Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr.Neo Cortex is a mad scientist/super villain who is one of the chief members of The V Team led by Eddy. He once served Uka Uka but he left for Eddy.

Like the other villains in the team he joined Slade and Anti Cosmo against the good guys in The Beginning, but as usual he failed and was placed in Arkham Aslyum with the rest of his friends.

He returned in Slade Strikes Back but his niece Nina Cortex betrayed him to help the heroes which bothered him. He was even more bothered when Joker showed up again and was too afraid to face him, but Eddy encouraged him to help against his henchmen

Despite everything he found himself at odds with his old boss Uka Uka and he went to stop him with his team, But this time he was teaming up with his enemies Crash, Coco and the V Team's principle rival Bender against him and he was one of the villains who discovered the true mastermind being Marceline's Dad who return once again as the main villain after that adventure

Cortex from the past self with Dr.Eggman assist Slade and his ensemble in their endevaors. He and Eggman help fight Joker and his team and find out about Joker taking THe Teen Titans and tell Harry, Mojo, Technus, Manray and the Flying Dutchman.