Fright knight 3
Fright Knight is a ghost/knight villain hailing from the Danny Phantom Universe. He is based off from the Headless horseman. Fright Knight was a sealed evil until he was released thrice, once by Danny, second by Pariah Dark and third for Dark Danny, He was going to work for Vlad Plasmius but changed his mind soon afterwards. His allegiance to Slade was formed when Slade was looking for a ghost teammate with Hades, Anti Cosmo and Mojo. Mojo took the sword from Fright Knight and he was chased by him, But Slade saved his man and defeated him, Fright Knight impressed with Slade's leadership joined up with him to be his knight and enforcer.

Fright Knight is voiced by Michael Dorn, who also played Lieutenant Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation.