587px-Discord gloating s02e02

What is going through Discord's head.

Foe Yay. This where villains or rivals and heroes have a some kind of of obsession with other. They live for each other, In some ways male villains and female villains have a crush on heroes or stalk them for heroes but is it obsessive.

Examples of heterosexual and homosexual pairing

Dib and Slade

Dib and Eddy

Dib and Zim

Bender and The Joker

Bender and Eddy

Bender and Scourge the Hedgehog

Skipper and Negaduck

Skipper and King Julian (They're rivals)

Lizbeth and Slade

Lizbeth and The Joker

Lizbeth and Hunson Abadeer

Lizbeth and the Z Force

Edd and Eddy

Darkwing and Negaduck

Twilight and Discord (the current image)

Angewomon and Profion

Angewomon and Jason

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum (they're rivals)

Marceline and the Joker

Isabella and Bowser Jr.

Meloetta and Luban

Wrath and Slenderman

Romeo Conbolt and Kousuke Kira

Romeo Conbolt and Damian Wayne

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