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"I'm Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony - Discord

Discord is a former villain from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Voiced by: John De Lancie

Main Allies: Fluttershy, Aku, HIM, Bill Cipher, Sheogorath, Obodiah Stane, Terrance Lewis, Yakone, MOM, Clarence Boddicker, Hades (Kid Icarus), Pitch Black, Dr. Weil (formerly), Lola Loud

Greatest Enemies: Princess Celestia (formerly), Bender (formerly), Skipper (formerly), Heloise (formerly), Twilight Sparkle (formerly), Captain Knuckles, Hunson Abadeer, Crona, Jyggalag, Peter Pan, the Didact, Lord Tirek, Dark Miranda, Khorne, The Huntsman

Greatest Strength: He is extremely skilled at manipulation and very clever

Greatest Weakness: The Elements of Harmony and during the first time he fought the ponies he had way too much pride.

His theme

The B Team Storyline

He serves as a main enemy of M.O.D.A.B, The V Crusaders and The Helper Squad as well as the arch-nemesis of The B Team. He is also to be an enemy for The Joker. Until Legends Of Light and Darkness, Discord was the main villain of the time before he reformed as a result of his realization on his goal. While initially distrusted by Bender and The B Team as well as Slade and Anti Cosmo, He eventually became their friend for real as they began dealing with Peter Pan and he got what Tirek manipulated Discord into thinking what he'd get for real.

In Canon he reformed twice once in Keep Calm and Flutter On and then again in Twilight's Kingdom part 2 when he betrayed them for Tirek.

Despite him saying there is no fun in making sense. Discord joining with Triek in the Season 4 finale makes perfect sense as Tirek's offer works because he claimed he could give Discord something that he'd lost. His betrayal works because Discord has learned of friendship and truly believed Tirek considered him a friend. In his mind, Discord perhaps thought he was getting the best of both worlds like many of us want to get - a friend and the freedom to cause chaos - and Tirek played him. If Discord hadn't been affected at all by his friendship with Fluttershy, he never would have trusted Tirek or given him the chance to take his magic.

Adding to that Discord was brought back out of stone because Celestia wanted his power on her side. He heard her say that. Furthermore, during his other appearances, it's really clear that aside from Fluttershy and possibly Pinkie, he doesn't have many people who actually seem to like him. Given his taunt 'Surely you must've seen this coming', it's possible that another reason Tirek could sway Discord like that was that he convinced him that he doesn't have any friends at all, that he's just being used until his masters think he's too inconvenient. That Tirek was able to do so in just one exchange of dialogue is either dramatic convenience or a sign that Discord really does think he's just a tool for the princesses to use. Then Tirek uses him.

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He is an ancient spirit of chaos who is referred to as a "Draconequus," and has the appearance of a chimera. His species are all chaos loving, reality warpers, and all love tasty foods like cotton candy and chocolate milk though he is also someone who eats paper.

Discord ruled Equestria from an unspecified time, until he was overthrown and turned to stone by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna using the Elements of Harmony. However, due to the Elements being transferred to Twilight and her friends, Discord escapes his imprisonment and temporarily throws Equestria into chaos, in addition to stealing the Elements, which had been in Celestia's possession. Through manipulating Twilight and her friends, he is able to split them apart by preying on their fears, bleaching their colors and altering their personalities.
Discord coiled around S4E01

`Trust in Me, Just in me`

However, thanks to Celestia sending all of Twilight's letters back to her, to remind her of how much she values friendship, Twilight uses a memory spell to break Discord's control and together they use the Elements to imprison him once again.

Discord is returned in season 3 of MLP as Fluttershy tries to redeem him in the episode Keep Calm and Flutter On. Fluttershy was successful as such a side of Discord split and his name was Hiscord who be the good counterpart who is friends with the ponies. Discord himself though reformed and most of the time will use his magic for good instead of evil.

Discord appeared in the Season 4 premiere as the ponies accused him of being responsible for the vines and the princess's disappearance. Discord states he didn't do this only to reveal that if he actually was but it was a backup plan he set in place before Celestia and Luna turned him to stone .He also claims that he deliberately withheld that he was the one who planted the attacking plants in the Everfree Forest so Twilight could learn a valuable lesson in princess-hood

Discord, however, escaped again and joined forces with Vilgax and Megatron, though he betrayed them and became a main villain in the LOTM series Alongside Hunson Abadeer, the Joker and others until his redemption. Discord is the mischievous spirit of chaos and disharmony who was once one of the greatest dangers for the Multi-Universe.

Discord's house

Where Discord lives

He was once a member of Vilgax's allegiance and the Children of Megatron but he betrayed the alien to work on his own plans which included killing Vilgax and setting up the arrests/deaths of many allies. His goals are 1. Eliminate rules as he believes rules are boring and are no fun to follow. While he thinks harmony is boring, he finds having rules even more boring than that, This makes him a hypocrite or selfish since he thinks own HIS rules should apply. 2. Cause as much disharmony as possible as he feels he must live up to the title "Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony" particularly to Bender, Twilight, Skipper and Heloise 3. Manipulate the gullible and foolish into becoming what they oppose. 4. Use the Time Anomaly with Dr. Weil to destroy time and/or prevent time travel (this actually worked). In Summer 2012 He finds Vilgax and Joining Forces to destroy their Enemies (while unknowing to him Discord isn't loyal and only joins to further his schemes and to do what he likes). He finds out that Twilight has joined forces with a team lead by a certain robot who would go on to be a major enemy of the team. He is the archenemy of The Mane Cast, Princess Celestia and also has became the new archenemy of Bender, Skipper and The B Team alter the results of the Previous story as the only main villain to survive as Vilgax, Porky and Bison were killed. Through Totally Mobian Spies he escaped and masterminded the story by manipulating Iron Queen with a new partner of his named Terrance Lewis to do his scheme. While he was foiled, this doesn't bother him as he knows and now he decides to finish his rebellion from Vilgax's allegiance and start as his own allegiance. He is eons old, has godlike powers and The Elements of Harmony can only seal him away. He is highly dramatic and loves making big entrances...does that remind you of someone? As he is the spirit of chaos he will always exist as order and chaos coexist and you can't have one without the another and all who oppose him represent order . Discord is also very creepy and makes people become paranoid of him with his ability to shape shift. He could be ANY stranger you meet on a daily routine.

1000px-Broken lamp in the form of Discord S3E10

A Discord Lamp

The Grand Summer Season Trek:

Discord starts as the teiraty main antagonist but as the story goes on Discord becomes the real main villain having manipulated many of the events and caused many stuff in Vilgax's plans to go wrong by selling out his allies, killing them or whatever. He fooled his allies and The P Team into thinking he was a loyal and obedient ally

Discord schemes with his boss Vilgax and the others for Multi-Universal domination. Discord unlike the others seems to think that the P Team is not the only threat, but someone else is this and like any paranoid thinker he's right. Unlike the other villains he doesn't respect his boss as much they do hinting at some dislike for his boss. Discord being anxious looks with the B Team making tests for them, with them passing all of them making Discord believe that the B Team will indeed by worthy of his attention, after that he and Porky don't tell Vilgax about anyone in the Team apart from Finn who they caught and put in Angry Aztec.

