Dr. Ethan Lectric

Dr. Ethan Lectric

Name: Dr. E. Lectric

Age: 35,000 years

Race: Atrabian

Father: Johnathan Tangelo

Mother: Elizabeth Tangelo

Stepmother: Eris the Goddess of Chaos

Father-in-Law: Astir Fienox

Mother-in-Law: Dia Fienox

Brother-in-Law: Phantom Fienox

Sisters: Lillian X and Cynthia Tangelo

Wife: Kerri Lectric

Son: Riley Lectric

Nephew: Anthony X

Neice: Alexia X

Born Ethan Tangelo, son of Johnathan and Elizabeth. Unlike other Hailfirians, Ethan was unable to use magic, which caused him to be looked down upon by his own people, despite being the heir to his father's throne.

During the destruction of Hailfire, parts of Ethan's body were crushed by debris. His sister managed to pull him through a portal to safety. With the aid of his sister, he was able to create cybernetic parts to replace the damaged ones, turning him into a fierce cyborg with a brutal right punch. He keeps his emotions bottled up, but let's them fuel his rage in battle.