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Robotic Army, Droid Army, Fascist Army, Genocidal Robotic Army, Armed Forces, Death Army, Imperial Army, Tyrant Army, Planet Destroyer Organization


Deus Ex Vectron Valkyrie, countless worlds and galaxies across all 13 Multi-Universes


"The DEM's army is infinite."
— Lauroz towards Marcelo Costas Bastos

The Deus.Ex.Machina Droid Army, also know as DEM Army, DEM Droid Army, D.E.M Industries Droid Army, Imperial Army, Isaac's Eye, Federation Droid Army was a branch of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire's Imperial Military that had the primary responsibility of prosecution of ground-side military operations, under the oversight of Army Command.

They are THE most influential military faction in LOTM: Sword of Kings alongside the DEM Empire itself, being responsable for countless bad events in the story and responsable for the death of many Heroes and Villains; such as: "the genocide of the Saiyans, Exkriegs, the destruction of the 13th Multi-Universe, the Second Big Bang, the defeat of the Alliance of Freedom, the destruction of Coruscant, the destruction of the 4th Earth, the destruction of Milky Way galaxy and many others, the Cataclysmatic War and many others". Numbering in the tens of zillions, the Army utilized a wide range of equipment and vehicles in support of its infantry. Army units were often reinforced by stormtroopers, helghasts, drones and countless aliens races enslaved by DEM Empire, although the command structure for the two organizations remained separate. On garrisoned worlds, the Army operated in conjunction with Imperial Starfleet, droids, and the local constabulary to maintain order and security.

The DEM Droid Army was the largest droid army in multiuniversal history that was created and used by the armed forces of the Asgard Electronics 4 millions of years ago prior the storyline and soon served as the main military branch of the DEM Empire in an effort to secure power throughout the 1-13th Multi-universes during the Cataclysmatic War. It comprised battle droids from the Backta Corp's army, Techno Union's army and other galactic corporations that allied themselves with Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott's fascist movement. By the end of the CW war it was said to be comprised of 900 zillions of battle droids.


Supreme Generals




What would ultimately become a Imperial army originally began as several immense forces comprised almost exclusively of droids. When merged, these formed a colossal army numbering in the quintillions just at the time when the DEM was on Earth.

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The land elements encompassed an enormous ground force which comprised battle droids and ground attack vehicles. The ground forces utilized many vehicles, such as the Heavy Missile Platform, the Hailfire droid tank, and the aquatic Manta droid subfighter. The Droid Army also employed a large space force, with a number of different types of droid starfighters, such as Vulture droid starfighter. The various services were eventually reorganized into the Nazi Droid Army by Isaac Westcott. Westcott would eventually deploy the new DEM army to overthrow the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell 4 millions of years ago prior the creation of the Balam Alliance, an non-aggression alliance during the Universal War.
This droid army drew upon of the battle droids of the Trade Federation, Millenium, Imperium of Man, the Techno Union, the Commerce Guild, the InterGalactic Banking Clan, the Corporate Alliance, and other independent corporations and conglomerates factions. These groups were subtly manipulated by Isaac Westcott to expand their forces in response to seemingly random attacks of piracy from groups like the Nebula Front, which were also controlled by the Isaac Westcott. 

Under his orders, these corporate giants began to purchase huge orders of battle droids from the trillions of factories controlled by companies such as Baktoid Combat Automata, Colicoid Creation Nest, and Haor Chall Engineering over a centuries before the start of the Multi-Universal War I. While the Invasion of Deus Ex Vectron provided an inkling of what was to come, it was not until Isaac deployed over a octillion B1 battle droids, 1 trillion B2 super battle droids, and 1 billion droidekas, plus many other types, at the First Battle of 5th Multi-Universe that the Alliance of Freedom understood the scope of the threat, thus the Cataclysmatic War had begun.

While the DEM had an vast number of soldiers, they initially lacked proper military leadership. Command of the army was initially given to Zorin Blitz, a Chiss general, whose penchant for personal combat made her a counter to the Heroes. However, she was killed early on in the war by La Folia Rihavein. She was soon replaced by the Kaleesh warlord known as General Grievous. After proving to Isaac Westcott that his cybernetic enhancements were sufficient by defeating Ellen Mira Mathers and Brainiac aboard the Space Station Trenchant, Grievous was formally awarded the title of Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. 

Human Training

Initially the Army accepted recruits from worlds across the Empire, though this policy was changed in wake of several high-profile defections to the Alliance. Emphasis was then placed on recruiting from the Core Worlds of DEM Galaxy, especially with regards to officer candidates, and those which bordered the Imperial Core. Frontier and primitive worlds were also targeted for recruitment drives, the latter especially for filling the ranks with expendable assault troops, although some care had to be taken to weed out Rebel sympathizers. Those worlds which had been subject to Imperial bombardment or assault within recent memory, and those with a strong liberal or independent tradition, were considered breeding grounds for the Rebellion and avoided altogether.

Potential recruits would be screened at their local Imperial Recruitment Office, with Screening Officers conducting background checks including looking into the candidate's school reports and home life. While these officers were instructed to watch for any potential Rebel connections, including family members with Rebels sympathies, suspected Rebels infiltrators were encouraged to join and the Imperial Security Bureau informed immediately. Candidates who passed initial screening would then be sent to Training Centers for medical examinations and intelligence assessments.

Millenium by fvsj-d5r0fy3j
Where possible recruits would be placed in the branch of service of their choosing, as dissatisfaction with assignment was a major cause of morale problems. However the initial screening tests were used as a guide to help show where a recruit was better suited; for example those with less intelligence were often transferred to the infantry branch. While an entirely different organization those recruits who matched certain criteria were transferred to the Hel Helghast Corps.

