Nevada Fights of the Ancient Guardians
(The Guardians arrive in Duloc. They feel something very eerie going on there.)

Wash: Okay. Something doesn't feel right.

Sanderson: Let's just keep moving.

(The team keeps moving. They arrive at some sort of lab.)

Andros: Here. This is the place I saw when I passed by.

Mich: We better take a look.

(The Guardians peek in and are horrified to see what's going on in there.)

Indigo: What is that stuff?

Mich: Element 115.

Sanderson: They're making WMDs.

Wash: So the Republic of Duloc is planning on making the Multi-Universe into a "perfect place" by turning everyone into zombies?!

Sanderson: Shit. I'm calling Zordon.

(Back in the Power Chamber.)

Sanderson: (Comms) Zordon, the Republic is manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction. They contain the 115.

Taylor: 115?!

Zordon: This is disturbing news. I am glad you and the other Guardians have decided to investigate what Andros was suspicious about.

Sanderson: We're going in to stop any further manufacturing.

Zordon: Be careful. You will need another Guardian to help you.

Taylor: We're sending you guys one right now. (To Zordon) Zordon, our Hunter is ready.

Zordon: Get in contact with her, John.

(In the lab.)

Terrorist: Sadiq wants these shipped out in the next 24 hours. If you're not careful with those, you'll be zombified!

(The Guardians break through the window.)

Third Echelon Guard: Fucking hell!!

Sanderson: We're not gonna let you use those!!!

Terrorist: Sadiq wants them dead!!

(The terrorists start running at them.)

Andros: LET'S ROCKET!!!

(Andros opens his morpher's keypad.)

Morpher: 3-3-5. (Enter)

(Andros begins morphing.)


(The heroes start to fight against the terrorists. One wielding a knife tries to sneak up on Indigo, but Sonic takes him out.)

Sonic: I got your back!

Indigo: Nice!

(Andros is fighting against the leader of the terrorists in the lab.)

Terrorist: You're gonna run out of energy soon enough!

Andros: Really? Because I'm just trying to tire you out!

(The heroes continue to fight the terrorists. All of a sudden, the leader is shot in the leg. Sadiq then walks up to him.)

Sadiq: Did I give you a fucking order to attack?

Terrorist: Sadiq... They..

(Sadiq breaks the leader's arm.)

Sadiq: I really hate it when all of you do that. (To the Guardians) You are all very daring. I don't think you get it. I know you're here to destroy these WMDs. However, if you do, we all will be zombified.

???: Which is why we're just gonna take them from you!!

(The Guardians see who was speaking.)

Mich: Hey! Nevada's here!!

(Nevada swiftly kills the terrorists. Sadiq starts shooting at her. She enters cover.)

Nevada: That's a Makarov PM-B Sidearm. You only have one round left in that! Make it count!

(Sadiq tries to fire at Nevada. However, his weapon's mag is actually empty.)

Sadiq: You were wrong.

Nevada: Ha! I knew I was. I have a message for you from Princess Celestia! The Guardians are back! And we are better than ever!

(Sadiq makes a break for it. Mich and Sanderson approach Nevada.)

Nevada: Zordon said you guys needed a hand. I figured since I'm a Hunter, I'd join up to complete the set.

Mich: Of course. Tell Cal that he's in, too.

(Cal enters)

Cal: Thanks, man.

Mich: Hey! Have you been here the entire time?

Cal: Stayed hidden unless beautiful here need some assistance. Of course, that also applies to you guys, too.

Mich: Thanks.

Andros: We need troops to secure the contents in the lab.

Nevada: Already made the call. They're en route.

Mich: Good. Alright everyone! Let's get outta here.


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