Devil Horn-Ready for Battle


Devil Horn is an OC made by UberUberLeet95.

Backstory: Over a thousand years ago, Discord ruled over what is now Equestria. His rule was a very unhappy one. Celestia and Luna saw how unhappy the ponies were and went to war with Discord. Discord found the prospect of war boring and tedious, so he created two Demi-gods, a brother and a sister, to fight for him. They started out as nameless puppets, but with each pony they slew, part of their soul was absorbed. They had soon absorbed enough souls to develop their own, as well as unique personalities and talents. Dev, as he prefers to be called, developed a spell which summons Hell Wing, a magical guitar which creates various effects ranging from a sonic blast to hypnotizing his enemies, earning him his Cutie Mark. His sister, Midnight Gem, developed a spell which allows her to create an army of shadow ponies. They soon became known as "The Siblings of Chaos". During a battle between Discord and Celestia, Celestia casted a banishing spell, but Dev and Midnight Gem, ever loyal to their master, blocked it and were banished instead. Discord was defeated and in the peace, everypony forgot about "The Siblings of Chaos". After being sealed in a realm of eternal darkness for a thousand years, they broke free and returned to Equestria to free their master. They eventuallyfreed Discord from his stone prison, pnly to find that he had forgotten them as well and wanted nothing to do with them claiming, "I don't help from you or anypony." Discord was then killed by Dev. Immediately afterword, Dev and Midnight fought the Elements as well as Celestia and Luna. Celestia and Luna combined their magic with that of the Elements of Harmony. The Elements used this power to erase the memories of Devil Horn and Midnight Gem. Celestia decided to not only spare them, but have them start new lives in Ponyville. Dev formed a band called "Savior of the Dark" and entered a relationship with the local DJ, Vinyl Scratch. After living there happily for a few years, Celestia decided it was time to tell them what had happened in the past. They were both shocked to learn what they had done. For a short time, Dev was terribly depressed and Midnight was on the brink of insanity. Thanks to the support of their friends and each other, they overcame the ordeal. Soon after this, he was approached by Luna and Johnathon Tangelo and asked to join the Cosmic Empire. He accepted, seeing it as an oppurtunity to make up for his past sins.

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