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Name: Dracula

Race: Vampire

Group: Enemies

Likes: Blood

Dislikes: Holy water, crucifixes and any other methods of killing vampires

Biggest strength: Vampire powers

Biggest weakness: None known

Occupation: Prince of Darkness

Quote: "Good evening. I am Count Dracula. I vant to suck your blood!"

Played by: Richard Roxburgh

His theme

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's Story)

Although he is believed by many to be the King of the Vampires, Dracula was actually transformed into a vampire and tutored in vampirism by Myotismon. Dracula can not seem to be put down for good. When he learned that his master had been turned into an angel, he was not happy. However, it seems that he will not be getting his master back any time soon, since Myotismon would rather protect the universe than conquer it...unless Dracula can succeed in capturing the Angels, and Galvatron can succeed in turning Myotismon to his side.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Dracula is Darth Menslady's other adoptive great-grandfather.