FrostAngel, the cool hero.

Name: Serenity "FrostAngel" Freeze

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Hanging out with Ikari, Nephilim and Shadow.

Dislikes: Her sister Glacia and traitors

Biggest strength: Her love for Shadow and her friends.

Biggest weakness: Glacia's manipulation.

Occupation: Ice-powered super heroine

Quote: "Ice to meet ya!"

With her icy superpowers, FrostAngel can give good reason for her enemies to say that they were frozen today! Cool and collected, FrostAngel is locked in a close love bond with Shadow, and will do anything to help him and other members of her adoptive family.

FrostAngel's father is the infamous villain Mr. Freeze. This makes the relationship with her father even more complicated due to the fact that she wants her to come over to the dark side.


'Cyrogenic abilities: Ice-based powers.



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