Name: Ebony

Race: Pokemon

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Spending time with the Doctor

Dislikes: If her loved ones are in danger

Biggest strength: Her friendship with the Doctor

Biggest weakness: It was her fear of vampires, but that doesn't plague her anymore

Occupation: Pet of the Children of the Autobots

Quote: "Nobody hurts MY friends!"

YouTube portrayer: Weavile461

Her sad theme

Ebony was born as a Sneasel from an egg that was placed under a spell and cared for by a forest fairy. When she was old enough, the fairy gave Ebony to the angels. But during the Great Demon War, the angels took Ebony away to Earth in hopes of protecting her from the demons. Sadly, Ebony was found by demons who took her away, corrupted her, and put her through vicious training. Many times, Ebony was trained by vampires who were just as cruel to her. Because of this, she developed a fear of vampires.

In the time of her training, Ebony turned into a Weavile and was a loose cannon until the Doctor found her on a journey of his. She wanted to kill him, but because he was so kind to her, the demons' influence over her was broken. Ebony then befriended the Doctor, who gave her the name "Ebony". But Ebony was scared that she would turn on her new friend, so both she and the Doctor went to see the wizard Gandalf and asked him to seal Ebony's warrior's mind away. This he did, and Ebony went on traveling with the Doctor until he believed she was strong enough to look after herself.

It was a joyful time for both the Doctor and Ebony when they were finally reunited. Due to the war, however, they both became convinced that Ebony's warrior mind would have to be released since it could give their allies an advantage. However, even with her warrior's mind back, Ebony believes that she's been so influenced by love that there's no way she can turn on her friends and allies.


Shadow Ball - summons an orb of shadow energy

Supreme Ice Beam - Ebony fires a very strong beam of ice from the golden crest on her forehead

Aurora Barrier - summons a multicolored protective energy shield

Double Steel Claw - Ebony attacks with Steel Claw using both of her claws

Scratch - Ebony delivers a strong scratch to her opponent

Swords Dance - sharply raises Ebony's physical attack power

Icy Wind - Ebony blows out a blast of icy wind that may lower the speed of her opponent

Night Slash - Ebony delivers a claw slash of umbrakinetic energy

Supreme Metal Claw - a stronger version of Metal Claw that not only does great damage but also raises Ebony's physical attack power