Ghost Rider

Name: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Those he cares about being safe

Dislikes: Otherworldly monsters

Biggest strength: The Spirit of Chaos

Biggest weakness: Not known

Occupation: Demon fighter

Quote: "Let's ride!"

Youtube portrayer: xGhostxRiderx1

Played by: Nicolas Cage

His theme

When his father was in danger, Ghost Rider struck a strange deal to save him, and became possessed with the Spirit of Chaos. Nowadays, he uses the power he's obtained to protect innocent people from the spawn of Hell, and he's number 1 on the minions of Hell's most wanted list.

Though usually quiet and collected, Ghost Rider has a strong sense of justice and is ready to use whatever he has at his disposal to keep demons away from the innocent.


Flame Gun - summons a flame-covered magnum to shoot flames and gunfire

Blazing Chain - summons a chain engulfed in fire

Magma Heat - summons an explosion of magma to do widespread damage

Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney


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