Power Rangers In Space - Red Ranger Morph00:19

Power Rangers In Space - Red Ranger Morph

(The Guardians are gathered around the Power Chamber)

Sonic: You good to go Jack?

Sanderson: Yeah. I'm all set.

Indigo Zap: Great! So who's are next Guardian, Miles?

Tails: (Takes the device, looking over it) It says here that our next Guardian is someone named Agent Washington.

Mich: Wash is Guardian?

Sonic: You know him?

Mich: He and me were both Freelancers.

Rainbow Dash: All right so where is he?

(Tails pulls up the map and find his location.)

Tails: He's on Chorus. Crash Site Bravo.

Mich: He's assisting the Federation in the clean-up after nearly being eradicated by Charon Industries. If we don't go there and get him, I fear Sadiq will find him first... and finish the job Hargrove started.

Zordon: Both Sadiq and Charon pose a credible threat. Find Agent Washington and bring him back here before they find him first. I'm afraid after what happened on that world, the troops there are severely outnumbered.

Sanderson: Understood, Zordon. (To Everyone) To the Astro Megaship.

(The heroes eventually arrive on Chorus. They land just outside Crash Site Bravo. They are approached by F.A.C. and New Republic Soldiers.)

F.A.C: State your business!

Sanderson: We're Multi-Universal Federation. We're here to see Agent Washington.

F.A.C: Follow me.

(They follow the Soldier to Wash.)

F.A.C: Hey, uh, Agent Washington?

Wash: What is it? (Turns around) Mich?

Mich: Hey Wash. This is important.

Sanderson: Agent Washington, my name's Jack Sanderson. I was sent be Princess Celestia and Zordon to find you.

Wash: I'm guessing it's about what happened on Coruscant?

Sanderson: Sadiq and his followers are already closing in on us. We need to gather the Guardians that scattered when they attack Coruscant.

Wash: Where are they now?

(Hostile ships arrive.)

F.A.C. Turret Soldier: Uhh.. I think that's them.

(A number of Sadiq's men arrive.)

Bitters: Welp, we're fucked.

Andros: No we're not. LET'S ROCKET!!!

(Andros opens his morpher's keypad.)

Morpher: 3-3-5. (Enter is pressed)

(Andros begins to morph.)


(Andros leads the charge against Sadiq's men. The colonists follow suit.)

Wash: We'll need to give Andros a hand.

(The rest of the Guardians assist Andros in fighting the enemies. In all the confusion, an enemies misses his shot towards a New Republic soldier and ends up damaging the Comm Tower.)

Wash: FUCK!

(All of the hostiles have been wiped out.)

Andros: Power Down!

(Andros powers down and goes with Wash and Indigo to investigate the Comm Tower.)

Indigo: Looks like that shot fried the wires here.

Wash: Great! (To Andros) Look, I know it's important for me to go with you guys, but we just lost our communications tower. I can't contact Kimball without it.

Andros: Don't worry. I'll have DECA connect you.

Wash: Okay. I guess it'll have to do.

(On board the ship on its way back to Earth, Wash is seen communicating with Kimball.)

Kimball: I'm glad they were able to find you. Thanks for letting me know, Wash. Carolina and I will deal with everything on this end.

Wash: Thanks.

Andros: Take care of yourself, General Kimball.

(Andros ends the communication.)

Sanderson: Alright. Now that we've got everyone, we need to figure what Sadiq is up to. It's only a matter of time before he ends up finding the Princess.

Andros: I think we're gonna need to go to their current base. Duloc.

Wash: Sounds like a logical idea, but Duloc itself has been abandoned for over a hundred years.

Andros: I've seen something over there. We need to figure out what it is.

Sanderson: Fair enough. (To DECA) DECA, set a course for Duloc.

DECA: Acknowledged.

(The ship then makes its way to Duloc.)


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