"Foolish robot! No power on earth can extungish me!"

Flamo is the name of  a being of pure solar energy whose race inhabits the nuclear inferno of the sun's photosphere. A billion years prior, he attempted to overthrow the democratically elected aldermen from his district, but was captured and imprisoned. He claims that no power on Earth can extinguish him.

In 3013, after a mission to the solar helium mine, Flamo was transportted to New New York, where Flamo then set many fires, framing his transporter. Flamo was planning to make his way to Earth's core, to turn the planet into a miniature sun that he could rule, he was taken the Arctic, where Flamo could not do any more harm. However, Flamo managed to escape to the Planet Express headquarters, where he then started a fire. He evaded the rest of the crew, who were putting out the fire, and went into the lava pit beneath the building, but He was caught, and the mystic aldermen of the sun came to take him back.

Flamo escaped and when back in time for revenge.

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Flamo appears an ally to Loki and WEsker as he has the knowledges of what to find in order to clear the way to purgatory. He agrees to help and they all work on trying to find everything needed for Loki and Wesker. Flamo and Ebon find out what is needed next and it's aliens and this gets Loki and Wesker to use Kirahue with CSM. Flamo is faced down by Kiki with Flame King and both are killed by her