Eclipse Chaos

Eclipse Chaos

Name: Eclipse Chaos

Title: The Eclipse of Darkness

Opposite: Eclipse Lumos

One of 12, he controls all darkness. He gains power from the negative emotions of both his enemies and allies.

Eclipse Chaos was the one responsible for the Great Cosmic War and the near destruction of all of existence in the original universe.

After the war ended, he and the other Eclipse----both innocent and guilty----were sealed away in an alternate dimension, whose entrance (the location of Hailfire in the original universe) was sealed.

Many thousands of years later, Phantom Fienox captures Ikari and has her bear witness to the releasing of the Eclipse.

When Hailfire reappeared, he and his allies immediately made it their base of operations. It was here that Phantom's worst fears had been realized: Omega had teamed up with Chaos once again.

After Dyron joined Chaos' team, Chaos was intent on having Dyron 100% on his side. But before Chaos could corrupt Dyron like he did his father before him, Ariana showed up and imprisoned him within the planet.

He patiently awaits the day that his most loyal servant will release him from his prison.

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