Part 1

Mustang: Well, looks like you got a mission, Derrick.

Coolautiz and 22kingdomheartsfan Presents....

(The scene switches to the interior of a pelican.)

A Legends of the Multi-Universe Story....

Freeze: What did Volk give us?

Sunset: He gave us the location of a major Charon operation. A Spire on Apex 7. He's made an alliance with Jul 'Mdama, leader of the Covenant Remnant.

Kimball: I thought Jul 'Mdama was fighting against humanity. That was the whole reason why he rebelled against the Arbiter.

Sampson: Yes, we know. But Jul 'Mdama has no problem with making alliances with humans if it's to further his goals.

Harper: He did just that with Dr. Halsey.

Mustang: That's correct, Harper. However, our main target is Adagio Dazzle. We need her extracted and brought back to Infinity.

Kimball: Why not just kill her?

Freeze: She actually wants us to come get her.

Mustang: We've sent Fireteam Sidewinder to secure her, by they're pinned down.

Harper: And you want us to unpin them?

Mustang: That and secure the HVI. If you encounter Jul 'Mdama, which is high possibility, you know what to do.

Freeze: Got it, Dad.

Mustang: Good luck, Mesa. Also, Freeze, your Mother says to be careful. Same message comes from me. Good luck, son.

Freeze: Thanks Dad.

(The transmission ends. The team arms up.)

Harper: I remember when your old man was your age, kid. Tough and determined. Just like you.

Freeze: My Mother told me those stories, Harper.

Kimball: Approaching target structure.

(The back opens.)

Freeze: Alright. Fireteam Mesa, we are green!!

(The team puts on their helmets and exits the pelican.)

Freeze: Overlord, we've entered the A.O.

Overlord: Roger that, Mesa. Sidewinder's position has been linked to your HUDs.

Freeze: FILSS, connect me to Fireteam Sidewinder.

F.I.L.S.S: Connecting.... Comms online.

Wash: (Comms) This is Agent Washington of Fireteam Sidewinder. We are pinned down, over?

Freeze: Agent Washington, this is Fireteam Mesa coming to your position. Sit tight and hold your ground.

Wash: On it.

(The team swiftly fight through Charon and Covenant forces. They eventually reach Fireteam Sidewinder's location.)

Wash: Way to make an entrance.

Freeze: Thanks.

May: Glad you made it.

Kimball: Here they come. Get ready!

(Both teams defeat both forces. Later, both teams approach the location of Adagio Dazzle and Jul 'Mdama.)

Flash: There they are.

Keegan: Four Sangheili guards surrounding 'Mdama.

Harper: We can take 'em. Frost, keep an eye on them.

(Forst prepares the Binary Rifle he took from a fallen Charon soldier. He watches Jul and Adagio.)

Jul 'Mdama: What is the problem?

Adagio: I've never seen this Spire. If Hargrove is so quick to get this done, he would've better armed his soldiers.

Jul 'Mdama: You claim that the remnants of your Siren pendants will still access this spire even after they've shattered.

Adagio: And they can. But, not immediately.

Jul 'Mdama: The security situation is not stable. There's no time to dither. You will also accord me the respect befitting of the Didact's hand.

Adagio: You've also promised me to restore my jewels and its powers.

Jul 'Mdama: ENOUGH!

(Freeze looks from the vantage point through his scope.)

Freeze: Come to daddy, boy.

Jul 'Mdama: Resume your work.

Harper: Eyes on target.

(Keegan signals Frost to fire. Frost fires the rifle, killing a Sangheili. The teams move in with May staying behind and kill the remaining Sangheili, and eventually kills Jul 'Mdama. May arrives and the teams surround Adagio.)

Freeze: Adagio Dazzle, the Knights would like to have a word with you.

Adagio: (Smirks and chuckles) Oh, I'm glad you've all made it.



Charon Soldier: Chairman, bad news. The Order sent in Knights and they killed your Sangheili asset. They're taking the Siren back to Infinity.

Hargrove: Fall back and return to base. I'll deal with this.

(Hargrove terminates the transmission.)

Hargrove: You continue to disappoint me, boy. Your Father and Mother were annoyances enough. But you... It is time you lay down and die!

(Hargrove pushes a button. Back on the surface, a number of Mantises dropped from the sky.)

Mantis: Engaging Targets!

Freeze: Shit! It's Hargrove!!

Adagio: This is tiring.


Part 2

UNSC Infinity
Hargrove: (Over loudspeaker) You continue to fight even after Luna was lost! Well no more!

Freeze: Infinity, we need assistance! Calling for emergency extraction!

Sunset: Got it! Sit ti....

Hargrove: (hacked into the radio) I don't think so!

(Several mantises locate and surround the teams.)

Hargrove: Surrender now, and will be allowed to live a few seconds longer!

Freeze: We will never surrender to you!

Hargrove: Very unwise, boy!

(The Mantises prepares to kill the teams. All of a sudden...)

???: Rising Destroyer!!

(Marcus Damon and RizeGreymon arrive, destroys the mantises and extracts the teams and Adagio.)

Hargrove: NO!!

(Back on Infinity, the teams return with Adagio. Mustang retrieves her.)

Mustang: Good work, Mesa.

(Mustang leaves, Fluttershy starts to approach the team.)

Kimball: Looks like your mother wants to speak to you.

(The rest of the team leaves.)

Freeze: Hi Mom.

Fluttershy: I'm so glad you're okay, dear.

Freeze: I'm fine, Mom.

Fluttershy: I was so worried when I heard that Hargrove nearly killed you out there.

Freeze: Yeah, I understand. He surprised us with the mantis drops.

(Freeze and Fluttershy hug.)

Fluttershy: Another thing I'm worried about is Agent Michigan. He's never been the same ever since Princess Luna was killed.

Freeze: I know, Mom. I know.

Mustang: It was very terrible. He loved her very much.

Freeze: How'd it happen?

Mustang: .... That's a story for another day, son.


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