Discord usually acts without his boss's consent which sometimes annoys Vilgax. He corrupts Billy and Mandy to destroy the P Team from the inside. Then Discord reveals more of his schemes, 1st he plans to turn Flame Princess into his own weapon of chaos, 2. Get Revenge on Celestia and lastly take Twilight Sparkle as his own protege and daughter to further get to Celestia for turning him to stone. Discord's plans fail but he's not convinced likewise. Discord takes interest in Twilight, Bender and Co as all his plans are testing them for their true potential. Discord's schemes have made him promoted to right hand man, and his latest scheme is him mind raping Sora into an villain to kill his team mates.

He manages to kill one, and then he executes Cooler and King of Sorrow's Betrayal by manipulating them to follow Malefor while recruiting his handpicked choices of General Krell, The Monarch, Dr.Hugo Strange and Bertham Griffin who would butter up to Vilgax, while helping him betray the alien. He goes with the Super Zeroes to get Harmony back, but he's only using it to get what he wants and that would be ridding himself of other potential pains. He once again gets mad that Vilgax hired Vatti behind his back and before he leaves he warns Vatti that if he goes after Twilight Sparkle, Bender or the B Team he will have him fired, striped of his powers and/or killed. Discord then tells his partner Obodiah Stane that he has put a bounty on Liberty Belle and Mange to be killed since they have outlived their usefulness to him. He tells Veger and Monarch this and blackmails them not to tell the boss.

Next up he challenges Phineas and Isabella to a test of fighting him at a weaker state and they pass. Discord is pleased but he knows they must be ready for his boss and decides to make sure of it. When he learns of Goliad's join Discord is asked to teach it obedience, Discord annoyed decides to listen but for what he wants as opposed to Vilgax and strips its immortality so it doesn't turn on him.

Discord then does another act of evil when he has Liberty Belle and Mange absorbed into His Powerpunk Girls and reveals that the Sora with the P Team is a fake, and the real Sora has now become a full fledged and willing villain thanks to his plan with Sora. But then Discord throws back to good with Obodiah Stane as Sora has now outlived his usefulness so he has Obodiah mind control Sora back to normal and sends him back to his friends. Discord then recruits in a new villain and has him work for him in his next part of his plan, however he plans to dispose of him when his purpose is fulfilled.

All of Discord's plans on Bender and co were to test them for Vilgax so he could do what he does here. In the end Discord betrays Vilgax and has him killed revealing that he sold out many of their teammates to die, be arrested or reform, he also never was loyal to him and put that up as a facade. He also destroyed his conquered plants as a means to show Vilgax his time was over and Discord made it the last thing he ever saw before he killed him, (what a dick). He reveals that he brainwashed Twilight;s friends to make her friends, fight them. Discord then is defeated by Bender, Skipper and Heloise in a fight. And then the trio alongside Profion and the out of control Mane Cast seal him back in his prison defeating him.

He escapes and resume his schemes for chaos and disharmony in the Multi-Universe again as he is Discord The Spirit of Chaos, Disharmony and potentially the incarnation of all chaotic evil. As he is the spirit of disharmony and chaos he is immortal and cannot be killed as he is a balance of chaos and order meaning he's a necessary evil. Skipper, Bender AND Heloise have called him "Rudolph's insane, deformed uncle that doesn't know when to shut the f**k up." and they are far from the only ones who think that.

During his employment with Vilgax, Discord reveals that while Vilgax's empire was depleting, he was creating his own league while robbing Vilgax of his own resources, weapons and money. He also hired Pong Krell, Obodiah Stane, Betrham, Hugo Strange and The Monarch to help him in his plan to kill his boss and seize the throne. When the final battle came though he sold out most of them to Carmelita Fox if they had 2nd thoughts about assisting him in his plans. Now with Discord's escape from his stone prison he's ready to re-assume his chaos causing plans. Before he got the group together he attacked and brainwashed Cassandra's sister Sophitia to serve him as a weapon against her own sister and her Scorpion Squad. He has many enemies but his prime ones are Twilight Sparkle, Bender, Skipper, Heloise and to a degree Captain Knuckles. Discord then invites the rest of Vilgax's allegiance and the Pete Allegiance which he betrays and eliminates successfully with the exception of Alec Trevalyn, Pete, Liquid Snake, Count Veger and Pong Krell (the fourth being his own choice).

Totally Mobian Spies

Discord was the mastermind behind this story although he wasn't seen. He knew betraying Galvatron would be more difficult than it sounded, so he decided to stay imprisoned so he can stay off the lune's radar and this worked as he knew Galvatron would underestimate him.

He hired Terrance Lewis and Ricardio to infiltrate Iron Queen's Syndicate and to supply them with everything. He is also responsible for Hugo Brass's robotization and why Mecha Sally is with Iron Queen as he brought Sally to Terrance who sent him to Iron Queen. He did all this before he was sealed away. But when Eddy faced Ricardio and defeated him at an island, Discord escapes and plans the Dystopia League move. Terrance Lewis refers to him when he encounters Bender and Skipper. He used Iron Queen's syndicate as pawns like he did with Vilgax. And even was going to have the teams set against each other so he can decide on the worthy. He also planned to eliminate Lara Su, the girls and Iron Queen with Tarkin's huge laser after this. But Discord's plan was foiled by Pericles sending Heloise to stop her.

Discord arrives to many of Iron Queen's living allies and revealed his employment to Ricardio and Terrance Lewis. The Chaotic creature learns of Bender and the B Team defeating the team. He laments on how the 2nd time they have being an inconvenience for him. Discord recruits all of her followers minus Count Dooku and tells them it's time to eliminate The remainder of Vilgax's allegiance. He also reveals that he robbed Vilgax of all of his resources so he could use it to build the Dystopia League and then use them against Vilgax if the alien won. When Vilgax was defeated, he wasn't bothered as he decided to kill Vilgax and destroy the remaining stuff the alien had to hammer the point in that Vilgax's time is over and that his time has begun. 

He is aligned with the Dystopia League as their leader and founder of the unit. He recruited most of the remaining members of Iron Queen's Syndicate while having Ricardio and Terrance Lewis serving as his double agents. He also has an alliance with Umbrella Corporation as his alley Sergei Vladimir decided to place his organization with Discord. This led to Discord sending the Nemesis to serve as Iron Queen's servant and using his T.A.L.O.S as a test subject by giving to his former ally Alec Trevalyn. He has officially began his plans which he starts by scheming to release Terrance Lewis. Obodiah and him causes a riot through Clarence Boddicker and with Terrance not participating this gave him a early parole hearing. Discord and Stane also planned to expose the W.H.O.O.P agency by getting his brother and his girls to testify against Lewis and then have them arrested afterwards through MOM. Discord's plans work as Lewis escaped jail on parole, Clarence Boddicker and Mom delivered the photos and now Discord has officially discredited W.H.O.O.P by exposing it to the public.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Discord is returning in this story and he is going to be the main villain of the story with new villain Sigma as the secondary villain and a rival of Discord's. He also will duel off with Dib, Lizbeth, Scorpion and many of the other heroes.

He is the secondary main antagonist of the Membrane Elite storyline, one of the two main villains of the Helper Squad and Lizbeth's storyline and the main villain of Bender's storyline

Before this he ransacked the Powerpuff Girls universe with the Powerpunk girls and possibly killed the Mayor.

