Gwonam 2

Gwonam is a character from the non-canonical Link: The Faces of Evil. He is a prophet who aids Bender and his gang during thier adventure.


Gwonam debuts as an advisor to Princess Celestia where he awaits the B Team and shows the 10 about the prophecy considering Vilgax. Pleased by this Bender and Skipper recruit Gwonam as a honorary member of The B Team

He appears as the sage who directs the group to their problem early on by explaining the situation to Bender, Skipper, Jorgen, Django, King Julian, Frida Suarez, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Heloise, Blue The Wizard Veemon and Twlight Sparkle.

Gwonam will later appear,this time,P Team's Spinoff To Crossover Flee,either a Minor or Major Character.

His Allies: Link, Zelda, Bender, Skipper, Jorgen, Django, King Julian, Finn, Heloise, Marceline, Ice King, Blue, Frida Suarez Twlight Sparkle,Princess Celestia,Knuckles,Kratos,Kid,Cruger,The Three Stooges,The P Team,The Striker Force,The Omega League,Shadowness and His D Team,King Aurthur

His enimies: Balrog, Brick, Butch, Cooler ,Darth Helmet,Denzel Crocker, Discord, Doopliss, Earl of Lemongrab, Hopper, Kaos, King of Sorrow, M.Bison, NegaZim, NegaGir, Porky Minch, Princess Morbucks, Suped up super zeros, Vega, Vilgax, and Wart,Zeus,William Stryker Jr.,Nox Decious,Jim Moriarty,T-1000,Dorian Gray,Baron Mordo,Epsilon,Dick Jones,Vamp,Norman Stansfield,Malachite,Weegee,Malachite's Empire,Fatman and His Group(Mind Controlled)


  • Gwonam is nicknamed Squadala Man by some due to the fact that he exclaims "Squadala! We're off!" at a certain point in the opening animation.

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