Emperor X

Emperor X

Arceus X

Emperor X as Arceus X

Ultimate Arceus X

Emperor X's super mode

Chaos Arceus X

Emperor X in Chaos form

The once high ruler of the Anime Empire, Emperor X is one of the most powerful heroes in the series. His strength and skills in battle are two of the many reasons why his Empire controls half the Multi-Universe.

Alignment: Evil, neutral and good in that order through Slade Strikes Back and Legends of The Multi-Universe

His theme


Emperor X's outfit is not the typical outfit of a royal. That's because his outfit is made of special fibers able to withstand any environment. It is also a basic black and white with a smidgin of gold coloring to go with his Arceus forms. On his left arm is black standard-weight armor that extends from his mid-upper arm to his hand which works as an offensive and defensive tool. On his right arm is a black light-weight armor like the one on his right but this one forms on his arm. On his right wrist is a cylindrical weight that he uses for defense on his right. Finally, on his back is his sword which he forged from an indestructible metal and is as tall as him. Its light-weight but is sharp enough to smoothly cut through steel.

On YouTube, Emperor X is portrayed by MarioMan2010.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (menslady's story)

Slade Strikes Back

Emperor X first appears in this story as one of the main villains at some point of the story alongside Slade, the Joker, the False Disney Stars and Bender who all have their plans. X however reforms after being enslaved by the Joker and then freed by the heroes.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Emperor x with giggity gun

Emperor X with a Giggity Gun