Doctor Who Galaxy Express The Food is to Die For21:02

Doctor Who Galaxy Express The Food is to Die For

Story: Sokichi, Zen Aku, and Merrick arrive at the Disneyworld capital city. Sokichi in turn goes looking for an infestation of Angels and Silence. After successfully eliminating the two murderous colonies of monsters the Doctor returns back to the Galaxy Express. When he gets there he and the others are greeted by Daisy Duck and are in turn invited to Disney Castle for a lunch with Queen Minnie. Things take a turn for the worse when an Appetizer monster and Mirelurks appear from the buffet table. Sokichi has Queen Minnie teleport him, Merrick, Zen Aku and the monsters outside of the castle as to fight them. As they are about to engage the abominations, the gourmet chef Gordon Ramsay arrives to assist to defeat the monsters. With the Mirelurks and Appetizer defeated Gordon joins with Sokichi's group just as they leave after receiving word that Loki is invading planet Earth.

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