Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Name: Godzilla

Race: Prehistoric Amphibious Reptiles

Group: Children of the Autobots, later Ten Legendary Warriors-United Heroes

Likes: For Japan to be safe from killer monsters

Dislikes: Monsters that threaten the weak and humans who don't understand him

Biggest strength: His variety of powers

Biggest weakness: He's more brawn than brains.

Occupation: Best friend of Angewomon

Quote: "You want to destroy Japan, you gotta get through ME first!"

For a long time, Godzilla was basically the Superman of Japan. It seemed that many monsters took a liking to the Land of the Rising Sun, and were more than a match for the people who lived there. That is when Godzilla came to the rescue and surprisingly defeated every one of the monsters. He seemed invincible.

However, things got different when all of Godzilla's enemies attacked. Godzilla and his friends were way outnumbered, and he was the only survivor. Now he's more than determined to give the evil monsters what's what!


Rapid Regeneration - allows Godzilla to heal very quickly

Atomic Blast - Godzilla fires a blast of atomic energy from his mouth. He can use this to do damage and to propel himself off the ground and fly.

Aqua Strength - Godzilla draws strength from water

Thunder Strength - Godzilla draws strength from electricity

Super Jump - Godzilla jumps a long distance

Spiral Ray - Godzilla's most powerful nuclear blast. It is red in color and does more damage than his normal nuclear blast.


Godzilla can fly!

Godzilla can fly!

That's right. The King of the Monsters is flying!