Fightoe is a bulldog-themed Barbarian Beast and uses dark magic, which he projects from a staff that he carries. After he and 50 Below were informed of Imperious' plan to overthrow the Master, they pointed out Koragg wouldn't go along with such a plan. However the sorcerer commanded the two Beasts to get the dark knight out of the way and they succeeded in taking him down, leaving him for dead. FIghtoe and 50 Below then went to a pier to fight the Rangers and they proved unable to defeat the two Beasts, so they tried to take the easy way out.The Ranger asked Daggeron to use Jenji, which he reluctantly did, but Fightoe captured the genie, much to the Mystic Force's shock. He and 50 Below mocked the Rangers before returning to the Underworld and handing Jenji over to Imperious, who made the genie grant him a wish that the Rangers never existed. However the Rangers managed to get the wish reversed with help from the Tribunal of the Magic and took on Fightoe giant sized with their Titan Megazord. They succeeded in cutting the top of his staff in half and he retreated, but he and 50 Below fought the Rangers again.


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