Evil Manta

Evil Manta is one of the main villains of The Little Mermaid and he is a deadly villain at that. Being highly intelligent and cool. Evil Manta is a member of Slade's ensemble and is eyes and ears for water activity.

Slade Strikes Back

Evil Manta Debuted here as a member of Slade's team

Legends of Light and Darkness

He returns here as an ally of Slade's once more. Under Slade's orders, he finds the Alpha Members and uses himself as travel to get the team together though Katara is a bit unsure considering Slade's a villain. Evil Manta arrives with the other Alpha Members and takes the team to the closest island for Slade. Evil Manta returns to Slade and the team and helps them and The B Team in act 5. Though the heroes use the sub, Evil Manta goes after the four that did the job themselves. Alongside Slade's other members Evil Manta finds the destroyer and they all destroy it.


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