Divatox is the main villain of Power Rangers Turbo.

She is portrayed by Hilary Shepard Turner in the movie and the second half of Turbo and In Space, and by Carol Hoyt in the first half of Turbo.

Divatox was an intergalactic pirate queen who led a group of cutthroat aliens, monsters, and mutants in her evil conquests across the universe. She is the sister of General Havoc, adoptive daughter of Mama D, and aunt of Elgar. She was also a rival of Rita Repulsa. It is also implied that she maybe the biological sister of Dimitria.

Power Rangers In Space - Zordon's Final Scene 0002

Divatox after being purified by Zordon's energy wave.

At the end of Power Rangers In Space, Divatox was purified and turned into a human, bearing nearly a similar attire to Dimitria minus the shroud over the face.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Season 9

Divatox will appear as a main antagonist along with Yellow Diamond and the mystreous organization known as Megiddo.

She will attempt to kidnap the newborn Princess Flurry Heart.