Pce mikiel portrait
General Mikiel
, known in Japan as either the Kazakh High Officer , is a character from the original Arcade Strider and all its ports.Mikiel is one of Grandmaster Meio's followers and his direct representative in the Kazakh Federation, holding total control of both political and military power in his behalf. As a veteran military officer, he's also Meio's appointed overseer of his army on Earth.

His theme


General disillusioned with Grandmaster .He found a new master .Hondao Mikiel remade into a powerful cyborg(Mikiel from Strider 2014).

Strider fall of the grandmaster general mikiel by hyde209-d6xb8az
Strider fall of the grandmaster mikiel profile by hyde209-d71s4g2
NewStrider mikiel intro

General Mikiel aiming his gun.


General Mikiel's tank.

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