Basic training took place at one of thousands of drop camps situated across the Empire, each one focused on a different area of operation such as infantry, armor, communications, engineering, et cetera. Physical fitness, equipment maintenance, team-building drills and indoctrination were all part of training to become an Army trooper. Survival in a variety of environments, from deserts to swamps to arctic tundra, and under different planetary gravities was standard in most cases. Some drop camps specialized in training units to deal with a specific terrain and atmospheric types, though in these cases most recruits would be drawn from relevant exotic worlds.

Officer training would take place at a number of different Imperial Army Officer Training Academies, although among these Raithal Academy was the most famous for producing the best officers. At Raithal recruits underwent a year of hard, grueling training of intense physical and military exercises. Emphasis was placed on an officer's ability to command men through the two-fold method of leadership - drawing upon their fear of disobeying orders, which was disciplined into them during training, and gaining their respect by example. Psychological examinations were rigorously performed to test the candidate's mettle while a week spent in the interrogation center simulated the type of treatment they could expect if they fell into enemy hands. Loyalty to the State and the correct balance between self-sacrifice and self-preservation also formed a critical part of officer training.

Country Droid Organization

The Droid Army, at least by the time of the Cataclysmatic War as part of the DEM Droid Army,The Essential Guide to Warfare was composed of nine levels in its command structure.


A squad consisted of 10 battle droids. Because of their droid status, and thus being either directed remotely or otherwise programmed prior to an engagement, the squads never required an officer for the droid squads, although organic squads were led by a sergeant.


A Platoon consisted of seven squads, and by extension, 200 battle droids.


A Company consisted of two platoons, of which they were transported via either an Multi-Troop Transport or a Troop carrier. As such, they were overall complemented by 500 battle droids, in addition to support droids. These were generally led by a battle droid officer, and were the lowest command chain for droid officers.


A Battalion consisted of seven troop-carrier companies (either MTT or troop carriers), as well as a squadron of 24 ATTs. The overall droid count was at 1000 battle droids, in addition to support droids, and were commanded by a battle droid officer.


Vanguards were designed to break through heavy defenses, and thus were primarily composed of 11 MTT companies and a squadron 18 AATs. As such there were 1,600 battle droids in addition to support droids, and were commanded by a battle droid officer.


A Regiment consisted of four battalions and a single vanguard, composed of 9,368 battle droids as well as various support droids and commanded by a battle droid officer. In addition their numbers were the total force carried aboard one C-9979 landing craft.


A Division consisted of five regiments, and were carried into battle via a section of five C-9979 landing craft. As such, they possessed a total of 50,840 battle droids in addition to support droids.


A Corps consisted of five divisions, and were carried into battle via a squadron of 25 C-9979 landing craft. As such, they possessed a total of 700,200 battle droids in addition to support droids.


An Army consisted of two corps and represented the total surface force carried aboard a Luchrehulk-class battleship. A single army was commanded by the battleship's captain, and was composed of 80,680,227,683,400 battle droids, as well as support droids.

Galactic Droid Organization

B-series battle droids
The DEM Droid Army was a massive, eclectic mix of droids, organic soldiers, vehicles and aircraft drawn from the various systems and corporate organizations that had declared for the DEM, including the Geo Droid Army, the Techno Union Droid Army, the Commerce Guild Punitive Security Forces, the IGBC Collections and Security Division, and the Corporate Alliance Policy Administration Directorate. At the onset of the war, each had its own Order of Battle, which were reorganized by Ellen Mira Mathers to fit more closely with the DEM model. Isaac assembled ad hoc task forces and armies from the available to him. While each commercial faction had its own military leader, as did local forces pledging loyalty to the DEM, they all reported to Grievous.

The basic tactical unit was a squad of 50 battle droids. Seven squads made a platoon of 56 droids. Companies were composed of two platoons, making 600 battle droids, plus support droids, transported via either a Multi-Troop Transport, Attack Craft, or equivalent. Battalions were composed to 900 battle droids and support droids in seven troop carrier companies, plus a squadron of 50 Armored Assault Tanks or equivalent.

Above the battalion level, vanguards sat between battalions and regiments in size and were designed to break through heavy defences. They were composed of 9,537 battle droids and support droids and consisted of eleven MTT companies and a squadron of 25 repulsortanks. Regiments consisted of 90,000 droids and support troops in four battalions and a single vanguard, and were the total number of troops and vehicles carried aboard one C-9979 landing craft. Divisions consisted of 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 droids in five regiments, while corps consisted of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 droids in five divisions. The largest tactical unit was the army, composed of 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 battle droids and support droids in two corps, and represented the total surface force carried aboard a Lucrehulk-class Battleship.

Military Branch

Battle Droids & Killer Drones

Unlike the original counterpart of the Battle Droids, these guys are very smart and strategic. Aside from that, they armour is much more sturdy and well reinforced, being able to resist any type of weapon created by mankind, so weapons that use "bullets" are not able to pierce the armor of the droids, only weapons that use "lasers" can penetrate the shield. Due to the nature of DEM, the Droids usually don't capture prisoners, and so the droids are programmed to kill any hostile way of life, be they men, women, children and animals, combatants or noncombatants; often mutilating innocent people and placing parts of their bodies and public places just to show an example for those who oppose the DEM oppression in some planets, countries, states or cities.

Don't try to play with them this time, heroes.

Organic Infantry


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