He also made a powerful creation known as the Sith Stalker with Dr. Weil's help. But something they both did not expect is that the Sith Stalker attack them both and escaped their lair. Later in the adventure he make's a deal with his old creation: Discord give's him a warrior known as Fear Kratos a clone of Kratos and the Sith Stalker kills Crona in the event that he is unable to do it himself.

Discord starts his scheme by sealing off the Canterlot Castle of using magic so he can set an encounter with Twilight Sparkle, Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Finn and Celestia asking the six if they missed him. Discord reveals and calls Bender on attacking his base when Discord tried to annihilate Vilgax's remaining members. Discord after a talk with them leaves back to his base and wonders why Knuckles wasn't there and Negachin believes he was picking his nose. Despite his frustration with Bender and his pals thwarting his trying to kill the remaining members, he decides to use this to his advantage as a warning to whoever they're working for to what he can do and probably will do. To get Knuckles, he terrorizes him in his sleep. He overhears Knuckles mention him to his friends and he calls Stane as they discuss their plans for Knuckles. Discord then lends MOM and Terrance Lewis to Whooping Crane so he can initiate his revenge plan on Lizzy. It was revealed that he had Crane fake his death and he found a duckling girl and he used her as a body to cremate.

Discord learns of Gravemind's scheme and he wonders about the Cortanians as he doesn't think he did anything to them. But he does want info on them, Sigma then threatens Discord to back off or Boddicker and the Bean get it. Discord having none of it challenges him to fight on the Republic and has Tarkin and Sophita go to attack Krell and Belmont. Discord then is revealed to have spied on Dib and the Membrane Elite, he also acquires the Terrasect through Mildew and  taunts Bender, Skipper and Heloise over the phone.

Discord then invades the Republic with Obodiah Stane and has Sophita kick the shit out of Cassandra. Scorpion rescues her and Discord is surprised to See Scorpion here and they both get a hard hit on each other before Scorpion leaves. He then successfully conquers/ destroys most of the republic, gets Hannibal and Boddicker back and kills Vile. Discord then calls up Bender and reports this and the two trade threats and insults. He later tried to take out Lord Death by tricking him but his trick failed he got Reaper Chopped. This shows that Discord can't trick everybody. But he did succeed in a way through his 3 little discord being the ones who tried the trick. He then sends Hades to go attack another universe. Discord then was shocked to learn that Bender's allies killed some of his but that goes away when Loboto tells Discord that he found the location.

It was revealed that this was the Nightosphere Empire where he meets Lizbeth, Maka and the V Crusaders and Hunson. Discord then with his armies battles Lizbeth's friends and Hunson's allies. Both her and Abadeer both get hard hits and it's revealed that Discord has Sophita's kids as leverage but he loses one to Lizbeth while he escapes.

Discord and his close personal friend Stane then detect some new chaos around and they meet and join forces with Havik. Discord later came and screwed with Captain Knuckles' mind using a psycho clone of Maka. He then met Crona and Ragnarok and after meeting them he let Crona go if Crona does a favor for him. Discord then shows up on Sigma not being happy of his involvement and reassures Bender and the others that Discord is saving him for personal plans. He confronts Lizbeth and Maka and sics Sophitia on them. Discord then makes himself look like Kratos and goes to kill both Knuckles and Crona. Discord then learns that during he was robbed by Bender and the team, and Discord is pissed and decided if the robot wants to play rough, he'll play. We later see Discord alone and then he meets Crona again and Crona scares the hell out of him with a fake bomb he finds out that Knuckles is still alive. Discord then left because of this humiliating defeat though he rebounded big time. Discord though decides to calm down and make his own funded empire, while he decides to scheme some retaliation against the Membrane Elite. Discord then ambushes on Sigma, Sektor, Lizbeth, Hunson, V, Alucard, Maka, Zero and Ciel and is called by Lizbeth "an obsessive, compulsive sideshow attraction." He also schemes to have Sophita become evil of her own will.

He is not surprised and annoyed with Mildew being stupid but as consolation he recruits Jack Noir, gets Robozenza and then steals Sigma`s RNA to discredit him. When the heroes wonder where he got it from Discord explains through his encounter in Retroville with unknowingly to heroes with Lizbeth and Hunson Abadeer. Discord then schemes and successfully infects 18 with the intent of destroying the Scorpion Squad. After his attempt at Crona failed he ponders to himself and decides to wait for his defeat before utilizing his revenge. Discord ambushes Abadeer and faces him and Sigma, the fight's result are unknown but he learns from his new recruit Pitch about Sophita's betrayal and decides to get even with her. When Stringray tries to betray him, Discord tortures him through the usage of mutated cobra larvae in his spine. After this he schemes to destroy the heroes now that he knows about M.O.D.A.B's association to his nemesis.

Discord is revealed to have a equal partner in Dr. Weil who helps him, Stane, Pitch, Lewis, MOM, Boddicker, Hades, Yakvone, Omega and Copy X who kills Sophita, Edd, Birkin and Hans and he nearly kills Starfire. He gloats and taunts to Bender about this and leaves with the rings as his plan worked successfully. This comes back to bite him hard when Bender finds him,shoots up the lair , pulverizes him and then has him raped by a panda bear. Discord saw this as even worse than what Crona attempted and waited for his injuries to heal before confronting him personally.

Discord orchestrates many plans and nearly wins but Bender, Twilight, Skipper and Heloise intervene and defeat him. Discord is thrown by Bender and Skipper into a portal of the condemned. Discord though does succeed in a way as he destroys the ability by showing off his deadly plans with Weil. And he also causes severe damage to M.O.D.A.B through his devious actions

The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker

Discord becomes one of the two real true antagonist in the adventure alongside Dr. Weil. Although, Discord didn't appear in this adventure but was mentioned. For the first time, Discord actually appears in The P Team storyline. His goal in this adventure is Crona's death and not only to killed Knuckles Riso but also making him suffer and tortured in this adventure since his fear of Maka Albarn's anger.

Legends Of Light and Darkness

Discord is brought to Weil, Stane and Nightmare Rarity in stone form. Discord talks with the three of them and makes them promise he will escape his prison, he also learns about The Joker who was Bender's previous arch-nemesis. Discord not wanting competition for revenge sends Weil and Obodiah Stane to kill The Joker.

Discord is happy with Joker's capture since he can have Bender kill Joker. Discord and Dr. Weil were the ones who gave Silas his robot body so they use it against Malefor and the league. Discord sends Nightmare Rarity's forces to go on Joker to make sure he's the nemesis for Bender and only nemesis. Discord attacks Slade's Castle and The Cartoon Wasteland with Obodiah Stane under his and Weil's orders. Discord sends his forces to Apokolips and he helps Bender and Marceline defeat and kill the Joker.

