"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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Welcome to Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron.Kill and this world loves you. Be fair and be fair alone. The Sun is gone and all hope is lost. War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Guns speak for us. Facism is capitalism. Business is death. Welcome to Deus.Ex.Machina Empire. Obey & LIVE!

- In other words, you dead.

The evil planet wp version by qaz2008-d3houbs

Amerish after the genocide. Now know as Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron

Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron is an fictional original world in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline created by Destroyer Subjugator90.

The Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron is the main planet base of the Dark Empire Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, also known as DEM Center during the reign of the Galactic Empire, was a planet that served as the DEM Empire capital, and was the homeworld of the Abyssal Species. Deus Ex Valkyrie was notable for its vast urban and industry sprawl covering the entire planet called Galactic City that was constantly awake as airspeeders and starships moved in the flow of Deus Ex's skylane traffic. Skytowers reached far into the atmosphere and, in the most dense areas of the city, hundreds of levels were built on top of each other. 


The end of Deus Ex planet after DEM Empire's order

The highest surface was Level 5127, and the lowest was Level 1, which was deemed uninhabitable. The lowest levels of Deus Ex were called the underworld which had been cut off from the surface for thousands of years, forcing its inhabitants to breathe toxic fumes, and was accessible only by huge portals reaching ever downward. The entire planet is a mega city and industry and is extremaly pollution due to constant use of weapons of mass destruction used in the own people.