"Gawrsh!" - Goofy

Goofy is the captain of the Royal Knights of Disney Castle. Despite his occupation, however, he does not like weapons. Although Goofy can be dumb and klutzy, he sees things that others miss, and his intuition is surprisingly accurate.

In recent times, Goofy has stuck with Donald Duck and Sora on their missions to save worlds from the Heartless.

He is voiced by Bill Farmer.

The Protectors of the Multi-Universe

Donald with Goofy serves as a mentor and guardian for David, Abigail, and Olivia as they become the Protectors of the Multi-Universe.


Rocket - Goofy's flying uppercut move. Goofy will charge into the air to hit airborne enemies with his shield. He often uses this move against enemies that float or jump.

Charge/Goofy Charge - Goofy lunges towards a target, bumping it with his shield. If it connects successfully, the target and any enemy caught in the way will be stunned.

Tornado/Goofy Tornado - A versatile attack that can hit several enemies. Goofy spins and attacks enemies for multiple hits. The vortex this creates will draw enemies in.

Goofy Smash - Goofy lashes into an enemy, an ally hits the enemy and throws it up into the air, and Goofy leaps into the air and deals the final blow.

Goofy Bash - Goofy's long-distance attack. He throws his shield at a target to inflict many hits.

Goofy Turbo - a unique move that features Goofy humorously riding his shield. Any enemies caught in his way will be juggled to the location of a nearby ally.

MP Gift - Goofy gives up 2 MP to restore 3 MP to an ally.

Evolution - Goofy uses 3 MP to give 30 HP to all characters. Acts like a Mega-Potion.

Tornado Fusion - allows an ally to use Whirli-Goof along with Goofy. The ally and Goofy will spin together to smash through enemies.

Teamwork - allows an ally to use the Limit Knocksmash, along with Goofy. The ally and Goofy will throw their weapons together in sync.