Discord escapes his prison with help of Twilight who join forces with Bender and Slade to defeat Hazama and Relius. The two don't trust him but they decide to let him in.Discord gives the others info on Hazma so they could use it to defeat him before going to help. Discord battle Hazama with the teams and finds how to truly stop Hazama. Discord in a unusual thought decides to change, the heroes think he has reformed, but he;s not tamed. He acts as the host of the wedding between Axl and Alie and makes sure the others get there. After that he will tell Celestia he is ready to use his powers for good most of the time instead of evil. Which he does just that,

LOTM Next Gen Island Tour

Discord returns in the future story though this time Discord is on the side of the heroes and helps against the Sinisters of Evil and the Children of BlackGarurumon. Discord though is not exactly trusted by Blue, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Death the Kid, though the B Team Members do. While Bender and co are willing to work with him, they haven't forget what he has done and they have made it sure that if Discord tries anything they will end with him right then and there which Bender, Death, Kratos, Blue ,Slade and Anti Cosmo have all made this apparent to him.
Discord riding Blythe Baxter's scooter S4E25

Discord driving Blyhte's scooter

Discord shows up which only Isabella notices and Picard gets his phaser ready though Suede convinces him not too. Death The Kid and Slade also do so and Saul is surprised to see him as well. Discord is brought into the magic discussion between the heroes regarding Isabella and hydrokinetics. He agrees with Bender and Heloise that just because someone is Disney doesn't mean that they can use magic. When everyone arrives and meets Dr.Strange, Discord hides himself until Bender and Anti Cosmo tell Aleu and Blue that he is helping them. When The two see Discord, they jump back in shock that he is alive and out of his prison block. Discord's return still is unnerving, and he is reminded again about how Bender ruthlessly humiliated him. He meets the Multi-Universal Resistance and earns their trust minus Batman who learns from Bender and Twilight about he was responsible for Dib's death. Discord decides to teleport his way to their meeting location rather than fly but before that he trolls Picard like Q always does. Twilight summons Discord, who is taking a shower singing Winter Wrap Up and after words, he tells them that sees the parties in the same area.

Discord goes with Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Sora, Zick and Mr. Gold in their location and he hopes that Bender and Skipper go into song. Once crossing the river, Discord points out to Isabella afterwards that in order to find what's going on with her powers, become a mermaid every time they're near water which gets her annoyed. Though Bender does agree a bit on Discord's perspective.

Discord then breaks the fourth wall when someone makes the comment he could just teleport them up there. In the long run it was an idea, as Predaking attacks him and the others Discord decides to hold it off with Sora's help. Jean Grey returns the favor and Discord does teleport them out, though it did hurt his back pretty badly. Discord ambushed by Braniac teleports himself and Heloise out of the force fields to keep the heroes there. He shows Heloise the field's weakness and she goes to help get the others out. Discord is with the heroes when White Wolf is captured and when she threatens them with Sunset, Discord is sarcastic about the fear he shows because he  knows despite the power of Shimmer, Twilight is so much better and he means the latter part.

Discord reads the treasure encryption refers to some star that Skipper and Bender are both trying to find which has the former being meta which Discord has no problem before going to see Gold at his pawn shop and is surprised to learn just how much money they're worth. Discord overhears the talk between Bender and the others and points out that science is better than magic at giving life and was cautious about it since he knew that people who come back through Magic are brought not in the best mind. He is also set to be discredited as Jaeris and Zhuge learn.

Discord and Bender after the call begin showing suspicion regarding Blue and suspect he'll do something that costs them dearly. During both of the team's discussions about Aleu's disappearance, Discord suggests to get Blythe to help Chun-Li which Anna agrees with. Discord tells the heroes about the magic duel between the team when Jack calls him  and to get there a walk in the forest and to a train is required. Discord shows sign of boredom when he's on the train only for them to escape when something tries to kill them in Rasputin's demons. Discord helps Heloise and Twilight reach the castle where they fight the witches. Discord is then approached by Lord of Darkness trying to convince him to help him and BlackGarurumon's forces. Discord refuses as he learned from his mistake from being involved with Lord Triek. Lord of Darkness decides to have him killed and tries to have Sunset kill Discord. Discord however took advantage of the situation and applying a magic blocking cuff on Sunset during the talk. Discord then helps Picard and Heloise disable Evanora and her magic.Discord asks about Isabella’s condition to House before learning of the mutation. After this he and Gohan begin looking for the cure and when Suede gets a package, he identifies the contents quick and even notices something they failed to notice.

When Blue asks when Katara shows up why is she here and taking charge and don’t they trust him. Discord tells him and surprisingly with some validness he is a loose cannon and that Katara has had experiences with flirting with the dark side. Discord escapes and Soran shoots them down, Discord begins to sing "Hungry like the Wolf" to look for repairs as there is only one eighties. Discord finds Kratos and Wheatley who the former tries to kill, though he has Kratos hold off and then sings "Friend like Me". Discord heads with the others to the isle where he drinks Mexican beer with Bender, Skipper and Death The Kid. He and the team arrive at the amusement park where Nightcrawler comments looks haunted which Discord points out because LOD used disco balls.Twilight and the crew get breathalyzers which Discord assumes came from Gold or Isabella and that Discord finds scary that he doesn't make sense yet what he said did. Discord and Twilight also smell something odd in blood as they realize it's Gohan who states that they wanted to prove something about his kind of blood in that he put in a syringe and gave someone a shot. I wanted to see how it works on a human without supernatural powers. Discord helps Kid, Makoto, Heloise and Twilight get info out of Pretorius before helping in getting Bender out of trouble and leading the attack. Makoto and Kid find out what happened with the Thompsons and Discord explains that they're mostly dead and they must find the physical bodies of them to bring to all alive again.

Bender and Discord are both called up by Jesse who gives the identify of the Jack White Act trying to recruit Bender into helping him with his  plans on valid grounds of robot rights. Bender refuses to help him and to his surprise Jesse isn't angry in that the vampire tells him that the person behind it is someone they need to figure out. Discord also puts Connor and Kirahue to make sure Makoto and Kid don't get distracted when looking for preserved bodies.Discord is present with the team when the plans about the internment camp are revealed and he finds Bender's comment on calling the projects unoriginal names for getting in a shh contest. After that he and Bender both begin discussing their plan against the Children of BlackGarurumon. Discord begins to watch porno with Slade and Anti Cosmo trying to work and telling him to turn it off, when Discord gets a boner. Mr.Gold calls them up and they end talking about stuff when they meet Buffy who takes them on the path to the castle. This is where Discord learns about Nibruru and Jack White himself.Discord eaves there and ends up getting directions from Jesse though the heroes can't really trust him. Discord and Bender with the others are caught and is part of their plan they're up when they scheme to betray the team. Discord and Bender get Suede and Jack Bauer out with their lan which works as it turns out that they have poisoned the Children of BlackGarurumon. Discord  gets back to the winter lands and is ready with the others to tackle Sinister as they wait for Liz and Patty to get placed back in their physical bodies. Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord and Mr. Gold all insure Bender and Strange enter the castle when Predaking shows up and offers to spare their lives if they tell him where the robot due to the poisoning, Slade refuses as does the other three and Predaking begins chasing them, However Discord and The Striker Force put it down, netted, sedated and cuffed while Discord and Mr.Gold get back to the safety zone. The Four of them and The Striker Force also run into Belle and Hook who shoots Belle in the back with a bullet that eliminates one's memory. Gold furious about this tries to burn Hook alive with it, Discord however throws a car at him.  Discord with Isabella, Castiel and May save the heroes from Pan and Maximilian who he handcuffs to prevent anything from happening to his friends as yes he calls them his friends when Pan confronts him on trying to take over the universe as  a excuse.

