The Faith Militant are the military orders of the Faith of the Seven, the dominant religion in the Seven Kingdoms, serving the will of the High Septon and enforcing the word of the Seven-Pointed Star by force of arms. They were disbanded centuries ago during the reign of King Maegor Targaryen, known as Maegor the Cruel.

The Faith Militant is reestablished during the rule of King Tommen I Baratheon by the order of the Queen Mother, Cersei Lannister, who seeks the support of the High Sparrow and the Faith of the Seven in her power struggle against House Tyrell. Their purpose is ostensibly to protect the faithful and the clergy from attacks and abuses, but they swiftly start imposing their puritanical views upon King's Landing. Formed from the ranks of the most devoted among the Sparrows, the Faith Militant carries out attacks on vendors selling idols of other religions, dealers of beer and wine, taverns, and brothels, including those of Lord Petyr Baelish. They also carry out attacks against known homosexuals, harassing a noble found abed with a male prostitute (it is unclear if they killed or castrated him) and arresting Ser Loras Tyrell, Queen Margaery Tyrell's brother. They also restrict access to the Great Sept of Baelor, preventing even King Tommen from entering.

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