Grim Reaper

Grim is The Second Command of Lord of the Dead.

Grim is Sent by Django The Undead to get the Hamster but he Lost to Both Mortals Billy and Mandy and he was force to Live with Them Forever.

Although, They become Great friends all the way, He Is Glad that Billy and Mandy are Back to the P Team,later He Killed Saddam because All the Past he Makes Grim's Life of Hates. He Is The P Team's Series One of the Main Protagonist.

Grim,alternate Reality,  in Blackpool: The Tyranny of King Death serves as a important antagonist.


Mandy is Billy and Grim's Grumpy Best Friend.

She want to be the Boss of the Trio because She has Terrible tantrum for Her Scared Parents.

She has her Stupid Friend Billy all the Time then The Reaper Bone named Grim.

She Betrays Knuckles For Vilgax and Discord alongside Billy however they turn back due to Discord's mistreatment of the two

Mandy has a direct rivalry to Heloise although she doesn't have a qualm in assisting her

However,she met her demise like Billy and Nigel by T-1000.



Billy is the The Biggest Dumbest Guy in the Multi-Universe Saga. he's Number One of the Most Mentally Challenged Before Ed(Ed Edd n Eddy) He have his Best Friend Called the Grumpy Mandy and The Second Command of The Undead Grim. Like Mandy He betrays the team for Vilgax but turns back because of Discord's mistreatment of them and admits that Julian is his friend and then the idiots help Jorgen deal with Mr. Crocker.

Unfortunately he met his demise alongside Nigel and Mandy by T-1000.

Joining the P Teams

After K'nuckles has Flapjack, Number One, and Samus, he sees the 3 Trio Name Billy,Mandy,and Grim and Wishes to Join Him and his team. K'nuckles agreed and they need a One More Member. However Billy and Mandy betray the team to Vilgax and Cap K'nuckles while Grim stays. They return to their side after Discord treats them bad and decides to kill them.

Trivia The 3 Idiots Trio

  • They are Sometimes like Ed Edd n Eddy But Ed is Dead,Edd joins the Good team, and Eddy is the Leader in his Evil V Teams.
  • Billy is the Most Mentally Challenged then the other Stupid People in this Series, but he loves Grim.
  • Grim and Django are Best Friends Until Grim Lost to Billy and Mandy that he has to Live with Them Forever.
  • They're all Anti Heroes.
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    Voltaire - Land of Dead - Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

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