Discord and co make it to the Courage Kingdom where he joins the villains in interrogation of Predaking. Discord and Gold join the Miracle Elite with their own side as well as Stardash who decides to investigate the area. Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.

Mr.Gold senses some kind of magic and gets Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Gohan, Twilight, Castiel, Casper, Kid and Makoto over there and tells them it's resurrection magic which does bring people back temporarily but the price is the come back wrong and/or lose their memories and they must be recovered. As they all discuss Peter Pan enters the room and toys with them in that he will find Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Knuckles and Crona take  them to Neverland and torture them until they arrive and then kill them in front of them. That can be anywhere, with the waters of Neverland all over,  Pan can be all powerful anywhere, Bender calls Pan on not doing it immediately who admits he's just fucking with them while insulting and taunting Mr.Gold. Discord arrives in Springfield and gets to Bart, Black Star and Colonel Star and Stripes as they all head to the Simpsons Household and begin planning what to do though Marceline figures them out and they all begin talking with her after him, Heloise, Bender, Suede and Jesse were attacked by Jack Whiteists. Gold and Discord find a mystical candle which they deliver to Frida, Colress and Qui-Gon to use to get an upper hand on Pan which takes out Maximilian. Discord and the others begin working on what to do with invasions and Discord goes after Ultraman and more aliens with the other villains where Slade, Hook and Anti Cosmo eliminate him. Then he shows up after a reunion and scares the crap out of Dib, Knuckles, Lizbeth, Maka and their friends

Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Makoto, Gohan, Sora, Connor, Twilight Discord, Dixie, Bart, Gonner, Stardash and Colonel Star and Stripes all go wondering in their cavern. With a ocarina in hands which they need to use to open their door and find out the chosen one regarding the niburu which Isabella plays to the tune of the Lugia song. Discord assists in fighting the Children of BlackGarurumon and plays in a role in killing Darth Nihilus and Cronus. Before aiding against BlackGarurumon and the Entity, Discord saves Bender from sacrificing himself and gives a new out look when Isabella takes Bender back to Earth, He decides to talk with Celestia before landing on a crash star.

The Alternate Ending to LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

In the Alternate Ending planned, Discord shows up and just like Bender he remembers everything that happened in the original timeline and tags with Bender to find some answers. Marceline and Isabella both at different points tell Bender and him what happened with Starfire's death and resurrection and why they remember as opposed to the others.


Discord returns for 4 of the acts of Island Tour to help Kid, Bender and the rest with the Templar Order. Black Star in unsure about trusting him regarding what he did in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny which Slade tells him to get in line.

Future Warfare

Discord returns yet again with Bender, Slade and the others to work on stopping a possible future from happening. While he and Bender both are both chaotic instead of lawful, Discord here with the other heroes finds himself neutral regarding law and chaos as too much of either is bad.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Blue Flare

New Republic

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate



Discord makes his first appearance here as part of Starfire's crew to rescue Bender and Jorgen and to recruit Suede and Lydia to help them fight Thawne who they have been tracking. Discord tracks the Prison Ship and rescues Bender with Phineas and Isabella from The Joker and brings them to Starfire so they all begin their collective effort to defeat Eobard.

Discord with Starfire picks up Bender, Skipper, Rick and King Julian from their drunk night after annoying Jimmy a bit while he's working. The Next Morning, Discord sheepishly and embrassly made a Help Wanted Sign describing Thawne in a comcial way as the enemy which got Amanda Payne coming around.

Rick is left in charge while Bender is away, alongside Morty, him, Suede, Jimmy, Twilight, Finn, Amanda and Colress to work on locating a vortex regulator for the group while Bender is out finding his past self. Discord though seems to know a lot like Rick though not everything. He decides to go find the Vortex Regulator and goes with Rick, Morty and Suede for the ride. The four find a temple with the regulator in there which they need to enter Legends of the Hidden Temple after some moat crossing, trivia questions and sneaking past hard obstacles without magic (sounds familar? though hyperspace is allowed) they get the regulator only to realize that both Eobard Thawne and Toffee wanted them to show the way. Discord manages to sneak the regulator while the others are distracted though Thawne tries to prevent this. After Jimmy chases them off, Discord gets in contact with Bender alongside Twilight and Rick and they mention what they have done.

After getting free from the magic, he fights Bison before the others get back and meets Steven and Connie. Discord works with Slade's team and Starfire to stop Joker's team from giving the parasites to The Joker and remembering how much Vilgax angered him, Discord decides to attack him personally and dominates their fight and is forced to back off with Bison but gets back with Slade's team and Twilight/Rick after the former showed up

Colress and Rick with Discord begin to make their own raft to leave the island to not want to be stranded, Colress and Rick do have an argument about how to best to make it where Rick wants to make a turbo boat and Colress wants to make a simple one and Rick points out he is the better sceienst while Colress is a mere pokemon scientist. Angry Colress attacks Rick while Discord begins working on the raft himself. Colress and Rick finally complete their boat raft and Discord comments on them finally working together which Rick points that they only did because Discord pissed both of them off. Before they can get Axel and Suede, Dr.Weil arrives and traps the three with his trap, when Discord wonders where did Weil get the trap and Gus with Skylar explain they made the trap while they were all fighting with each other with Uka Uka explains that they used Discord's Dystopia League tools to create it and now they got them in their clutches.

Axel and Suede have taken out Kingpin and Mike and decide to follow their path where Ra's Al Ghul and Rordigo stand in their way and now it's round 2 for the two. Rick, Discord and Colress are all stuck under their own traps and are trying to get out with Dr.Weil looking in glee as he intends to use Discord's power to destroy some islands to keep them from finding each other which Discord is not happy about through Weil just dicks with him and Brother Blood decides some torture might be needed to get Discord to give up when Skylar and Gus come in with Axel and Suede when they are attacked and Axel tries to break Discord's trap when Skylar takes Axel's power and uses them to hold Suede off and Suede decides to try and sword slice the trap when Ra's Al Ghul comes after them. Discord takes Colress, Axel and Suede out and then use the boat to go back to Antauri.

Discord is brought with the others to The Nightosphere and Hunson reveals he actually does happen to remember everything as He followed Bender and took the place of the past one and he with Alt Doof make a team up with the team. Discord and the others rescue Bender, Skipper, Rick and Team Arrow from The Federation and meets Ford who tells the team where Thawne is and Discord takes them there with a singer snap to attack the Legion

Discord then finds himself fighting his own past self and the villains of the last 3 stories, though Obodiah Stane has Discord's back and helps them against the villains of the previous stories and find more Spear of Destiny parts. Discord afterwards continues the fight against The Legion of Past, PResent and Future Evil. When they get it, Discord is assumed to have been turned into a trophy. Except Discord actually managed to escape this and with Hunson Abadeer. The Two then help Deathstroke's rogue followers against Thawne's group.

