Glitz Pit

"Black Star's Role"

Located in Glitzville, the Glitz Pit is an arena in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mario takes on the fighter name "The Great Gonzales" and must fight his way through in Chapter 3. There are many fighters here, including Rawk Hawk, KP Pete, Bandy Andy, the Armored Harriers, The Koopinator, Hamma, Bamma, & Flare, and even Bowser at one point, who barges into the ring and fights Mario and his teammates after they defeated the Magikoopa Masters. Grubba, the promoter, used the Gold Star to power his machine that's hidden under the arena. Ever since Jolene's brother, Prince Mush found out about his machine, Prince Mush mysteriously disappeared, so Jolene went undercover and enlisted Mario and his friends' help to defeat Grubba.

Black Star plays as a main role where he fights many fighters in the arena. The final challenger is Rawk Hawk and later secret fighter...