Duke ready

Duke, leader of G.I. Joe, ready for action.

Name: Duke

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Freedom

Dislikes: Tyranny

Biggest strength: His leadership

Biggest weakness: Really?

Occupation: Leader of G.I. Joe

Quote: "Y-O-O-O, JOE!"

Voiced by: Michael Bell

For quite some time, Duke was the brave, no-nonsense leader of G.I. Joe, a special group of military specialists who fought to protect the world from a fearsome terrorist orginazation known as Cobra. But one day, when Cobra attacked, they were too strong, and all the Joes had to retreat. Now with only Scarlett left, Duke will not rest until the war is won with his side victorious and Cobra has been brought to justice.



LITERAL TRAILERS Stop-Motion Animated Toy Soldiers War Chest Trailer-203:02

LITERAL TRAILERS Stop-Motion Animated Toy Soldiers War Chest Trailer-2

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