Discord helps the others rescue the team from Bill Cipher and Toffee, He is quick to realize that Bill might be something that matches him if not exceeding his power. This worries him a bit and he ponders that he must find a way to counter Cipher, Twilight and Naesala point that Discord is obessing over Bill's powers and Discord points out back that he feels threatened by Bill Cipher and he will do what it take to overdo Bill. Discord joins Bender and the team in going to Mewni and learns Toffee's history and his capaibilites from Moon.

Toffee invades with the rest of the cult and Discord sees a chance to over do Bill and Toffee's gang. He puts his magic to use and really overwhelms The Cult as no one is even close to Discord's power. Discord mocks Bill for using such followers against them, knowing that have him on the team, Hunson and Alt Doof point think this will backfire as Discord is getting carried away. When the war ends with Toffee killing the queen, Discord feels upset that he let this by getting arrogant. On top of that, Discord realizes his powers have been cut a bit as Toffee killing the comission corrupted the magic of all magic users thanks to him also taking control of the magic kingdom. He still manages to have some powers and uses them against the cult. He faces off with Dr.Weil his former partner and eventually manages to kill his former partner. Discord provides Bender and Skipper with some of his magic to use against Toffee as well

When The Spear is used, Discord is still with the team and went the heroes decide to take a vacation, Discord poofs everyone to Aruba and they all sit on the beach .

Allies and enemies

Allies: Obodiah Stane, the Powerpunk Girls, Bane, Mr. Sykes, the Borg Queen, Boris the Animal, Clarence Boddicker, Colonel Volgin, Commander Whooping Crane, Dark Danny, Dr. Loboto, Evil Jimmy, Terrance Wynn, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grandfather, Hades (Kid Icarus), Hannibal Bean, Hiroshi Sato, Lil' Gideon, the Gravemind, Katz (formerly), MOM, Mildew, Omega, Owlman, Penelope Cruz, Peter Stegman, Ricardio, Russ Cargill, Sergei Vladimir, Terrance Lewis, Vandal Savage, Vladimir Makrov, Yakone, Croco, Nega Chin, Havik, Pitch Black, Dr. Weil, Copy X, Nightmare Rarity, Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Marceline, Phineas, Isabella, Hiccup, Astrid, Axel, Axl, Alie, AVGN, Jack Frost, Zuko, Katara, Aleu, Hellboy, Jack Sparrow, Zuko, Katara, Obi-Wan, Sheogorath, Mr. Gold, Saul Goodman, Dr. Strange, Alexander Fox Xanatos, Android 16, Batman, Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blythe Baxter, Carl Clover, Dan, Eska, Grey, Jessie, James, Mister Miracle, Mysterion, Norman, Sam, Sunil, Zoe, Tony Animeda and The Flash, Sora, Anna, Biyomon, Jean Grey, Jaeris, Zhuge Liang, Suki, Crugger, Starkiller, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Connor, Major Kirrahue, Buffy Summers, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Mr. Gold,Slade's ensemble, Death the Kid, Black Star, Castiel, Team Free Will, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Blue, Magneto, Protoman, Suede, Lydia, Colress, Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Amanda Payne, Steven Universe, Connie, Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Attari

Enemies: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle (formerly), the Mane Cast, Bender (formerly), Skipper (formerly), King Julian, Heloise (formerly), Shining Armor, Jorgen Von Strangle, Django of the Dead, Finn, Marceline (formerly), Ice King, Frida Suarez, Sagat, Stan Smith, Sari Sumdac, Mandark, Princess Morbucks, Solid Snake, Phineas (formerly), Ferb, Isabella (formerly), Flame Princess, Brick, Butch, Q, Professor Pericles, Falco Lomardi, Ahsoka Tano, Profion, Sandy Cheeks, Kitty Katswell, Big Boss, Meta Knight, Luigi, Meowth, Blue, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Bartok, Terra, Aleu (formerly), Gilbert, Cap Knuckles and the P Team, Vilgax and his allegiance, the Children of Megatron, Amon, Balto, Hunson Abadeer, the Nightosphere Empire, Pete and his group, the Arbiter, Scorpion, Cassandra, R.J., Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Starfire, Nina Cortex, Jimmy Neutron, Axel (formerly), Dexter, Hans, Noob, Pinky, The Brain, Nibbler, Frost, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Asami Sato, Sigma, the Σ Organization, Atomic Betty, Hiccup (formerly), Astrid (formerly), Hellboy (formerly), Jack Sparrow (formerly), Jake Miller, Zuko (formerly), Katara (formerly), Master Chief, Obi-Wan (formerly), Leon, Ada Wong, the Scorpion Squad, Hiscord, Sophitia, the Joker, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Hazama, Relius Clover, Vaatu, BlackGarurumon, the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, the Sinisters Of Evil, Haytham Kenway, the Templar Order, Jyggalag, GBF and his unit, Jesse, Peter Pan, Loki, Albert Wesker, Dukat, Crowley, Niburu, Eobard Thawne, Dr.Alchemy, Scott the Network Head, The League of Past, Present and Future Evil, Toffee, Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult


Twilight Sparkle

Out of all the ponies in Equestria, Twilight is Discord's favorite to troll with and screw with. When Twilight and her friends encountered Discord for the first time, he toyed with them psychologically and broke her friends. Discord did not break Twilight in the maze like the others, which he did as a way to get revenge on Celestia. Discord loves invading her personal space and mocking her which pisses Twilight off. Eventually she and her friends defeat him by once again sealing him to stone

Discord returns in The Grand Summer Season Trek and Twilight gets help from Bender and his friends to stop him. She plays a important role in stopping him as she is one of the heroes who learns of Discord's treachery to Vilgax. With Discord coming back, Twilight is ready to face him again with her friends. With his reformation, she tries to see it that way and it may happen since they are both involved in two adventures on the same side. She was also the one who released him from his prison block in Legends of Light and Darkness.


In the MLP: FIM episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On", Fluttershy is the only one willing to reform Discord. She eventually succeeds in doing so. Although they are friends right now, there's a possibility that Discord and Fluttershy could show a romantic interest with each other. In Make New Friends but keep Discord, Discord's behaviour is that of a jealous guy vying for a girl's attention.


Bender is Discord's main rival after the princess herself and his archenemy. The two meet in The Grand Summer Season Trek and faced each other down many times. Discord regards Bender as a serious opponent and knows he and his crew is not joking around. Discord during the adventures subtly helped Bender and his friends in their mission to have them help him stop Vilgax, this went so far that he used his allies to test the robot and the team and prevented many things from happening to the team like Bender did himself. After Vilgax was beaten by Knuckles and betrayed by Discord, he challenged Bender to stop him and his plan. Bender rose to the challenge with Heloise and Skipper and stopped him. They sealed him away for a lot of time, Discord escaped through Eddy and put his plan against Iron Queen in effect. Somehow the robot knew Discord was Lewis' employer and Bender stopped Terrance Lewis.

In The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Discord and Bender are clashing again in a more serious matter since Dib and his friends are now involved in Discord's plans. Discord is more after Bender and the B Team than the other three teams in this story for personal reasons and in the end it's him and his team that defeat him again. Discord is probably the person Bender hates most, considering how angry he was when it was revealed what he was doing and that not even the Joker pushed him that hard or far. Speaking of Joker, Discord learns about him and hates him too just like Bender for getting in his way. Discord and Bender at the end of said story become reluctant allies/friends as Discord changed and decides most of the time to use his powers for good instead of evil.


