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The Five Seven (Stylized as Five-seveN, as the F and N are the initials of the manufactuer) is a real world handgun made by FN Herstal in Belgium. It carries 20 rounds in a basic mag and has little recoil.

It is seen in some anime and video games, most notably Splinter Cell, as it is the pistol favored by Sam Fisher.

The Five Seven has been list in games under numerous names, such as FN57SC Pistol5.7 USG, etc.

The B Team Storyline

SC Pistol

Sam Fisher's signature 5.7 USG.

The Five Seven is used by the B TeamX Team, and the remade Task Force 141.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

The Five Seven is used by the Order of the JustKnights of the Just, and Digital World Police Department.

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