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Dr. McCoy

Name: Leonard McCoy

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Health

Dislikes: Medical problems

Biggest strength: His knowledge in medicine

Biggest weakness: His tendency to get snippy with Spock

Occupation: Chief medical officer

Quote: "I'm a DOCTOR!"

Played by: DeForest Kelley

Dr. McCoy served on the Enterprise as the medical officer, and he is a close friend to Captain Kirk and Spock. Spock, however, has been known to get on his nerves. If Spock has ever been talking about logic, Dr. McCoy has been known to just not want to hear it by saying, "Damn your logic!"

If Dr. McCoy ever has a patient, he will not let up until the patient is well, and he can't stand medical treatments of earlier times. Now with the war going on and with bad injuries being bound to happen, Dr. McCoy's knowledge and skill of medicine will certainly come in handy.


Phaser - Dr. McCoy uses a Starfleet Command phaser to attack