Doopliss(Paper Mario Thousand Years Door)

Doopliss is a Recurring Villain in Paper Mario 2 The Shadow Sirens Replace Vivian With Him. Right after Beldam Kick him out of Shadow Sirens he knows that Mario has new friends(Bender,Skipper,Marcilene, and Newcomers) He saw a lot of Troops and Henchman, who are they working for Vilgax, Doopliss ask VIlgax to Join him, Now they need a One More Member...

Sometime after The Grand Summer Season Trek and before the Multi-Universal War of Destiny, he breaks out with the other members to see The Dystopia League. Unaware of Discord's treachery, Discord has Wart killed and nearly the others done with. With Doopliss he has Owlman sealed away and then disintegrates his seal hole

Leaving interpretation on whether Dolpliss is still imprisoned or dead

Doopliss is voiced by John Kassir.


Doopliss was going to be a Little Bit Main Villains but he is the Mega Minor Villain.

Doopliss Told Everyone what happened From his Terrible Past.

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