Dr. Blowhole is a enhanced intelligent dolphin who is a former villain and Skipper's former archenemy

Dr. Blowhole is a dolphin who stands on his fins and has a cybernetic right eye with a former grudge against Skipper, the Penguins and King Julian. He is also a employee for Luciaus Heinous VII

Greatest Strength: His Intelligence and his savvyness

Greatest Weakness: He's a dolphin you can put two and two together what this is


Dr. Blowhole has been described as pure evil and mad in the past by Skipper and he was. He is extremely intelligent and Luciaus' top man due to this. He is also very interested in science and like inventing for a plan for revenge against humans who he saw as cruel. Eventually he changed his mind about it with 3 of his allies and his boss and joined up with Dib and the heroes. Then he calmed and while he was still maniacal, He was more interested in using his science to help his friends, terrorize villains, and for his more personal reasons

M.O.D.A.B Storyline

Before Slade Strikes Back

Dr. Blowhole sometime joined up with Luciuas and his gang and worked for the Court of Demons, But he left with his men to attempt a takeover with the Disney Pen but they failed.

Slade Strikes Back

Afterwards the team fell into slumber when Slade called them up for a job, and they took it. After a few successive moves, He, Stewie, Oscar, Dr. Doofenschimtz joined Luciaus in his plan to find X. While they originally were there to screw Joker, they came around to the hero side by contributing to his defeat

The V Team Island Adventure

Dr. Blowhole then made a surprise return to help Bender and Eddy in The V Team Island Adventure. Luciaus and the others joined him and they helped prepare Scourge and Fiona's wedding.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Then they returned again for the next adventure and it was revealed that he fathered a daughter named Namine and he loves her very dearly

Allies and enemies

Allies: Luciaus, Dr. Doofenschimtz, Stewie, Oscar, Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Milo, Lizbet, Peep, Boomer, Nina, Emperor X, Skipper, King Julian, Starfire Jorgen, Marcine, Ice King, Jake, Heloise, Scorpion, Hans, Noob

Enemies: The Joker, Uka Uka, Marcline's dad, Alt Doof, Darkwarrior Duck


  • Has pleasant skin to touch
  • Can't pronounce the word penguins
  • Has a lobster army that works for him and serves Lucius at Misery Inc.
  • Likes to show his new state of the art technology off mostly to Doofenschimtz and Heloise as he competes with them for who is Lucius's best scientific mind


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