Eclipse 1

Eclipse in her normal form

Eclipse is Rainbow's twin sister and Gabriel's other wife. She and Gabriel where married when two years went by. She got into a fight with him because she wanted him to be evil with her. she was testing his love for her. When he idn't turn evil she threw the ring at him a left. She though it over and stayed good and wanted to stay with him. She found out that her twin sister Rainbow had married her. She accused Rainbow of planning to take Gabriel from her and disappeared. She now comes back trying to win Gabriel back She is also the goddess of the elements. After she beat evryone, Gabriel and Rainbow explian that they wheren't planning to get married before she and Ganriel got married. After Gabriel pured her heart with the sword of light, she turned good again. she is more powerful than mega Gabriel times ten in her normal form on a bad day. She has too many powers to list but is a mixed attacker.

Eclipse 2

Eclipse in her second form

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