's meeting to discuss their attack that Thawne commited on them and his theft of a precious item that Slade and Anti Cosmo claimed in a past adventure.

HIM travels with Slade and his team to 2010 to follow Thawne so Slade, Hades and Anti Cosmo can get their past selves and Eddy to help them out. Him works with Celes and Harry to investigate the husks and learns about the Philospher Stone before being confronted by loads of robots. When Slade and Anti Cosmo get back, he's annoyed about how long it took them to get back, HIM hears from Mojo and Technus about The Teen Titans kidnap and he freaks out to Mojo's suprise since HIM knows damn well what The Joker might do to Robin and The Teen Titans. He spys on Thawne while AC and his crew go after Darkwarrior and then brings his info to the team. After Deathstroke invades the ship, HIM goes after Damian Darhk to make sure Darhk can't intervene further with their attempt to turn the power back on.

Allies and enemies

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HIM meets The Red Guy

HIM meets The Red Guy

Him Exercising

Him Exercising

HIM voice dub

HIM voice dub