Galacta Knight 23 2
Galacta Knight is a powerful warrior who was sealed away due to his power that is summoned by Meta Knight

Legends of Light and Darkness

He finds Jenner before hand and offers him his blade to use against any enemy of theirs but he does threaten to kill him if he loses it. Galacta Knight is next seen with Malefor returning after doing significant damage to and destroying Slade`s doom ship after the stall with Khan, Mitch and Coyote. He also appears in the DCAU to defend the villains from Nightmare Aleu who stalls with her for a while before NA leaves to do the bidding of Model W. He opens up communications with the Enterprise under orders of Khan. Galacta Knight eventually finds and duels Aleu, She though defeats him and seals him off


Anarky and Goffrey find him and release him and as gratitude he joins Anarky and his terrorist unit.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Himself, Mitch, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Anarky, the Terrorist Unit

Enemies: Meta Knight, Kirby, King Dedede, the B Team, the Alpha Team, Slade's ensemble, Darkseid, Magalor, the Nightosphere Empire, Model W, the Darkseven, the Joker, the Multi-Universal Resistance, the Miracle Elite, the Striker Force, the Star Alliance, the Templar Order


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