Like Bender and Twilight, Skipper is one of Discord's main enemies and opponents. Discord met Skipper at the Gala when he send Brick and Butch to attack. Afterward, Discord put his plan to work to eliminate Vilgax in effect. Every time Skipper and the others saw Discord, discord tried to defeat him and when Discord was working behind the scenes, Discord aided the heroes and waited til they were strong enough to stop Vilgax. Skipper was aware of Discord's treachery and wasn't surprised that Discord was stealing the plot. After killing Vilgax, Skipper with Bender and Heloise put a stop to Discord's plan. Like Bender, Twilight and Heloise he and Discord begin working together as a team starting with the fight against Terumi and Relius.


Discord takes Heloise very seriously like the previous three mentioned. Discord plays the battle of wits with her frequently and like Bender and Skipper, he tested her often to see if she could bare a threat to his plan. Discord learned much about her included her parentage and made a plan with Terrance Lewis to screw her mother and her syndicate up as a way to convince her to follow him. Heloise didn't take shit from this and like Bender and Skipper she foiled him and she won`t after he reformed.

Princess Celestia

If there's one character Celestia treats dead serious, it's Discord. Celestia usurped Discord from Equestria with the help of her sister Luna and the elements. Discord eventually escaped and made it his first goal to taunt Celestia. He talked to her like an ex-boyfriend talks to his girlfriend. He is the only character Celestia has ever actually ordered the Mane Six to try and defeat, and the first time we ever see her angry and genuinely surprised are when he hides the Elements of Harmony. He, of course, thinks this is all great fun which annoys her to no end. Yet Celestia stills believes Discord can change, but when he acts out. Celestia will get Twilight, Bender, Skipper, Heloise and the other heroes on his ass.

But Discord has now decided to turn good, and Celestia is pleased to see the change in Discord.

Captain Knuckles

One of his archenemies, Discord thinks he doesn't have threats to him. However, Knuckles mock his Chaos act and told him to love harmony. Knuckles is now the list of Discord's archenemies, but he KNOWS everything about Knuckles, his fear and weakness,Discord soon began to think of plans for torturing Knuckles with his fear. Like Bender, Knuckles is deadly determined to stop him.

Obodiah Stane

Discord's right hand man and best friend in the service. He and Stane met in Vilgax's employ and they hit it off quick. Obodiah helped Discord with all his plans and believed that Discord should be in charge due to how well he gets the job done. Discord and Obodiah then schemed against Vilgax and betrayed him at the right moment. When Discord was defeated and sealed away, Obodiah Stane worked to release Discord, and through manipulating Eddy, Discord escaped, Obodiah Stane and him were glad to see each other as they missed each other. Stane and Discord focus on the Dystopia League the empire they built as a team and recruiting Iron Queen's followers. He helped Discord betray the remaining members since they both believed that Vilgax was a wannabe main villain

Vilgax's Allegiance

Discord was once a member of this team, but he was manipulating them into his own plan. Discord joined Vilgax since he saw opportunity to do what he likes most. After a while Discord began scheming against the alien when Bender and Knuckles entered the scene. Discord also did the recruiting hoping his villains would help in his plan, Obodiah helped only but Discord was not dissuaded. As Discord began creating his new empire with Stane, he realized that his allies had to go since they knew his true intentions. When Emperor Pete decided to join Discord, noticing that he and Vilgax are not often working with another, Discord realized that he may have known about his betrayal plans. So Stane decided to get him out of Discord's way so Discord could put his treacherous scheme to work. When the remaining members were released, Discord tried to kill them but he failed. They swore revenge on Discord, for his treacherous ways.

The Dystopia League

Discord's empire and forces, he and Obodiah Stane created the empire during their employment to Vilgax. Discord and Stane found villains and recruited them to their side while keeping their activities secret from the others. Eventually Discord realized that he needed a hero to be brainwashed and since he knew the P Team as Stane reported on Knuckles' activities. He choose Cassandra's sister and ordered Yakone to bring her in, when this worked Discord decided to turn Sophitia into a weapon for evil, by brainwashing her. Through their experiments they succeed in brainwashing Sophitia and turn her into a powerful opponent by enhancing her speed, power, and endurance. While the team has been defeated, many of his allies are still around though in jail.

Hunson Abadeer

Discord and Hunson have a complicated past. They both have desires to take over the Multi-Universe but in their own ways. When Zeus took over, Discord needed help from his rival Hunson Abadeer to overthrow him, Hunson agreed over if Discord pissed off and let him rule. They had help also from Sigma and the trio managed to take overthrow him. They turned on each other and fought each other, Hunson won and took the Multi-Universe for himself as when Celestia and Luna arrived and turned Discord into stone.

Discord and Hunson meet again as did with Lizbeth. Discord then faced him and his empire with his and ended in a stalemate. Now Discord's got trouble with Hunson on his ass as the Nightosphere demon teams up with his nemesis Lizbeth to bring him and when Discord was going in, both of them kicked him to make sure he stayed out


His other main rival was the Reploid Sigma. Though he didn't have the power of him or Abadeer, he had the wit and sophistication to match. Sigma despite not being on his level sufficiently annoyed him. So to get rid of him he manipulated the Membrane Elite and sat back so they could get rid of the Reploid. His plan worked when Dib, Boomer and X defeated him


A brainwashed ally of his. Discord having learned about Cassandra and all Soul Calibur whereabouts from Stane who spied on the girl. He decided to wreck royal havoc on that universe by turning its champion into a vicious, heartless, soulless killer. He sent Yakvone to detain her, he succeeded and then Discord began his plan. His plan was very successful as she obeyed his orders on a whim and he did considerable damage to the universe. However it began to fall apart when he brought her to the Nightosphere Empire. Where he battled with Abadeer and the V Crusaders. Lizbeth (Abadeer's mortal enemy) discovered his actual way to keep her in line after brainwashing and schemed to foople his scheme. Discord made attacks on her with Sophita in hopes of keeping her quiet.

While Lizbeth and Hunson were successful in bringing Sophita back, Discord rebounded and had her killed by Copy X to send Cassandra off in a vengeful rampage so he can corrupt her like he did with Sophita which he revealed to Bender after the attack. While she is still alive, the damage has already been very much inflicted.

Now the question is: how will she and Cassandra react if they hear he's returned?


Crona is one of Discord's main and hated archenemies. They both meet when Discord blackmails Crona to helping him. Discord has Crona have a hand in killing Knuckles. Crona wanting to get back at him gets the help of Discord's nemesis who helps him with Crona's plan.  When Discord meets Crona again, but this time Crona scares him with the fake Harmony bomb and Knuckles returns. Discord, who was pissed beyond belief that he not only failed to kill Knuckles but was scared of a kid like Crona, now is planning to have revenge on Crona and also on Bender for helping and stealing his league`s money. So he decided to send a mind controlled Pyrrha to kill Crona, but failed. Discord decided to send the Sith Stalker to kill Crona which worked.


