Gabriel 9
Gender trans 1

Gabriel in his gender transformation number 1 form

He may not remember anything about his past, but he still has them locked away deep in his mind. he is a rare race; Immortal Demon. His wife Rainbow, the goddess of the elements, has help him out from the future. He is sarcastic, arrogant, and sometimes lazy. Rainbow fears that if he learns about his past too soon, he'll be evil like Dark Gabriel. He was banished by his father when he was framed by his partner. it all went down hill from there. He has powerful and forbidden powers locked away in his mind. He is a world famous thief and a rouge. He was born an outcast. he has the powerful element swords of Zeion, plus many powerful transformations. He is the Thief king of Zeion and co-leader of the Element Empire

His ultimate move is  his gender transformation forms. In his gender transformation forms, he turns into a girl. He also gets a huge power boost with each one, has new moves, and is a lot faster. if he stays in it for over 5 minutes, he's stuck in it for a whole hour!

One of his more serious forms is shadow Slifer form. He fuses with the his copy of Slifer the sky dragon and his dark powers to create this form. It was proven that Gender Transformation was stronger when he fought against Patty Henderkin. When Shadow Slifer failed, he had no choice but to use it, and won.

Shadow slifer 8

Gabriel in his shadow slifer form

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