Another villain who Discord has involved himself with is Slade. Slade does not trust Discord or like Discord since he does know about the latter's activities. Slade learned about him from Bender during his wedding as well as Vilgax and Knuckles. Slade made a deal to keep an eye on Discord for him while he helps Eddy, so Slade tracked Discord's plans and after the defeat of Lewis, Slade informed Bender about the Dystopia League and its activities. He also was the one who contracted Knuckles about Discord under a mysterious informant. When Discord was defeated, Slade was told of how it happened and it didn't come up again until they learned Dr. Weil could be back. Afterwards Slade and Bender both tried to stop his ally Dr. Weil from allowing Discord to escape

Discord did escape but not by Weil, and Discord approached the heroes wanting to help stop Terumi, Slade was distrustful but allowed him since they needed the help. In LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour, Slade and Anti Cosmo both keep an eye on Discord so he doesn't try anything funny. Otherwise, they'll end him like Bender threatened him. At the end of Act 4, everyone and Discord became pals and forgiven him.


Christopher Aonuma

Discord's relationship with Christopher is a bit so-so, but good enough to be accepted as a member of the Multi-Universal branch of Blue Flare. Discord provides an edge for MetalGreymon, and later both ZekeGreymon and OmniShoutmon. If Discord starts stalling on missions from Blue Flare, Christopher has planned detours and contingencies for such. Christopher is more comfortable with Discord than Caboose due to his helpful edge with the Blue Flare Digimon. Discord was released from Rorke's imprisonment thanks to Christopher in the first place, and Christopher did tell Luna and Celestia that he'll keep a close eye on him.

Blue Flare

Discord's purpose in Blue Flare is to provide extra guile and defense to the Blue Flare Digimon. MailBirdramon and Shadow the Hedgehog are slightly annoyed by Discord at most points.

Gabriel Rorke

Rorke did have some association with the Dystopia League right after the Federation brainwashed him. However, Rorke betrayed Discord and imprisoned him for both the Federation and Coalition. After being released by Christopher, Discord swore revenge against Rorke.


  • Discord is an excellent foil and counterpart to all of his main enemies and Hunson Abadeer at least before his reformation
  • Knuckles and Discord are both not exactly nice people, but Knuckles is well meaning and shows care to his friends. Discord just wants to do what he wants regardless of who opposes him
  • Like Heloise, he is random and crazy but is incapable of love or empathy that Heloise has towards others (mainly Jimmy Two Shoes, Bender, Lizbeth and Skipper).
  • Like Bender, he manipulates people, is over the top, is lazy, loves to cause trouble, loves making big entrances, is narcissist though can back their claims, and enjoys a good laugh. But Bender actually, despite his jerkiness, is someone who truly cares and fights for his friends and has hidden depths such as having a taste for fine art and folk music, Discord, though, is a sociopath who doesn't share the robot's more benevolent moments and betrays allies unlike Bender (who sees betrayal as a berserk button).
  • Like Skipper, he likes to be in charge and motivate his allies. But Skipper is very lawful and prefers brute force over psychology while Discord is chaotic and loves psychological manipulation.
  • Like Twilight Sparkle, he is very skilled at magic, smart and if Lesson Zero has shown anything, Twilight is  just as capable of causing chaos and disharmony as Discord himself. But Twilight is nice and organized while Discord is mean and chaotic.
  • Like Hunson Abadeer, he is a main villain, who hides his true villain role in the first story only to take the role in their next appearance. They also are both highly manipulative and have being faced by the B Team first before everyone gets on board. But Hunson is a genuinely affable villain with the utmost respect for his followers who wants to rule to be respected, not feared. Discord mocks affability, by hiding his true personality underneath it, disregards some of his allies as shaft, and wants to be feared. They also had plans using time travel or time itself which in a way worked rather well.
  • He's one of the best masterminds in the Multi-Universe through his subtle manipulations of Cap Knuckles, the P Team, Dib, the Membrane Elite, Sigma, the Sigma Organization and Vilgax's allegiance to do what he wanted. This succeeded all too well. One would question why he didn't manipulate or use Bender and his friends. Discord though justifies it with the fact that he needed the B Team to be at their full potential to defeat Vilgax and his allies so he could make his plan work. In The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, it`s because he doesn't think manipulating is enough.
  • He is similar to the Joker in his actions, sense of humor, their manipulative nature and their sharing of an archenemies. He also has many similarities to HIM from the Powerpuff girls as they both are extremely manipulative, can shape shift, both of them have deceptive voices and while they love screwing everyone over, they have a preference to someone in particular. Twilight for Discord and Bubbles for HIM. Though unlike Joker, he lets friendship into that heart of his and does reform while Joker doesn't care one bit for anyone and will happingly throw them away when they bore him.
  • Because of how much animosity Celestia had towards him, he's the single villain who Celestia actually ordered to be defeated and the person who pisses her off most.
  • Despite being the spirit of chaos and disharmony, he seems to consider Obodiah Stane a true partner as opposed to an asset. This was why he didn't back-stab Stane in the end. After reformation, he keeps his word to the heroes he aligned with and considers them his friends and they treat him like that
  • Discord dislikes Amon of the Nightosphere Empire as Amon is disgusted with Discord's plans and disconcern for people like him and sees Discord as the spirit of annoyance and dickness. Discord also dislikes Hunson Abadeer Amon's employer
  • As funny as Discord is, he is NOT to be taken lightly and possesses a extreme threat to the Multi-Universe. He is feared by just about all hero teams. The Children of the Autobots and the B Team are the only hero teams that don't fear Discord until he decided to stop. This changed after he reformed.
  • Discord will behave after his reformation because he has been reminded by Bender if he doesn't, Discord will find himself once again tranquilized, put in a panda suit, electrocuted and then raped by every male panda.
  • He was the one who killed Balto by using Cupcakes Fan Fic and then doing the actions himself
  • His greatest fear is the Elements of Harmony for the always turn him into stone when used. This is one thing he never does to anyone. Funny enough the elements can also release him through his prison
  • Discord was based off Q from Star Trek. As both Q and Discord can warp reality, have no sense of personal space (especially with Picard and Twilight) they are both tricksters, are omnipotent, disappear through white flashes, and funny enough they are both voiced by the same actor. The difference is that Q isn't evil. He's merely a jerk who has the intention of teaching humanity lessons through his own methods (that actually work).
  • Discord, while not as big in influence in Abadeer, was the indirect instigator of much of the conflict with Mechuckles, Phobos and Sith Stalker. He also was a cause of Legends of Light and Darkness through Weil and Nightmare Rarity
  • His most humiliating experience was when he lost his powers, got his butt handed to him thrice, got put in a panda suit, forced to dance, got electrocuted and then eventually was gang raped by every male panda bear in a zoo.
  • Discord, alongside Abadeer, is in ways the most successful villain since his actions have devastating impacts on the entire Multi-Universe even after his defeat to the point where he influences events after his defeats.
  • The reason for Discord being reformed in MLP was because the writers felt they could do more with the character in future stories that way instead of just keeping him purely evil.
  • He has seeds called Plunderseeds that grow into large vines that feed on magic and he has the ability to sense magical disruption
  • Discord is one of the only seven characters to appear in every story in a series after his debut alongside Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella  and Twilight Sparkle.
    Super Ponybeat - Discord 2015 by Eurobeat Brony

    Super Ponybeat - Discord 2015 by Eurobeat Brony

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